Senior Lab Technician Solved Screening Test Paper 2017

By | July 24, 2017

Download 2017 Screening Test Paper Senior Lab Technician

This screening test held on 26-06-2017. This paper collected in hpssb Hamirpur. In this exam paper 200 questions are asked which are in total 200 marks and attempt in 2 Hours.

Download Solved Screening Test Senior Lab Technician

Ques:- Mycolic acid is present in the cell wall of

Ans:- Mycobacterium

Ques:- Negative staining is used for the identification of

Ans:- Capsule

Ques:- Who first observed & reported bacteria ?

Ans:- Antony Van Leeuwenhock

Ques:- Which bacteria is Rod shaped ?

Ans:- Bacilli

Ques:- The bacteria which has no stable morphology is called

Ans:- Mycoplasma

Ques:- Flagella are made up of

Ans:- Protein

Ques:- The time required for a bacterium to give rise to two daughter cells under optimum condition is known as

Ans:- Generation time

Ques:- Destruction of removal of all pathogenic organism is known as

Ans:- Sterilisation

Ques:- Inculating loop, the tip of spatula & forceps are sterilized by which method of sterilization ?

Ans:- Flaming

Ques:- The spores of which stains of clostridium are used as a microbiological test of dry heat

Ans:- Clostridium Tetani

Ques:- In whi9ch sterilizer Lowenstein – Jenson medium & Loffler’s serum medium are sterilized ?

Ans:- Inspissator

Ques:- Which aldehyde is effective against tubercle bacilli, fungi & viruses ?

Ans:- Gluteraldehyde

Ques:- In which culture media Candida albicans used as a positive control ?

Ans:- Sabouraud agar

Ques:- The most reliable and widely used anaerobic method is

Ans:- Macintosh – fildes anaerobic jar

Ques:- Which type of coagulase converts fibrinogen to fibrin in the absence of coagulase releasing factor ?

Ans:- Bound coagulase , Free coagulase

Ques:- Middle Brooke 7 H10 agar is used for the isolation of

Ans:- M. Tuberculosis

Ques:- Which culture medium is used for antibiotic – sensitivity test ?

Ans:- Mueller – Hinton broth

Ques:- Which test is done to diagnose Rickettsial infection ?

Ans:- Weilfelix

Ques:- Whooping cough is caused by which species of Bordetella ?

Ans:-B. Pertussi

Ques:- Which of following bacteria can grow in acidic Ph ?

Ans:- Lactobacilli

Ques:- Drought’s man colony is characteristic of

Ans:- S.faecalis

Ques:- Nagler rection is used for the identification of

Ans:- C.Perfringenes

Ques:- For growth of haemophilus influenza requires

Ans:- X factor only, V factor only

Ques:- A condition in which bacteria circulate in blood without multiplication is known as :

Ans;- Bacteriaemia

Ques:- Which serological test is done for identification of Brucella /

Ans:- Coomb’s test

Ques:- In which type of host parasite passes sexual part of life

Ans:- Definitive host

Ques:- Which fixative is widely used for Fecal specimens ?

Ans:- Methiolate – Iodine formalin

Ques;- Which objective of microcope is used to identify parasites ?

Ans:- 40 X Objective

Ques:- Which type of blood film is used for demonstration of malarial parasites after dehemoglobinization ?

Ans:- Thick blood film

Ques:- The larva of Taenia solium causes which of diease ?

Ans:- Cysticercosis

Ques:- The virion consists of nucleric acid which is surrounded by a protein coat called

Ans:- Capsid

Ques:- Which herpes virus causes oral infection or keratitis ?

Ans:- Herpes simplex virus

Ques:- After inoculation, the egg shell is disinfected with which type of antiseptic solution ?


Ques:- Which method is used for culture of viruses ?

Ans:- Animal inoculation, Tissue culture method, Inoculation of Embryo

Ques:- When some viruses bind with specific erythrocyte and produce agglutination then this process is called

Ans:- Haemagglutination

Ques:- Which important human pathogen belongs to group Retrovirus ?

Ans:- HIV 1

Ques:- Which of the following mosquitoes act as vector for Dengue virus ?


Ques:- AIDS is transmitted by all following routes except :

Ans:- Insect bite

Ques:- Method of stimulating adoptive immune response and memory against known infectious agent is called

Ans:- Vaccination

Ques:- Which immunoglobin protect body surfaces and mucous membrane & promote phagocytosis ?

Ans:- IgA.

Ques:-Agglutination test for the detection of antigen in the serum or CSF is frequently used in disease of

Ans:- Cryptococcosis

Ques:- VDRL test is done for the diagnosis of

Ans:- Syphilis

Ques:- Dimorphic fungi have the ability to grow at 25 on routine mycological culture media as :

Ans:- Yeast like fungi

Ques:- Specimen for superficial fungal culture is inculated on which type of media ?

