Solved Paper H.A.S. 2008

By | November 8, 2017

Download 2008 Solved Paper H.A.S. General Studies

This Exam. held on 10 August, 2008. In this paper total 120 question asked which are completed in 2 hrs.

Download H.A.S. General Studies Solved Paper 2008

Ques:- What is ‘Xinhua’ ?

Ans:- A News agency in China

Ques:- Which serving Minister of the Union Cabinet was awarded the Padma Vibhushan for 2008 ?

Ans:- Pranab Mukherjee.

Ques:- Which of the food stuffs has the highest calorific content ?

Ans:- Coconut

Ques:- What happenes when an object is transferred from the earth to moon ?

Ans:- Its weight decreases but its mass remains constant

Ques;- Who discovered electrons ?

Ans:- J.J.Thomson

Ques:- Which scientist was the fist to demonstrate the circulation of blood ?

Ans:- William Harvey

Ques:- To which category does an ‘Asparagus’ belong ?

Ans:- Root

Ques:- Which country is the largest producer of rubber ?

Ans:- Thailand (accounting for about 33% of the Global supply )

Ques:- In which country is Greenwich located ?

Ans:- England

Ques:- To which subject is ‘Light year’ related ?

Ans:- Astronomy

Ques:- Which community live in an ‘igloo’ ?

Ans:- Eskimos

Ques:- For what is word ‘Blitzkrieg’ used ?

Ans:- A sudden crippling attack

Ques:- Which position does Mr. Elbardei hold at present ?

Ans:- Chief of International Atomic Energy Agency

Ques:- Who is the present Director General of the world Trade Organization ?

Ans;- Pascal Lamy

Ques:- Who was the captain of the Indian-19 cricket team which won the World cup at Kualalumpur (Malaysia) in March 2008 ?

Ans:- Virat Kohli

Ques:- From which country has India purchased the Barak-l-anti-missile defence system ?

Ans:- Israel

Ques;- What role has the UNO assigned to its envoy Ibrahim Gambari at present ?

Ans:- To bring about a rapprochement between Aung San Su ki and the military Junta in Myanmar

Ques:- At which place in Australia was the last cricket match of the triseries in March 2008, played when India defeated Australia ?

Ans:- Brisbane

Ques:- Which position does Samdhong Rimpoche hold at present ?

Ans:- Tibetan Prime Minister in exil at Dharmashala

Ques:- Which American leader has been campaigning about the climate crisis caused by global warming ?

Ans:- Al Gore

Ques:- With which sport is Narain Kartikeyan associated ?

Ans:- Motor-racing

Ques:- What position does Fahmida Mirza hold in Pakistan now ?

Ans:- Speaker of Parliament

Ques:- Which country has honoured Mrs. Sonia Gandhi with the ‘Order of Leopold’ ?

Ans:- Belgium

Ques:- With which game is Joaquim Carravelho associated ?

Ans:- Hockey

Ques:- Who said, “The earth has enough for man’s need but not for man’s greed”?

Ans:- Mahatma Gandhi

Ques:- From which country has India purchased the warship INS Jalashwa ?

Ans:- U.S.A.

Ques:- Which country is known as the ‘Sugar bowl of the world’?

Ans:- Cuba

Ques:- What is ‘Esperanto’?

Ans:- An Artficial language

Ques:- In which State of India is the Dudhwa National Park located ?

Ans:- Uttar Pradesh

Ques:- Which erstwhile nations has now been divided into two separate states ?

Ans:- Yugoslavia

Ques;- On  which mountainrange is the Shilla Peak located ?

Ans:-Zanskar (in Distt. Kinnaur)

Ques:-Which river enters Jammu and Kashmir at Sansari Nala after passing through Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans:- Chenab

Ques:- At which place in Himachal Pradesh is the central Potato Research instituate (CPRI) located ?

Ans:- Kufri

Ques:-Which Muslim King besieged the fort of Nagarkot for six months in the later half of the 14th century compelling its ruler to surrender ?

Ans:-Firoz Shah Tughlaq

Ques:-Who forced Raja Ghamand Chand to pay tribute to him in 1770 AD ?

Ans:-Jassa Singh

Ques:- How did the status of Himachal Pradesh change after the states were reorganized in 1956 ?

Ans:- It became a Union Territory

Ques:-Which Governor –General was the first to stay at Shimla ?

Ans:-Lord Amherst (1827 A.D.)

Ques:- In which year was the Himalayan hill states regional council formed ?

Ans:- 1946 A.D.

Ques:- What is ‘Kee’ ?

