Solved Screening Test Himachal Pradesh T.G.T. (Non-Medical) Exam. 2014

By | February 1, 2018

Download Solved Exam. Paper H.P.S.S.C.Exam. Paper T.G.T.(Non-Medical) 2014

This exam paper held on 4 March, 2014. This exam. paper conducted by H.P.S.S.C.Hamirpur. In this exam. paper total 200 questions are asked which is 200 in marks.

Download H.P.T.G.T.(Non-Medical) Exam. 2014

Ques:- The probability of an impossible event is

Ans:- 0

Ques:- A force of 35 kg is required to pull a block of wood weighting 140 kg on a rough horizontal plane surface.The co-efficient of friction is

Ans:- ¼

Ques:- How many normal’s can be drawn from any point to the given parabola

Ans:- Three

Ques:- In any conic, the semi-latus rectum is the ………………between the segments of any focal chord.

Ans:- Harmonic mean

Ques:- The de-Broglie equation treats an electron to be

Ans:- Both particle and a wave

Ques:- The number of moles in 8g of calcium is

Ans:- 0.2 mole

Ques:- Iso-electronic ions are those which have

Ans:- Same electronic configuration

Ques:- Among Electronegativity, Electron affinity, Atomic radii, Ionization energy which one does not have any units ?

Ans:- Electro-negativity

Ques:- Geometry of C/O4 ion is

Ans:- Tetrahedral

Ques:- The nature of equilibrium is

Ans:- Dynamic

Ques:- According to Lewis concept, an acid is a substance which can

Ans:- Accept a pair of electron

Ques:- A strong acid has a

Ans:- Weak conjugate base

Ques:- The heat of combustion of a substance is always

Ans:- Negative

Ques:- At absolute zero, partition function is equal to

Ans:- 1

Ques:- A liquid mixture which boils without a change in composition is called a/an

Ans:- Azeotropic mixture

Ques:- At triple point, the degree of freedom is equal to

Ans:- 0

Ques:- The element harmful to the body is

Ans:- As, Pb and Hg

Ques:- The solutions of alkali metals in liquid ammonia have the colour

Ans:- Blue

Ques:- The ionic radii from cerium to letetium along 4f series.


Ques:-All the actinides are

Ans:- Radioactive elements

Ques:- Molecularity of reaction is

Ans:- Always a whole number

Ques:- The effect of temperature on reaction rate is given by equation

Ans:- Arrhenius

Ques:- The most abundant rare gas in trhe atmosphere is

Ans:- Ar

Ques:- The heat energy produced when the human body metabolizes I gram of fat is

Ans:- 39 KJ

Ques:- The monomer of polythene is

Ans:- Ethylene

Ques:- The main active constituents of tea and coffee is

Ans:- Caffeine

Ques:- The itemsamenable to detection by soft X-rays are

Ans:- Genuine Coins from counterfeit coins

Ques:- When a primary amine reacts with CHC/3 in the presence of ethanolic KOH, then the product is

Ans:- An isocyanide

Ques:- Out of first 80 elements the number of elements having 3d orbital

Ans:- 60

Ques:- The gold number of few protective colloids are

Ans:- Gelatine = 0.005 – 0.01

Ques:- The percentage of lead in lead pencil is

Ans:- Zero

Ques:- When the temperature is increased, surface tension water

Ans:- Decrease

Ques:- When the running horse stops suddenly, the rider bends forward. Which of the laws of motion is applicable in the given situation ?

Ans:- Newton’s First Law of Motion.