Ans:- Sabouraud agar

Ques:- In fungal infection, which type of antibodies are detected about two weeks after the infection ?

Ans:- IgM

Ques;-  NIM swab is used for detection of eggs of

Ans:- Entrobiusvermicularis

Ques:- The characteristic  histological feature of duodenum is

Ans:- Brunner’s glands

Ques:- Which needle is used for bone marrow aspiration ?

Ans:- Salah’s needle

Ques:- Various cells of gastric glans all except

Ans:- Paneth cells

Ques:- Fluid used for decalcification

Ans:- HNO3

Ques:- Cells of immune system are

Ans:- T-cells, B-cells

Ques:- Transitional lining epithelium is seen in all except

Ans:- Outer wall of calyx

Ques:- Toxic granules are seen in which type of cells ?

Ans:- Neutrophils

Ques:- Barr body is

Ans:- Sex chromatin

Ques:- Presence of hypersegemented neutrophils in peripheral smear is suggestive of

Ans:- B 12/Folate deficiency

Ques:- Platelets are formed from which type of bone –marrow cells ?

Ans:- Megakaryocytes

Ques:- Aorta is

Ans:- A type of blood vessel

Ques:- Normal WBC count in humans

Ans:- 4000 – 11000 / cmm

Ques;- The largest organ in the body is

Ans:- Liver

Ques:- Platelets play an essential role in

Ans:- Hemostasis, Coagulation, Thrombosis

Ques;- Special stain for Amyloid is

Ans:- Congo Red

Ques:- Another name for Hematocrit

Ans:- Packed cell volume

Ques:- Peripheral blood smear in megaloblastic anemia is

Ans:- Macrocytic

Ques:- Structural unit of kidneys

Ans:- Nephron

Ques:- The size of normal RBC is

Ans:- 6.8 – 7.2 micron

Ques:- Ideal anticoagulant for Westergren’s method of ESR estimation

Ans:- Trisodium citrate

Ques:- IgG is

Ans:- Immunoglobulin

Ques:- Spermatogenic cells are located in which part of the testis ?

Ans:- Seminiferous tubules

Ques:- Diluting fluid for the Platelet count is

Ans:- Ammonium oxalate

Ques:- Peripheral blood picture in Iron deficiency anemia is

Ans:- Microcytic hypochromic

Ques:- Papanicolaou is

Ans:- A scientist

Ques:- The lining epithelium of respiratory tract is

Ans:- Pseudostratified columnar

Ques:- Turk’s fluid is used for

Ans:- Platelet count

Ques:- Glutaraldehyde is

Ans:- Fixative

Ques:- Erythropoeisis is the formation of which type of cells ?

Ans:- RBC ‘S

Ques:- DIC is

Ans:- A bleeding disorder

Ques:- Polarizing microscope is used for

Ans:- Congo Red

Ques:- EDTA is

Ans:- An anticoagulant

Ques:- Urinary bladder is

Ans:- Excretory organ

Ques:- Universal recipient is

Ans:- AB blood group

Ques:- The cytochemical stain for myeloid series is

Ans:- MPO

Ques:- Von Kossa stain is to demonstrate

Ans;- Calcium

Ques:- Toluidine Blue is

Ans;- Metachromatic stain

Ques:- Methaemoglobin isA haemoglobin pigment, Methylated globin

Ques:- Supravital staining is done in

Ans;- Reticulocyte count

Ques:- Red Blood cells from person with blood group O contains

Ans:- No antigen

Ques:- In WHO classification, criterion for diagnosis of AML is

Ans:- > 20% blasts in bone marrow

Ques:- Dehaemoglobinisation of thick smear is done by dipping in

Ans:- Tap water

Ques:- Philadelphia chromosome is diagnostic in

Ans:- CML

Ques:- CSF sample received ahould be processed

Ans:- Immediately

Ques:- Tricuspid valve is present

Ans:- in between right atrium and right ventricle

Ques:- RBC pipette has making till

Ans:- 11

Ques:- Wintrobe tube is used for measuring

Ans:- Both ESR & PCV.

Ques:- FAB classification of ALL is

Ans:- L1, L2, L3

Ques:- Portal Triad is found in

Ans:- Liver

Ques:- Which of the following hills/ranges connects the Eastern and Western Ghats ?

Ans:- Nilgiri

Ques:- The Gulf of Cambay is associated with

Ans:- Oil and natural gas

Ques:- Kodarm is the chief collecting centre of

Ans:- Mica

Ques:- The essential feature of shifting cultivation is

Ans:- The rotation of fields.

Ques:- Which of the following states is a leading producer of woollen textiles  ?

