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Download last year political science question paper which has been occurred on 4th December 2016. And various students has take part in it. And many have not shown their presence in exam hall. But the paper was very easy as per students.

Check Last Year Paper

  1. Philosophy of Indian Constitution has been derived from :

Ans:- Objective Resolutions of Nehru

  1. Electoral system of India consists of ;

Ans:- Territorial, functional and proportional

  1. Authority to alter the boundaries of states in india rests with whom :

Ans:- Parliament

  1. In which of the following cases the Supreme court of India gave verdict that the Preamble is part of indian constitution ?

Ans:- Keshavanand Bharti Case

  1. In India the Right to Education is now a:

Ans:- Fundamental Right

  1. Judical Review Provided in Indian Constitution is exercised according to the principal of :

Ans:-Procedure established by law

  1. The Governor does not appoint the :

Ans:- Judges of the high court

  1. The panchayati Raj is included in the :

Ans:- State list

  1. In which case did the supreme court of india give the doctrine of ‘Basic Structure’ of the Constitution ?

Ans:- Keshwananda Bharti Vs. State of Kerala

  1. The Rajya Sabh has exclusive jurisdiction in :

Ans:-Authorize Parliament to legislate on a subject in the state list.

  1. What does Artical 21A of the Constitution of india deals with ?

Ans:- Free and compulsory Education to children aged 6-14 Yrs.

  1. Who has the sole authority to decide whether a bill is a Money Bill ?

Ans:-Speaker, Lok Sabha

  1. Who is known as the ‘ First Law Officer ‘ of government of india ?

Ans:-Attorney-General of India

  1. Judgement of Supreme Court in Indira Sawhnry Vs. Union of India relates to :

Ans:- Reservation for OBC

  1. How many languages are there in the eighth schedule ?

Ans:- 22

  1. What can be the maximum strength of Lok Sabha ?

Ans:- 552

  1. Which Schedule of the constitution of India contains provisions for the disqualification of a legislator on grounds of defection ?

Ans:- 1x-Schedule

  1. What is the maximum period that shall not intervene between ‘last sitting in one session and the date appointed for first sitting in the next session’ for each House of the Parliament ?

Ans:- 6 months

  1. Under which Artical of Indian constitution amendment process has been described ?

Ans:- 368

  1. ‘Electoral college’ for the election of President of India consists of :

Ans:- All the elected members of both the houses of parliament and elected members of Legislative Assemblies

  1. Within which time period an ordinance promulgated by the President be laid down before both the houses of Parliament after their reassemble ?

Ans;- Six weeks

  1. Which Article of the Indian Constitution mentions about President’s power of Pardon ?

Ans:-Article 72

  1. For how many days can Sajya Sabha delay the Money Bill ?

Ans:-14 days

  1. How many members of Lok Sabha join the Public Accounts Committee ?


  1. All India Services under Artical 312 can be created by :

Ans:- Rajya Sabha

  1. who was the first speaker of Lok Sabha ?

Ans:-G.V. Mavlankar

  1. In which form of government, bicameralism is an essential feature ?


  1. Which one of the following is a feature of Presidential System ?

Ans:- Separation of powers

  1. Origin of Pressure Group is generally associated with which country ?


  1. Which one of the following is not a technique applied by Pressure Groups to influence policy makers ?

Ans:-Contesting election

  1. Which of the following countries has unwritten constitution ?

Ans:- Engiand

  1. Which of the following countries has one-party system ?

Ans:- China

  1. ‘Filibuster’ is related to :

Ans:-A long speech in Parliment to delay a vote

  1. Who gave the concept of ‘Iron Law of Oligarchy’ ?

Ans:-Robert Michels

  1. In which country Judicial Review is based on ‘ due process of law ‘?

Ans:- USA

  1. who propounded ‘communication Theory’ ?

Ans:- Norbert Weiner

  1. “Political System is that system of interactions in any society through which binding or authoritative allocation are made and implemented ?” to which political scientist would you attribute this statement ?

Ans:- David Easton

  1. which is not an ‘intellectual foundation stone’ of Behaviorism according to David Easton ?


  1. The main characteristic of the traditional approach of Political Science was :

Ans:-Institutional Study

  1. The famous book titled ‘ Grammar of Politics’ was authored by :

Ans:- Harold J. laski

  1. Who said “State is individual’s writ large”?


  1. John S. Mill’s idea of Liberty was :


  1. The idea that State is ‘to hinder the hindrances’ belongs to :

Ans:-T.H. Green

  1. Idea of popular Sovereignty belongs to :

Ans:- Rousseau

  1. Who is not associated with Idealism ?

Ans:- Laski

  1. Who is not related to Anarchism ?

Ans:- T.H. Green

  1. ‘Rule of law’ concept was propounded by :


  1. “Imperialism is the last stage of capitalism.” Who said this ?