Ques:- A soap bubble is charged to a potential of 16 volt. Its radius is then doubled. The potential of the double now will be

Ans:- 8V

Ques:- A thermopile’s working is based on

Ans:- Seebeck effect

Ques:- Small droplets of liquids assume spherical shape because

Ans:- Energy due to surface tension is lowest for a sphere

Ques:- In an adiabatic change, the specific heat of a gas is

Ans:- Zero

Ques:- Low of conservation of liner Momentum is a consequence of

Ans:- Homogeneity of space

Ques:- Ohm’s law fails for

Ans:- A diode and electrolyte

Ques:- Quadrupole momnts has the unit of

Ans:- Area

Ques:- Satellite transponders use a

Ans:- Higher frequency for reception and lower frequency for transmission

Ques:- A plane glass slab is kept over various coloured letters. The letter which appears least raised is

Ans:- Red

Ques:- Sudden fall in barometric reading is the indication of

Ans:- Storm

Ques:- The stars appear to twinkle, the phenomenon responsible is called

Ans:- Refraction of light

Ques:- If the kinetic energy of a body is increased by 125% then its momentum increased by

Ans:- 50%

Ques:- A bevatron is another name of

Ans:- Proton synchrotron

Ques:- A transistor is preferred to a triode valve because it

Ans:- Does not require a heater

Ques:- Number of allowed values for total magnetic quantum numbering for a given J are

Ans:- 2J +1

Ques:- Helium in the singlet state is called.

Ans:- Para-helium

Ques:- A rod of mass m and length I is lying on a horizontal table work done in making it stand on one end will be :

Ans:- mgl/2

Ques:- In which oscillator, the amplitude varies with time

Ans:- Damped oscillator

Ques:- Which element of the system matrix is directly related to the focal length of the optical system ?

Ans:- C

Ques:- A super conductor acts like a perfect

Ans:- Diamagnet

Ques:- Decay of u-meson supports

Ans:- Time dilatation

Ques:- Excess of pressure inside a bubble of radius r formed from a liquid of surface tension T is

Ans:- 4T/r

Ques:- …………Commerical Banks were nationalized on 19 July, 1969

Ans:- 14

Ques:- One Byte is equal to

Ans:- 8 Bits

Ques:- Which Five Year Plan was based on the model of Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisatin.

Ans:- Eighth

Ques:- Who coined the name ‘Pakistan’ in 1933 ?

Ans:- Chaudhary Rehmat Ali

Ques:- Name the Sikh Guru who invented ‘Gurumukhi’ script

Ans:- Guru Angad Dev

Ques:- ‘Andes’ mountain range is located in

Ans:- South America

Ques:- ………………… the coldest region of the atmosphere

Ans:- Mesosphere

Ques:- ‘Tyohoons’ are the cyclones associated with

Ans:- China Sea

Ques:- As per Census – 2011, the density of population in H.P. is ………………People per square km.

Ans:- 123

Ques:- Lama Lake is situated in

Ans:- Chamba

Ques:- Famous ‘Wasr Memorial’ is located at

Ans:- Dharamshala

Ques:- Who is the Chief Election commissioner of India

Ans:- V.S.Sampath

Ques:- Who was popularly known as ‘Deshbandhu’

Ans:- Chitranjan Das

Ques:- The current Lok Saha is the constituted Lok Sabha.

Ans:- 15th

Ques:- ‘Dronacharya Award’ is given to

Ans:- Coaches

Ques:- The 2016 Summer Olympics will be held in

Ans:- Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Ques:- 916 purity grade shows that the gold is of…………..carat.

Ans:- 22

Ques:- Who was the first field Marshal of India ?

Ans:- S.H.E.J. Manekshaw

Ques:- The capital of Libya is

Ans:- Tripoli

Ques:- Among Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia which country is not a member of ‘BRICS’

Ans:- Indonesia

Ques:- There are…………………verses in Mahabharata.

Ans:- 1,00, 000

Ques:- Sanchi Stupa was built by

Ans:- Ashoka

Ques:- Indian National Congress was formed in

Ans:- 1885

Ques;- Who discovered ‘X-ray’ ?

Ans:- W.C.Rontgen

Ques:- Which is the only snake in the world to build the nests ?

Ans:- King Kobra

Ques:- Paddy fields are a chief source of which greenhouse gas ?

