Solved Question Paper Ayurvedic Pharmacist 2017

By | June 11, 2017

Download Some Important Solved Questions Ayurvedic Pharmacist 2017

This exam paper held on 09-06-2017 in evening section 2:00 PM to 4:00 P.M. This paper conduct on Himachal Pradesh Staff Selection Commission, Hamirpur.In this paper total 200 questions which are completed in 2 hours.This is a screening test (MCQ) consisting of General Knowledge including HP GK, Everyday Science logic, General English and hindi of Metric standard and Syllabus of Pharmacist Diploma Degree (Ayurveda).

Download Some solved Questions Ayurvedic Pharmacist

  1. Pleura is related with ;

Ans:- Lung

  1. Varatika is obtained from ;

Ans:- Sea

  1. As per anatomical view Kala is :

Ans:- Membrana

  1. Sushrut has stated the following numbers of Tiryyagami Dhamaniya (Artery) ?

Ans:- 4

  1. As per S ushrut number of Koshta is

Ans:- 8

  1. The largest joint in the human body is :

Ans:- Hip joint

  1. As per Sushrut the number of muscles in the body is :

Ans:- 500

  1. Where the Khair and Arjun tree are found ?

Ans:- Kangra

  1. Following one is used of Huchala :

Ans:- Seed marrow

  1. Generelly for the preparation of Kwath of soft content the ratio of content to water is :

Ans:- 1:4

  1. In the imagination of cold or ice the ratio of liquid to content is

Ans:- 1:6

  1. Concentrate of Kwath or Rasa makes

Ans:- Rosa Kriya

  1. It is useful in fever :

Ans:- Godanti Bhasm

  1. For Nasya Karm which Sneh Pk is advised ?

Ans:- Madhyam pak

  1. Rasamanikya is prepared by

Ans:- Hartal

  1. Chameli belongs to which category ?

Ans:- Flower

  1. It is process of metal calcination :

Ans:- Maran

  1. Madhushukta belong to which category ?

Ans:- Sanghan

  1. Prescribed dose of rajat bhasm is :

Ans:- ¼ to 1 Ratti

  1. Ashchyotan is mainly useful in the following diseases of :

Ans:- Eye

  1. Srushut has stated the following type of Anjan from its Karm bhed ?

Ans:- ?

  1. What is pratisaran from the following ?

Ans:- Manjan

  1. Madhu (honey) is a best anupan because

Ans:- It is yogwahi

  1. What is parad relation Nag Wang etc. ?

Ans:- Dosh

  1. Which one is not an injection route ?

Ans:- Intracranial

  1. What is trimad ?

Ans:- Vayvidang Nagarmotha Chitrak

  1. As per Sushrut there are followingh number of bones

Ans:- 300

  1. Yavagu in which sikth part is less and liquid part is more, is called :

Ans:- Vilepi

  1. Shilajit Rasaratna is described in the following group as per Sammuchyanusar :

Ans:- Maha rasa

  1. Which IOndian batsman made triple century against England in December 2016 ?

Ans:- Karun Nair’

  1. What is the name of newly elected Chief Minister of Goa ?

Ans:- Manohar Parikar

  1. Who is the newly appointed Brand Ambassador of Swachchh Bharat Abhiyan ?

Ans:- Shilpa Shetty

  1. Who among the following is not awarded with ‘Padma Vibhushan’ award in January 2017 ?

Ans:- Sharad Pawar

  1. Sansar Chand was the famous ruler of

Ans:- Kangra

  1. Y.S. Parmar Horticulture and Forestry University is situated at

Ans:- Nauni

  1. For which adventure sports Manali valley is famous ?

Ans:- Mountain cycling

  1. In which district Gaddi is found ?

Ans:- Chamba

  1. Which district of Himachal Pradesh has least population ?

Ans:- Lahaul – Spiti

  1. Kahloori is the dialect of

Ans:- Bilaspur

  1. The capital of Himachal Pradesh Shimla is situated at which height ?

Ans:- 2200 mts

  1. Which festival (FAIR) of Sujanpur (Tihra) is famous ?

Ans:- Holi

  1. When was Mahmud Gaznavi rob Somnath temple ?

Ans:- 1025 AD

  1. The declaration of partition of Bengal was made in the year ?

Ans:- 1905

  1. Who was the publisher/editor of ‘Vande Mataram’ newspaper /

Ans:- Arvind Ghosh

  1. ‘Phulkari’ is the folk-art style of which state ?

