Download Solved Screening Exam Paper SJVN Civil Enginer 2018

By | November 23, 2018

Download Solved Paper Civil Engineer 2018

This exam. held on 7 october 2018.This exam. collect SJVN for the job of junior engineer .In this exam. paper total 100 questions asked which are 100 in marks. This exam. paper completed in 2hrs.

Download Screening Test Exam. SJVN 2018

Ques:- Bond in a brick masonry consisting of alternate course of headers and stretchers is called

Ans:- English bond

Ques:- Specific gravity for most of the building stones lies between

Ans;- 2.5 – 3.0

Ques:-Partition wall may be

Ans:- any one of these

Ques:- Approximate ratio of strength of cement concrete at 7 days to that at 28 days is

Ans:- 0.60

Ques:- Gypsum is added to cement

Ans:- To counteract C3A

Ques:- Presence of oil in mixing water for concrete

Ans:- Reduces Strength

Ques:- Efflorescence of brick is due to

Ans:- Soluble salts present in clay

Ques:- Stone is placed along its natural bed so that load is applied

Ans:- Normal to it

Ques:- Plywood is specified by

Ans;- Number of layers

Ques:- Marble is quarried by

Ans:- Wedging

Ques:- Approximate content of CaO in OPC

Ans:- 60 – 67%

Ques:- Vertical window built in sloping side of the pitched roof is known as

Ans:- Dormer window

Ques:- Scaffolding is

Ans:- Working platform

Ques:- Brick length (L), width (B), and thickness of mortar (t) in the brick masonry are related to each by relation :

Ans:- L = 2B+t

Ques:- Workability of concrete is measured by

Ans:- Slump test, Compaction factor test, Vee-Bee test

Ques:- Cohesionless soil is

Ans:- Sand

Ques:- A sample of saturated clay has a porosity of 0.562, the void ratio of the clay is

Ans:- 1.283

Ques:- The moisture content of soil below which the volume of soil becomes constant is called

Ans:- Shrinkage Limit

Ques:- In a Standard Penetration Test the height of the fall of the hammer is

Ans:- 76 cm

Ques:- Which of the following has least bearing capacity ?

Ans:- Loose Gravel

Ques:-If the angle of Internal friction of the soil is 30 degree Coefficient of active earth pressure will be

Ans:- 1/3

Ques:- A shallow foundation is defined as a foundation which

Ans:- Has depth of embedment less than width

Ques:- Minimum load which will cause failure of a foundation is called

Ans:- Ultimate bearing capacity

Ques:- Black cotton soil is unsuitable for foundations because it

Ans:- Undergoes vvolumetric changes with the change of atmospheric conditions, Swells excessively when wet, Shrinks excessively when dry.

Ques;- Los Angles testing machine is used to conduct

Ans:- Abrasion test

Ques:- The top of the ground on which the foundation of road rests, is called

Ans:- Sub-grade

Ques:- The road surfacing should be

Ans:- Impervious, Durable, Stable.

Ques:- The main purpose of providing camber in roads is

Ans:- To drain off rain water from road surface

Ques;- Advantage of providing super-elevation is

Ans:- To decrease the intensity of stresses in foundation, To increase the stability of the fast moving vehicles, To achieve higher speed of vehicles

Ques:- Distance along centre line of a road, over which a driver can see the opposite object is called

Ans:- Sight distance

Ques:- Stopping sight distance depends upon

Ans:- Reaction time, Braking time, Speed of vehicle.

Ques;- Angle of dip at pole is

Ans:- 90 degree

Ques:- In well-conditioned triangle, no angle should be less than

Ans:- 30 degree

Ques:- Local attraction on a compass is due to

Ans:- Metallic object

Ques:- Vertical distance between two adjacent contours is called

Ans;- Contour interval

Ques:- Three point problem is solved by

Ans:- Lehmann’s Method, Bessel’s Method, Mechanical’s Method

Ques:- While taking a backsight reading in vernier theodolites, thwe screw used is

Ans:- Lower clamp

Ques:- The section in which steel is not fully stressed to permissible value when stress in concrete reaches the maximum value is called

Ans:- Over reinforced section

Ques:- The maximum tension reinforcement an RCC beam can have is

Ans:- 4% bD

Ques:- The minimum Percentage of steel in RCC slab using mild steel reinforcement is

Ans;- 0.15 %

Ques:- The diameter of longitudinal bars in a column should not be less than

Ans:- 12mm

Ques:- In limit state method of design, for HYSD bars the value of the bond stress shall be

Ans;- Increases by 60 %

Ques:- The slope is a deformation corresponding to

Ans:- Bending Moment

Ques:- The group of forces whose resultant is zero, is called

Ans:- Equilibrium force

Ques:- The gross diameter of 14 mm nominal diameter rivet is

Ans:- 15.5 mm

Ques:- The maximum size of the fillet weld for a plate of the square edge is

Ans:- 1.5 mm less than thickness of plate

Ques:- The slenderness ratio of lacing bars should not exceed

Ans:- 145

Ques:- The members of the roof truss that support the purlins are known as

Ans:- Principal Rafters

Ques:- What is the yield strength of Grade M8.8 Bolt ?

