Himachal Pradesh T.E.T. (Medical) Exam. 2016

By | June 20, 2017

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This paper of T.G.T. (Medical) T.E.T.held on February 28, 2016. In this paper total 150 Questions are asked which are total in 150 marks.In this exam 90 marks is pass marks whose person gain 90 marks which is qualify the exam.

Download Question Paper T.E.T (Medical) Exam. 2015

Ques:- Psychology as the scientific study of the individual and ………………

Ans:- Experience

Ques:- Project method proponded by

Ans:- Kilpatric

Ques:- “Adolescence period of the storm and stress”- is a statement attributed to

Ans:- Stanley Hall

Ques:- Filed force life space topology balance equirbilum and vector are which theory

Ans:- Kurt Lewin’s Theory

Ques:- Who propounded kindergarten method

Ans:- Frobel

Ques:- Conditioned Reflex Action is related to

Ans:- Pavlov

Ques:- Which one is an objective question ?

Ans:- True or false

Ques;- Conditions for developing achievement motivation, Realistic motive, Self-commitment to achieve goals, and Keeping record of progress are related to

Ans:- Mc Clelland

Ques:- Mental hygine is a Science that deals with welfare. It pervades all fields of human relationship who said

Ans:- Crow and crow

Ques:- Widened loyalties, Increased compassion and variations in emotional models are related to

Ans:- Characterstics of Emotional Development

Ques:- Adolescence is a period which is characterized by sexual social, occupational and ideological adjustment and striving independence  from  Parents, Is a statement attributed to

Ans:- Kuhlen

Ques:- Drive theory is related with

Ans:- Motivation

Ques:- Who propounded Brain storming Techniqe

Ans:- Alex F. Osborn

Ques:- Introverts, Extroverts and Amniverts personality difference groups are associated with

Ans:- Carl Jung

Ques:- Compute Median for the following scores 34,37,46,42,33,44,30,40,35,33

Ans:- 36

Ques:- Kohler developed

Ans:- Insight theory

Ques:- Law of Exercise enables…………..in students.

Ans:- Problem solving ability

Ques:- Which students need their teacher attention

Ans:- Gifted, Introvert

Ques:- Which condition qualifies to be an instance of negative reinforcement ?

Ans:- Withholding a reward

Ques:- In introspection  method, observation is done by

Ans:- Self

Ques:- Psychology is the Scientific study of the activities of the individual in relation to the environmental is a statement attributed to

Ans:-   Woodworth

Ques:- Two factor theory i associated with

Ans:- Spearman

Ques:- Who said, “The backward pupil is one who in comparison of other pupil’s of the same chronological age shows marked educational deficiency

Ans:- Schonell

Ques:- Who was the founder of Psycho-analytic theory of Motivation ?

Ans;- Freud

Ques:- The highest need of Maslow theory of motivation is

Ans:- Self-Actualization needs

Ques:- Who developed, the thematic Apperception test

Ans:- Murray and Morgan

Ques:- Creative students are

Ans:- Divergent thinkers

Ques:- Logical Mathematical intelligence is associated with

Ans:- Multiple Intelligence

Ques:- Among Kohler, Maslow, Tolman, thorndike who is not related to “Learning theory”?

Ans:- Maslow

Ques:- The total length of the Kalka-Shimla Railway Track is

Ans:- 96 kM

Ques:- Origin of Species of Charles Darwin had been written in the year of

Ans:- 1859

Ques:- Country where population is decreasing

Ans:- Germany

Ques:- The busiest Ocean route of the world is

Ans:- North Atlantic

Ques:- The biggest Language group of India is

Ans:- Aryan

Ques:- Which Town among Agra, Patna, Kolkata, Bhopal is not situated on any river.

Ans:- Bhopal

Ques:-Shipki-La is located in

Ans:- Kinnaur

Ques:- The highest cloud in the sky

Ans:- Cirrus

Ques:- Swan river is located in which district

Ans:- Una

Ques:- Moorang is a Tehsil of which district.