Ans:- Haryana

  1. Which is called tropic of cancer ?

Ans:- 23.5 degree Northern latitude

  1. Seasonal events happened in which sphere of atmosphere ?

Ans:- Troposphere

  1. Which is the most saline area ?

Ans:- Von lake

  1. Which is the largest lake of the world ?

Ans:- Caspian Sea

  1. On which river bank Hyderbad is situated ?

Ans:- Musi

  1. Which is known as City of Temples and Ghats ?

Ans:- Varanasi

  1. In which Article of Constitution Right to Independence is mentioned ?

Ans:- Article 19-22

  1. How many members of Rajya Sabha are selected by president ?

Ans:- 12

  1. President can give his resignation to

Ans:- Vice President

  1. Which was the first bank of India ?

Ans:- Bank of Hindustan

  1. What is the value of gravitational acceleration (g) in m/s2 on the Earth Surface ?

Ans:- 9.8

  1. What organ is affected by Hepatitis – B ?

Ans:- Liver

  1. What is the meaning of Rasa in Rasa Shastra ?

Ans:- Mercury

  1. If one drug’s dose is 1 ratti two times in a day, then what is dose of its for 10 days /

Ans:- 2.5 gm

  1. ABC of resuscitation is

Ans:- Airway, Breathing and Circulation

  1. What is GMP ?

Ans:- Good Manufacturing Practices

  1. According to Ayurvedic Aushadh Rajpatra what is the shelf life of Asavarisht ?

Ans:- 10 years

  1. How many types of manas dosh ?

Ans:- 2

  1. What is the botanical name of Amla ?

Ans:- Emblica officinalis

  1. Castor oil is

Ans:- Vat Shamak

  1. Tripillar is

Ans:- Vat, Pit, cough

  1. Which is not included in Panchvidh Kashay Kalpana /

Ans:- Ark Kalpana

  1. According to ayurveda how many Rasa are there ?

Ans:- 6

  1. What is normal dose of powder intake ?

Ans:- 6 gm

  1. Keeping Dravya in mouth and rotating the same is known as

Ans:- Kaval

  1. Father of Surgery is

Ans:- Sushrut

  1. What is Panch Karma in Ayurveda ?

Ans:- Processes of body cleaning

  1. Best single drugs for prameh is

Ans:- Ambla, Turmeric

  1. According to Ayurveda, how many directions are there /

Ans:- 10

  1. How many metals are there in the body ?

Ans:- 7

  1. How many physical defects ?

Ans:- 3

  1. According to Sushrut how many layers of skin ?

Ans:- 7

  1. According to modern view how many bones are there ?

Ans:- 206

  1. How many muscles are more in woman compare to man ?

Ans:- 20

  1. Number of Marma ‘s

Ans:- 107

  1. Type of Vat are

Ans:- 5

  1. Best memory enhancer is

Ans:- Sanbhasha

  1. Triphala is

Ans:- Haritaki, Baheda, Ambla

  1. Which is not eighth class dravya ?

Ans:- Kankol

  1. What is the botanical name of pippali ?

Ans:- Piper Longum

  1. Antidote of Vatsnabh is

Ans:- Borax

  1. Thorny fruits are

Ans:- Gokshur

  1. Which is not the type of Ash Examination ?

Ans:- Lohitikaran

  1. Instrument used for perspiration is

Ans:- Dola Instrument

  1. How many cow dung in process of calcinations ?

Ans:- 1000

  1. Kupipakva chemical is

Ans:- Rassindur

  1. Sulphur is

Ans:- Up Rasa

  1. What is chemical formula for Gold ?

Ans:- Au

  1. What is the meaning of BD written in prescription Slip ?

Ans:- Two time in a day

  1. What is the normal blood pressure of human ?

Ans:- 120/80 mmHg

  1. Gypsum is

Ans:- Godanti

  1. Blue Vitriol is

Ans:- Copper Sulphate

  1. Colour of mercury ash(Abhark) is

Ans:- Red

  1. The main constituent of health improving (Aarogyavardhini vati) Vati is

Ans:- Kutaki


  • What is bhavana substance of Sanjivani Vati ?

Ans:- Gomutra

  • Constituent of Chyawanprash is

Ans:- Kaknasa

  • What is the ratio of Kalk ;Sneh ; Jal (Water) in Sneh Kalpana ?

Ans:- 1:4:16

  • Main constituent of Sudarshan Churna is

Ans:- Chirayata

  • Rasanjan is got from

Ans:- Daruharidra

  • What is not present in sitopaladi ?

Ans:- Borax

  1. Hastidanta is commonly useful in the imagination of

Ans:- Masi

  • What does not belongs to living beings ?

Ans:- Rab

  • Parpati is formed with

Ans:- Mercury + Sulphur

  • Makardhwaj is a imagination of

Ans:- Kupi Pakwa

  • Which is found in the area of high altitude ?