Ans;- 640 N/MM2

Ques:-Units of work in SI is

Ans:- Joule

Ques:- Which of the following sections will be best in torsion ?

Ans:- Hollow Circular

Ques:- Most Efficient and economical section used as a beam is

Ans:- I  – Section

Ques:- The total depth of water required by a crop during the entire period of crop, is known as

Ans:- Delta

Ques;- The process of losing water from the leaves of plants, is termed as

Ans:- Transpiration

Ques;- When the drain is over the canal, the structure provided is known as

Ans:- Super-passage

Ques:- In India, as per Indian standards, water consumption per capita per day for domestic purpose is

Ans:- 135 litres

Ques:- The presence of sodium chloride in water

Ans:- Softens the water

Ques:- The bacteria which can survive without oxygen is called

Ans:- Anaerobic bacteria

Ques:- The property of a liquid which offers resistance to the movement of one layer of liquid over another adjacent layer of liquid, is called

Ans:- Viscosity

Ques:- The pressure at a point 4m below the free surface of water is

Ans:- 39.24 kPa

Ques:- The velocity of the liquid flowing through the divergent portion of a venturimeter

Ans:- Decreases

Ques:- The most efficient section of an open channel is

Ans:- Trapezoidal

Ques;- Reynold’s number is the ratio of inertia force to the

Ans:- Viscous force

Ques:- The moisture content of the soil, after free drainage has removed most of the gravity water, is known as

Ans:- Field Capacity

Ques:- In which year Mahmood Ghaznavi plundered Kangra Fort ?

Ans:- 1009 A.D

Ques:- Which of the following is the State bird of Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans;- Western Tragopan

Ques:- What was the ancient name of Kangra ?

Ans:- Trigarta

Ques:- On which river “Bhakra Dam” project is located ?

Ans:- Satluj

Ques:- The Sanskrit name of river Ravi is

Ans:- Iravati

Ques:- The Statehood day of Himachal Pradesh is observed on

Ans:- 25th January

Ques:- How many major river flow through Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans:- Five

Ques:- Who built Hidimba temple in Manali in 1553 AD ?

Ans:- Raja Bahadur Singh

Ques:- The Kalka-Shimla Railway track passes through……………tunnels.

Ans:- 102

Ques:- Which is the state animal of Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans:- Snow Leopard

Ques:- When Gandhiji visited Shimla for the first time ?

Ans:- 1921

Ques:- India’s medium altitude and long endurance unmanned Aerial Vehicle is

Ans:- Rustom-I

Ques:- Which Indian state is the largest producer of sugarcane ?

Ans:- Uttar Pradesh

Ques:- According to the Census 2011, the percentage of India’s population to the world population is

Ans:- 17.5

Ques:- Who has become the first Indian woman to scale Mount Everest for the fourth time ?

Ans:- Anshu Jamsenpa

Ques:- International Day of the Girl Child is observed across the world on

Ans:- 11th October

Ques:- Chaudhary Sarwan Kumar (CSK) Himachal Pradesh Krishi Vishwavidyalaya was established in……………..

Ans:- November 1978

Ques:- In which year Shimla was declared as the summer capital of British India by John Lawrence, Viceroy of India (1864-1869) ?

Ans:- 1864

Ques:- At a bookstall, discount of X% is allowed on every book.A book was purchased by a customer for Rs. Y, its marked price was

Ans:- Rs 100y\100-x

Ques:- What is the fifth term from the end of the sequence, 1,8, 15, 22,-,-,-,………,2003

Ans:- 1975

Ques:- Sanjay went 70 m in east before turning to his right.He went 10 m before turning to his right again and went 10 m from this point.From here he went 90 m to the north.How far is he from starting point ?

Ans:- 100 m

Ques;-If February 1, 1996 is Wednesday, what day is March 3, 1996

Ans:- Saturday

Ques:- Deepak is brother of Ravi.Rekha is sister of Atul.Ravi is son of Rekha. How is Deepak related to Rekha /

Ans:- Son

Ques:- Which is the number that comes next in the following sequence ?

4,6,12,14,28,30, (…)

Ans:- 60

Ques:- This country won Badminton Team Gold medal for the first time in Commonwealth Games history

Ans:- India

Ques:- XXI st Commonwealth Games, 2018 were held in

Ans:- Queensland, Australia

Ques:- Minjar fair is held at

Ans:- Chamba

Ques:- Which of the following districts of Himachal Pradesh has its boundary with Uttarakhand ?

Ans:- Shimla

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