Teacher Eligibility Test- 2015 (J.B.T.)

By | January 20, 2017

Question With Answer Of TET (J.B.T) Paper 2015

This paper is based on Child psychology,English literature & Grammar,EVS,, General knowledge,Mathematics, and general hindi.

This paper is 150 marks attempt in two and half Hours.Tet is teacher eligibility test. Without passed the tet a trande person not eligible for teaching.When you revise the previous paper it is very useful to know how it attempt and which type questions are asked in tet.


Solved Question Paper of J.B.T. (Tet)

  1. A classroom in which children are actively encouraged to ask question is based on the ……………… viewpoint :

Ans:- Constructivism

  1. Our opinion about an important aspect of ourself is called :

Ans:- Self-Esteem

  1. According to Thorndike’s theory the important laws of learning is/are :

Ans:- Law of readiness, Law of excercise,law of effect

  1. The psychplogical method of individual study of a child is :

Ans:- Case study

  1. Development is a process of :

Ans:- Continuous

  1. The child to have control over his/her emotion throught game out of the following developments, which one is the most appropriate :

Ans:- Emotional development

  1. How will you behave with the students escaping from the class ?


  1. The characteristics of learning are :

Ans:- Continuity

  1. Who established the first psychological laboratory ?

Ans:- Wundt

  1. Encoding is a process of :

Ans:- Memory

  1. Relatively permanent change in behaviour due to practice or experience is :

Ans:- Learning

  1. For Slow-Learners, most effective one is :

Ans:- Audio-visual method

  1. A boy born of ………………..chromosomes are paired :

Ans:- XY

  1. dEVELOPMENT process mainly governed by heredity is :

Ans:- Maturation

  1. Erikson’s development stage for elementary learners (6 to 12 ) years age group ) is :

Ans:- Industry- vs-inferiority

  1. Id, ego and superego are parts of which structure ?

Ans:- Personality

  1. Relatively permanent evaluation of an object is :

Ans:- Attitude

  1. A plateau in learning curve indicates :

Ans:- Little or no improvement

  1. In an experiment an effect of practice on learning, learning will be :

Ans:- Dependent variable

  1. The knowledge child gets from school can be called …….. memory :

Ans:- Semantic

  1. Bandura believed learning to be a function of :

Ans:- Imitation

  1. Which psychologist gave the concept of mental age ?

Ans:- Binet

  1. Number of sub-scales in Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC)

Ans:- 11

  1. Creative things stage during which individual keeps on working on the problem at conscious and unconscious levels :

Ans:- Incubation

  1. Ego operates on the principle of ………………..


  1. Which one is a group test of intelligence ?

Ans:- Army Beta Test

  1. In Piaget’s theory, during which stage does conservation of volume, length, massetc. occur ?

Ans:- Concrete operational

  1. Attention is affected by :

Ans:- Both environmental variables and child’s characteristics

  1. For the child, feedback provided by the teacher act acts as :

Ans:- Reinforcement

  1. A kind of learning which depends on consequences

Ans:- Operant conditioning

  1. Zero is :

Ans:-Neither postive nor negative

  1. A train 360 m long is running at a speed of 54 kmph. Time taken by the train to cross a tunnel 390 m long is :

Ans:-50 sec

  1. The additive inverse of 2/-9 is :


  1. If 6=X+2, than the value of Xwill be :


  1. The ratio of 9 m to 27 cm is :

Ans:- 100:1

  1. If -5/7=x/28 them the value of x is :

Ans:- -20

  1. If 7 is subtracted from five times of a number, the result is 63, than the number is :

Ans:- 14

  1. The ratio of a person to his saving is 10:1. if his saving of one year are Rs 6000. what is his income per month ?

Ans:- 5000

  1. By selling an A.C for Rs. 18000, I loose 20%. What did i pay for it ?

Ans:- Rs.22500

  1. Aand B can do a piece of work in 30 days. A alone can do it in 45 days, how long will B take to do the same work.

Ans:- 90 days

  1. A two digit number is four times the sum of its digits. If 36 is added to the number, its digits are reversed, than the number is :

Ans:- 48

  1. If the perimeter and area of a circle are equal, than the radius of the circle will be ?

Ans:-2 units

  1. There solid metallic spheres of radii 6 cm,8 cm and 10 cm respectively are melted to form a single solid sphere, than the radius of resulting sphere will be :

