H.A.S. Solved Exam. Paper 2006

By | November 11, 2017

Download Solved 2006 H.A.S.Exam. Paper

This paper held on 29 October, 2006.This paper is the only general study of H.A.S. Exam. This paper is completed only 2 hrs.

Download Solved Exam. Paper H.A.S. 2006

Ques:- Who is the president of Asian development bank ?

Ans:- Haruhiko Kuroda

Ques:- On which river is located the Aswan Dam ?

Ans:- Nile River

Ques:- Who founded the Red CRoss Society in 1863 ?

Ans:- Henry J. Durant

Ques;- Which is the smallest Planet ?

Ans:- Pluto

Ques;- Which country is going to construct the artificial Sun ?

Ans:- China

Ques:- Indian National army was formed by

Ans:- Subhash chandra bose

Ques:- Who is the supreme commander of the defence forces in India ?

Ans:- The President of India

Ques:- The study of coins is called

Ans:- Numismatics

Ques:- The first Speaker of Lok Sabha in free India was

Ans:- G.V. Mavalankar

Ques:- The best conductor of electricity is ;

Ans:- Silver

Ques:- Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) consists of

Ans:- Butane and Propane

Ques:- Who compiled the Adi Granth ?

Ans:- Guru Arjan Dev

Ques:- When did the Theosophical society establish its headquarters in India ?

Ans:- 1882 A.D.

Ques:- “Agha Khan Palace” is situated in :

Ans:- Pune

Ques:- The Indian’s revolt of 1857 actually started on

Ans:- 10th May, 1857

Ques:- Who was the finance Minister in the Interim Govt. of India in 1946 ?

Ans:- Liyaqat Ali Khan

Ques:- Who enuncisted the principal of ‘Panchsheel’ in 1954 ?

Ans:- Jawahar Lal Nehru

Ques:- The body temperature of a normal human being is :

Ans:- 98.4 degree F

Ques:- The first Indian woman to be crowned Miss Universe is :

Ans:- Sushmita Sen (in 19940

Ques;- The colours in both the outer extemes of the rainbow are

Ans:- Violet and Red

Ques:- The gas used in the manufacture of Vanaspati Ghee is

Ans:- Hydrogen

Ques:- Tibia is a bone found in the


Ques:-‘Light year’ is related to

Ans:- Distance

Ques:-‘Vulcan’ is the Roman God of

Ans:- Fire

Ques:- A crocodile can live up to

Ans:- 75 Years

Ques:- With which game is Santosh Trophy associated ?

Ans:- Football

Ques:- ‘Krone’ is the currency of

Ans:- Denmark

Ques:- ‘Dilwara Temples’ are located in

Ans;- Rajasthan

Ques;- Himachal Pradesh first came in to exitence as a centrally administered territory on

Ans:- 15th April, 1948

Ques;- How many rivers flow through Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans:- Five (Beas, Chenab, Ravi, Satluj, Yamuna)

Ques:- Shipki Pass 4500m. is in the district of

Ans:- Kinnaur

Ques:- Spiti and Kinnaur are seprated from Tibet by

Ans:- Zanskar

Ques:- Which Lake in District Lahaul –Spiti is known as the “Lake of Moon” ?

Ans:- Chandratal

Ques:- The headquarters of Kinnaur District is

Ans:- Reckong Peo

Ques:- Himachal Pradesh became Part-C state in

Ans;- 1951

Ques:- Ribba, “the land of grapes”, in the district of H.P.

Ans:- Kinnaur

Ques:- Who was the ruler of Bilaspur at the time of India’s independence ?

Ans:- Anand Chand

Ques:- The town of Chamba was founded by

Ans:- Sahil Varman (in 920 A.D)

Ques:- How many members were there in the Legislative Assembly constituted for H.P. in 1952 ?

Ans:- 36

Ques:- Who became the first Lt. Governer of H.P. in 1952 ?

Ans:- Lt. General Himmat Singh

Ques:- When did Dr.Y.S. Parmar become the Chief Minister of H.P. for the first time ?

Ans:- 24th March, 1952

Ques:- When was H.P. made a Union Territory ?

Ans:- 4th July, 1956

Ques:- How many districts did Himachal Pradesh have till 1066 ?

Ans:- Six

Ques:- Who was the first Chief Justice of H.P. High Court ?

Ans:- Justice M.H.Beg

Ques;- Gaiety theatre was opened in Shimla by the British in

Ans:- 1887 A.D.

Ques:- What was the Shiwalik Mountain Known as in ancient texts ?

