Download Screening Exam. Paper Pharmacist 2018

By | September 23, 2018

Download Solved Exam. Paper Pharmacist 2018
This exam paper held on 18 August 2018. This exam. paper collected by HPSSC Hamirpure.In this exam. paper total 170 questions asked which are 85 in marks.This exam. paper completed in two hours.

Download Solved Question Paper Pharmacist 2018 HPSSC Hamirpur

Ques:- Grey Baby Syndrome is the side effect associated with

Ans:- Chloramphenicol

Ques:- The Drugs and Magic Remrdies Act came into force on

Ans:- 1 April, 1955

Ques:- Which of the following is not a natural female sex hormone ?

Ans:- Mestranol

Ques:- Primaquine is a

Ans:- 8-Amino Quinoline

Ques;- Convert the 79.87 %V/V strength of alcohal into proof – spirit.

Ans:- 40 degree

Ques:- An example of saponin glycoside is

Ans:- Glycyrrhiza

Ques:- The meaning of Latin term Mane :

Ans:- In the morning

Ques:- The working principle of Ball Mill is

Ans:- Impact and attrition

Ques:- Which of the following is a live vaccine ?

Ans:- Oral Polio

Ques:-Renin a proteolytic enzyme which is produced in :

Ans:- Kidney

Ques:- The schedule to which ‘List of drugs to be sold on prescription only’ belong to

Ans:- Schedule H

Ques:- Mannitol is

Ans;- Osmotic diuretic

Ques:- One tea spoon full is

Ans:- 4 ml

Ques:- Example of cationic emulsifying agent is

Ans:- Cetrimide

Ques:- Tolnaftate is used as an

Ans:- Antifungal drug

Ques:- Aconite belongs to group of

Ans:- Terpenoid alkaloid

Ques:- Dragendroff’s reagent does not give positive test with

Ans:- Caffeine

Ques:- The modifying, sorting and packaging of proteins for secretion in cell is carried out by

Ans:- Golgi bodies

Ques:- Structure of caffeine is

Ans:- 1,3,7-trimethyl xanthine

Ques:- Which of the following is a natural emulsifying agent obtained from vegetable source ?

Ans:- Agar

Ques:- Stannous fluoride is used as

Ans:- Dental caries

Ques:- Filter sheets made of cellulose are

Ans:- Membrane filter

Ques:- pH of lachrymal fluid is

Ans:- 7.4

Ques:- Which plant drug is oxytoxic ?

Ans:- Ergot

Ques:- Nifedipine is a derivative of

Ans:- Pyridine

Ques:- Gutzeit apparatus is used for limit test of

Ans:- Arsenic

Ques:- The minimum required area to open a retail drug store is

Ans:- 10 sqm

Ques:- Schick test is performed to test the degree of immunity against

Ans:- Diphtheria

Ques:- The sulphonamide used for burn therapy is

Ans:- Sulfadiazine

Ques:- The rapid method of sterilization in emergencies is

Ans:- Radiation

Ques:- Example for certified red colour is

Ans:- Amaranath

Ques:- Enteric coated tablets are designed to release medicament in

Ans:- Small intestine

Ques:- Other name of regenerated cellulose is

Ans:- Rayon

Ques:- Diloxanide furoate is the drug used as

Ans:- Antiepileptic

Ques:- Chlorpropamide is used to treat

Ans:- Diabetes

Ques:- “Store in a cool place” as per IP means

Ans:- Store between 2 degree to 8 degree c

Ques:- Phentolamine is a

Ans:- Alpha-adrenergic neurone blocker

Ques:- Creams are

Ans:- Emulsions

Ques:- Bougies are inserted in

Ans:- Nasal

Ques:- Jesuit’s bark is the synonym of

Ans:- Cinchona

Ques:- Tuberculosis is diagnosed by

Ans:-Mantoux test

Ques:- Which of the following is not a communicable disease ?

Ans:- Atherosclerosis

Ques:- An example of alkylating agent is

Ans:- Mitomycin C

Ques:- Biological products are dried by

Ans:- Vacuum dryer

Ques:- Calamine is

Ans;- Basic zinc oxide

Ques:- Co-trimoxazole is a mixture of sulfamethoxazole : trimethoprim :

Ans:- 5 :1

Ques:- HLB value of a surfactant between 7-9 is used as

Ans:- Wetting agent

Ques:- Medicated alcoholic liquors prepared by fermentation of raw vegetable juices

Ans:- Asavas

Ques:- Form used for License to sell, stock or exhibit for sale, or distribute by retail drugs specified in schedule C & C (1) is :

Ans:- Form 21

Ques:- Partial or complete removal of top or bottom of a tablet is known as :

Ans:- Capping

Ques:- How many pairs of cranial nerves do human have ?

Ans:- 12

Ques:- Which among the following is an anti-dandruff drug ?

Ans:- Selenium sulfide

Ques:- The sudden influx of sodium in heart muscle results in :

Ans:- Depolarisation

Ques:- Schonteten’s reaction of Aloes is also known as

Ans:- Borax test

Ques:- Insulin is a polypeptide containing

Ans:- 51 amino acid

Ques:- Ciprofloxacin is a

Ans:- Quinoline drug

Ques;- An important dicyclic terpene is :

Ans:- Pinene

Ques;- Presence of plasmodesma is important character of the drug

Ans:- Nux vomica

Ques:- Colchicum is an example of

Ans:- Amino alkaloid

Ques:- Ma-Huang is the synonym for

Ans:- Ephedra sinica

Ques:- The active ingredient that forms froth when shaken with water is

Ans:- Saponin

Ques:- Cephaline is the main ingredient of

Ans:- Ipecac

Ques:- Co-administration of probenecid and penicillin results in

Ans:- Probenecid decreases excretion of penicillin

Ques:- Which of following ia an essential amino acid ?

