Himachal Pradesh supervisor’s Exam. 2015

By | November 1, 2017

Download 2015 Exam. Paper Himachal Pradesh Supervisor’s

This exam. held on 13 November, 2015.This exam. collected by the HPSSB Hamirpur.In this paper total 200 questions asked which are total in 200 marks.This exam. paper only complete in 2 hrs.

Download H.P.Supervisor’s Exam. 2015

Ques:- Wind speed is measured by

Ans:- Anemometer

Ques:- Plaster of Paris is produced by heating

Ans:- Gypsum

Ques:- CNG stands for

Ans:- Compressed Natural Gas

Ques:- During winter in cold countries, the ……….is mixed to merit the ice on the icy roads.

Ans:- Salt

Ques:- The metal which is liquid at room temperature is

Ans:- Mercury

Ques:- Carrot is good source of……….Vitamin

Ans:- A

Ques:- The Ozone layer lies in the

Ans:- Stratosphere

Ques:- Among xylem, root, stomata and bark which one is responsible for transpiration ?

Ans:- Stomata

Ques;- Among Magnesium, Phosphorus, Iron and calcium which element is resent in green pigment of leaf ?

Ans:- Magnesium

Ques:- Among boiling, filtration, chlorination and UV-irradiation which method of water purification does not kill micro-organisms ?

Ans:- Filtration

Ques:- What causes dough (amixture of flour, water, etc.) to rise when yeast is added to it ?

Ans:- Release of carbon dioxide gas

Ques:- Among Glycerol, Ethyl alcohol, Methyl alcohol and Glycol which one is used in preparation of dynamite ?

Ans:- Glycerol

Ques:- When the velocity of body is doubled, its

Ans;- Momentum is doubled

Ques:- A steel ball floats on mercury because

Ans:- The density of mercury is higher than that of steel.

Ques:- An object weights maximum  in

Ans:- Vacuum

Ques:- In a sprayer, the liquid rises in tube due to

Ans;- Lower pressure at the upper end

Ques;- The science dealing with the study of phenomena at very low temperatures is known as

Ans:- Cryogenics

Ques:- A photoelectric cell converts

Ans;- Light energy to electric energy

Ques:- The planet similar to our earth in mass, size and density is

Ans:- Venus

Ques:- An egg sinks in tap water but floats in a concentrated solution of salt because

Ans;- The density of salt solution ecceeds the density of egg.

Ques:- The fundamental role of root hairs in plants is

Ans:- To absorb water and mineral salts from the soil

Ques:- Muscle fatigue occurs due to the accumulation of

Ans:- Lactic acid

Ques:- In case of cardiac arrest, what should be the most primary step ?

Ans:- Cardic massage

Ques:- Once blood clots at a wound, harmful bacteria are prevented from entering by

Ans:- Scab formation

Ques:- Venous blood is carried to the lungs for oxygenation by the

Ans:- Pulmonary arteries

Ques:- Common salt is

Ans:- Sodium Chloride

Ques:- Pure water can be obtained from sea water by the process of

Ans:- Distillation

Ques:- Chemically, baking soda is

Ans:- Sodium bicarbonate

Ques:- Hard water does not lather well with soap because

Ans:- It contains carbonates of calcium and magnesium.

Ques:- Water for civil supplies is commonly purified by

Ans:- Chlorination

Ques:- Vinegar is acidic in nature due to the presence of

Ans:- Acetic acid

Ques:- A catalyst is a substance which

Ans:- Increases the speed of a reaction

Ques:- Nathula Pass is in

Ans:- Sikkim

Ques:- ‘Bandipur National Park’ is located in…………state.

Ans:- Karnataka

Ques:- The Shompen tribe is associated with

Ans:- Nicobar Island

Ques:- ……………..is the oldest mountain range in India.

Ans:- Aravallis

Ques:- Among Narmada, Yamuna, Gomti and Damodar rivers which one originate at Amarkantak ?

Ans:- Narmada

Ques:- …………is the boundary line between India and China

Ans:- Mac Mohan Line

Ques:- …………………is the largest continent of the word.

Ans:- A sia

Ques:- ……………..is known as the ‘Manchester of India’.

Ans:- Ahmadabad

Ques:- ‘Tehri Dam’ is located in ………………..state.

Ans:- Uttarakhand

Ques:- Which city is known for the manufacturing of sports goods ?

Ans:- Jalandhar

Ques:-……………….was called the ‘Napoleon of India’

Ans:- Samudragupta

Ques:- Which social reformer had said, “If there is a sin in the word, it is weakness; avoid all weakness, weakness is sin, weakness is death………..’

Ans:- Swami Vivekananda

Ques:- …………..was the last Mugal Ruler.

