Solved Exam.Paper T.G.T.TET 2019

By | June 29, 2019

Download Solved Exam Paper T.G.T.TET June 2019

This exam. paper held on 23-06-2019.In this exam. paper total 150 question asked which are 150 in numbers.All questions are compulsory. This exam. paper divided into four Section.

Section – 1 : Psychology

Section – 2 : English

Section – 3 : General Knowledge.

Section – 4 : Social Studies

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Ques:- The period of heightened emotionality, elation and depression, formulation of moods and sentiments is known is known as –

Ans:- Adolesence

Ques:- Which of the following is a principle of development ?

Ans:- Development  occurs at different rates among different individuals.

Ques:- All adolescents may experience-

Ans:- Anxiety and concern about themselves

Ques:- Cognitive development means –

Ans:- Development of Intelligent

Ques:- Piaget proponded –

Ans:- The theory of cognitive development

Ques:- Theory of social learning emphasizes on which of the following factors ?

Ans:- Adaptation

Ques:- Two factors theory of intelligence was propoundd by –

Ans:- Spearman

Ques:- Asking a Question in the classroom

Ans:- clarifies the subject matter.

Ques:- Why do individuals differ from one another?

Ans:- Due to interplay between heredity and environment

Ques:- Students of disadvantaged group should be taught along with normal students.It implies-

Ans:- Inclusive Education

Ques:- Which of the following is a specific learning disability ?

Ans:- Dyslexia

Ques:-A child having I.Q. less than 20 or 25 will be categorised as –

Ans:- Severe mental retardation

Ques:- Which of the following is known as ethical moral arm of the personality ?

Ans:-Super Ego

Ques:- Learning theory of Kohler is known by which name ?

Ans:- Theoryof insight

Ques:- When childern learn a concept and use it, practice helps in reducing error committed. This idea was given by

Ans :-Thorndlike

Ques:- On the basis of child psychology, which statement is correct ?

Ans:-Every child is special .

Ques:- Intelligence and creativity are …………….

Ans:- Positivelyrelated

Ques:- Who is the father of project method of teaching ?

Ans:- Kilpatrick

Ques:- What is meant by sequential development ?

Ans:- Development that follows succession continuity

Ques:- Pedagogy refers to

Ans:- Style of teaching childern

Ques:-S.Hillingworth is associated with her work on

Ans:- Gifted childern

Ques:- According to piget, sensory motor stage includes-

Ans:- Birth to 2 years

Ques:- The term ‘Homeostasis’ was coined by

Ans:- Cannon

Ques:- Who is known as father of behaviourism ?

Ans:-J.B Watson

Ques:- The formula for calculating Intelligence Quotient (I.Q.) is

Ans:- MA/CA x 100

Ques:- “Senses are the gateways of Knowledge”, was emphasized by

Ans:- Rousseau

Ques:- Childern whose mental age is lower than chronological age are called

Ans:- Retarded childern

Ques:- Which one of the following is related to measure of variability ?

Ans:- Range

Ques:- Which among the following needs are high order needs ?

Ans:- Belongingness and love needs

Ques:- The school of behaviourism focuses on studing

Ans:- Overt behaviour only 
Ques:- Nearest meaning :-


Ans: Stubborn


Ans:- Savory

Ques:- Correct paired :-

Ans:- Rabbit :  burrow

          Elephant : Trumpet

Ques:- In which year the United Nations organisation was estabalished?

Ans:- 24 October 1945

Ques:- In which year the voting age was reduced from 21 years to 18 years ?

Ans:- 1989

Ques:- Who was the founder of Scout and Guide ?

Ans:- Baden Powell

Ques:- Who gave the slogen ‘Do or Die’ in 1942 ?

Ans:- Mahatma Ghandhi

Ques:- Who was the 1st lady Chief Justice of Himachal praesh ?

Ans:- Leela Seth

Ques:- On which day is the National Consumer Rights  day celebrated ?

Ans:- 24 December

Ques:- In Himachal Pradesh the highest mountain peak “shilla” falls in which district ?

Ans:- Kinnuar

Ques:-When did the jugga Movement take place in Gehdvin in Bilaspur district ?

Ans:- 1883 to 1888

Ques:- In which year did the state of Himachal Pradesh implement the lokayukta Act?

Ans:-; 1983

Ques:- How many Divisional Commissioner Officier are there  in Himachal Pradesh ?


Ques:- Who was the writer of the book ‘Discovery of India’?

Ans:- Jawahar Lal Nehru

Ques:- In which year the kalka Shimla Railway line was buil up ?

Ans:- 1903

Ques:- Samaresh Jung is related to which game ?

Ans:- Shooting

Ques:- Which planet in solar system is nearest to the sun?

Ans:- Mercury

Ques:- Who is the Guardian of fundamental right under the Indian Constitution ?

Ans:- Judiciary

Ques:- National Voter’s Day is celebrated on which day ?

Ans:- 25 January

Ques:- which lens is used to correct hyper-metropia ?

Ans:- Convex lens

Ques:- State government of Himachal Pradesh notified as “Heritage3 Village” on

Ans:- 9 December 1997

Ques:-In which of the following hill ran                                                                                                            ge is the Doddabetta peak situated ?

Ans:- Nilgiri hill range                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Ques:- Poona pact was signed between Dr.B.R. Ambedkar and Gandhi ji in :

Ans:- September 1932

Ques:- Ranthambore National Park is situated in?

Ans:- Rajasthan

Ques:- The deficiency of vitamin-D causes

Ans:- Rickets and Osteomalacia

Ques:- The tropic of cancer does not pass through

Ans:- Odisha

Ques:- Who was warded ‘Nobel peace Prize-2018?

