Himachal Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test (Medical) Exam. 2014

By | July 15, 2017

Download 2014 Solved Exam Paper Himachal Pradesh T.E.T. (Medical) 2014

This paper is held on 07-12-2014.In this exam paper total 150 questions are asked which are total 150 marks.This exam of t.e.t. held once in a every year and 60% marks is pass marks.T.E.T. is only a eligibility of teachers for job.

Download Himachal Pradesh T.E.T. (Medical) Exam. 2014

Ques:- Psycho neurotic delinquency may occur due to

Ans:- Love and affection

Ques:- What type of relationship exists between socio-economic status and IQ

Ans:- Ordinary relationship

Ques:- Development Psychology is the study of

Ans:- Language,personality and emotions of children and adolescents.

Ques:- Who classified human life into four stage in first time in fancy,childhood,adolescence and adulthood  ?

Ans:- Dr. Earnest Jones

Ques;- The single most important hallmark of dyslexia is

Ans:- Lack of understanding of maths

Ques;- Pedagogy as a science means

Ans:- Experiences

Ques;- Dyslexia is associasted with

Ans:- Reading disorder

Ques:- An ideal teacher is one

Ans:- Who is a friend, philosopher and guide

Ques:- The most important indicator of quantity of education in schools is

Ans;- Text-books and teaching-learning material

Ques;- “Children actively construct their understanding of the world” is a statement attributed to

Ans:- Piaget

Ques:- Teachers and students draw from one another’s expertise while working on complex projects related to real world problems in …………classroom

Ans:- Traditional

Ques:- Exceptional children are mainly related to

Ans:- Achievement level

Ques;- A child characterized by delayed, withdrawal tendencies and non-communicative speech is known as

Ans:- Autism

Ques:- The highest need of maslow theory is

Ans:- Self-actualization

Ques;- Adujustment is related to

Ans:- Mental Development

Ques:- Right to education act came into force in India on

Ans:- 1st April 2009

Ques:- In pedagogy computer is used to

Ans:- Motivate the learner, Interact with the learner

Ques;- An effective teacher should

Ans:- Induce the student to learn

Ques:- “Man is born free but everywhere he is in chains” this statement is given by

Ans;- John Dewey

Ques:- Which level among differentiation, memory, reflective and understanding is not a level of teaching learning /

Ans:- Reflective level

Ques:- Learning disability in motor skills is called

Ans:- Dyslexia

Ques:- Gifted student are

Ans:- Extrovert

Ques:- Which theorist is of the opinion that students study hard for their personal growth and development /

Ans:- Piaget

Ques:- Autism, cerebral palsy, post traumatic stress and attention defecit hyperactivity disorder all are the examples of developmental disorder, except

Ans:- Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Ques;- Identification of a problem, breaking down the problem into parts, exploreing possible strategies and anticipation of outcomes all are the steps in the process of problem solving except

Ans:- Anticipate outcomes

Ques:- Inclusive education

Ans;- Includes teachers from marginalized groups

Ques;- The main steps in managing teaching learning are

Ans:- Planning and organizing leading and controlling

Ques:- Who is not a humanistic psychologist /

Ans:- Combs

Ques:- In the first year of the life of child there is a rapid growth of the child.

Ans:- In height and weight both

Ques:- The main purpose of Parent-teacher-association in any school is to

Ans: -Involve parents for improvement of school functioning

Ques;- Pollutant emitted by paddy field is

Ans:- CH4

Ques;- OUT OF Jatropha, Maize and Wheat which one is used in Biodiesel production ?

Ans:- Jatropha

Ques:- Allethrin is

Ans:- Insecticide

Ques:- Black foot disease is caused due to

Ans:- Arsenic

Ques:- Chipko Movement was launched for the protection of

Ans:- Forest

Ques:- Who was been appointed India’s Attorney General ?

Ans;- Mukul Rohtagi

Ques:- Santosh Trophy is related with which game ?

Ans:- Football

Ques:- Who was the first to win an Olympic Medal for India ?

Ans:- K.D.Jadhav

Ques:- Rigveda was written during which period ?

Ans:- Stone age, Iron age

Ques:- Bhakt Tuka Ram was a contemporary of which Mughal Emperor ?

Ans:- Akbar

Ques:- Ashoka Chakra awardee Sudhir Walia belongs to

Ans:- Una

Ques:- Which district has the least number of literate people ?