Ans:- Punjab

Ques:- The most important commodity in India’s internal trade is

Ans:- Coal

Ques:- A closed economy is one which

Ans:- Does not trade with other countries.

Ques:- Which of the following commodities of export earns the highest foreign exchange ?

Ans:- Tea

Ques:- The largest share of India’s national income originates in the

Ans:- Primary sector

Ques:- Man made fibre hosiery goods are manufactured chiefly at

Ans:- Ludhiana

Ques:- The most important industrial crop of India is

Ans:- Tea

Ques:- Desert soils are generally poor in

Ans:- Nitrogen

Ques:- Indravati is the tributary of

Ans:- Godavari

Ques:- The highest peak in Peninsular India is

Ans:- Anaimudi

Ques:- Which one of the following Buddhist university was the last one to be founded in ancient India ?

Ans:- Vikramashila

Ques:- Chaityas’ were the sacred shrines under the

Ans:- Sakas

Ques:- Who wrote ‘Kiratarjuniya’ ?

Ans:- Bharavi

Ques:- The first  Maratha ruler to get legal recognition the Mughals was

Ans:- Shahuji

Ques:- Who was the founder of the ‘Roshnai’ sect ?

Ans:- Bayazid

Ques:- Mou8nt Abu is renowned for its

Ans:- Jaina temple

Ques:- What was ‘taccavi’ ?

Ans:- Loans to peasants

Ques:- In 1908, Bal Gangadhar Tilk was imprisoned for six years and was sent to

Ans:- Mandalay

Ques:- What is the name of the newspaper published by the Indian Muslim League ?

Ans:- Star of India

Ques:- A pressure group is distinct from a political party in as much as it does not directly

Ans:- Contest elections

Ques:- Which one of the following amendments to the Constitution of India sought to curb the political defection ?

Ans:- 52 amendment

Ques:- Indrajit Gupta Committee is related to

Ans:- State funding of elections

Ques:- The Chairman of a State Administrative Tribunal is appointed by the

Ans:- President

Ques:- According to English alphabet as ‘DFE’ is related to ‘WUV’ in the same way ‘FGH’ is related to whom ?

Ans:- UTS

Ques;- If all the number from 4 to 71 which are divisible by 4 are arranged in decending order, then which number will be 8th place from the top ?

Ans:- 40

Ques;- The process of compliance with Basel-111 guidelines is to be completed by all the banks in India by

Ans:- 30th September, 2018

Ques:- Jwala Gutta, who has been recently appointed as a member of the Sports Authority of India (SAI), is related to

Ans:- Badminton

Ques:- The current UN Secretary General is

Ans:- Antonia Guterres

Ques:- The kingdom of Nurpur was founded by

Ans:- Rajputs

Ques:- Solang valley is sit5uated at which of the following districts ?

Ans:- Kullu

Ques:- What is ‘Bara Shigri ‘ ?

Ans:- Glacier

Ques:- Maharana Pratap sagar is situated in which district of Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans:- Kangra

Ques:- Kalatop Khajjiar wildlife sanctuary is situated in

Ans:- Chamba

Ques:- Which of the following district of H.P. does not have a special Economic Zone ?

Ans:- Shimla

Ques:- The foundation of famous fort of Sujanpur Tira was laid by

Ans;- Abhay Chand

Ques:- ‘Khagol’ is the most popular featival in

Ans:- Lahaul

Ques:- Who was the first chief Commissioner of Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans:- N.C.Mehta

Ques:- Naina Devi temple is in which district of Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans;- Bilaspur

Ques;- Correct spelling is

Ans:- Grammar

Ques:- Antonym  of ‘Vital’ is

Ans:- Trivial

Ques:- Synonym of ‘Impetus’ is

Ans:- Driving energy

Ques:- Meaning of the Idiom ‘A White elephant’ is

Ans:- Unprofitable possession

Ques;- During denaturation, proteins will not lose their structure, with regard to

Ans:- Primary structure

Ques:- Which protein is precipitated by full saturation with ammonium sulphate ?

Ans:- Albumin

Ques:- Glycine and Alanine are which type of amino acids ?

Ans:- Neutral amino acids

Ques:- Which precipitate formed in Xanthoproteic reaction turns into which colour on heating ?

Ans:- Yellow

Ques:- Which is the specific test for the amino acid arginine /

Ans:- Sakaguchi test

Ques:- Normal range of Glycosylated Haemoglobin is

Ans:- 3 – 6 %

Ques:- The daily requirement of protein for an Indian adult is about………………./kg of body weight.

Ans:- 2 gm

Ques:- The Enzyme that increases promptly at the time of onset of symptoms of acute pancreatitis and remains raised for longer periods is

Ans;- Lipase

Ques:- Which enzyme is present mainly in the prostate & increased in prostatic cancer ?