Ans:- Kinnaur

Ques:- Phulech is a festival of

Ans:- Flowers

Ques:- Who was the first leader from Himachal to get elected to Rajya Sabha ?

Ans:- Chiranji Lal Verma

Ques:-Deepest Trench of the world is

Ans:- Mariana Trench

Ques:- Which earthquake waves can pass through the core of the Earth?

Ans:- L waves

Ques:- Name one non-metallic Mineral ?

Ans:- Sulphur

Ques:- Which one is a Sedimentary Rock ?

Ans:- Gypsum

Ques:- Which one is formed by the depositional work of underground water.

Ans:- Stalactite

Ques:- Which Sea has the maximum Salinity ?

Ans:- Dead sea

Ques:- Air Transport in India was Launched in the year

Ans:- 1911

Ques;- Super Computer developed in India

Ans:- Anurag

Ques:- India’s first hydroelectricity plant was set up in 1897 in

Ans:- Darjeeling

Ques:- Earth Summit 2015 was held in

Ans:- Brazil

Ques:- Bio-diversity in richer in

Ans:- Tropical Region

Ques:- Plant for harnessing wave energy in India is at

Ans:- Vizhnijam

Ques:- Which river flows in a Rift Valley ?

Ans:- Narmada

Ques:- The water bodies which separates the Andman from Nicobar

Ans:- Gulf of Mannar

Ques:- Libray was the Currency of

Ans:- France

Ques:- Who is related to Waterloo 1815 ?

Ans:- Nepoleon Bonaparte

Ques:- The poem “Geet Ganey Do Mujhey” is related to

Ans:- Sachidanand Hiranand Agye

Ques:- Asikni river is related with

Ans:- Chenab

Ques:- Among Silverfish, Cuttlefish, Jellyfish which one is a true fish ?

Ans:- Flying Fish

Ques:- Which one is not a Reflex action ?

Ans:- Weaping

Ques:- Source of Energy in Muscle contraction is

Ans:- ATP

Ques:- Oxyntic cells secretes

Ans:- Oxygen

Ques:- Adam’s Apple is

Ans:- Larynx

Ques:- When pollen of a flower is transferred to the stigma of another flower of same plant, the pollination is

Ans:- Geitonogamy

Ques:- The development of fruit without fertilization is

Ans:- Parthenocarpy

Ques:- The stone formed in human kidney consist mostly of

Ans:- Calcium Oxalate

Ques:- Abnormal rise in RBC count is called

Ans:- Polycythemia

Ques:- Phyllotaxy is the arrangement of

Ans:- Leaves

Ques:- Leukemia is due to

Ans:- Excess of WBC

Ques:- Venom of cobra attacks

Ans:- Nervous System

Ques:- Majority of CO2 produced by our body cells is transported to the lungs

Ans:- As Bicarbonate ions

Ques:- Bicupid valve of Heart allows blood from

Ans:- Left auricle to left ventricle

Ques:- The Hormone that increases the blood calcium level and decreases its excretion by kidney is

Ans:- Parathormone

Ques:- Primary CO2 aception in C3 plants is

Ans:- RuBp

Ques:- ATP was discovered by

Ans:- Insects

Ques:- Oxysomes are present in

Ans:- Mitochondria

Ques:- Prokaryotic Genome consists

Ans:- DNA without histone

Ques:- Cell organelle called protein factory

Ans:- Ribosome

Ques:- Oxygen carrying capacity of human blood is reduced due to the pollution of