Ans:- A Budhist monastery in Distt. Lahaul –Spiti

Ques:- In which year was the ‘Big Landed Estates and Land Reforms Act’ passed in Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans:- 1954 A.D.

Ques:- Which two sides were the signatories to the Treaty of Sagauli in 1815 AD ?

Ans:- Gurkhas and the British

Ques:- In which year did the first legislative assembly come into existence in Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans:- 1952 A.D.

Ques:- Which Himachal Princely state refused to side with the British during the War of Independence of 1857 ?

Ans:- Bushahar

Ques:- At which of the following places in Himachal Pradesh is the Mohan Meakins Breweries located ?

Ans;- Solan

Ques:- At which places are resin and turpentine oil factories located in Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans:- Nahan and Bilaspur

Ques:- On which river is the Kol Dam hydro-power plant with Soviet Collabaration ?

Ans:- Sutlej

Ques:- Which district of Himachal Pradesh has rock salt deposits ?

Ans:- Mandi (at Gumma)

Ques:- Which Princely state was founded by Raja Rasalu in 1139 AD ?

Ans:- Sirmour

Ques:- In which Himachal princely state did the people demand abolition od ‘Beger’ , leading to police firing on agitators ?

Ans:- Dhami (16 July 1939)

Ques;- Which of the two great men were contemporaries ?

Ans:- Karl Marx and Charies Darwin

Ques:- Which American President ordered dropping of atomic bombs on Japan during World War II ?

Ans:- Henry Truman

Ques:- Which British Prime Minister was awarded Nobel Prize for literature ?

Ans:- Winston Churchill (in 1953)

Ques:- In which country is ‘Waterloo’ located ?

Ans:- Belgium

Ques:- With whom is the ideology of Fascism associated ?

Ans:- Benito Mussolini

Ques:- Who is known as ‘The Lady With The Lamp’ ?

Ans:- Florence Nightingale

Ques:- Which country adopted the ‘Monroe Doctrine’ as a part of its foreign policy ?

Ans:- USA

Ques:- Which Russian leader introduced ‘perestroika’ and glassnost’ in the Soviet Union, leading to its disintegration ?

Ans:- Mikhael Gorbachev

Ques:- Which independent country is the latest to be carved out of the erstwhile Yugoslavia ?

Ans:- Kosovo (on 17th Feb. 2008)

Ques:- Which leader is credited with introducing globalization and market economy in China ?

Ans:- Deng Shiao Ping

Ques:- Which office did Vitthal Bhai Patel hold after the formation of the Swaraj Party in 1925 ?

Ans:- Speaker of the Central Legislative Assembly

Ques:- Which book helped Mahatma Gandhi in shaping his views on social and economic reform /

Ans:- Unto This Last (by John Ruskin)

Ques:- Which is the last of the 50 states constituting the United States of America ?

Ans:- Hawaii

Ques:- Which speaker of Lok Sabha has served as President of India ?

Ans:- Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy

Ques:- Who was Torman ?

Ans:- A hun invader and ruler of the 5th century

Ques:- Who built Charminar at Hyderabad ?

Ans:- Adil Shah of Bijapur

Ques:- Who was the author of the famous Sanskrit drama ‘Mrichchkatik’ ?

Ans:- Sudrak

Ques:- Who wrote ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’?

Ans:- John Bunyan

Ques:- In which year was the people’s republic of China admitted as a member of the United Nations Organisations (UNO) ?

Ans:- 1971 A.D.

Ques:- Of which country does ‘Xinijiang Uygur’ province form part ?

Ans:- China

Ques:- In Which continent is Surinam located ?

Ans:- South America

Ques:- Which African country has the largest area ?

Ans:- Sudan

Ques:- Which country is skirted by the warm Kuroshio current ?

Ans:- Japan

Ques:- Which Sikh Guru was sentenced to death by Emperor Jahangir for blessing rebellions prince Khosrau ?

Ans:- Guru Arjun Dev

Ques:- Which peshwa emerged as the real head of Maratha confederacy under the Sangola Agreement ?

Ans:- Balaji Baji Rao (1750 A.D.)

Ques:- What was the main proposal of the original llbert Bill presented in the central Legislative Council during the tenure of Viceroy Lord Ripon ?

Ans:- Empowering Indian judges to trial cases involving Europeans also

Ques:- Who presided over the first session of the Indian National Congress held at Bombay on Dec. 28, 1885 ?

Ans:- W.C.Bannerjee

Ques:- Who had set up the Indian Home Rule Society in London in 1905 ?

Ans:- Shyamji Krishna Verma

Ques:- Which viceroy had promulgated the Vernacular Press Act of 1878 to muzzle press freedom ?

