Important Question of General Knowledge H.P. Naib Tehsildar (Main) Exam

By | February 13, 2017

Download H.P. Naib Tehsildar (Main) Exam Question paper with Answer

Some selected important questions of himachal pradesh general knowledge are given below. These questions are only based on H.P. general knowledge. There are a very hard competition of this post (Naib Tehsildar). In this field few vacancies are arriving and many students are applied. So you face a hard competition to fulfill your dream. So this type questions or previous year exam paper give you a idea to success in exam.

   Previous Year Questions of Naib Tehsildar 

Ques:- Who was harbinger of promotion of Bhakti Cult in Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans:- Raja Sahil Verman

Ques:- By whose inspiration and encouragement the people of Suket agitated against the   excesses of atate authorities by refusing to render Begar as early as the year 1929 A.D ?

Ans:- Revolutionaries of Gadhar Party

Ques:- Who issued orders that one Rupee and two Copper coins by placed before the statue of God and set aside to be send to Ayodhyaya every year ?

Ans:- Raja Jagat Singh of Kullu

Ques:- Which one is most dominant tribes of Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans:- Gaddi

Ques:- From where the image of Lord Krishna was brought to Noorpur in the 17th Century ?

Ans:- Chittor (Rajasthan)

Ques:- What is meant by Tabhagston, Kumai bhagston and Kowanchi ?

Ans:- Types of marriage among Lahualis

Ques:- In which fair Guru and Chela predict the events of coming year in the night before the fair concludes-

Ans:- Shivaratri Mela of Mandi

Ques:- What is the major speciality of Nalwari fair ?

Ans:- Worship of bullocks

Ques:- The most famous peak of Lahaul region happen to be-

Ans:- Murang la peak

Ques:- What is the common factor among Hathoti, Nichar and Sarahan ?

Ans:- Places of Devi Worship

Ques:- The region of Himachal Pradesh to get benefited first of all by the efforts of Samuel stokes for apple cultivation was –

Ans:- Kotgarh

Ques:- Which is the best irrigated Area of Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans:- Kangra

Ques:- From area point of view which crop ranks first among all crops in Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans:- Wheat

Ques:- In which states Batrawal Begar was prevalent upto the beginning of the 20th century ?

Ans:- Bushahr

Ques:- Into how many broad ecological zone can Himachal Pradesh be divided on the basis of agro climatic conditions and physiographic variations ?

Ans:- Seven

Ques:- “Polyandary in Himalayas” has been authored by –

Ans:- Y.S. Parmar

Ques:- At which place in Himachal Pradesh Minjar Mela and Trilokinath Mela are held ?

Ans:- Chamba

Ques:- The Shivaliks were known to ancient geographers as –

Ans:- Mainak Parvat

Ques:- What is the most significant material housed in Bhuri Singh Museum Chamba ?

Ans:- Document in Persian, Punjabi and Tankari Languages

Ques:- What is the significance of SALARI rock inscription of Kullu ?

Ans:- It states that Gupta emperor Chandra Gupta received military assistance from hill chiefs.


In this type of exam paper general knowledge, English , Hindi, current affair, history, political science and general science question are asked. So preparation of this exam study deeply all syllabus and studied all exam paper which are held on previous years.

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