Ans:- Vatsanam

  • Varatika is found from :

Ans:- Sea

  • The name of Manikya (carbuncle) is ;

Ans:- Ruby

  • White parpati is useful in which disease /

Ans:- Mutra Krichha

  • According to Charak name of chaturvinshati element group is :

Ans:- Rashi Purush

  • According to the Ayurveda, nature characteristics are ;

Ans:- Satva, Raj, Tam

  • According to Sankhya Darshan, Praman Sankhya is :

Ans:- 3

  • In which Karm and Gun exist in combined relation, that is

Ans:- Dravya

  1. What is Anutva and Ekatva ?

Ans:- Gun of Mann

  • . Paraparadi gun are :

Ans:- 10

  • S.R. Is testing of

Ans:- Blood

121:- DOTS is related with the disease :

Ans:- T.B

122:- According to Sushrut place of conscious is

Ans:- Heart

123:- What is, fire, base  and nail according to Sushrut ?

Ans:- Anushastra

124:- Neem is a best :

Ans:- Blood purifier

  1. :- Special test of Tamra Bhasm (copper ash) is done

Ans:- By curd

  1. Raj and Kshod are synonym of :

Ans:- Powder

  1. The quantity of fant is

Ans:- 4 to 8 Tola

  1. Asava and Arishta comes under the imagination of :

Ans;- Sandhan

  1. Best oil in Ayurveda is

Ans;- Sesame oil

  1. According to Ayurvedic which one is Pradesh (Bhumi Bhed) ?

Ans:- Jangal

  1. Shunthi Nagarmotha Parpat are the components of which of the following ?

Ans:- Shadangpaniya

  1. The ratio of Medicine (Aushadh) to water in A ushadh Siddha paniya is

Ans:- 1 : 64

  1. What is introvert source (Strot) ?

Ans:- Strot Bhed

  1. According to Charak number of Kosthang are ;

Ans:- 15

  1. What is the meaning of S.O.S. in the medicine management paper ?

Ans;- As per need

  1. Generally it is taken from Shatdhaut ;

Ans:- Ghrit

  1. Mund, Tikshna etc., are the type of :

Ans;- Iron (Lauha)

  1. In the process of base preparation medicinal content is

Ans;- Converted to ash

  1. What is Ritu Haritaki ?

Ans:-Use of Haritaki according to season

  1. Useful part of Shatawar is :

Ans:- Root

  1. What is Berberis Aristatta ?

Ans:- Berberis

  1. The Latin name of Ark is ;

Ans:- Calotropis procera

  1. What is used for testing iron content in blood ?

Ans:- Haemoglobinometer

  1. According to surgical specialist, there are following strota bhed ;

Ans:- 11

  1. Total No. of vein is ;

Ans:- 700

  1. According to Sushrut number of main artery is :

Ans:- 24

  • Shadangpaniya is advisable in……………
  • Ans:- Diarrhoea
  • Who was written the famous book Decoding the Decade ?
  • Ans:- Manish Tiwari
  • For which adventure sports Manali valley is famous ?
  • Ans:- Para gliding
  • Chhamb is folk dance of which district ?
  • Ans:- Kinnaur
  • The Principal ruler of Sirmaur princely state were
  • Ans:- Rathore
  • Who were the important deity of Rigvedic period ?
  • Ans:- Indra
  • Nyay Philosophy is related with
  • Ans:- GGautam
  • Who was the last Tirthankar of Jainism ?
  • Ans:- Mahavir
  • Who was the founder of Chishti sect ?
  • Ans:- Abu Abdal
  • What is the speed of light of sun ?
  • Ans:- 3 lac km per second
  • As per origin Aravali mountain is which type of Mountain ?
  • Ans:- Residual mountain.
  • Seasonal events happened in which sphere of atmosphere ?
  • Ans:- Troposphere
  • In which state Manas National Park is situated ?
  • Ans:- Assam
  • When Constitution of India is adopted ?
  • Ans:- 26th November, 1949
  • In which of the following year National Emergency is not declared in India ?
  • Ans:- 1999
  • In which year National Stock Exchange was established ?
  • Ans:-1992
  • Indian Iron and Steel Company (IISCO) factory is situated at
  • Ans:- Barnpur
  • Which lens is used to remove the deficiency of Astigmatism ?
  • Ans:- Cylindrical Lens
  • To prepare red glass which substance is mixed in glass ?
  • Ans:- Copper oxide
  • Which of the following is not Insectide ?
  • Ans:- Banzipom
  • Osteomalacia is caused in adult due to dificiency of
  • Ans:- Vitamin D
  • I was delighted…………………..your sucess.
  • Ans:- AT
  • She was forced to retire…………..her job.
  • Ans:- From
  • Choose the correct word
  • Ans:- Substitution
  • Meaning of Pass away idiom/phrase is
  • Ans:- die
  • Antonym of the word “Recent’ is
  • Ans:- Previous
  • What is normal dose of powder intake ?
  • Ans:- 6 gm


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