Ans:- Chamba

Ques:- The cricket World Cup will be held at


Ques:- Lira is the currency of which country

Ans;- Ltaly

Ques:- Central Potato Research centre is located in

Ans:- Shimla

Ques:- Kaziranga National Park is located in

Ans:- Asom

Ques:- Which of the following is known as “Country of Wind”

Ans:- Denmark

Ques:- Van Mahotsava was started by

Ans:- K.M.Munshi

Ques:- Nitrogen fixer soil organisms belong to

Ans:- Bacteria

Ques:- Indira Gandhi forest Academy is situated at

Ans;- Dehradun

Ques:- Where is Rukmani Kund located ?

Ans:- Bilaspur

Ques:- Who was the last ruler of sirmaur state ?

Ans:- Rajinder Prakash

Ques:- When did Himachal Pradesh become a part “c” state ?

Ans:- 1951

Ques:- The first Mughal Governor of Kangra was

Ans:- Nawab Ali Khan

Ques:- Yogi Charpati Nath was the guru of

Ans:- Sahil Verman

Ques:- Who is generally regarded as “Modern Meera” ?

Ans:- Mahadevi Verma

Ques:- Among Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa and Mali which is the Top Gold Producing Country in Africa ?

Ans:- South Africa

Ques:- Toxic chemical released by paper industries is

Ans:- Mercury

Ques:- B.K.S. lyengar, who died recently was a world renowned as

Ans:- Yoga Guru

Ques:- Out of insulin, thyroxin, oestrogen and cytokinin which one is a plant hormone ?

Ans:- Cytokinin

Ques:- In DNA adenine is paired with

Ans:- Thyamine

Ques;- In Mitosis Nuclear membrane and Nucleolus disappears during

Ans:- Interphase

Ques:- Glucose is stored as Glycogen in

Ans:- Pancrease

Ques;- Melanocyte stimulating hormone is secreted by

Ans:- Posterior lobe of Pitutary gland

Ques:- Sigmoid colon’ is the part of

Ans:- Large intestine

Ques;- Which organ is called as graveyard of RBC ?

Ans:- Spleen

Ques:- Pace maker of heart is

Ans:- SA Node

Ques:- Chordae-tendinae in heart are found in

Ans:- Ventricle

Ques:- Left lung of human is

Ans:- Two lobed

Ques:- ‘SUCCUS ENTRICUS’ in the name given to

Ans:- Junction between ileum and large intestine

Ques;- During heavy exercise we gets cramps in legs due to accumulation of

Ans:- Lactic acid

Ques:- Ripening of fruit is accompanied with

Ans:- Sudden rise in Ethylen

Ques;- The site of glycolysis is

Ans;- Mitochondria

Ques:- In Cockroach air enter the body through

Ans:- Spiracles

Ques:- Crossing over is responsible for

Ans:- Recombination of linked genes

Ques:- Prokaryotic cells do not posses

Ans;- Nucleus

Ques:- Cell wall of Diatoms is formed of

Ans:- Cellulose and Chitin

Ques:- Largest Herbarium of world is located at

Ans:- Kew

Ques:- Cellular organelle  containing hydrolytic enzyme is

Ans:- Lysosome

Ques;- If a person gets protein deficientsdiet for a long time, He is likely to have

Ans:- Stunted growth

Ques;- Chylomicrons are

Ans;- Fat coated protein globules

Ques:- Among Trypsin, Ptyalin and Lipase which enzyme is present in ‘Bile-Juice’ ?

Ans:- Trypsin, Lipase

Ques:- Out of Rhizobium, Virus, Fungus and Chlamydomonas which organism play a role in converting atmospheric nitrogen into its soluble form’

Ans:- Rhizobium

Ques:- Malpighian tubules ‘are the excretory organ/structure in

Ans:- Cockroach

Ques:- Fresh water Bony fishes maintain their water balance by

Ans:- Drinking small amount of water

Ques:- Important muscle protein that helps in movements are

Ans:- Actin and Myosin

Ques;- Loop of Henle id found in

Ans:- Nephron

Ques:- Those animals which excretes large amount of ammonia are generally

Ans:- Aquatic

Ques:- The short dat plant is

Ans;- Cucumis

Ques:- Total number of Bones found in human skull is

Ans:- 72

Ques:- Stress Hormone is

Ans:- Vasopressin

Ques:- Alcoholic fermentation is carried out by

Ans:- Saccharomyces

Ques:- The to polynucleotide chain in DNA are

Ans:- Semiconservative

Ques:- Birbal Sahni instituate of paleobotany is located in

Ans:- Lucknow

Ques:- Scientific name of Java Man is

Ans;- Homo hibilis

Ques:- Among Moss, Saccharomyces, Spirogyra and Cycas which one of these is a living fossil ?