Ans:- CO

Ques:- The pathway of movement of water through cell wall only is called

Ans:- Apoplast pathway

Ques:- The term Ecology was coined by

Ans:- Reiter

Ques:- Main component of cell wall of fungi is

Ans:- Chitin

Ques:- The Amphibians of the plant kingdom is

Ans:- Bryophytes

Ques:- Malaria parasite is

Ans:- Digenetic

Ques:- The hair present in maize corn is

Ans:- Style

Ques:- A cell formed from cleavage is called as

Ans:- Blastomere

Ques:- Charles Darwin travelled round the world on a ship for 5 years it was

Ans:- HMS Beagle

Ques:- BCG VACCINE is given against

Ans:- Tuberculosis

Ques:- Volkman’s canals

Ans :- Bone

Ques:- Pace make is implanted when one of these is defective

Ans:- SA node

Ques:- Okazaki fragments are seen during

Ans:- Replication

Ques:- 50 Secondary spermatocyte and 50 secondary oocytes form

Ans:- 100 sperms and 50 ova

Ques:- Cornea transplant in human is usually never rejected.This is because

Ans:- It has no blood supply

Ques:- Double uterus are found in

Ans:- Marsupials

Ques:- Corpus luteum in mammals occurs in

Ans:- Ovaries and produce progesterone

Ques:- Steroids  are used in

Ans:- Treatment of hormonal imbalance

Ques:- Toothless area in the jaws of rabbit is called

Ans:- Diastema

Ques:- Cell organelles without limiting membrane

Ans:- Ribosome

Ques:- Mendel formulated the law of purity of gametes on the basis of

Ans:- Monohybrid Cross

Ques:-Iodine test isused to detect

Ans:- Carbohydrates

Ques:- A tall plant was grown in nutrient deficient soil and it remained dwarf, when it was crossed with dwarf plant then

Ans:- All hybrid plants are tall

Ques:- Wings of insects and Birds are

Ans:- Analogous organs

Ques:- Green House effect is due to

Ans:- CFCs, CO2

Ques:- 10% Energy transfer law in food chain was first given by

Ans:- Lindeman

Ques:- Collenchyma is

Ans:- Thick walled living cells

Ques:- Brain sugar is

Ans:- Galactose

Ques:- Edible Mushroom is

Ans:- Agaricus

Ques:- Placenta is a characteristics features of

Ans:- Mammals

Ques:- Party digested food that leaves the stomach is called

Ans:- Chyme

Ques:- When pollen tube enters through micropyle, then the process is called

Ans:- Porogamy

Ques:- Eyes of Owl glitter at night due to the presence of

Ans:- Taptum cellulosum

Ques:- During strenuous exercise, glucose is converted into

Ans:- Lactic acid

Ques:- Hydathhode helps in

Ans:- Guttation

Ques:- Hydroponics is a technique of

Ans:- Growing plants without soil

Ques:- The phase of cell cycle in which Replication of DNA occure is

Ans:- S-Phase

Ques:- Dry ice is

Ans:- Solid CO2

Ques:- What happens when a solution of an acid is mixed with a solution of a base in a test tube ?

Ans:- The temperature of the solution increases

Ques:- Which salt among Blue Vitriol, Banking Soda, Washing Soda, Gypsum does not  contain water water of crystallization ?

Ans:- Baking soda

Ques:- Which metal do not react with cold as well as hot water ?

Ans:- Fe

Ques:- Which gas can be used for stronge of fresh sample of an oil for a long time ?

Ans:- Hellium or Nitrogen

Ques;- Iodine molecules are held in the crystal lattice by………………

Ans:- London forces

Ques:- Which process is responsible for the formation of delta at a place where rivers meet the sea ?

Ans:- Coagulation

Ques:- Tincture of iodine has antiseptic properties. This solution is made by dissolving ?

Ans:- Iodine in alcohol

Ques:- Which group of materials contains only non-biodegradable items ?

Ans:- Polythene, Detergent, PVC,Plastic, Bakelite,DDT

Ques:- The soap molecule has a

Ans:- Hydrophilic head and a hydrophobic tail

Ques:- Which are not ionic compounds ?

Ans:- HCL, CCL4

Ques:- In which functional group isomerism is not possible…

Ans:- Alkyl Halides

Ques:- Which phenomena occur, when a small amount of acid is added to water ?

Ans:- Ionisation, Dilution

Ques:- Which gas is not a green house gas ?

Ans:- CO

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