Exam.Paper T.E.T.(Non-Medical) Himachal Pradesh 2015

By | August 18, 2017

Download Solved Exam. Paper T.E.T. (Non-Medical) 2015

This exam paper are collected by H.P.S.B.Dharmashala.This paper held on 14 february 2016.There are many students which are appeared every year in tet exam.Without qualify TET no any person eligible for teaching job.

For the qualifying the TET exam in good marks study all the previous paper of TET.

Download Solved Question Paper Himachal Pradesh T.E.T. (Non-Medical) Exam. 2015

Ques:- Where was first ‘Experimental Psychology Laboratory’ setup ?

Ans:- University of Leipzig , Germany

Ques:- Human personality is the result of

Ans:- Interaction between heredity and environment

Ques;- The ‘two factor theory of intelligence’ was proposed by……………..

Ans:- Spearman

Ques:- The ‘Insight Theory of learning’ was promoted by

Ans:- Gastalt theorists

Ques:- Four distinct stages of children’s intellectual development are identified by

Ans:- Piaget

Ques:- Children often learn by watching television this type of learning is called

Ans;- Observational Learning

Ques:- According to Freud, which part of the mind is composed mainly of life and death instincts ?

Ans:- Id

Ques:- Which method of personality assessment attempt to tell unconscious wishes and idea.

Ans:- Interviews

Ques:- What are types of reinforce ?

Ans:- Positive & Negative

Ques:- What different name is short term Memory Known

Ans:- Immediate Memory

Ques;- The branch of study which applies psychological inputs into teaching learning process is

Ans:- Education Psychology

Ques:- Which one is not the Principal of growth and development ?

Ans:- Principal of Continuous Growth

Ques:- The method which inspects the overt behaviour of a person.

Ans:- Interview

Ques:- Following are the Emotional characteristic of which period.

Ans:- Adolescence

Ques:- Who said, “Whole learning is definitely better than part learning”.

Ans;- Woodworth

Ques;- Which is not the primary law of learning.

Ans;- Law of partial  Activity

Ques:- Jung classified people into

Ans;- Introverts and Extraverts

Ques:- A process of helping the individuals to discover his own talents and to find hrs place is called

Ans:- Guidance

Ques;- The most characterizes integration an individual’s structures modes of behaviour mterests, attitudes, capacities, abilities and aptitudes is called

Ans;- Personality

Ques:- Introspection was rejected because it was too

Ans:- Time consuming

Ques;- Heredity is the…………………constitution.

Ans:- Genetic

Ques:- Who has said “Personality is located in the brain………………..no brain, no personality.”

Ans:- Henrey A. Murray

Ques:- The Rosshach ink blot test consists of

Ans:- Five black & white and five multicoloured cards

Ques:- Who established the first school to educate the mentally retarded children ?

Ans:- Sequin

Ques:- Which of Mean deviation, Range, Mode, Standard Deviation is not a measure of dispersion ?

Ans:- Mode

Ques:- The concept of intelligence quotient IQ was first given by

Ans:- Alfred Binet

Ques;- Humanist theory of personality is advocated by

Ans:- Maslow

Ques:- Children activity construct their understanding of the world. Is a statement attributed to

Ans;- Piaget

Ques:- Learning Disability in motor skills is called

Ans:- Dyspraxia

Ques:- Which condition qualifies to be an instance of negative reinforcement.

Ans;- Giving a punishment

Ques:- In which district Nako Lake is situated

Ans;- Kinnaur

Ques;- The great revolutionary Shri Yashpal belongs to the district of

Ans:- Hamirpur

Ques;- What can be the maximum gap between the two session of parliament.

Ans:- Six Months

Ques;- Who was the first President of America

Ans;- Georage Washington

Ques:- Which is known as chhoti kasha in Himachal Pradesh

Ans:- Mandi

Ques:- Planning commission has been changed be the name

Ans:- Niti Aayog

Ques;- By what amendment right to education become aq fundamental right.

