Himachal Pradesh CDPO’s & Tehsil Welfare Officer’s Exam Paper 2014

By | July 4, 2017

Download Solved Exam Paper Himachal Pradesh CDPO’s & Tehsil Welfare Officer’s 2014

This paper is held on 02-03-2014.Initially, an objective type Screening test will be conducted consisting of one paper of General Knowledge of 120 questions of multiple choice answers for short listing the candidates for the Main Examination. The marks obtained by the candidates in the screening test will not be counted for determining their final order of merit.

The candidates who are declared qualified in the Screening test shall be required to submit requisite documents in support of their eligibility for main written examination separately on the prescribed application form, which will be uploaded on the official website of the commossion after the declaration of result of screening test for the posts of C.D.P.O. and Welfare Officer.

Download Himachal Pradesh CDPO’S & Tehsil Welfare Officer’s Exam 2014

Ques:- Of which valley Big Shigal and Nohtang mountain are the main attractions ?

Ans:- Lahaul

Ques:- Place which receives maximum rainfall in Himachal Pradesh is :

Ans:- Dharamshala

Ques:- In the context of its demographic character Himachal Pradesh has been termed by German scholar Benel as :

Ans:- The abode of primitive man

Ques:- According to which scripture non-Aryan tribes of Koles, Kiratas, Yakshas and Nages lived in Himachal Pradesh prior to Aryans ?

Ans:- Rigveda

Ques:- Who is credited with driving away the hordes of Kirs and Turushkas from Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans:- Sahilvarman

Ques:- The ruler of which state helped Mughal Emperor Jahangir in annexing the fort of Kangra.

Ans:- Chamba

Ques:- In which documents do we come across the following description of the temperament of Himachali people :


Ans:- The Himalayan districts of Kullu, Lahul spiti by Harkot

Ques:- Which factor induced the king of Sirmour to get Gujjars settled in his kingdom.

Ans:- He found the milk very delicious presented to him by gujjars at his inlaws place

Ques:- From a rock edict we come to know that a Vihar (monastery) for Buddhist monks was built by Krishnayash in Trigart area. That edict has been found at :

Ans:- Khajiyar

Ques:- In which area villagers celebrate many festivals to mark the period of waiting for the promised return of Pandavas through the same route which they adoped while going to heaven /

Ans:- Sirmour

Ques:- The place where Rudra emerged on the earth to release Vidyut from his arsenal according to popular Himachali myth is at the confluence of two rivers. They are /

Ans:- Parvati and Vyas

Ques;- According to popular belief who brought River Shatdru in Himachal Prade3sh from holy Mansarovar lake /

Ans:- Banasur

Ques:- Why do Gaddies wear Narwar 9a red kerchief) around their neck or waists ?

Ans:- As a taken of their devotion to Kailang

Ques;- In which region only one bull is needed to pull the plough due to blessing of Minghal devi /

Ans:- Pangi Valley

Ques:- Why the gods Ghepan and Langura are prayed regulary in Lahaul and Kinnaur respectively /

Ans:- To keep the evil at bay

Ques:- In which area of Himachal Pradesh people fire their guns at the eclipse and also throw stones ?

Ans:- Lahaul Spiti

Ques:- The oldest Temple of Manu is situated at ;

Ans:- Manali

Ques:- How did the rule of Sen dynasty come to an end in the spiti

Ans:- Tibettans attacked lahul spiti  and were helped by the king of kullu in this adventure.

Ques:- Who is the unquestioned ruler of the picturesque village Malana ?

Ans:- Jamlu

Ques;- Which Himachali author has authored “Antim Aranya” and “Shatabdi Ke Dhaite Varshon Mein “?

Ans:- Nirmal Verma

Ques:- Recently the government of which African Country has adopted the strategy of using coffee ceremony in the households to promote health care and healthy life style in rural areas /

Ans:- Ethiopia

Ques;- For which disease ELQ 300 has potential as a new drug for the treatment, prevention and ultimately its eradication according to a recently published research paper ?

Ans:- Malaria

Ques:- What is not true about cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who has been elected 266th pope in 2013 ?

Ans:- He has assumed the name Benedict XV

Ques:- Chosen for the prestigious Literary award Booker’s prize for the year 2013 has been awarded to very young woman novelist.She hails from :

Ans:- New Zealand

Ques:- In the Global war on drugs a Latin American Country has taken a novel step of putting the government at the centre of a legal Marijuana industry. It happens to be :

Ans:- Uruguay

Ques:- The Four Eight (8888) movement whose 25th anniversary was celebrate with fanfare recently, is considered a landmark in the political development of :

Ans:- Myanmar

Ques:- Who has been named first runner-up in Time Magazine’s per4son of the year selection search ?

Ans:- Edward Snowden

Ques:- In which contest President Puthin’s foreign policy adviser Yuri Ushakov has observed – “This situation shows that U.S. is still not ready to build relations with Russia on equal footing

Ans:- Obama,s annulment of Moscow Summit

Ques:- Which factor has induced Egyptian cabinet headed by provisional president Adly Mansour to take hard line against Muslim  Brotherhood ?

