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By | July 12, 2017

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Online Recruitment Application (ORA) are invited from desirous and eligible candidates for recruitment to various posts in different department of Himachal Pradesh Government. Online Recruitment Application (ORA) can be filled up to 31st July, 2017 till 11:59 P.M. (IST), thereafter link will be disabled.. The detail of posts is as under :-

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Item No. Name of the post/Department No. of posts

Department of Medical Education,H.P.

(A) Associate Professor (Nephrology)

Class – 1 (Gazetted)

01 (UR) (IGMC, Shimla) (backlog post)
(B) Assistant Professor (Immuno Haeamatology & blood Transfusion) Class – 1 (Gazetted) 01 (UR) (IGMC,Shimla)
(C) Assistant Professor (Medical Oncology) Class – 1 (Gazetted0 01 (UR) (IGMC,Shimla)
II Department of Health & Family Welfare, H.P.


Medical Officer (Dental) Class – 1 (Gazetted) (on contract basis)

26 posts (General=14, Gen.Ex-SM=03, SC=03, SC-WFF=01,ST=02, OBC=02 & OBC-O.H.=01)

Department of Higher Education, H.P.

Assistant Professor (Collage Cadre) Class-I (Gazetted) (on contract basis)






204 posts (Subject wise detail is as under) :-


Sr. No.




No. of Posts










15 posts (Gen=07,Gen. Ex- SM=02, SC=02,SC Ex-SM=01, ST=01,ST Ex-SM=01 & OBC=01)








History 14 posts (Gen.=08,Gen. Ex-SM=01, SC=02, SC-WFF=01,OBC=01 &PWD-Blind (UR-VI)=01)





Sanskrit 02 posts (Gen=01 and OBC=01)





Commerce 52 posts (Gen=26,Gen. Ex-SM=07, Gen. WFF=01, SC=06, SC-Ex-SM=01, ST=04, OBC=06 & PWD-Blind (SC-VI) = 01





Economics 13 posts (Gen=08, Gen. Ex.SM=02 SC=02 7 ST=01
6. Hindi 15 posts (Gen.=07, Gen.Ex-SM=03, SC=03, ST=01 & OBC=01)
7. Maths 03 posts (SC Ex-SM=01 & ST=02)
8. Political Science 15 posts (Gen.=08, Gen. Ex-SM=02,SC=02,OBC=02 & PWD-D&D(SC-HI)=01)
9. Physics 03 posts (General)
10. Chemistry 02 posts (ST=01 & PWD-D&D (SC-HI)=01)
11. Public Admn. 01 post(ST)
12. Music (Instrumental) 30 posts (Gen.=16, Gen. Ex-SM=03,Gen.-WFF=01,SC=03. ST=02, OBC =04 & PWD-Blind (UR-B, LV)=01)
13. Music (Vocal) 28 posts (Gen.=14, Gen. Ex-SM=04, Gen,-WFF = 01, SC = 03, ST = 02 & OBC = 04)
14. Education 03 posts (Gen=02 & OBC=01)



Geology 06 posts (Gen.=04, SC=01 & OBC=01)









Physical Education 01 post (OBC)
Tabla 01 post (General)

IV  Department of Social Justice & Empowerment, H.P.

Special Post Graduate Teachers (SPGT), Class- II (Non – Gazetted) (on Contract basis0 08 posts (UR) (Backlog posts)

Subject-wise detail of posts is as under ;-

1.Hindi (Visually Impaired)                   =01 (UR)

2. Hindi (Hearing Impaired)                 = 01 (UR)

3.English (Visually Impaired)               = 01 (UR)

4. English (Hearing Impaired)               =01(UR)

5. History (Visually Impaired)               = 01(UR)

6. History (Hearing Impaired)               = 01(UR)

7. Home Science (Visually Impaired)   = 01 (UR)

8. Home Science (Hearing Impaired)  = 01 (UR)


V  Department of Technical Education, Vocational & Industrial Training, H.P.

1. Assistant Professor (Pharmacy) in (Pharmacology) Class-I (Gazetted) (on Contract basis) 02 posts (UR)
2. Assistant Professor (Pharmacy) in (Pharmaceutics) Class-I (Gazetted ) (on contract basis) 03 posts (UR=02 & SC=01)
3. Assistant Professor (Pharmacy) in (Pharmacognosy) Class-I (Gazetted) (on contract basis) 03 posts (UR=01, UR Ex-SM=01 and ST=01)
4. AaSSISTANT Professor (Pharmacy) in (Pharmaceutical chemistry) class-I (Gazetted) (on contract basis) 03 posts (UR=01, SC=01 &OBC=01)
5. Associate Professor (Civil Engineering) class –I (Gazetted) (on contract basis) 04 posts (UR)
6. Associate Professor (Mechanical Engineering) class-I (Gazetted) (on regular basis) 04 posts (UR)
7. Associate Professor (Electrical Engineering) Class-1 (Gazetted) (on regular basis) 01 post (UR)
8. Associate professor (Electronics & Communication Engineering) Class-I 9Gazetted) (on regular basis) 05 posts (UR)
9. Associate Professor (Computer Engineering) class-I (Gagetted) (on regular basis) 02 posts
10. Assistant Professor (Civil Engineering) class-I  (Gazetted) (on Contract basis) 07 posts (UR=02,SC=02, UR  Ex-SM=02 and OBC=01)
11. Assistant Professor (Mechanical Engineering) class –I (Gazetted) (on contract basis) 05 posts (UR=03, SC=01 & UR Ex-SM =01)
12 Assistant Professor (Electrical & Communication Engineering) class-I (Gazetted) (on contract basis) 03 posts (SC=01,UR Ex-SM=01 and OBC = 01)
13 Assistant Professor (Electrical Engineering) Class-I (Gazetted) (on contract basis) 01 post (UR Ex-SM)


VI   Department of industries, H.P.

Mining Officer, Class-II (Gazetted) (on contract basis) 01 post (General)


VII    Information & Public Relations, H.p.

District Public Relations officer/Information Officer, Class-I (Gazetted) (on contract basis) 02 posts (General)


VIII    Department of Town & Country Planning, H.P.

Assistant Town Planner , Class –I (Gazetted) (on contract basis) 01 post (General)


IX    Department of Fisheries, H.P.

Assistant Director of Fisheries, Class-II (Gazetted) (on Contract basis0 02 posts (Gen. Ex-SM=01 and OBC=01)


The desirous/eligible candidates can apply online through Commission’s website Applications received through any other mode will not be accepted and will be rejected straightway. Essential qualification(s), eligibility conditions and examination fees etc., have been mentioned in the detailed advertisement and instructions for filling up online recruitment applications are available on the above referred website.

  1. The desirous/eligible candidates are advised to apply well in time without waiting for the closing date for submission of online recruitment applications (ORA) in order to avoid any inconvenience due to congestion on the above referred website on the last date.
  2. Provisionally admitted candidates will have to submit a printout/hard copy of online recruitment application(s) (ORA) along with self attested/attested copies of required certificates/documents in support of their eligibility on the day of screening Test.

For more details, please visit website of H.P. Public Service Commission

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