Himachal Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test (Medical) Exam. 2016

By | June 14, 2017

Download T.E.T (Medical) Solved Question Paper 2016

This test is held on 11, september 2016. In this paper total 150 questions asked which are 150 marks. This paper complete in two and half hours.For this exam Pattern :-

Child Psychology               – 30 Marks

General Awareness          – 30 Marks

Botany and Zoology         – 30 Marks

Chemistry                         – 60 Marks

Download Solved Teacher Eligibility Test (Medical) Exam. 2016

Ques:- Kohler developed

Ans:- Insight theory

Ques:- According to Thomson and Lipisit in normal child language development is up to

Ans:- 2100 words

Ques:- Social development means attaching maturity in social relationships

Ans;- Hurlock

Ques:- I.Q level of Gifted children according to terman is

Ans:- I.Q>140

Ques:- In severe hearing loss hearing power is lost by

Ans:- 40-60 DB

Ques:- Psychology is the science of

Ans:- Behaviour and Mental processes

Ques:- Who established structuralism

Ans:- Waudt

Ques:- What is interview.

Ans:- Response to stimulus.

Ques:- The concept of life and death instincts was proposed by

Ans:- Freud

Ques:- Accdording to Freud, the cause of aggression is

Ans:- Death instinct

Ques:- The highest need assumed in Maslow’s theory is

Ans:- Self actualization

Ques:- What is the basic cause of forgetting during short term memory

Ans:- Displacement

Ques:- Declarative memory belongs to

Ans:- Long term Memory

Ques:- “The capacity to do well in intelligence tests is intelligence” who said it

Ans:- Boring

Ques:- The practical intelligence is called.

Ans:- Concrete intelligence

Ques:- What is the range of normal intelligence.

Ans:- 90-109

Ques:- The two factor theory of intelligence was propounded by

Ans:- Spearman

Ques:- The piaget’s theory of intelligence is a

Ans:- Developmental theory

Ques:- The word “Persona” relates to

Ans:- Personality

Ques:- The introversion extraversion classification was proposed by

Ans:- Jung

Ques:- The Minnesota Multiphasic personality Inventery was constructed by

Ans:- Hathaway and Mckinle

Ques:- According to Freud, one of the components of personality structure is reservoir of desires, what is its name

Ans:- Id

Ques:- Who developed” TheThematic Apperception (T.A.T)”

Ans:- Murray

Ques:- Creative students

Ans:- Divergent thinkers

Ques:- Conditioned Reflex Action is related to

Ans:- Pavlov

Ques:- Adolescence is a period of great stren, storm and strife, who said this,

Ans:- Stanley Hall

Ques:- Who was the founder of “Psychoanalytic Theory of Motivation”.

Ans:- Freud

Ques:- In Inrospection Method, observation is done by

Ans:- Self

Ques:- Which oxidation state is common for all lanthanides ?

Ans:- +3

Ques:- The total number of Non-metals in periodic table are

Ans:- 22

Ques:- Maximum covalency of Nitrogen

Ans:- 4

Ques:- Cannizaro reaction is not given by

Ans:- CH3CHO

Ques:- Colligative properties depends upon

Ans:- No. of solute particle in solution

Ques:- Which bond angle correspond to sp2 hybridization

Ans:- 120 degree

Ques:- Arrange the hydrogen halides in order of their decreasing reactivity with propene


Ques:- Which property of water can be used to explain the spherical shape of rain droplets

Ans:- Surpace tension

Ques:- Enthaphy of sublimation of a substance is equal to

Ans:- Enthalpy of Vapourisation

Ques:- Among AICL3, MgCL2, CaCL2, BaCL2 which one is a Lewis Acid


Ques:- Dry ice is

Ans:- Solid CO2

Ques:- Boric acid is an acid because the molecule

Ans:- Accept OH negative from water releasing proton

Ques:- A  measurement temperature on Fahrentheit scale is 200 degree F What will this reading be on Celsius scale.

Ans:- 93.3 degree centigrade

Ques:- Orbital angular momentum depends upon

Ans:- n &I

Ques:- The elements in which electrons are are progressively filled in 4f-orbital are called

Ans:- Lanthanides

Ques:-In which of the following substance hydrogen bond be strongest HCL,HI,H2S,H2O vapour is not a green house gas

Ans:- CO

Ques:- Hofmann’s Bromamide degradation  reaction is shown by

Ans:- ArCONH2

Ques:- The role of a catalyst is to change

Ans:- Activation energy of reaction

Ques:-Freshly prepared precipitate sometime gets converted to colloidal solution by

Ans:- Peptisation

Ques:- Cations are present in interstitial sites

Ans:- Frenkel defect

Ques:- In his classic experiments on pea plants, Mendel did not use

Ans:- Pod Length

Ques:- Which joint would allow no movement

Ans:- Fibrous joint

Ques:- Which among Lysosome Mesosome, Vacuoles, Ribosome is not membrance bound ?

Ans:- Ribosome

Ques:- Part of Hypervariable regions on the antibody that binds the antigen is

Ans:- Paratope

Ques:- Triticale, first man made cereal crop, has been obtained by crossing wheat with

Ans:- Rye

Ques:- Which feature is not present in the phylum arthropoda.

Ans:- Parapodia

Ques:- Which characterstics most appropriately describe haemophilia

Ans:- X-Linked recessive gene discorder

Ques:- Which one is required as inducer for the expression of Lac operm.

Ans:- Lactose

Ques:- Which pair of hormone is not antaganestic to each other.

