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By | February 12, 2017

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In the H.A.S. Exam four papers are compulsory . General Studies, English, Hindi, Essay these are four subject exam takes place. These four papers are in 450 marks and each exam covered in 3 hours. There are thousands of people every year take preparation of H.A.S exam.Some of the students join coaching center for H.A.S Exam. The last year sample paper is very important of whose students which are want to Qualify the exam.



Note :- Question Nos. 1 and 11 are compulsory. Attempt any three more out of the remaining six questions. All question carry equal marks :

Ques:- Answer the following questions serially :

  • What was the Siwalik mountain known as in ancient texts ?
  • Which mountain range faces the Kangra Valley ?
  • At which place does the Sutlej river cross the Dhauladhar mountain range ?
  • Across which mountain range does the Rohtang Pass lie ?
  • Which mountain range separates Kinnaur and Spiti from Tibet ?
  • What is Riwo Dargyul ?
  • Which state does the Chenab river enter after passing through Himachal Pradesh ?
  • Which two glacier-fed streams from the Ravi in Kangra district ?
  • Which river enters the plains at Mirthal after descending from the hilly region in Himachal Pradesh ?
  • Which river was blocked by land-slides in Tibet in August 2004 threatening to in undate large areas in Himachal Pradesh ?
  • At which place in Himachal Pradesh did the famous Buddist monk Padma Sambhav Stay for some time ?
  • Which branch of Buddhism sanctions magic and devil- worship ?
  • Which tribe is supposed to have carved sculptures on the rocks of Chandreshwar in Himachal Pradesh ?
  • Which tribe was totally defeated in the 40 years long Divodas Sambhar Wars ?
  • The works of which ancient author contain references to Trigarta-Shashta a confederacy of six republics-around 5th century B.C. ?
  • Which Cavalry – General of Alexander the great pleaded with him to stop further march into India beyond the Beas river ?
  • Which Indian emperor had sent Majjhima to propagate Buddhism in the Himachal region ?
  • Which Indian emperor forced the rulers of Himachal republcs to accept his overlordship in ancient times ?
  • Who founded the Chamba state in 6th Centurt A.D ?
  • Which Muslim ruler captured the fortress of Nagarkot in 1337 ?
  • Which ruler built the Mandi town in 1527 ?
  • Which court poet of Firoz Shah Tughlak translated Sanskrit books stored in the temple of Jwalamukhi into Persian ?
  • Which ruler of the Himachal region refused to accept Akbar’s overlordship ?
  • Which Sikh Chieftain forced Raja Ghamand Chand to pay tribute to him ?
  • In which year did the Gurkha Commander, Amar Singh Thapa invade Kangra ?
  • Which British Governor General brought several hill states of Himachal region under British Control at the end of the Gurkha War ?
  • Which Himachal state remained neutral during the war of Independence in 1857 ?
  • Name one of the prominent leaders of the Hill States Regional Council Formed in 1946 to unite different princely states into a separtate Himachal Pradesh.
  • For which sport is the picnic spot Naldera near Shimla mainly known ?
  • At which place in Himachal Pradesh is the famous Dhoogri temple, dedicated to goddess Hidimba, located ?

11 .Answer the following questions serially :

  • Between whom was the Second Battle of Panipat fought in 1556 ?.
  • Which dynasty built the famous Shiva Temple at Tanjore ?
  • Who founded the Vijaynagar kingdom in 1336 ?
  • In which year did Vasco-de-Gama reach Calicut ?
  • In which year did the Jalianwala Bagh massacre take place ?
  • Which party was formed by Motilal Nehru and C.R.Das after the withdrawal of the Civil Disobedience Movement by Mahatma Gandhi ?
  • Which Prime Minister of Britain formulated the Communal Award for India Providing for separate electorate on Communal basis ?
  • Name one of the member of the Cabinet Mission which visited India before Independence to negotiate the transfer of power to Indians.
  • Who was the founder of the Brahmo Samaj ?
  • Which shipyard is situated on the Konkan Coast of India ?
  • At which place was the Afro-Asian conference held paving the way for the non-alligned Movement ?
  • What is the Vesuvius ?
  • Which was the first film directed by Satyajit Ray ?
  • What name was given to India’s first atomic reactor ?
  • Where was the world’s first democratically elected communist government formed ?
  • Which Indian film was the first to get Oscar Nomination ?
  • Who was the first woman to become chife of a state in India ?
  • Who was the first recipient of the Dada Saheb Phalke Award ?
  • Who was the first Indian cismonaut to go into space ?
  • Under which Prime Minister was the Anti-defection Act passed in the Indian Parliament ?
  • Who was the first Indian woman to scale the Mount Everest ?
  • What is the process for producing animals eight time their normal size through the introduction of human growth hormone genes known as ?
  • At which temperature are the reading of a centigrade and Fahrenheit the same ?
  • Which is that class of lower plants in which there is no distinction between stem root and leaf called ?
  • What are the drugs which can destroy bacteria and prevent their growyh called ?
  • From which source does the Government of India get the highest percentage of revenue ?
  • What is the science related to the study of coins called ?
  • Who was the founder of the technique of psychoanalysis ?
  • Who wrote the novel ‘1984’ ?
  • With which game is Santosh Trophy related ?