Ans:- Bahadur Shah Zaffar

Ques:- ‘Harshacharita’ was written by

Ans:- Banabhatta

Ques:- Rabindranath Tagore renounced his Knighthood in protest against…………….incident.

Ans:- Jallianwala Bagh Massacre

Ques:- ………………..was the ‘Political Guru’ of Mahatma Gandhi.

Ans:- Gopal Krishan Gokhale

Ques:- The first battle of Panipat was fought between

Ans:- Babur and Ibrahim Lodhi

Ques:- Sati system was declared illegal in the year.

Ans:- 1829 AD

Ques;- As per Jain Scriptures, there were……………….Tirthankaras.

Ans:- 24

Ques:- Khajuraho temples were got built by the …….rulers.

Ans:- Chandellas

Ques:- ‘Ain-i-Akbari’ was written by

Ans:- Abul Fazal

Ques:- Indian National Congress at its………………Session on Dec. 19, 1929 declared ‘Poorna Swaraj’ as its ultimate goal.

Ans:- Lahore

Ques:- Which Article of the constitution provides for the special status to the J & K

Ans:- 370

Ques:- Under the provisions of the Indian constitution, a community can be declared a Minority Community on the basis of

Ans:- Either Religion or language

Ques:- One-third of the members of the Rajya Sabha retire after every……………….

Ans:- Second year

Ques:- ………….State has the largest population of scheduled castes.

Ans:- Uttar Pradesh

Ques:- ……………..is the minimum age to become the member of the parliament.

Ans;- 25 years

Ques:- The President rule is imposed for a period of

Ans:- 6 months

Ques:- The ideas of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity of India constitution were derived from

Ans:- French Revolution

Ques:- The members of Lok Sabha are

Ans:- Directly elected by the people

Ques:- Indian constitution has borrowed the idea of fundamental Duties from the constitution of

Ans:- Erstwhile USSR

Ques:- Domestic violence includes

Ans:- Mental violence, physical violence

Ques:- The night blindness is caused due to the deficiency of Vitamin……………….

Ans:- A

Ques:- Rickets is caused due to the deficiency of Vitamin

Ans:- D

Ques:- Scurvy is the disease caused due to the deficiency of Vitamin…………………

Ans:- C

Ques:-The deficiency of Iron results in

Ans:- Anaemia

Ques:-Iodised salt is responsible for the eradication of…………………….disease.

Ans:- Goitre

Ques:- Kwashiorkar and Marasmus are the diseases caused by the deficiency of

Ans:- Proteins

Ques:-Name the vaccine which is administered on birth or within 28 days of the birth of a child.


Ques:-The Hemoglobin level of a healthy woman should be between

Ans:-10-14 gm

Ques:-Herpes Zoster virus is responsible for………….distance.

Ans:- Chicken Pox

Ques:- The full form of ORS is

Ans:- Oral Rehydration Solutions

Ques:- ………….nutrient is found in abndance in Soyabean.

Ans:- Protein

Ques:-Iron is prevalent in abundance in

Ans:- Green vegetables

Ques:- NRHM programme is associated with

Ans:- Rural Health

Ques:- ‘Numismatics’ is the study of

Ans:- Coins & Medals

Ques:- The name ‘Medha Patkar’ is associated with

Ans:- Sardar Sarovar Project

Ques:- ‘Kathakali’ is the famous dance of

Ans:- Kerala

Ques:- The Headquarters of international court of justice is located at

Ans:- Hague

Ques:- The name ‘Anjali Bhagwat’ is associated with

Ans:- Shooting

Ques:- The name ‘Jwala Gutta’ is associated with

Ans:- Badmintobn

Ques:- Sh. Kailash Satyarthi, who has been awarded Nobel peace prize for 2014, is known for his work.

Ans:- vIn the field of social work

Ques:- Among ICDS, Midday Meal, Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan and MGNREGA which one of these schemes/programmes is not directly associated with the welfare of children ?


Ques:- The capital of Germany is

Ans:- Berlin

Ques:- The name of the currency of ‘Myanmar’ is

Ans:- Kyat

Ques:- ‘Golden lotus Awards’ is associated with

Ans:- Cinema

Ques:- Who has written the book ‘Untouchable’

Ans:- Mulk Raj Anand

Ques:- Among World Health Organisation, Amnesty International, Non-Alignment Movement and UNICEF which international organisations keeps a vigil over Human Rights Violation World-wide ?

Ans:- Amnesty International

Ques:- There are……………spokes in the wheel shown at the centre of Indian Tricolour

Ans;- 24

Ques:- The words ‘Satyameva Jayate’ inscribed below the base plate of emblem of Indian have been taken from

Ans:- Mundakopnishad

Ques:- ‘Madhubani’ is a

Ans:- Style of folk painting

Ques:- Whose name is associated with the invention of Dynamite ?

