H.P. T.G.T. (Non-Medical) Exam. 2016

By | November 2, 2017

Download Solved Exam. Paper Himachal Pradesh T.G.T. (Non-Medical) 2016

This exam. paper held on 17 July, 2016. This exam. collected by HPSSB Hamirpur. In this screening test total 200 questions asked which are complete in 2 hrs.

Download Screening Exam. Paper H.P. T.G.T. (Non-Medical ) 2016

Ques:- Number of positive integers less than or equal to 3600 which are prime to 3600 is

Ans:- 960

Ques:- If (a,b)=1 and c/b then (a,c) is

Ans:- 1

Ques:- Number of primitive root of modulo 7 is

Ans:- 3

Ques:- The percentage error in calculating the area of a rectangle when an error of 2% is made in measuring its sides is

Ans:- 4%

Ques:- The most common oxidation of lanthanides is

Ans:- +3

Ques:- The variety of coal which the deposit contains recognizable traces of the original plant material is

Ans:- Peat

Ques:- Diamond is harder than graphite because of

Ans:- Difference of crystalline structure

Ques:- The fresh urine has no smell while after some time it develops a strong odour because

Ans:- Conversion of urea to ammonia by bacteria

Ques:- On heating Orthoboric acid to red hot, the residue is

Ans:- Boron oxide

Ques:- The minimum bond angle in the hydrides of group 16 elements is in

Ans:- H2 Te

Ques:- Among Ti-Zr, Cr-Mo, Cr-W, Ni-Pb which pair of atom has the most similar radii ?

Ans:- Cr-W

Ques:- Which element has highest ferromagnetic property ?

Ans:- Fe

Ques:- Which catalyst is used in the synthesis of methyl alcohol ?

Ans:- Zinc chromite

Ques:- The stable oxidation state of Gold is

Ans:- II

Ques:- Firemen uniform have coating of which type of plastics

Ans:- Melamine

Ques:- Quartz crystals normally used in quartz clocks etc. is chemically

Ans:- Silicon dioxide

Ques:- Tetraethyl lead is used as

Ans:- Petrol additive

Ques:- The gases used in different types of welding would include

Ans;- Oxygen and acetylene

Ques:- In which activity silicon carbide is used

Ans:- Cutting very hard substances

Ques:- The group of metals Fe, Co, Ni may best called as

Ans:- Transition metals

Ques:- Monazite is an ore of

Ans:- Thorium

Ques:- Actinides are the elements with atomic numbers from

Ans:- 89 to 103

Ques:- In fireworks, the green flame is produced because of

Ans:- Barium

Ques:- Inorganic benzene is

Ans:- Borozine or borazole

Ques:- Highly charged ions have high coagulating power, this is according to

Ans:- Hardy-Schulze rule

Ques:- Thermally most stable alkaline earth metal carbonate is

Ans:- BaCO3

Ques:- Shortest wavelength of X-rays that can be produced with 20 KV electron beam is nearly

Ans:- 0.6 A

Ques:- The sign of charge carriers can be determined by utilizing

Ans:- Hall effect

Ques:- The range of a projectile fired at an angle of 15 degree is 50 m.If it is fired with the same speed at an angle of 45 degree its range will be

Ans:- 100m

Ques:- A 70 kg man pushes a 50 kg man by a force of 60 N.The 50 kg man has pushed the other man with a force of

Ans:- 60 N

Ques:- The charged particle placed at a separation of 20 cm exert, 20 N coloumb force on earth other.What will be the force if the separation is increased to 25 cm.

Ans:- 12.8 N

Ques:- A body of weight W1 is suspended from the celling of a room through a chain of weight W2. The ceiling pulls the chain by a force.

Ans:- W1+W2

Ques:- Two vehicles having masses m1 and m2 move in circles of rasii r1,r2 respectively.If they complete the circle in equal time, the ratio of their angular speed is

Ans:- 1

Ques:- Suppose a particle moving with velocity c in any arbitrary direction in frame S.The magnitude of its velocity as measured in frame S moving with velocity V will be

Ans:- C

Ques:- A bullet is fired borizontally with a velocity of 200 ms -1 If acceleration due to gravity is 10 ms -2 in first second it will move through a height of

Ans:- 5 M

Ques:- Rainbow is due to

Ans:- Refraction and reflection of sunlight by water droplets

Ques:- Planets are

Ans:- Non-Luminous heavenly bodies

Ques:- It is easier to roll a stone up a sloping road than to lift it vertical upwards because