Ans:- Lord Lytton

Ques:- Which Amendment to the IndianConstitution banned floorcrossing by Members of Parliament and state Legislatures elected on Party-ticket ?

Ans:- 52 nd

Ques;- Which schedule of the Indian constitution describes the division between centre and state functions on the basis of three lists ?

Ans:- Seventh Schedule

Ques:- Which type of disputes can be directly raised in the Supereme court ?

Ans:- Enforcement of fundamental rights

Ques:- Which of the refineries at the following places is not owned by the Indian oil Corporation ?

Ans:- Vishakhapattanam

Ques:- Which fundamental right was repealed by an Act of Parliament in 1978 ?

Ans:- Right to Property

Ques:- Who was the first leader to call Mahatma Gandhi ‘Father of the Nation’ ?

Ans:- Subhash Chandra Bose

Ques:- Who was the author of the book ‘Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’ ?

Ans:- R.L. Stevenson

Ques:- Who has written the book ‘My country and My Life’ ?

Ans:- Lal Krishna Advani

Ques:- Which of Shakespeare’s plays was once banned in England in 1788 A.D. ?

Ans:- King Lear

Ques:- Why does water get cooled in an earthen pitcher ?

Ans:- Because of the pores in the clay walls of the pitcher

Ques:- Why does a burning candle get extinguished when it is covered with a tumbler ?

Ans:- Because the supply of oxygen is cut off

Ques:- Why is sea water saline ?

Ans:- Because of salty brought to the sea by rivers.

Ques:- Who propounded the doctrine of the end justifying the means ?

Ans:- Machiavelli

Ques:- At which place did Vasco-de-Gama land during his discovery of

Ans:- Calicut 9now called Kozikode)

Ques:- What does a Lactometer test  ?

Ans:- Purity of milk

Ques:- What is hydroponics ?

Ans:- Growing plants throu8gh nutrients without the use of soil

Ques:- What is Pentagon ?

Ans:- U.S. Defence Headquarters

Ques:- In which state of India is the rocket launching station Thumba located ?

Ans:- Kerala

Ques:- Who founded the Belur Math near Kolkata in 1897 A.D. ?

Ans:- Swami Vivekanand

Ques:- What is Korba Known for ?

Ans:- Aluminium plant (BALCO)

Ques:- In which country is Bethlehem, the birth-place of Jesus Christ located ?

Ans;- Israel

Ques;- What is ‘Hiotel Rwanda’ ?

Ans:- A film about genocide in Rwanda

Ques;- Whose consent has to be taken before a money-bill is introduced in a state legislature ?

Ans:- Governor

Ques;- To which category does the planning commission in India belong ?

Ans:- Advisory body

Ques:- What does the Richter scale measure ?

Ans:- Force of an earthquake

Ques:- Which Indian industry needs the largest numbers of workers ?

Ans:- Textile

Ques:- Where is the Potala Palace ?

Ans:- Lhasa

Ques:- What does the Antyodata Scheme aim to achieve ?

Ans:- Helping the poorest of the poor

Ques:- Which is the largest source of power supply in India ?

Ans:- Thermal power

Ques:- Which tax is levied only by the central government in India ?

Ans:- Income Tax

Ques:- Which office does Montek Singh Ahluwalia hold at present ?

Ans:- Dupty Chairman of the Planning Commission

Ques:- Who is the author of the book ‘In The Line Of Fire’ ?

Ans:- Parvez Musharraf

Ques:- What was the view of the organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) at its meeting held at Daker in March 2008 on the question of Kishmir ?

Ans:-The Kashmir dispute be resolved in accordance with U.N.  resolutions

Ques:- Which former Prime Minister of India was instrumental in introducing the term ‘Socialist ‘ and ‘Secular’ in the preamble to the Indian Constitution ?

Ans:- Indira Gandhi

Ques:- In which country is the Kalaharri desert located ?

Ans:- Botswana (in South America)

Ques:- Which is the largest island in the World ?

Ans:- Greenland

Ques:- Which scientist is associated with the explosion of the first atomic bomb ?

Ans;- Robert Openheimer

Ques:- Who laid the foundation of Yoga Therapy during 200-100 B.C. ?

Ans:- Patanjali

Ques:- In which year was slave trade abolished in the British empire ?

Ans:- 1807 A.D.

Ques:- Who wrote the Famous book ‘Essay on Population’ ?

Ans:- Malthus Thomas Robert in 1798 A.D.

Ques:- Who wrote the script of the famous movie “2001 : A Space Odyssey”?

Ans:- Arthur C. Clarke

Ques;- For which historical event is the term ‘Holocaust’ used ?

Ans:- Genocide of Jews under the Nazis

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