Ans:-Denis Mukwege and Nadia Murad

Ques:-Which country will host the 2020

 Olympic Games?

Ans:- Japan

Ques:- Which country won the 2018 Hockey world Cup ?

Ans:- Belgium

Ques:- Decibel is used to measure the intensity of

Ans:- Sound

Ques:- When did Mahatma Gandhi return to India from South Africa ?

Ans:- 1915

Ques:- World wateer is observed on which date ?

Ans:- 22 march

Ques:- Which gas leaked in Bhopal gas tragedy ?

Ans:- Methyl Isocyante

Ques:- Who was the writer of Padmavat?

Ans:- Jayasi

Ques:- When didKashmir become a part of India?

Ans:- 26 October 1947

Ques:- Who was the first lady to climb Mount Everest?

Ans:- Junko Tabei

Ques:- In which year the Lok Sabha Election were conducted entirely on EVM for the first time ?

Ans:- 2004

Ques:- Pisciculture is related to-

Ans:- Fish farming

Ques:- Which is the highest waterfall in the world?

Ans:- Angel falls

Ques:- In which state is the Salal hydro electric power station situated ?

Ques:- What is the shape of Sunderban Delta?

Ans:-  Triangular

 Ques:- Which is the smallest state(area wise)

Ans:- Goa

Ques:-Which city is known as ‘Manchester of India?

Ans:- Ahmedabad

Ques:- How many membes are nominated rajya Sabha by the Persident of  India

Ans:- 12

Ques:-When was the last census held in India ?

Ans:- 2011

Ques:- Under which plan was the constituent assembly set up in India?

Ans:- Cabinet Mission plan

Ques:- Aman, Aus and Boro are the varieties of which crop ?

Ans:- Rice

Ques:- In which article of the Indian Constitution the Right to health is included ?

Ans:- 23

Ques:- Which movement is also known as ‘August Movement’ ?

Ans:- Quit – India Movement

Ques:- Who was the frst Vice Prisident of India?

Ans:- S. Radha krishnan

Ques:- Which of the following Act was Revision of Vernacular’ Act ?

Ans:- Indian Press Act -1910

Ques:- ‘CRIPPS” mission was appointed in

Ans:- 1942

Ques:- The capital of the KIngdom of Maharaja Ranjeet Singh was-

Ans:- Lahore

Ques:- Who is the current chairman of the National Human Right Commission ?

Ans:- Justice H.L. Dattu

Ques:- Which Article of Indian Constitution says that there will be an Election Commission in India ?

Ans:- Madras

Ques:- How many states in India have Legislative- council (Vidhan Parishad) ?

Ans:- 7

Ques:- Under the Indian Constitution who are the ultimate sovereign ?

Ans:- Indian People

Which article is described as the ‘Heart and Soul’ of the Indian Constitution ?

Ans:- Which is the largest producer of ‘Gold’ in India ?


Ques:- ‘Dhangar’ shepherd stay during the monsoon in

Ans:- Central Plateau of Mahashtra

Ques:- Which Dam is built on the river ‘Mahanadi’?

Ans:- Hirakund dam

Ques:- The famous ‘Meenakshi’ temple is located in

Ans:- Madurai

Ques:- Snow line is :                                                                                                                    

Ans:- The altitude above which snow lies permanently at any place  and it does not melt through the year

Ques:- The concept of ‘Economic Planning’ in India is derived from?

Ans:- Russia

Ques:- Which five year plan is also known as ‘Gadgil –Yojna’?

Ans:- Third five year Plan

Ques:- “The future of India” book is written by

Ans:- Bimal Jalan

Ques:- Name the Indian to win Nobel prize for peace in the year 2014?

Ans:- Kailash Satyarthi

Ques:- In India when both offices of President and Vice-Prisident happens to be vacant simltaneously, who will discharge the duties of the President of India?

Ans:- Chief Justice of India

Ques:- In which year the parliament passed the states Re-organisation Act?

Ans:- 1956

Ques:- The second battle of Panipat was fought on-

Ans:- 5 November 1556

Ques:- Kuka movement is associated with which state of India ?

Ans:- Punjab

Ques:- Privy Purse was abolished in which year?

Ans:- 1971

Ques:-‘Law of Eqality’is found in which article of the Constitution ?

Ans:- Article (14-18)

Ques:- in which district of H.P.”Prashar Lak”is situated?

Ans:- Mandi

Ques:- where is the Asia’s largest fish breeding centre?

Ans:- Deoli (Bilaspur)

Ques:- In which year was N.C.C. founded?

Ans:- 1948

Ques:- After how many years Kumbh fair is celebrated ?

Ans:- 12

Ques:- The Gadar Party was organished by

Ans:- Lala Hardyal

Ques:- Who wrote the Jainism text ‘Kalpa Sutra’?

Ans:- Bhadrabahu

Ques:- What is the duration of “ Zero hour” in Loksabha ?

Ans:- One hour

Ques:- The Murrah Breed is  related with which animal ?

Ans:- Buffalo

Ques:- The capital of ‘Daman and Diu’ is

Ans:- Daman

Ques:- ‘Kathakali Dance’ is related with which state-

Ans:- Kerala

Ques:- “Golden Quadrilateral SCheme”is associated with which construction ?

Ans:- Road construction

Ques:- Which city of India is Known as “Sun City”?

Ans:- Jodhpur

Ques:- Who wrote the ‘Ashtadhyayi’?

Ans:- Panini

Ques:- In which field ‘Gyanpeeth award ‘ is given

Ans:- In Literature

Ques:- Who wrote the autopbiography ‘Hirshcharit’ in sanskrit?

Ans:- BanBhatt

Ques:-when did Swami Dayanand Saraswati establish Arya Samaj ?

Ans:- 1875

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