Ans:- 12 cm

  1. A dice is thrown once. what is the probability of getting a prime number :


  1. The median of the data: 14,12,16,15,12,18,17,11 is :


  1. What will be the value of temperature converting 50 degree centigrate into Fahrenheit ?

Ans:-122 degree fornite

  1. The prime number is :

Ans:- 173

  1. The rational number is :


  1. Simplify 25*0.5-0.5=?


  1. If the cost of a book worth Rs 50 is increased by Rs, the rate of increase is

Ans:- 50%

  1. The diameter of a circle is 3.5 cm. The circumference of he circle will be :

Ans:- 11 cm

  1. Each angle of a regular pentagon is ;

Ans:- 108 degree

  1. C.M of 1/3,5/7,5/9,10/27 is :

Ans:- 10/3

  1. If a:b=3:4, than (6a+b ):(41+5b) is :


Select the synonyms of the following :

  1. sharma is an ideal teacher ;


  1. He did the job with a great zeal :

Ans:- Passion

  1. I haven’t seen such a knave ever in my life :

Ans:- Rogue

One word substitution :

  1. Living in water :

Ans:- Aquatic

  1. That must happen :

Ans:- Inevitable

  1. Of the moon :


  1. A remedy forv all ills :

Ans:- Panacea

Identify the appropriate alternative from the given option for filling in the blank for questions:

  1. We …………….to respect our elders :

Ans:- Ought

  1. ……………….. grazing in the field :

Ans:- Are

  1. …………….you prosper in your life :

Ans:- May

Choose the word which is most opposite in meaning to the word printed in capitals :

  1. BEST :

Ans:- Worst

  1. GOING;

Ans:- Coming


Ans:- Dissatisfied

Select the word which means the same to the word printed in the capitals :

  1. GOAL :

Ans:- Aim

  1. GLORY :

Ans:- Dignity



Choose the one which correctly stands for each expression :

  1. One whose parents are not alive :


  1. Life history of a person written by someone else :

Ans:- Biography

Mark the part of the given sentences on your answer- sheet, in which there is an error :

  1. My pen is superior than yours :

Ans:- than yours

  1. Distribute these mangoes between all the boys.

Ans:- mangoes between

Identify the appropriate alternative from the given option for filling the blanks :

  1. …………………warrior in him kept his morale high :


  1. The police……………………. made no arrest :


  1. …………be seventy now :


  1. There is ………………….. hope of the promotion :

Ans:-a little

  1. I have ………………. pen:


  1. Which is the largest ‘ Lake of Sweet Water’ in the world ?

Ans:-Vekal lake

  1. Who was the Guru of Krishna Devotee Meera Bai ?

Ans:- Raidas

  1. When did Shimla become the capital of Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans:- 1956

  1. ‘WINGS ON fIRE’ is written by :

Ans:- A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

  1. ‘Train to Pakistan ‘ is written by :

Ans;-Khushwant Singh

  1. Who has received ‘ Rajiv Gandhi khel Rattan, in 2015 :

Ans:- Sania Mirza

  1. Under which constitutional Amendment the ‘Fundamental Duties in Indian Constitution was introduced ?

Ans:- 1976 942th constitutional Amendment)

  1. Which is the head office of international labour Organisation ?


  1. What is the phone No of disaster Management Control Room ?

Ans:- 1077

  1. Which country in largest producer of Copper in the world ?

Ans:- Chilli

  1. Where Mahima Library is situated ?

Ans:- Solan

  1. Which district of H.P. have lowest rainfall :

Ans:- Lahaul spiti

  1. What is the Rigued kalin name of river Satluj ?

Ans:- Shatadi

  1. What is the maximum amount to open account in ‘ prime minister jan-dhan yojana :

Rs. 0

  1. Under which period H.P. was Union Territory ?

Ans:- 1-11-1956 to 24-1-1971

  1. How many bones are present in human body ?

Ans:- 206

  1. Name the hardest part of the body ?

Ans:- Tooth Enamel

  1. nAME the universal acceptor blood group ?


  1. wHAT is absolute zero temperature ?.

Ans;–273.75 degree centigrate

  1. When world population day is celebrated ?

Ans:- 11 jully

  • 100.    Silk fiber is made of ………..

Ans:- Proteins

  • 101.  What happens to air on heating ?

Ans:- Expand

  • 102.   Water holding capacity is highest in which soil ?

Ans:- Clayey soil

  • 103.  Through which part water is transported in plants :

Ans:- Xylem

  • 104.  The kidney in human beings are a part of the system for ;

Ans:- Excretion

  • 105.   What is the value of acceleration due to gravity (g) on the moon in comparison to earth :

Ans:- 1/6

  • 106.  Which apparatus is used to measure the atmospheric pressure ?

Ans:- Barometer

  1. Person suffering from myopia can see which object easily ?

Ans:- Object at near

  • 108.     who discovered proton ?

Ans:- Goldstein

  • 109.  Which disease is caused by deficiency of vitamin ‘C’ ?

Ans:- Scurvey


Discussion About This paper:-

This question paper cover all syllabus  and all important questions. These questions are very important in other examination because this type of questions all asked in other exams.


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