Ans:- Work done in both is same but the rate of doing work is less in rolling

Ques:- The magnetic field outside the infinite solenoid is

Ans:- Zero

Ques:- The potential gradient at which the dielectric just gets punctured is called

Ans:- Dielectric Strength

Ques:- Alnico is used for making permanent magnets, because it has

Ans:- High Coercivity and High retentivity

Ques:- Clear sky is observed blue because of

Ans:- Scattering of light

Ques:- Photoelectric cell is a divice, which converts

Ans:- Electric energy into light energy

Ques:- What will be correct sequence of atmospheric layers while going upwards from Earth’s surface.

Ans:- Troposphere-Stratosphere-Mesosphere-Thermosphere-Exosphere

Ques:- Our eye makes use of the roperty of

Ans:- Concave Lens

Ques:- An electric iron draws a current of 4A when connected to a 220 V mains. Its resistance must be

Ans:- 55 ohm

Ques:- A stationary ball weight 0.25 kg acquires a speed of 10m/s when hit by a hockey stick.The impulse imparted to the ball is

Ans:- 2.5 Ns

Ques:- A body of mass 100 g is moving with a velocity of 15m/s.The momentum associated with the body will be

Ans:- 1.5 kg m/s

Ques:- Galileo’s law of inertia is another name for which of Newton’s law of motion.

Ans:- First

Ques:-A bullet in motion hits and gets embedded in a solid resting on a frictionless table.What is conserved ?

Ans:-Momentum alone

Ques:- Fusion reaction is energetically possible in

Ans:- Light elements

Ques:- No. of 60 W lamps which can be safely run on a 240 V circuit having 7.5 A fuse is

Ans :- 30

Ques:- The phenomenon which exhibits particle nature of electromagnetic radiation

Ans;- Compton effect

Ques:- A vector field which can be expressed as negative gradient of a scalar field is called

Ans:- Lamellar field

Ques:- The number of cardinal points of a thick lens is

Ans:- 6

Ques:- The life history of a person written by another

Ans:- Biography

Ques:- The author dedicated his first book……………..his mother

Ans:- to

Ques:- He…………not read the whole book last night

Ans:- Could

Ques:- The synonym of the word ‘REBUKE’

Ans:- Admonish

Ques:- He does nothing.He is an………man

Ans:- idle

Ques:- He belongs to a well…………………family.

Ans:- Off

Ques:- Mohamed Nasheed whose name was recently in news, is the

Ans:- Ex-President of Maldives

Ques:- What is the name of supersonic interceptor missile developed by DRDO

Ans:- Ashwin

Ques:- Who wrote the famous book Satyarth Prakash

Ans:- Swami Dayanand Saraswati

Ques:- The Mughal Emperor who died due to fall from the stairs of his library.

Ans:- Humayun

Ques:- The first ever movement Gandhiji took part after returning from South Africa and experimented with his idea of Satyagraha

Ans:- Champaran Satyagraha

Ques:- The Indian King popularly known as Indian Napoleon

Ans:- Samudragupta

Ques:- The city of Guwahati lies along the banks of river………..

Ans:- Brahmaputra

Ques:- Which country was earlier known is Ceylon

Ans:- Sri Lanka

Ques:- Corbett National Park is in

Ans:- Uttarakhand

Ques:- The highest sports award given to a sportsperson in India’s

Ans:- Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna

Ques:- How many interwined rings are there on the Olympic Flag

Ans:- 5

Ques:- The idea of fundamental duties in Indian constitution has been taken from the constitution of……………..

Ans:- Erstwhile USSR

Ques:- …………..appoints the judges of the supreme court.

Ans:- President of India

Ques:- Under Article……………..the state of J&K has been given special status by the constitution,

Ans:- 370

Ques:- Which director has directed the recently released Hindi movie ‘Baaghi’

Ans:- Sabbir Khan

Ques:- Who propounded the theory of Drain of Wealth from India ?

Ans:- Dadabhai Naoroji

Ques:- Five year plans in India are finally approved by the

Ans:- National Development Council

Ques:- ………………..is the capital of Canada.

Ans:- Ottawa

Ques:- State sports of Himachal Pradesh is

Ans:- Volley Ball

Ques:- In which district of Himachal Pradesh Pir Panjal range of mountain is situated ?

Ans:- Chamba

Ques:- Famous fertile valley Balh is situated in which of the following districts.

