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By | January 21, 2017

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Some important questions of last year paper which had held  on November month in 2016. In this paper are four parts. One is general English.Second is general knowledge,Third is General Hindi and Fourth is Quantitative Aptitude.All questions are very important and general.

These questions are helps in others bank test.In  this paper to know which type questions are asked in exams

.Co-Operative Bank Question Paper

Part-1 General English

Choose from the given alternative which has same meaning of the given word.

  1. Right

Ans:- Accurate

  1. Charge

Ans:- Res ponsibility

  1. Fo unded

Ans:- Est ablished

  1. O bese

Ans:- Fi shy

  1.  Random

Ans:- Exemplary

Choose the word which has opposite meaning to the given word

  1. Evastive

Ans:- Honest

  1. Gregarious

Ans:- Horrendous

  1. Shrink

Ans:- Stretch

  1. Comfort

Ans:- Discomfort

  1. Dear

Ans:- Priceless

Choose the word which has correct spelling from the given option

  1. (a) Guarntee (b) Gurarantee

(c) Guarenty       (d)  Guaranti


  1. (a) Immense (b) Imense

(c) Immence       (d) Imence

Ans:- Immense

  1. (a) Satelite (b) Sattellite

(c) Sattelite         (d) Setellite

Ans:- Satellite

  1. (a) Catalogue    (b) Catelotue

(c) Catalgeue         (c) Catalogue

Ans:- Catalogue

  1. (a) Numereology (b) Numberology

(c) Numerology        (d) Numarology

Ans:- Numarology

Fill in the blank by choosing option from the given words.

  1. The healthy silkworms………………….on the leaves of mulberry.

Ans:- Keep

  1. It took him a long time……………………………….the candidate’s application.

Ans:- to consider and weight

  1. I can’t make ends ………………….on my small salary.

Ans:- unite

  1. His father- in –low………………..him up in business.

Ans:- Set

  1. Can anything……………………….a mother’s love for chold ?

Ans:- compensate

Choose the correct meaning of idiom/ phrase.

  1. To cry wolf

Ans:-To give false alarm

  1. To hit below the belt

Ans:- To strike at the exact position

  1. Aman of straw

Ans:- A worthy fellow

  1. To push somebody to the wall

Ans:- To humiliate him

  1. A close Shave

Ans:- A narrow escape

  1. To hit the jackpot

Ans:- To gamble

Choose the one which can be substituted for the given word/sentence.

  1. A school boy who cuts classes frequently is a

Ans:- Truant

  1. Medical study of skin and its diseases……………

Ans:- Genealogy

  1. One who eats everything………


  1. Tending to move away from the centre or axis……………..


  1. That which cannot be seen…………….


Part-2- General Knowledge
  1. ‘Pattan Valley’ is located in which Distt. of H.P.?