Ans:- Mainak Parbat

Ques;- There ia a nine-hole Golf-Course located somewhere in Shimla Distt. Where is it

Ans;- Naldera

Ques:- The earthquake that caused great kavoc in Kangra occurred in

Ans:- 4th April, 1905

Ques:- Which district in H.P. has its borders with, Sirmaur, Uttaranchal, Solan and Mandi ?

Ans:- Shimla

Ques:- The Bhootnath temple is at

Ans;- Mandi

Ques:- Bir Billing in Kangra District has become famous for :

Ans:- Hang gliding

Ques:- The Suketi Fossil park is in

Ans:- Sirmour Disttt.

Ques:- In Dharmashala (Kangra Distt.)there is a British Lord’s tomb.Who was he ?

Ans:- Lord Elgin

Ques:- H.P. is situated in the hills of

Ans;- Western Himalayas

Ques:- Which ruler built the Mandi Town in 1527 ?

Ans:- Ajbar Sen

Ques:- Which became the 5th District of H.P. in 1954 ?

Ans:- Bilaspur

Ques:- The highest Cricket ground in the World located at

Ans:- Chil (Distt. Solan)

Ques:- Area-wise which is the smallest district of H.P. ?

Ans:- Hamirpur (1118 Sqkm)

Ques:- The hill state which used to be called Dhamin once, is now

Ans;- Dhami

Ques:- When was the non-congress Govt. first formed in H.P. ?

Ans:- 1977 A.D.

Ques:- The book ‘Himalayan Art’ was written by :

Ans:- J.C.Frank

Ques:- The Dhami Firing took place on

Ans:- July 16, 1939

Ques:- ‘Prachin Himachal’ was written by

Ans:- L.P.Pandey

Ques:- ‘Kinner’ means

Ans:- People with ashwamukh

Ques:- The festival ‘Bhunda’ is related to

Ans:- Parshuram

Ques;- The cement factory at Rajban in Sirmaur District was installed in

Ans:- 1980

Ques:- How was Renuka related to Rishi Jamadagni  ?

Ans:- Wife

Ques:- ‘Rumal’ is a famous handicraft of the district of

Ans:- Chamba

Ques:- There is a ‘Sun Temple’ at

Ans:- Nirth (Distt. Shimla)

Ques:- The last village of the spiti valley is

Ans:- Losar

Ques:- In which district did Una tehsil fall in 1976 ?

Ans:- Kangra

Ques:- Where is Andhra Hydel Project located ?

AnsL:- Shimla Distt.

Ques:- When was solan distt formed ?

Ans:- September 1, 1972

Ques:- The state Bird of Himachal is

Ans:- Jujurana

Ques:- Where is the Mahima library located ?

Ans:- Nahan

Ques:- Where is the headquarter of Army Training Command ?

Ans:- Shimla

Ques:- Where is 260 MW Hibra Hydroelectric project being undertaken ?

Ans:- Chamba Distt.

Ques:- A girl from Himachal Pradesh has the distinction of being the youngest in the world to climb Mount Everest in 1993.Who is she ?

Ans:- Dicky Dolma (of Kullu)

Ques:- The first Indian woman Engine drive in Australia is

Ans:- Mandhir Rajput

Ques:- Cry the Peacock is written by

Ans:- Anita Desal

Ques:- Weekly astrological forecasts generally start with

Ans:- Aries

Ques:- D. Kannan who died recently represented the Indian football team at Rome Olympics in the year

Ans:- 1960

Ques:- Radek Stepanek, a Czech, is associated with

Ans:- Tennis

Ques:- Who is Montek Singh Ahluwalia ?

Ans:- Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission

Ques:- Myanmar is the new name of

Ans:- Burma

Ques:- Who is the Present Director –General of Civil Aviation of India ?

Ans:- Kanu Gohain

Ques:- Who is author of the Comic Strip “Beetle Balley” ?

Ans:-Mort Walker

Ques:-What is a ‘beret’ ?

Ans:-a cap

Ques:- ‘Caribbean’ refers to :

Ans:-West indies

Ques:-The name of US Vice President is :

Ans:-Dick Cheny

Ques:-Dachshund is kind of :


Ques:- The author of ‘The Da Vinci code is :

Ans:- Dan Brown

Ques:- Majority of the members of the ‘Baha ‘I’ Community are in

Ans:- Iran

Ques:- In which year was Mount Everest scaled by Hillary and Tenzing ?

Ans:- 29th May 1953

Ques:- To which country does Tennis player Martine Hingis lelong ?

Ans:- Switzerland

Ques:-Who is Jeev Milkha Singh ?


Ques:- Who is Jeev Milkha Singh ?