Ans:- The interim government is getting strong backing of key Gulf states

Ques:- A major U.N. backed initiative to keep the fuels underground in the the pristine forests of Equador has collapsed because :

Ans:- Rich countries are refusing to put their promised money in this venture

Ques:- Which state of Indian Union has launched Ladlee Lakshmi Yojna to listen to women and understand their grievances ?

Ans:- Madhya Pradesh

Ques:- Why did Niyam Giri hills occupy a prime place in the media recently ?

Ans:- Environmental referendum

Ques:- The automobile company that has launched the most expensive Luxury car model “Wraith” in Indian Market is :

Ans:- Rolls Royce

Ques:- Considered as a milestone for Indian studies, the unveiling of 11 volume encyclopaedia of “HINDUISM’ took place recently at :

Ans:- University of South Caroline U.S.A

Ques:- Which new initiative has been taken by the Union Home Ministry in the Naxal affected areas ?

Ans:- Central paramilitary forces allowed to carry out development  programme

Ques:- At which place French gold coins of the era of Napoleon-111 have been found /

Ans:- West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh

Ques:- The Northern Eastern State, where first “State of Art” Prison was inaugurated on Gandhi Jayanti (2013), happens to be ;

Ans:- Tripura

Ques:- The seven sisters project in the Nortyh-Eastern States is aimed at ;

Ans:- Bridging the information gap

Ques:- According to Globo TV, in the Global Surveillance programme carried out by National Security Agency of U.S.A. two latin American Countries are being monitored as a “Challenge” they are ;

Ans:- Brazil and Mexico

Ques;- In Pakistani Parlance a “Mohazir” has been elected the President of that country recently. He belongs to the Indian city of :

Ans:- Agra

Ques:- In the field of protection of forests, all women organization “Maa Tarni Ban Suraksha samiti” is doing a commendable job. It is active in ;

Ans:- Odisha

Ques:- How much money companies will have to spend on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities according to company Bill 2012 ?

Ans:- At least 2% of its average net profits of previous three years

Ques:- According to an aggrement reached between U.S.A . and Russia all the chemical weapons of Syria shall be eliminated by the middle of 2014 A.D. BY

Ans:- OPCW

Ques:- An 1100 years old stone from Uttar Pradesh has been donated to Indian embassy by a private collector in a European Country. It happens to be ;

Ans:- France

Ques:- September 16 has been designated by the UN General Assembly as :

Ans:- International day for the preservation of ozone layer

Ques:- Which city has been chosen to host the year 2020 A.D. Summer Olympics /

Ans:- Tokyo

Ques:- The prestigious Rhodes Scholarships have received an infusion of 75 million recently form a former Rhodes scholar. He belongs to

Ans:- Canada

Ques:- which Indian Television show has been honoured by America Abroad Media awaed in October, 2013 ?

Ans:- Satyamev Jayate

Ques;- In order to reduce petrol consumption which country is moving cellulosic ethanol technology ?

Ans:- Brazil

Ques:- In which term Landslide win of Angela Market in elections for the federal parliament was headlined by a conservative German Newapaper /

Ans:- Germany’s Darling

Ques:- Melissophobia is a fear of which insect ?

Ans:- Bee

Ques:- What is blue carbon ?

Ans:- Carbon captured by world’s oceans and coastal ecosystem.

Ques:- What is not true about the use of alcohol in cough syrup among the following ?

Ans:- It has property to cure cough

Ques:- Which is a false statement about the use of gravel on the railway tracks ?

Ans:- It curtaiis the impact of changing weather on the tracks

Ques:- “Pragaash” which has been declared unlslamic by fundamentalist clergy of Kashmir Valley is ;

Ans:- All girls rock band

Ques:- In whose name BCCI  has instituted an annual lecture which was inaugurated by Sunil Gavasker ?

Ans:- Mansur Ali Khan  Pataudi

Ques:- What appeal was made by Malala Yusufzai while participating in the first anniversary of Global Education First initiative in New York recently ?

Ans:- Send us Books

Ques:- Who has dubbed ISRO’s Mars Mission a “Publicity Stunt” and “Extravagant” ?

Ans:- G. Madhvan Nair

Ques:- At which place Samadhi of Rani of Jhansi Lakshmi Bai is situated ?

Ans:- Lashkar (Gwallor)

Ques:- When the post  of secretary of state for India was added in the British Cabinet ?

Ans:- 1861 A.D.

Ques:- For which Viceroy Indian newspapers commented that “When Rome was burning, Niro was fiddling” ?

Ans:- Lord Lytton

Ques:- Who was the first President of Indian National Congress ?

Ans:- Wyomeshchandra Banerjee

Ques:- For which national leader it has been observed by Romain Rolland that “He was voice of Vivekanada raised from the pyre “?