Ans:- Lahaul & Spiti

  1. The famous Firing Espisode of province Dhami took place in


  1. Which was the state of H.P. to be merged in India after Independence ?

Ans:- Bilaspur

  1. Where is the Tihri dam, situated ?

Ans:- Uttrakhand

  1. Who is the present Captain of Indian test cricket team

Ans:- Virat Kohli

  1. Who is the governer of Reserve Bank of India ?

Ans:- Raghuram Rajan

  1. The Indian defence minister is

Ans:- Manohar Parikar

  1. Saina Nehwal is assocviated with which game ?

Ans:- Badminton

  1. The ratio of width of our Natiuonal flag to its length is

Ans:- 3:4

  1. Who is the Railway Minister in India ?

Ans:-Suresh Prabhu

  1. Buddha preached his first sermon at

Ans:- Sarnath

  1. Which gas in the atmosphere absorbs ultraviolet rays

Ans:- Methane

  1. 20th August is celebrated as

Ans:-Sadbhavana Divas

  1. The largest gold producing country in the world is

Ans:- South Africa

  1. Which metal is in the form of liquid at room temperature

Ans:- Mercury

  1. The Lows of motion were discovered by

Ans:- Galileo

  1. The hardest substance available on earth is

Ans:- Diamond

  1. Wankhede stadium is situated in

Ans:- Mumbai

  1. Who is the first woman President of India

Ans:- Pratibha Patil

  1. The Indian origin astronaut who stayed in space for 6 month is

Ans:- Sunita Williams

  1. The first recipient of Rajiv Gandhi’s ‘Khel Ratna’ award is

Ans:- Vishwanathan Anand

  1. In the Month of Nov. 2015 a Russian fighter plane was shot down by which country ?

Ans:- Turky

  1. The Arjuna Awards were instituted in the year

Ans:- 1961

  1. The National Anthem was first sung in the year

Ans:- 1911

  1. ‘Madhubani’, a style of fplk paintings, is popular in which of the following states in India?”

Ans:- Bihar

  1. The minimum age to qualify for election to the Lok Sabha is

Ans:-25 years

  1. Who is the present Director General of D.R.D.O. ?

Ans:- S. Christopher

  1. The Sikh militry Sect, Khalsa, was introduced by

Ans:- Guru Gobind Singh

  1. Milkha singh is also known as

Ans:-Flying Sikh

  1. Saraswati Samman is given annually for outstanding contribution to

Ans:- Literature

  1. Who led the Aryans against Shambhar?

Ans:- Devo Das

  1. Lord Wevell Plan of year 1945 was signed at

Ans:- Shimla

  1. Hari Rai Temple is Situated at


  1. Who is the writer of “Kangra Painting” ?

Ans:- M.S. Randhava

  1. Where is Andhara Hydro Electricity Project located ?

Ans:- Shimla

  1. Who brought the status of Raghunath Ji from Ayodhya to Kullu ?

Ans:-Damodar Das

  1. ‘Asikni’ is the Ancient name of which river ?


  1. Who took the oath that he would wear only black clothes till his country achieved freedom ?

Ans:- Baba kanshi Ram

  1. The Varieties, Kufri Jyoti. Kufri Chandermukhi and Kufri Alankar are of

Ans:- Potato

  1. Who among the following become the first Chief Secretary of H.P. ?”

Ans:- K.L.Metha

  1. Who built the fort of Nagarkot ?

Ans:-Bhim Chand

  1. In which District of H.P. “DULCHI pass” is situated ?


  1. Famous “Jhanjar Dance” is related to which of the following Districts of H.P.?

Ans:- Chamba

  1. Which is the state Bird of H.P. ?

Ans:- Western Tragopan

  1. What is the ‘ lady of Keylong’ ?

Ans:- Glacier

  1. Which of the following lake is not situated in District Chamba


Part-3- Quantitative Aptitude
  1. The angle between the hands of clock at half past 12 is

Ans:-180 degree

  1. A man rows upstream 12km and downstream 28km taking 5 hours each time. The velocity of water current is :-

Ans:- 5/2km/hr

  1. In what proportion water must be added to milk to gain 20% by selling it at the cost price ?

Ans;- 4:5

  1. Usha is twice as old as rita. Three years ago, she was three times as old as Rita. How old is Usha now ?

Ans:- 9 years

  1. In a group of hen and cows the number of legs are twice the number of heads plus 28. The number of cows are ?

Ans:- 14

  1. Complete the series:


Ans:- 21

  1. 81 : 27: :93 : ?


  1. In a clock, the time is 9:48, than what will be time if we see that clock in mirror ?

Ans:- 3:48

  1. If every third letter in the series of English letter is eliminated, the number of vowels remaining in the new series will br:-

Ans:- 2

  1. How many 4’s are in the following series which are preceded by 8 but not followed by 3?

8 3 4 8 4 1 8 4 3 8 4 4 8 3 4 8 4 8

Ans:-  3

  1. An amount of Rs. 1200 is distributed among a,b and C in the ratio of 5:7:13. What is the different between the share of B and C ?