Ans:- 86th

Ques:- When NABARD was set up

Ans:- July 1982

Ques;- The first general secretary of united nation organization was

Ans:- Trygav Lie

Ques:- Funder of golden temple is

Ans:- Guru Ram Das

Ques;- USSR was disintegrated in the year

Ans;- 1991

Ques;- The lady of Keylong is a

Ans;- Glacier

Ques;- Who founded Brahmo Samaj

Ans:- Raja Ram Mohan Roy

Ques:- In which district Mahima library is situated

Ans:- Sirmour

Ques:- Loknayak is related with which name

Ans:- Jai Parkash Naryan

Ques:- The battle of Haldi Ghati was fought in the year

Ans:- 1576

Ques:- Uraal mountain range is located in

Ans:- Russia

Ques;- Which countries are the group of fourth World.

Ans:- Oil producing Countries

Ques:- The boundary line between India and Pakistan is called

Ans:- Redcliff line

Ques;- The study of population trends is called

Ans:- Demography

Ques:- Who is awarded with Jhansi Ki Rani Laxmi Bai Shri Shati Pura Kar in Himachal Pradesh.

Ans:- Kinkri Devi

Ques:- When is the World health day observed.

Ans:- April 7

Ques:- Budapest is the capital of

Ans:- Hungary

Ques:- What was the period of second world war

Ans:- 1939 – 45

Ques;- Which Articleof Indian constituation describes about the right to constitutional remedies ?

Ans:- Article 32

Ques:- Indian economy is a

Ans:- Mixed economy

Ques;- Lower house of parliament is also called

Ans;- Lok Sabha

Ques:- The name of liger woods is associated with

Ans:- Golf

Ques;- Equinox means

Ans;- Equal days and nights

Ques;- The Ain-i-Akbari was written by

Ans:- Abul Fazal

Ques;- The reciprocal of zero is

Ans:- 0

Ques;- A grandfather is ten times older than his granddaughter. He is also 54 years older granddaughter and grandfather.

Ans:- 6 years 60 years

Ques:- Any rectangle is a convex Quadrilateral because

Ans:- Both of its diagonals lie in its interior

Ques:- The smallest square number that is divisible by each of the number 8,15 and 20 is

Ans:- 3600

Ques:- The smallest prime no. is

Ans:- 2

Ques;- Find compound interest on Rs. 12600 for years at 10% per annum compounded annually.

Ans:- 2646

Ques:-A vehicle covers a distance of 43.2 km in 2………………..4 litre of petrol. How much distance will it cover in one litre of petrol

Ans:- 18 km

Ques;- Raju’s father’s age 5 years more than three times Raju’s age. Find Raju’s age, if his father is 44 years old.

Ans:- 13 years

Ques:- Which pair of angles is complementary ?

Ans:- 53 degree, 37 degree

Ques;- Find the surface area of sphere of diameter 14 cm

Ans:- 616 cm sequare

Ques:- Find the smallest number by which 9408 must be divided so that the quotient is perfect square.

Ans:- 3

Ques;- The sum of two supplementary angles

Ans;- 180

Ques:- If median =3 and mean=2 then mode = ?

Ans:- 5

Ques:- Among 2/3, -1.5, 15%, 0.7 which one cannot be of an event ?

Ans:- 1.5

Ques:- The cost of a flower vase is Rs. 120. If the shopkeeper sells it at a loss of 10% then price at which it is sold is ?

Ans:- Rs. 108

Qies:- Which term of A.P. 21, 18, 15, …………………..IS -81

Ans:- 35

Ques:- Out of 25 children in a class, 15 are girls, what is the percentage of girls.

Ans:- 60%

Ques;- If the sum of two numbers is 100 and their difference is 50. Then are ratio of two no,’s is…………

Ans:- 3:1

Ques:- Indian joined the space club by launching Aryabhatta satellite in

Ans:- 1975

Ques:- According to fleming right hand rule fore finger always represents the direction of

Ans:- Magnetic field

Ques:- The discoverer of X-rays is

Ans:- Roentgen

Ques;- Which one pair has different dimensional formula

Ans:- Momentum & Plank constant

Ques:- Resultant of two equal forces acting at right angles to each other is 282.8N then the magnitude of each force will be.

Ans;- 200 N

Ques:- In a rocked fuel burns at he rate of 1 kg/s 1 his fuel is ejected from the rocket with a speed of 60 km/s This exerts a force on the rocket equal to :

Ans:- 60000 N

Ques:- The mirror used by dental doctors is

Ans:- Concave

Ques:- The time taken by venus to complete one revolution around Sun is

Ans:- 225 days

Ques:- The constellation SAPTARSHI is also known as

Ans:- Big Dipper, Gre3at Bear, Ursa –major

Ques;- Hale’s comet is visible on earth after a time period of

Ans:- 76 years

Ques;- Area under velocity time graph in uniformly accelerated motion represents

Ans;- Displacement

Ques:- The weight of the body at the surface moon to that on earth is approximately.