Ans:- Alfred Nobel

Ques:- Reduction in the value of fixed assets due to wear and tear is known as

Ans:- Depreciation

Ques:- The ‘Dalal Street’ is situated in

Ans:- Mumbai

Ques:- How many banks were nationalized in the year 1969 ?

Ans:- 14

Ques:- Among planning commission, law commission, national water commission and RAW which one of these Agencies/Oranizations/commissions will now be known as NITI Ayog ?

Ans:- Planning commission

Ques:- The famous ‘Dilwara Temples’ are located in

Ans:- Rajasthan

Ques:- The full form of PAN is

Ans:- Permanent Account Number

Ques:- ‘Dronacharya Award’ is associated with

Ans:- Coaches

Ques:- The Panchayati Raj is a…………..tier system

Ans:- Three

Ques:- Name the social worker/activist associated with Lokpal Bill.

Ans:- Anna Hazare

Ques:- India has achieved………..rank on Human Capital Index as per the world Economic forum report.

Ans:- 100th

Ques:- Which city is associated with ‘Eden Garden Stadium’ ?

Ans:- Kolkata

Ques:- ………..has been declared Ebola-free country be the WHO on May9, 2015

Ans:- Liberia

Ques:- Fill in the blank with correct pattern ,PCD,QEF,RGH,………TKL

Ans:- SIJ

Ques:- Among Engine,Brakes,Gear and Truck which one of these words does not belong to the others ?

Ans:- Truck

Ques:- Pen is to writer as needle is to

Ans;- Tailor

Ques:- Complete the number series. 3,7,5,9,7,11,……………….

Ans:- 9

Ques:- The name ‘David Cameron’ is associated with

Ans;- UK

Ques:- The book ‘Kinner Desh’ was written by

Ans;- Rahul Sankritayan

Ques;- ‘Tirthan’ stream is a tributary of river

Ans:- Beas

Ques:- The dialect spoken in Bilaspur district is

Ans:- Kahluri

Ques:- Nagarkot or Kangra fort was invaded by Mahmud Ghazani in the year

Ans:- 1009

Ques:- Himachal Pradesh was declared a Union Territory in the year

Ans:- 1956

Ques:- ‘Suket Satyagrah’ took place in the year

Ans:- 1948

Ques:- The Himachal Pradesh Public Service Commission was established on

Ans:- 25th April 1971

Ques:- Who was appointed the first Chief Justice of H.P. in the year 1971 ?

Ans:- Justice Hamidullah Beg

Ques:- There is a resident Commissioner in the region

Ans:- Pangi

Ques:- Baba Kanshi Ram was popularly known as

Ans;- Pahari Gandhi

Ques:- The Mahima District library is located at

Ans:- Nahan

Ques:- The Satluj river rises from

Ans:- Mansarovar

Ques:- As per Census 2011, the literacy rate in H.P. is…………..Percent.

Ans:- 82.80

Ques:- The sex ratio in H.P. is ……………..females per 1000 males.

Ans:- 972

Ques:- The state game/sport of H.P. IS

Ans:- Bolley Ball

Ques:- Suketi Fossil Park is located in…………….District

Ans:- Sirmaur

Ques:- Rippon Hospital of Shimla was opened in the year.

Ans:- 1885

Ques:- The name ‘Dicky Dolma’ is associated with

Ans:- Mountaineering

Ques:- ‘Lady of Keylong’ refers to

Ans:- Peak

Ques:- Rajban of Sirmaur is famous for

Ans:- Cement industry

Ques:- Nathpa Jhakhri Hydroelectricity Power Project has the capacity of…………….MW.

Ans:- 1500

Ques:- How much amount is given for the marriage of girls under Mukhyamantri Kanyadan Yojna in H.P. ?

Ans:- 25, 000

Ques:- Under Mother Teresa Ashaya Matri Sambai Yojna the amount given is…….per  annum.

Ans:- 3000

Ques:- Under Mata Shabri Mahila Sashaktikaran Yojna, the beneficiary woman should belong to

Ans:- SC

Ques:- Who was the first woman governor of Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans:- Sheela Kaul

Ques;- Area –wise largest district of Himachal Pradesh is

Ans:- Lahaul-Spiti

Ques:- Mohan Meakin Brewery is associated with…………….district

Ans:- Solan

Ques:- The name ‘Raja Rasalu’ is associated with…………..Erstwhile state as its founder.

Ans:- Sirmaur

Ques:- In the Mahabharata,……………killed Bakasur at the request of Kunti.