Ans:- Relaxin Inhinbin

Ques:- In melosis crossing over is initiated at

Ans:- Pachytene

Ques:- Taq polymerase enzyme is obtained from

Ans:- Thermus aquaticus

Ques:- Depletion of which gas in the atmosphere can leads to an increased incidence of skin cancer.

Ans:- Ozone

Ques:- HIV attack which type of cells

Ans:- T-helper cells

Ques:- Which one is not a characterstic feature during mitosis in somatic cells.

Ans:- Synapsis

Ques:- Test cross is a cross between

Ans:- Hybrid X recessive parent

Ques:- Bone related with skull is

Ans:- Pterygoid

Ques:- Allosomes are name of

Ans:- Sex chromosome

Ques:- Doctors use stethoscope to hear the sound produced during each cardiac cycle. The second sound is heared when

Ans:- Semilunar valves close down after the blood flows into vessels from ventricals

Ques:- Crystals of Bt toxin produced by Bacillus thuringiensis do not kill bacteria themselves because

Ans:- Toxin a inactive

Ques:- Tidal volume is air

Ans:- Exchanged after normal inspiration

Ques:- Which are most suitable indicators of SO2 pollution in environment.

Ans:- Lichen

Ques:- Botanical name of lemon is

Ans:- Citrus aurcintium

Ques:- Circular and naked DNA molecules called plastidome are found in

Ans:- Chloroplast

Ques:- Computed tomotography use rays to generate a 3D image of internal organ.

Ans:- X-rays

Ques:- Drinking water should have BOD less than

Ans:- 1 ppm

Ques:- Enzyme used to check the undesired self-ligation of vector DNA molecule during cloning process is

Ans:- Allcaline phosphate

Ques:- Chilka lake Bird Sanctuary is located in

Ans:- Orissa

Ques:- Minamata disease is caused by

Ans:- Methyl  Mercury

Ques:- Clitoris in female is

Ans:- Homologous to male penis

Ques:- Splint bone of fore and hind limbs of horse are vestigial

Ans:- 2nd – 4th digit

Ques:- First human type to use fire is

Ans:- Homo erectus pekinesis

Ques:- Mitochondria are semi autonomous as they posses

Ans:- DNA+RNA+Ribosome

Ques:- Type of mouth part in honey bee is

Ans:- Lapping type

Ques:- Most of enzymes of TCA-Cycle are present in

Ans:- Mitochoncrial Matrix

Ques:- Dark bands are

Ans:- A- band

Ques:- What connects muscle to bone

Ans:- Tendon

Ques:- In human brain, crpus callosum connects

Ans:- Two cerebral hemisphere

Ques:- World forest day is celebrated on

Ans:- 21 March

Ques:- Largest herbarium of India is located in

Ans:- Colkata

Ques:- Botanical name of Brinjal is

Ans:- Solanum melongena

Ques:- Component of cell wall of fungi is

And:- Chitin

Ques:- Associated between roots of higher plant and fungi is called

Ans:- Mycorrhiza

Ques:- First time Dr. Rajendra Prasad became the congress president in

Ans:-  1934 A.D

Ques:- Who was the Inventor of STEAM ENGINGE

Ans:- Richard Arck Right

Ques:- TISCO started steel production in

Ans:- 1912 A.D

Ques:- Lord MEKALAY’s full name is

Ans:- Thomas Babington Mekalay


Ans:- 1901 A.D.

Ques:- BIDHARVA is a part of which state.

Ans:- Maharashtra

Ques:- Emperor of GAJNI in Afganistan has ruled in his state from……………..to

Ans:- 997-1030 A.D.

Ques:- In which language the book all Hind was written

Ans:- Arbian

Ques:- TURKIANS ruled from………………to……………….

Ans:- 1206-1290 A.D.

Ques:- When did HUMAYUN captured Delhi second time.

Ans:- 1555 A.D.

Ques:- What was the name of NURJAHAN BEFORE HER MARRIAGE.

Ans:- Mehrunnisa

Ques:- How many year SURII DYNASTY  ruled

Ans:- 15 years

Ques:- Wh was contemporary ruler of Akbara

Ans:- Queen Elizabeth

Ques:- Construction work of Tajmahal was compled ted in

Ans:- 1643 A.D.

Ques:- In which state the Famous SOM NATH Temple is situated

Ans:- Gujarat

Ques:- To which God the VIRUPAKSH temple is devoted.

Ans:- Shiva

Ques:- In which  city the FORTSAINT William is situated.

Ans:- Kolkata

Ques:- On which country’s coast initially CRISTOPHER COLOMBUS reached

Ans:- West Indies

Ques:- When did AKBARA’S commander in chief Raja Man Singh  invaded on CHER people.

Ans:- 1591 A.D.

Ques:- What was the array of BANJARA people called.

Ans:- Tanda

Ques:- Name the great emperor who was known by the name of TEMUZIN in his childhood.

Ans:- Changez Khan

Ques:- Nayanara’s were the worshiper of

Ans:- Shiva

Ques:- BABA FARID was a dweller of

Ans:- Punjab

Ques:- Who was the Guru of MEERA BAI

Ans:- Ravidas

Ques:- When GURU NANAK DEVA died

Ans:- 1539 A.D

Ques:- In which language MARTIN LUTHAR translated the BIBAL

Ans:- German

Ques:- Which one is not the form of CLASSICAL DIED

Ans:- 1680 A.D.

Ques:- Who designated BABA KANSHI RAM with the designation BUL-BUL-E Phar.

Ans:- Sarojini Naidu

Ques:- Which is the birth place of NETAJI SUBHASH CHANDRA BOSE ?

Ans:- Cuttack

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