Ans:- Methane

Ques:- ‘Jhumpa Lahiri’ is a /an

Ans:- Author

Ques:- There are……………Schedules in the Constitution of India.

Ans:- 12

Ques:- ‘MOSSAD’ is the detective agency of

Ans:- Israel

Ques:- ‘DIET’ is the name of the Parliament of

Ans:- Japan

Ques;- The synonym of the world ‘Withstand’

Ans:- bEndure

Ques:- The animals of an area or a period of time are collectively called.

Ans:- Fauna

Ques:- Among Repeatation, Repetition, Repetation, Repeatition, correct word is.

Ans:- Repetition

Ques:- The sentence with correct form of article.

Ans:- He is an L.L..B.

Ques:- She is a good dancer.The underlined is an example of

Ans:- Adjective.

Ques:- You can look, the meaning of tough words………….in the English dictionary.

Ans:- Up

Ques:- The correct form of voice for “Open the Door”

Ans:- Let the door be opened.

Ques:- Rabbits are associated with

Ans:- Burrows

Ques:- If you run fat, you…………..catch the bus.

Ans:- Would

Ques:- The causal relation, according to Samkara is

Ans:- Unreal change

Ques;- Which concept is not based on experimental studies ?

Ans:- Psychoanalytic

Ques:- Human consciousness, according to Charvaka’s philosophy is

Ans:- Combination of five elements

Ques:- Who emphasized that education should be a social precess ?

Ans:- J.Dewey

Ques:- Which school of philosophy maintained that all systems of ideas are subject to verification by consequences ?

Ans:- Realism

Ques:- ‘Legal Psychology’ is a branch of

Ans:- Applied Psychology

Ques:- The technique to study the subject’s brain wave, heart rate and blood pressure is called.

Ans:- Biofeedback

Ques:- The most important source of knowledge according to Nyaya Philosophy is

Ans:- Perception

Ques:- God, the ultimate goal of religion, has been defined as a moral postulate by

Ans;- Kant

Ques:- The ‘Samkhya’ school of Indian Philosophy says that the number of soul is…………………

Ans:- Many

Ques:- Integrated growth is the main function of education, as given by

Ans:- John Dewey

Ques:- The teacher’s role at the higher educational level is to

Ans:- Promote self learning in students

Ques:- In early Athenian education the ‘Paidagogos’ was a

Ans:- Slave

Ques:- In vedic period a person obtaining education upto 36 years of age was called

Ans:- Rudra

Ques:- ‘Pabbja Sanskar’ is related to

Ans:- Buddhist Period

Ques:- The greatest single cause of failure in beginning teachers lies in the area of

Ans:- Inter-Personal relations

Ques:- Primary responsibility for the teacher’s adjustment lies with

Ans:- The teacher himself

Ques:- Verbal guidance is least effective in the learning of

Ans:- Skills

Ques:- Co-education is supported or advocated by

Ans:- Naturalism

Ques:- What is the percentage of backward children in a normal class ?

Ans:- 10%

Ques:- Teaching would come in which classification of work ?

Ans:- Professional

Ques:- Which is not aim of education, according to M.K. Gandhi ?

Ans:- Full of competitive spirit

Ques:- Of the four great paths shown by Swami Vivekananda, the most deep and moving is

Ans:- Gospel of Work

Ques:- Which one does not form the basis of curriculum development ?

Ans:- Backward Children

Ques:- Binet-Simon scale was revised at the University of

Ans:- Standford

Ques:- As teachers, we should think of our work in terms of

Ans:- Child growth and development

Ques:- In which class, the decision-marks in the society are , generally, included ?

Ans:- Upper class

Ques:- Which of the following type of economy places higher value on education ?

Ans:- Industrial economy

Ques:- One of the basic principles of socializing individuals is

Ans:- Religion

Ques:- Who was the father of experimental psychology ?

Ans:- Wundt

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