Ans:- Acid phosphatise

Ques:- Which metabolic disorder occurs due to the absence of the enzyme Homogentisate oxidase ?

Ans:- Alkaptyonuria

Ques:- What is the normal value of Serum Triglycerides ?

Ans:- 80 – 150 mg/dl

Ques:- Which Disaccharide gives one molecule of glucose and one molecule of fructose on hydrolysis ?

Ans;- Sucrose

Ques:- Which mineral is used for synthesis of thyroid hormone ?

Ans:- Iodine

Ques:- Enzymes which are obtained from different sources and have different physical and chemical characterstics but catalyse the same chemical reaction are called

Ans:- Isoenzymes

Ques:- What is the normal range of standard bicarbonate in plasma /

Ans:- 22 – 26 mmol/l

Ques:- The enzyme that is not affected by haemolysis for diagnosis of myocardial infarction is

Ans:- CPK

Ques:- What is the normal range of uric acid in male ?

Ans:- 3.5 – 7.2 mg/dl

Ques;- How many total molecules of ATP are synthesized in glycolysis /

Ans:- 10

Ques:- Vitamion D, Bile salts and Steroid hormones are synthesized from

Ans:- Cholesterol

Ques:- Insulinoma and Hypopituitarism are the causes of :

Ans:- Severe hypoglycaemia

Ques:- In Berthelot reaction of urea estimation, which reagent is used as a catalyst for the reaction ?

Ans:- Sodium nitroprusside

Ques:- What is the normal range of blood urea in adults ?

Ans;- 15 – 45 mg/dl

Ques:- In Jaffe’s method, creatinine reacts with alkaline picrate to form complex of which colour ?

Ans:- Orange – red

Ques;- Which of the following is the final breakdown product of purine metabolism

Ans;- Uric acid

Ques:- In Van den Bergh reaction for determination of bilirubin in serum, the azobilirubin is…………….colour in acid medium.

Ans:- Purple

Ques;- Alanine aminotransferase is found maily in which part ?

Ans:- Liver

Ques:- The isoenzyme of Creatine kinase which is raised in myocardial infarction is

Ans:- MB

Ques:- To prepare 0.1 N solution of NaOH, how much quantity of NaOH is dissolved in 1 litre of distilled water ?

Ans:- 4.0 gm

Ques:- A normal solution is

Ans:- 1 gm equivalent weight solute in 1 litre water

Ques:- A part from distillation, which other method is used to obtain chemically pure water ?

Ans:- Deionization

Ques:- When triglyceride is divided by 5, then it is equivalent to

Ans:- VLDL (mg/dl)

Ques;- What is the renal threshold value of glucose ?

Ans:- 180mg/dl

Ques:- The normal average daily excretion of urine for an adult is about

Ans:- 1500 ml

Ques:- What is the normal specific gravity of 24 – hour urine specimen ?

Ans:- Rothera test

Ques:- In Hay’s test for detection of bile salts in urine, sulphure powder sprinkled on top of urine specimen in a test tube sinks to the bottom, indicating a positive test, due to what reason ?

Ans:- Decrease in surface tension

Ques;- Normal range of lumbar CSF glucose is

Ans:- 50 80 mg/dl

Ques:- Blood glucose level which is diagnostic of Diabetes Mellitus in fasting state, on more than one occasion, is

Ans:- > 126 mg%

Ques:- Chemical name of which vitamin is Pyridoxine ?

Ans:- Vitamin B6

Ques;- Which of the following carbohydrates does not have reducing property ?

Ans:- Sucrose

Ques:- In Obstructive jaundice, which bilirubin is raised ?

Ans:- Direct, Indirect

Ques:- The following amino acids are exclusively ketogenic ;

Ans;- Leucine & Lysine

Ques:- At isoelectric Ph, the amino acids & proteins show

Ans:- Maximum precipitability

Ques:- Glucose &Galactose are

Ans;- Epimers

Ques:- Beriberi is due to the deficiency of

Ans:- Vitamin B12

Ques:- The odour of urine of a p[atient suffering from phenylketonuria is

Ans:- Mousy

Ques;- Which sugar is called milk sugar ?

Ans;- Lactose

Ques;- The rate – limiting step of cholesterol biosynthesis is catalyzed by which enzyme /

Ans:- HMG CoA  reductaser

Ques;- Which type of microscope is mostly used for routine microbiological work ?

Ans:- Bright field microscope

Ques:- Who introduced staining techniques and method of obtaining bacteria in pure culture using solid media /

Ans:- Robert Koch

Ques;- Which reagent is used as a primary stain in Gran stain ?

Ans:- Crystal violet

Ques:- All the following are acid fast except :

Ans:- Staphylococcus

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