Ans;- 0.16 times

Ques:- A 60 watt bulb is used for 6 hours daily the energy consumed by the bulb one day will be

Ans;- 0.36 units

Ques;- Sound waves are

Ans;- Longitudinal

Ques;- Among copper, Aluminium, Platinum, Silver the best conductor of electricity is

Ans:- Silver

Ques;- Among Microwaves, Gammarays, Infraredrays, X-rays which one has maximum wave length

Ans:- Microwaves

Ques:- The value of gravitational potential energy dice to earth maximum at

Ans;- Infinite Distance

Ques;- The refractive index of Diamond is approximately.

Ans:- 2.47

Ques:- Two thin converging lenses of focal lengths 15cm and 30 cm are held in contact with one another, the power of the combination will be.

Ans:- 10 D

Ques:- In a secondary rainbow the colours reverse their pattern than that of primary rainbow due to

Ans;- Two total internal reflections

Ques;- Which of the statement about Fuel cells is incorrect/False.

Ans;- Fuel cells covert electrical energy into heat energy

Ques;- Temporary hardness in water is due to presence of which salts.

Ans:- Due to presence of bicarbonate salts of Ca & Mg

Ques:- Stainless steel  consists of……………elements

Ans:- C,Cr,Ni,Mn,Fe

Ques;- When farmer utilizes slaked lime instead of fertilizers in the soil, it means.

Ans:- Soil is largely acidic

Ques:- Sodium is kept under kerosene oil while phosphorous is kept in water because

Ans:- Sodium reacts vigorously with moisture or water and immediately catches fire and phosphorous also catches fire when exposed to air or oxygen

Ques:- The enamel of teeth is not soluble in water but it starts deteriorating when the pH level in months is

Ans:- Less than 5.5

Ques;- Which medicine is used to cure acidity ?

Ans:- Antacids

Ques:- The reactivity order of Na, Cu, Au, Mg metals is in the order

Ans:- Na>Mg>Cu>Au

Ques:- Which of the cotton,Jute, Nylon, Silk is not an example of Natural fibre

Ans;- Nylon

Ques;- When lead Nitrate is heated then brown fumes evolved are duel to evolution of gas

Ans;- Nitrogen Dioxide

Ques:- Aqua regia is a mixture of

Ans;- Three parts conc. Hydrochloric acid and one part conc. Nitric and

Ques:- According to activity series, which metal is most reactive.

Ans:- Zinc (Zn)

Ques;- What is Amalgam ?

Ans:- Alloy of mercury and any other metal

Ques:- What product is formed when ethanoic acid react with absolute ethanol in presence of acid catalyst.

Ans:- Ethyl Acetate

Ques;- The process in which Zinc metal is deposited as layer on Iron is called ?

Ans:- Galvanisation

Ques;- Bakelite melamine are the example of

Ans:- Thermosetting plastics

Ques:- Which substance due to its great commercial importance is called as BLACK GOLD

Ans:- Petroleum : a dark oily liquid with unpleasant odour.

Ques:- Which is unit of fuel efficiency

Ans:- Kilojoule per kilogram (KJ PER kg)

Ques:- Two miscible liquids. For which boiling point difference is less than 20-25k can be separated by which of the following method.

Ans:- Particle are super energetic and super excited and are in the form of ionized gases

Ques:-Which solution will show tyndall effect.

Ans:- Milk solution

Ques:- Which compound now a days is mixed with petrol and used as Cleaner fuel.

Ans:- Ethanol (C2H5OH)

Ques:-Berrylium (Be), Nitrogen (N), Oxygen (O), Carbon©, elements belong to 2nd period of periodic table which element will have largest atomic size among these.

Ans:- Nitrogen (N)

Ques:- Rutherford a particle scattering experiment was responsible for discovery of

Ans;- Atomic Nucleus

Ques;- An element: A is found in nature as two isotopes with masses 31,4 and 30.4 and in the ratio of 2:3 respectively. The average atomic mass of this element will be.

Ans:- 30.8

Ques;- What is chemical formula of bleaching power

Ans:- Caocl2

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