Ans:- Spirogyra

Ques:- Hargobind Khorana got nobile prize for

Ans;- Gene synthesis

Ques:- The part of fallopian tube closest to ovary is

Ans:- Infundibulum

Ques:- Among Labia minora, Fimbrie, Infundibulum, Isthmus identify the odd one ?

Ans:- Labia Minora

Ques:- Jumping genes given by Barbara Mclintock are also called

Ans:- Cistron

Ques;- Aedes mosquito is a vector of

Ans:- Dengue

Ques:- If for some reason, the vasa-efferentia in the human reproductive system get blocked the gametes will not be transported from

Ans:- Testis to epididymis

Ans;- Vitamin essential for blood clotting is

Ans:- K

Ques:- Term Ecosystem was given by

Ans:- Tansley

Ques:- Polysaccharides with B-glycosidic bond is

Ans:- Starch

Ques;- Oxygen helps in

Ans:- Growth

Ques:- Out of Algae, Lichen, Pinus and Mustard which one acts as bioindicator of air pollution

Ans:- Pinus

Ques;- Chiropterophily means

Ans:- Pollination by bat

Ques;- The embryo at 16 celled stage is known as

Ans:- Blastomere

Ques:- Spermatid are transformed into spermatozoa by

Ans:- Spermatogenesis

Ques:- The extra structure that the provide nutrition to the embryo

Ans:- Placenta

Ques;- Synergids are

Ans:- Haploid

Ques:- The term nucleolus was coined by

Ans:- Fontana

Ques:- Human Insulin is being commericially produced from transgenic speices of

Ans:- Mycobacterium

Ques:- An essential fatty acid is

Ans:- Stearic acid

Ques:- Benedicts test is conducted to confirm the presence of

Ans:- Reducing sugar

Ques;- In AIDS, HIV kills :

Ans:- T-helper cell

Ques;- Which catalyst is used for preparing high density polyethene ?

Ans:- Zeigler Natta catalyst

Ques:- Name alkali metal which become liquid at temperature slightly above room temperature

‘s’s methodAns:- Cs

Ques:- Out of Ethylamine Methylamine, Triethylamine and diethylamine which one is most basic ?

Ans:- Diethylamine

Ques:- Among Air filled in balloon, Brass, Stainless steel and iodised salt which one is a heterogeneous mixture ?

Ans:- Iodised salt

Ques:- Estimation of nitrogen in organic compound can be done by

Ans:- Duma’s method

Ques:- Which gas was used for street lighting for first time in London in 1810 ?

Ans:- Coal gas

Ques;- When copper vessel is exposed to moist air for a longtime, a green coating a obtained which is due to ?

Ans:- CuO

Ques:- Royal water is also known as

Ans:- Aqua regia

Ques:- Name the indicator which turns acidic solution to dark pink and basic solution to green

Ans:- Phenolphthalein

Ques:- The synthetic fibres which appear to resemble wool is

Ans:- Nylon

Ques:- Out of polymers polythene,Melamine, PVC,Teflon which one is a thermosetting polymer ?

Ans:- Melamine

Ques:- Now a days which petroleum product is used in place of coaltar for metalling roar /

Ans:- Coke

Ques:- Acid released during bite of ant is neutralized by rubbing with calamine which contains

Ans:- Sodium bicarbonate

Ques:- Mixture of Ammonium chloride and salt can be separated by

Ans:- Evaporation

Ques:- An isptope of cobalt is used in treatment of

Ans:- Cancer

Ques:- Concentrat5ion of Fluoride according to international standard for drinking water should be

Ans:- 3 ppm

Ques:- Name the gas obtained when FeSo4 is heated ?

Ans;- SO2  and SO3

Ques;- Law of constant proportion was started by

Ans:- J.L.Proust

Ques:- Bleeding of gums and wounds take longer time to heal etc are symptoms of deficiency of which vitamin ?

Ans:- Vitamin C

Ques:- Name the yarn which shrinks away from the flame and burns but does not melt and has the odour of charred meat.

Ans:- Wool

Ques:- Name the base which is used as window cleaner.

Ans:- Ammonium hydroxide

Ques:- Rampur Bushair a breed of sheep that give wool found in the state of

Ans:- Himachal Pradesh

Ques:- When two droups of solution of copper sulphate and 10 drops of solution of caustic soda are mixed in test tube, violet colour appears which indicates presence of

Ans:- Carbohydrate

Ques:- During burning of coal and diesel which gas is released ?

Ans:- Carbondioxide

Ques:- Shaving cream is a colloid in which

Ans;- Solid dispersed in liquid

Ques:- Conjugate base of Ammonia

Ans:- NH2

Among CNG, Cooking gas, petrol and Methane which one has highest calorific value ?

Ans:- Cooking Gas

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