Ans:- a Golfer

Ques:- Who is the Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha ?

Ans:-K.Rahman Khan

Ques:-In whose memory was Gurdwara Damdama Sahib built ?

Ans:- Guru Gobind Singh

Ques:-‘Cassia fistula’ is the botanical name of the Indian tree :


Ques:- Who is the Chancellor of Germany these days ?

Ans:- Angela Merkel

Ques:-Who is the Indian chief of air staff these days ?

Ans:- S.P.Tyagi

Ques:-Who has recently been appointed Prime Minister of Nepal ?

Ans:-Girja Prashad Koirala

Ques:-Who is the chief of National Aeronautical Space Agency (NASA) in USA ?

Ans:- Mike Griffin

Ques:-Who was recently been crowed Femina Miss India World, 2006 ?

Ans:-Natasha Suri

Ques:-Who is Prime Minister of Israel ?

Ans:-Ehud Olmert

Ques:- What does FDI stand for ?

Ans:- Husband of Film Director

Ques:- Who is Paul Mayeda Berges

Ans:- Husband of Film Director Gurinder Chand

Ques:-Who is the author of Novel ‘Mistress of spices ?

Ans:- Chitra Divakaruni

Ques:- Who is the Chief Editor of ‘Malayala Manorama’ ?

Ans:- K.M. Mathew

Ques:- What is the first name of South African bowler Ntini ?

Ans:- Makhaya

Ques:- What is the altitude of Narkanda ?

Ans:- 2708 metres

Ques;- When will India’s first Moon Mission Chandrayan –I be launched ?

Ans:- 2008

Ques:- When is May Day celebrated ?

Ans:- 1st May

Ques:- What is ‘Blue Lady’ ?

Ans:- A decommissioned passenger cruise ship

Ques:- Who is chairman of National Knowledge commission of India ?

Ans:- Sam Pitroda

Ques;- To which UN rights body has India been elected recently ?

Ans:- UN Human Rights Council

Ques :- Which year marks the creation of “Mickey  Mouse” one of the world’s most beloved cartoon characters ?

Ans:- 1928

Ques:- Who is also known as the ‘Bard of Avon’?

Ans:- William Shekespeare

Ques:- Who wrote “Saare Jahan Se Achcha…………………”?

Ans:- Allama Iqbal

Ques:- What is full form of ‘etc’ ?

Ans;- Etcetera

Ques:- Which is the Highest hill station in India ?

Ans:- Shimla

Ques:-  The term ‘epicentre’ is associated with

Ans:- Earthquakes

Ques:- When did the Jallianwala Begh massacre take place ?

Ans:- April 13, 1919

Ques:- Who was the first Chief Election commissioner of free India ?

Ans:- Sukumar Sen

Ques;- ‘Castle Gondolfo’ is the official residence of

Ans:- Pope

Ques:- Who was the Prince of wales in England these days ?

Ans:- Prince Charies

Ques:- The Thermal Power plant of Bokaro is located in

Ans:- Jharkhand

Ques:- Nom-stick kitchenware is coated with

Ans:- Teflon

Ques:- Vinegar is chemically known as

Ans:- Ethanoic acid

Ques:- Buddhist literary works are mostly in

Ans:- Pali language

Ques:- Tulsidas composed his ‘Ramacharita-manas’ during the reign of

Ans:- Akbar

Ques:- Fire extinguishers  release

Ans:- Carbon dioxide

Ques:- Nationalization of 14 Indian commercial Banks took place in

Ans:- 1969

Ques:- Which speaker of Lok  Sabha served as the President of India ?

Ans:- Neelam Sanjiva Reddy

Ques:- Who discovered the treatment of rabies ?

Ans:- Louis Pasteur

Ques;- On which river is the town of Ayodhya situated ?

Ans:- Sarayu

Ques:- Volga river flows in which country ?

Ans:- Russia

Ques:- International court of Justice is located at

Ans:- The Hague (The Netherlands)

Ques:- McMahon line is the border between

Ans:- Indian-China

Ques:-Martyrs’ day is celebrated in India on

Ans:- 30th January

Ques:- When and where will the next commonwealth games be held ?

Ans:- 2010, Delhi

Ques:- Which country has the oldest flag ?

Ans:- Denmark

Ques:-   What is Arcelor ?

Ans:- A European Steel Group

Ques:- Who is Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s scientific adviser ?

Ans:-Prof. C.N.R. Rao

Ques:- Who is the author of Nine o Nine a collection of short stories ?

Ans:- Nandita Puri

Ques;- What is Fransa Pax ?

Ans:- A football club of Goa

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