Ans:- Mandi

Ques:- What is the numbers of Legislative Assembly in Himachal Pradesh

Ans:- 68

Ques:- Whose name is associated with Andretta in Palampur.

Ans:- Sardar Sobha Singh

Ques:- The first, lady governor of HP was

Ans:- Sheela Kaul

Ques:- Mionister of Noorpur, Ram Singh Pathania was arrested in 1849 by English people for bravely fighting against them and was sent for punishment to

Ans:- Singapore

Ques:- Which revolutionary out of the following was associated with GADAR party ?

Ans:- Bhai Hirda Ram

Ques:- Santa Rosa is the variety of which fruit ?

Ans:- Aaloo Bukhara

Ques:- Who wrote Dharti Hai Balidan Ki

Ans:- Shanta Kumar

Ques:- Industrial Town Mehatpur is situated in district

Ans:- Una

Ques:- Ki Gompa is situated at …………………….

Ans:- Kaza

Ques:- The handkerchief of this district is world known in handicraft industry.

Ans:- Chamba

Ques:- Guru Padm Sambhava has been related to this lake

Ans:- Rivalsar

Ques:- Rongtong Hydel Project is situated in which of the district

Ans:- Lahaul-Spiti

Ques:- The factory situated in Rajban in Sirmaur is

Ans:- Cement

Ques:- Rotation, String, Antidote, Austria Select the word which cannot be formed using the letter of the given word-POSTGRADUATION


Ques:- Complete the series:- AZ1, BX3, CV5, DT7………………….


Ques:-Select the odd one out – Tailor, Carpenter, Blacksmith, Sailor

Ans:- Sailor

Ques:- K-C+D is equal to

Ans;- 12

Ques:- NUEPA is mainly concerned with…………….

Ans:- Educational Planning

Ques:-The NCERT came into being in the year.

Ans;- 1961

Ques:-Operation Blackboard was primarily associated with the objective of

Ans:-Improving Primary Schools Nationwide

Ques;- In a democratic country like school should concentrate on

Ans:-Development of traits of good citizenship

Ques:- Which one of the following pairs is odd

Froebel-Play way, Maria Montessori-Divergent thinking,

Keller-Co-operative learning, Gandhiji-Soiled hands

Ans:- Gandhiji- Soiled hands

Ques:-The best reason because of which a teacher can command respect from his students is if

Ans:- He follows innovative practices in the class

Ques;- The problem of dropout is related to


Ques:- U.G.C. was established in


Ques:-The Chairman of basic education committee was

Ans:- Zakir Hussain

Ques:-Teaching aims at developing……………….in students.

Ans:-Knowledge, attitudes & skills

Ques:-Who raised the slogan back to nature


Ques:-The current movement of behaviour modification, where in tokens are awarded for correct responses, is a  reflection of

Ans:- Thorndike’s Law of Effect

Ques;- Children’s attitude towards persons of different ethnic groups is generally based upon

Ans;- Their parent’s attitude

Ques:-Who termed “Intelligence is the ability to carry out abstract thingking” ?

Ans:- Terman

Ques;- Which among intellectual, Physical, Emotional, Motivational is not an aspect of personality.

Ans:- Motivational

Ques:- Which among salary, Trust of pupils, Job, Self respect is most precious to a teacher ?

Ans:-Trust of pupils

Ques:- Education is the………………..side of Philosophy.

Ans:- Dynamic

Ques:-Who among John Dewey, John Locke, William James, C.B. Pearce is not a Pragmatist ?

Ans:- John Loke

Ques:-Realistic curriculum is developed  according to………………….

Ans:-Utility & needs

Ques:-What is the full form of DPEP ?

Ans:- Districts Primary Education Programme

Ques:- The distribution of time for teaching electives in the general education spectrum is fixed as

Ans:- 70 %

Ques:- In which year was the 42nd constitutional Amendment made, to include education in concurrent list ?

Ans:- 1976

Ques:- When was the National Literacy Mission launched in India

Ans:- 5th May 1988

Ques:- What is the meaning of Pabbja as defined in Buddhist Education ?

Ans:- Going out

Ques:- The word ‘Dars’ originates from which language ?

Ans:- Arabic

Ques:- Indian Education Commission is known by which other name ?

Ans:- Hunter Commission

Ques:- Craft centered Education was recommended by which scheme of Education ?

Ans:- Wardha Scheme of Education

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