Ans:- Lenin

  1. Bentham was supporter of :

Ans:- Legal Rights

  1. Which contractualist thinker created both state and society by contracts ?

Ans:- Locke

  1. Who was the first thinker to enunciate the ‘conceptt of Sovereignty’?


  1. ‘Liber’ giving the sense of liberty is originated from which language ?

Ans:- Latin

  1. Who introduced ‘hegemony’ in the concept of civil society ?

Ans:- Gramsci

  1. Who described democracy as the tyranny of the majority ?

Ans: -De Toqueville

  1. Which Philosopher fixed that population of 5040 for ideal state ?

Ans:- Plato

  1. The thesis ‘End of History’ belongs to :

Ans:-Francis Fukuyama

  1. Samuel P. Huntington has not given the idea of :

Ans:-End of history

  1. Who gave the ‘Realist theory’ in international relations ?

Ans:- Hans j. Morgenthau

  1. What type of international order prevails according to realist ?

Ans:- Anarchical

  1. USA adopted which type of diplomacy during the indo-pak war of 1971 ?

Ans:-Gun Boat Diplomacy

  1. Which canal divides Africa and Asia ?

Ans:;-Suez Canal

  1. Gujral Doctrine was based on the principle of :

Ans:- Non-reciprocity

  1. In which year was the Stockholm conference on Environment held ?

Ans;- 1972

  1. ASEAN was formed in which year ?

Ans:- 1967

  1. When was WTO established ?

Ans:- 1st January, 1995

  1. Which line divides India and Pakistan ?

Ans;- Radcliffe line

  1. When was CTBT approverd by the UN ?

Ans:- September, 1996

  1. Which of five are recognized Nuclear power countries ?

Ans:- USA, China, France, Russia, UK

  1. When was united Nations formed ?

Ans:- 24th october, 1945

  1. What does ‘democeatization of UN’ stands for ?

Ans:-Democratizing Security Council

  1. First Chair of International Politics in the USA was established in 1919 in the name of :

Ans:- Woodrow Wilson

  1. Who said “ collective Security is based on the principle of ‘One for all and all for one ‘”

Ans:- Hans J. Morgenthau

  1. Who is considered as the father of Neo- realism ?

Ans:- Kenneth Waltz

  1. Third Generation of Human Rights are known as :

Ans:- Group and solidarity rights

  1. At which place does Tirthan stream joint the beas river ?

Ans:- Larji

  1. Which one of the following hot water spring is in kullu district of H.P ?

Ans:- kasol

  1. Which of the following positions proximates the status of rajr of Mandi Princely state of Punjab Hill States ?

Ans:- Raja renounced his sovereignty in favour of god

  1. Around which period was Chamba Princely state founded ?

Ans:- 550-600 A.D

  1. What is the theme ballads of Burah dance ?

Ans:- Heroic deeds in battles

  1. In which district of H.P. is Nargu Sanctuary ?

Ans:- Mandi

  1. At which place in Hamirpur District of H.P. IS Sheep Breeding Farm ?

Ans:- Tal

  1. Which Indian State’s tagline is “ The Incredible State of India “ ?

Ans:- Rajasthan

  1. Which jain Muni is Known for his ‘Kadva Pravachan’?

Ans:- Tarun Sagar

  1. With which sport is Dipa Karmakar associated ?

Ans:- Gymnastics

  1. Which was the first indian state to ratify the goods and Services Tax bill (GST)

Ans:- Asom

  1. On which battle is Ajay Devgan’s movie ‘Sons of Sardaar based ?

Ans- Battle of Saragarhi

  1. Which country tried to ban burkinis on the plea that they represent enslavement of women ?

Ans:- France

  1. Jacob Zuma is the President of ———————————

Ans:- South africa

  1. Which French Company is collaborating with india in building six scorpene class submarines ?

Ans:- D C N S

  1. What is the full form of CAS which banned the Indian Wrestler Nar Singh Yadav for four year at the 2016 Rio Olympics ?

Ans:- Court of Arbitration for Sports

  1. What was the venue of G-7 Summit held in Japan in May ,2016 /

Ans:- ISE Shimla.


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