Ans:- Sri Aurohindo

Ques:- First of all who pleaded for the spiritualization of politics in India ?

Ans:- Gopal Krishan Gokhale

Ques:- Who took the initiative to celebrate “Shivaji Utsava” to infuse patriotic fervour in the people ?

Ans:- Gopal Ganesh Agrakar

Ques:- What was the reaction of Mahatma Gandhi after going through the writings of Swami Vivekananda ?

Ans:- My devotion towards India has enhanced

Ques:- Which event induced Mahatma Gandhi to give title of “SARDAR” to Vallabh Bhai Patel ?

Ans:- Bardoll Farmer Agitation

Ques:- National Flag ‘Tiranga’ was presented to Constituent Assembly by :

Ans:- Mrs. Hansa Mehta

Ques;- In the year 2009 A.D. which festival of South India was awarded Guinness World Record for the assemblage of 2.5 million women on a single day ?

Ans:- Attukal pongal

Ques:- In which state Holi (the festival of colours0 is known as ‘Yao Sang’ ?

Ans:- Manipur

Ques:- The importance of IAS/IPS Officers was highlighted by Sardar Patel in the Constituent Assembly by terming them :

Ans:- Agents of Union

Ques:- If the First awardee of Dada Saheb Phalke award was Devika Rani, who is the latest ?

Ans:- Pran Krishan Sikand

Ques:- Who gave a spirited rejoinder to Leo-Tolstoy’s advocacy of adopting peaceful methods for Indian independence under the title “Young India’s reply to Court Tolstoy”?

Ans:- Tarak Nath Dass

Ques:- Which major river of Himachal Pradesh forms Kangra and Kullu valleys ?

Ans:- Vyas

Ques:- In which district Lake Chandra Tal is situated ?

Ans:-Lahaul Spiti

Ques:- Kunzum pass is situated in :

Ans:- Spiti Valley

Ques:- The first Hydroelectric station was commission in Chamba town in the year.

Ans:- 1910 A.D.

Ques:- The hills of Una and Hamirpur district are called

Ans:- Shivalik Hills

Ques:- The Gurkha forces which attacked a number of hill states in early 19th Century were led by

Ans:- Amer Singh Thapa

Ques:- Who blessed Sahil Verman with ten sons and a daughter as the head of the term of 84 Sadhus ?

Ans:- Charpat Nath

Ques:- Which is the highest peak of Dhauladhar mountain range in mandi district ?

Ans:- Nagru

Ques:- Among Beas, Sutlej, Ravi and  Jhelum which river does not flow across Himachal Pradesh /

Ans;- Jhelum

Ques:- Who said about Spiti that “This place is no place for man ?

Ans:- Rudyard kipling

Ques:- When did Himachal Pradesh cease to be a Union territory ?

Ans:- 25th January 1971

Ques:- Whereas in South India Kaveri is a major river, in Himachal Pradesh it happens to be a :

Ans:- Lake

Ques:- Which season in Shimla is known as “ Long moon nights season”?

Ans:- Sharad

Ques:- Gyas peak is located in ;

Ans:- Pangi Valley

Ques:- The source of river Cheneb is in :

Ans:- Baralacha

Ques:- Why did Dr. Y.S.Parmar start suket Satyagraha in February, 1948 ?

Ans:- Raja Lakshman Sen did not sign the instrument of accession with Indian Union

Ques:- In 1957, Deputy Commissioner of Shimla wanted to take action against Bushahr but Chief Commissioner stopped him from taking this step, because :

Ans:- This step could cause impendiment in the construction of Indo-Tibet road

Ques:- In the context of topography who opined that future of Himachal Pradesh depends upon horticulture ?

Ans:- Dr.Y.S.Parmar

Ques:- The area of Himachal Pardesh as Chief Commissioner’s province in the year 1948 was

Ans:- 27 thousand 1 hundred eight sq. kilometre.

Ques:-What was the role of the rulers of Mandi, Shangari and Baghat in the formation of Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans:-They agreed to abdicate

Ques:- How did Mandi district come into existence ?

Ans:- Mandi and Suket states were unified

Ques:- Among Kangra, Hamirpur and Una districts which was not a part of Trigart region in the ancient times ?

Ans:- Una

Ques:- Kufri and Narkanda are known for :

Ans:- Winter Sports

Ques:- Which part of Himachal Pradesh gets adequate rainfall for growing various crops ?

Ans:- Chamba and Kangra

Ques:- Raja Sansarchand had seek outside help to drive out Gurkhas from Kangra. This crucial help was provided by :

Ans:-Maharaja Ranjeet Singh

Ques:- First India Woman honoured through issuance of a postal stamp in 1952 A.D. was

Ans:- Meera Bai

Ques:- In which royal court thumree was born ?

Ans:- Avadh

Ques:- In popular parlance a particular town is referred as ‘Papnagri’ instead of its real name. It is in the vicinity of :

Ans:- Dharamshala


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