Ans:- Bheema

Ques:- The battle of Kurukshetra lasted for………….days.

Ans:- 18

Ques:- Whose name is associated with the book ‘The Jungle Book’?

Ans:- Rudyard Kipling

Ques:- Whose Crematorium is located at ‘Shanti Van’

Ans:- Jawahar Lal Nehru

Ques:- Two cars collided…………..each other on the Highway.

Ans:- With

Ques:- Give Antonym of ‘Discord’

Ans:- Accord

Ques:- Give Synonym of ‘Condemn’

Ans:- Disapproval

Ques:- Give one word for “granting a title, degree or right”.

Ans:- Confer

Ques:- Give the meaning of word ‘Drench’

Ans:- Wet

Ques:- He likes neither Mathematics……………….Science.

Ans:- Nor

Ques:- Ramesh has given…………….his bad habit of smoking.

Ans:- Up

Ques:- The criminal has been sentenced ………………five year rigorous imprisonment by the judge.

Ans:- To

Ques:- STD stands for

Ans:- Sexually Transmitted disease

Ques:- MMR stands for

Ans:- Maternal Mortality Rate

Ques:- As per Census-2011 the sex Ratio in India is……….females per one thousand males.

Ans:- 940

Ques:- Rashtriya Mahila Kosh, an autonomous body, is under the aegis of…………..

Ans:- Ministry of Women and Child development

Ques;- Prenatal stages of child development is

Ans:- The period of ovum, embryo and fetus

Ques:- Morning sickness, frequent urination and enlargement of breasts are the signs of

Ans:- Pregnancy

Ques:- As per Census – 2011 the Literacy rate in India is

Ans:- 74.04%

Ques:- Who is the first female amputee to climb Mount Everest ?

Ans:- Arunima Sinha

Ques:- …………….was the first woman chief justice of High court.

Ans:- Mrs. Leela Seth

Ques:- ……………..is the first and the youngest woman chairperson of the state bank of India.

Ans:- Arundhati Bhattacharya

Ques:- ………………….is known as the founder of Sulabh International an India based social service organization works for sanitation and Hygiene related issues.

Ans:- Bindeshwar Pathak

Ques:- ‘Dharahara Tower’ which was recently in news, is associated with

Ans:- Nepal

Ques:- Upgrading skills and Training in Traditional arts/crafts for development scheme has been launched recently be the union Government for the welfare of

Ans:- Minorities

Ques:- ……………had recently become the first North-East state to achieve 100% success in implementing Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna,

Ans:- Meghalaya

Ques:- …………..had recently become the first country in the world to legalize same sex marriage and its constitutional protection.

Ans:- Ireland

Ques:- ………………rupees per annum, is the minimum premium to be paid by the interested person under Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana

Ans:- 12

Ques:- Who has bagged the best actress award at the 62th national film awards ?

Ans:- Kangana Ranaut

Ques:- Symptoms of dehydration are

Ans:- Thirst, feeling of weakness

Ques:- The protein present in milk is

Ans:- Casein

Ques:- Vitamin A is

Ans:- Soluble in fat

Ques:- Insulin plays an essential role in

Ans:- Carbohydrate metabolism

Ques:- Fish oils are the richest source of

Ans:- Vitamins A & D

Ques:-  Tuberculosis is an infectious disease caused by

Ans:- Bacteria

Ques:- Fruits and vegetables are rich source of

Ans:- Vitamins and Minerals

Ques:- The quality mark of surety of pure fruit and vegetable products is

Ans:- FPO

Ques:- Recurring deposits are savings scheme of

Ans:- Banks and post offices

Ques:- Lump sum amount of money paid at the time of retirement to an employee is

Ans:- Public Provident fund

Ques:- The amount paid periodically in the insurance contract is

Ans:- Premium

Ques:- ‘International Women’s day’ is observed on………………every year.

Ans:- 8th March

Ques:- Children’s day is celebrated on…………..every year.

Ans:- 14 November

Ques:- Date of manufacture of food items fried in oil should be checked before buying because oils become rancid due to

Ans:- Oxidation

Ques:- Iron sheet kept in moist air get covered with rust.Rust is

Ans:- A mixture of iron, oxygen and water

Ques;- Wind energy is the ………….energy.

Ans:- Kinetic

Ques:- Diamond is an allotropic form of

Ans:- Carbon

Ques:- GPS is an abbreviation for

Ans:- Global Positioning system

Ques;- Which acid is present in lemon ?

Ans:- Citric acid

Ques:- The substance which increases the rate chemical reaction is

Ans:- Catalyst

Ques;- The chemical name of Chalk is

Ans:- Calcium carbonate

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