288, 328, 296

Ans:-None of these

  1. If the odd number between 20 to 40 are arranged in a row, what be the 6th number from the right ?

Ans:- 29

  1. Singh goes 15 kms to the west. He turns to the left and goes 3 kms and again he turns to the left and goes 15 kms. How far is he from his original place ;-

Ans:- 3 kms

  1. If D=4, BAD=7, Than what is the value of ANT ?


  1. Largest number of four digits is:

Ans:- 9999

  1. The difference of squares of two consecutive numbers in 31, what are the numbers ?

Ans:-15 and 16

  1. A car during its journey travels 40 Minutes at the speed of 30km/hr, another 50 minutes at a speed of 60km/hr and 60 minutes at a speed of 30 km/hr. Find the average speed of the car ?


  1. What will be added to 11148 so that the sum is divisible by 7?

Ans:- 3

  1. What will be the smallest number of 7 digits using

0,1,2,3,4,5 and 6 ?

Ans:- 1023456

  1. The sum of two digits of a number is 15. If 9 is added to the number, the digits are interchanged, What is the number ?


  1. A gardener grows 5625 trees in the garden.If he grow trees in such a way that number of trees in a row is equal to the number of rows. What is the number of rows ?

Ans:- 75

  1. What is the smallest number which is exactly divisible by 3,4,6 and 8 ?

Ans:- 24

  • 100. There are 1800 students in school. If 20% are Muslim.15% are Sikh, 10% are Christain and remaining are Hindu, than how manyt are Hindu students?


  • 101. Population of Shikarpur in 1961 was 44000, in 1971, it increased to 55000. what is the percentage increase in population ?

Ans:- 25%

  • 102. IF 5%of a number is 15 than what is the value of 305 of that number ?

Ans:- 90

  • 103. If one side of the rectangle is increased by 50% and other side is decreased by 50%, than new area is hiw much percent less than the orginal area ?


  • 104. If the price of a machine increases by 20%, the sale decreases by 40%. What is the effect on cash collected ?

Ans:- 28% Iess

  • 105. The interest of one rupee in one month is 1 paisa. What is the annual rate of interest ?

Ans:- 10%

  • 106. 500 amounts to Rs. 580 in 4 years. If the rate of interset is increased by 4% than what will be the new amount?

Ans:-Rs. 660

  • 107. What is the sum which amounts to Rs. 12.10 in 2 years at 10%when interest is compounded annually ?

Ans:- Rs. 10

  • 108. The present population of a town is 12500. If increases at the rate of 20% per annum than what will be the population after 3 years ?

Ans:- 21600

  • 109. A fruit seller sells 10 apples for a rupee and gains 60%. How many apple he bought for a rupee ?

Ans:- 16

  • 110. For what value of K, the number 7236k2 is divisible by 8 ?


  • 111. What least number must be added to 7231 so that the resulting number is exactly divisible by 5 and 9 together ?


  • 112. The HCF of two numbers is 12 and their difference is 12. The number are.

Ans:-70, 82

  • 113. Find the greastest number which will divide2112 and 2792 leaving remainder 4 in each case:-

Ans:- 68

  • 114. Find the smallest number by which 216 should be divided to make the result a perfect square:-

Ans:- 6

  • 115. What is the square root of 4356 ?

Ans:- 66

  • 116. What fraction is 0.6%

7/500, 9/500, 3/500

Ans:-None of these

  • 117. 12% of X is equal to 6% of Y, THAN 18% of X will be equal to how much percent of Y?

Ans:- 9%

  • 118. A train 100 meter long passes a bridge at the rate of 72km/hr in 25 seconds. What is the length of the bridge ?

Ans:- 400m

  • 119. Find the value of x in the given proportion 27: 72: 😡 :8


  • 120. The average of 7 numbers is 5. If the average of first six of these numbers is 4, the seventh number is :

Ans:- 11


This paper is 12th level. All other test this type questions are asked.


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