111 Express your views on the following topics with facts and figures :

  • Ways and means for utilizing the full potential of Himachal Pradesh as a tourist destination.
  • The efforts of the state government to promote the industrial development of Himachal Pradesh.

Ques:- Express your views on the following topics :

  • Justification for the withdrawal of the Civil Disobedience Movement of 1921 by Mahatma Ganghi.
  • Mahatma Gandhi was more of a Saint than a politician.

Ques:- Comment in one paragraph on any three of the following.

  • Should capital punishment be abolished ?
  • Should profit making PSU’s be also privatised ?
  • Should POTA be repealed ?
  • Should film Censorship be ended ?
  • Has India’s performance been disappointed in the Athens Olympics ?

Ques:- Comment in one paragraph on any three of the following :

  • The American invasion of Iraq has done more harm than good.
  • The dark shadow of Maoist insurgency in Nepal.
  • Scope for third-party mediation in solving the Kashmir Problem.


ESSAY (Compulsory)

Note:- The essay should be of a suitable length. Credit will be given for relevant and arderly presentation of ideas in an effective and lucid language.

Write an essay on any one of the following topics in Hindi or English

  1. Woman-No longer the weaker sex.
  2. Youth and Politics.
  3. Tourism as an industry.
  4. Science and Religion.
  5. Poverty and Illiteracy in India.
  6. Value of Sports.
  7. Corruption- A Curse.

ENGLISH (Compulsory)

Note:- Attempt All question.

  1. (a) Make a precis of the following passage in about one-third of its length and give a suitable title to it :

Medieval tragedy was not dramatic but narrative :a ‘tragedy’ was the story of the fall of a great man, usually told as part of a series. Boccaccio compiled the vfirst such collection about 1,360, under the title De Casibus Virorum Illustrium; Chaucer, Lydgate and others followed, and in 1559 appeared AMirror for Magistrates, brining the catalogue up to date with examples from quite recent English history. Moral lessons were taught by all these narratives ,either the grave warning that no trust can be placed I fortune or worldly things or the severe warning that crime and error bring their own punishments without fail.

Also in 1559 there was published the first English translation of one of SEENEC’s tragedies , the rest following at intervals until they were collected in 1581. Science’s subject were violent incidents from classical mythology- for example, Atreus’ revenge on his brother  Thyestes by serving up the latter’s own children to him at a banquet of ostensible reconciliation- displaying violent passing of rage and grief; he expressed these passions eloquently, supplied moral reflection for the Chorus, and constructed his plays in the classical manner, observing the dramatic unities and narrating the violent actions by means of the characters, speeches.

(b) Read the above passage and answer the following  questions  :

(1) What do you mean by dramatic and how does dramatic differ from narrative ?

(2) What do you mean by classical mythology ?


  1. Use the following idioms in sentences of your own. Bringing out their true import :
  • By no means ;
  • By dint of ;
  • Fair- weather friend;
  • To call into question.
  1. Correct the following sentences :
  • He has been ill from july the 10th
  • I care a fig for such things.
  • This is a ten rupees note.
  • Radha is much senior than you.
  1. Use the following words as verbs :
  • House ;
  • Man;
  • Lodge;
  • Pen;
  • Park;
  • Can
  1. Bring out the distinctions between the pairs of words, listed below, just by using each word in a sentence of your own in each case :
  • Oral- Verbal
  • Poetic-Poetical;
  • Imaginary- Imaginative;
  • Virtuous- Virtual.
  1. Make abstract nouns from the following wards :
  • Describe
  • Pious;
  • Violent;
  • Beautify;
  1. Expand the ideas contained in either of the following maxims in about 250 words :
  • Make Hey While the Sun Shines.
  • Look Before You Leap.


Sample paper is  play a very important role in studying the exam. When you read the last year paper you know which types of question are asked . This question paper give a guide line to people about the syllabus.



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