Ans:- Phenylalanine

Ques:- Checking feature of a drug, is which method of evaluation ?

Ans:- Organoleptic

Ques:- Fourth stage (low stationary stage) of demographic cycle is characterized by

Ans:- Low birth rate and low death rate

Ques:- Drug of choice for the treatment of wide angle glaucoma is

Ans:- Physostigmine

Ques:- In anaphylactic shock the drug of choice is

Ans:- Adrenaline i.v. injection

Ques:- The hormone involved in the secretion and regulation of milk is

Ans:- Prolactin

Ques:- An anti-protozoal drug obtained from natural source is

Ans:- Quinine

Ques:- Female sterilization is also called as

Ans:- Clitorectomy

Ques:- Bitters are therapeutically used as

Ans:- Appetizing agents

Ques:- Kala Azar is a type of

Ans:- Leishmaniasis

Ques:- Dettol is used as

Ans:- Antiseptic

Ques:- An antibiotic possessing antifungal action is

Ans:- Griseofulvin

Ques:- The heterocyclic ring system present in Isoniazid is

Ans:- Pyridine

Ques:- Chemically furesemide is

Ans:- 4-chloro-N- furfuryl – 5 –sulphamoyl anthranilic acid

Ques:- Chloroquine an Antimalarial drug belongs to class of

Ans:- 4- amino quinoline

Ques:- Proflavine is used as

Ans:- Antiseptic

Ques:- Paraldehyde is used as

Ans:- Hypnotic

Ques:- Methyl morphine is used as

Ans:- Antitussive

Ques:- The maceration process in which gentle heat is used during process of extraction is

Ans:- Digestion

Ques:- Type – 11 glass is a

Ans:- Soda lime treated glass

Ques:- Aerobic glycolysis produces :

Ans:- Pyruvic acid

Ques:- Selwinoff’s test for fructose gives

Ans:- Cherry red colour

Ques:- Prazosin an antihypertiensive agent is a

Ans:- Alpha blocker

Ques:- Curcumninoids are present in

Ans:- Turmeric

Ques:- The 10 primary ridges of coriander are

Ans:- Wavy and not prominent

Ques:- Mace belongs to which plant family ?

Ans:- Myristicaceae

Ques:- Vasopressin is released from

Ans:- Pituitary gland

Ques:- Example of an antioxidant is

Ans:- Gallic acid

Ques:- Repeated administration of drug results in cell receptor blockage. This is known as

Ans:- Tachyphylaxis

Ques:- Benzalkonium chloride is used in eye drops in the concentration of

Ans:- 0.01 %w/v

Ques:- The complete separation of two phases in emulsion is called

Ans:- Cracking

Ques:- Somatostatin is released from

Ans:- Pancreas

Ques:- Which one among the following is not a part of aerosol container system ?

Ans:- Wad

Ques:- Which of the test is used for syphilis ?

Ans:- VDRL

Ques;- Tocopherols is the alternative name of vitamin

Ans:- D

Ques:- Diluents is added in tablets to

Ans:- increase the bulk of tablet

Ques:- D-fructose on simple reduction gives

Ans:- mixture of mannitol and sorbitol

Ques;- The preparation of trial balance helps in

Ans;- locating error of commission

Ques:- Approximate capacity of “1” number hard gelatine capsule is

Ans:- 450 mg

Ques:- Anisocytic stomata are present in

Ans:- Datura

Ques;- In a drug store, the expiry dated drug formulations are called

Ans:- Obsolete items

Ques;- Fusion method is used for the preparation of

Ans:- Ointment

Ques:- A powder passing through sieve 44 completely and not more than 40% of particles pass through sieve no. 85 is

Ans:- Moderately fine powder

Ques:- Carboxyl methyl group in indomethacin is located at

Ans:- 3 position in indole ring

Ques:- Hypophosphorus acid in ferrous iodide syrup act as

Ans:- Antioxidant

Ques:- Schedule “S’” in drug and Cosmetics Act to the rules stands for

Ans:- Standard for cosmetics

Ques;- An example of flocculating agent used in suspensions is

Ans:- Sodium lauryl sulphate

Ques:- Powder are dry, finely divided drugs/chemical intended for

Ans:- Topical use, Internal use, External use

Ques;- Vitamin D3 is called as

Ans:- Pantothenic acid

Ques:- A resin of animal origin is

Ans:- Shellac

Ques:- Which of the following is used as expectorant ?

Ans;- Ammonium chloride

Ques:- Lugol’s solution is used as

Ans:- Source of iodine in iodine deficiency, Germicide, Fungicide

Ques:- Petitmal seizures are also known as

Ans:- Absence seizures

Ques:- Hunting was a daily occupation of the

Ans:- Palaeolithic man

Ques:- Mathura was the capital of

Ans:- Surasena

Ques;- Bhagavatism centered round the worship of

Ans:- Vishnu

Ques;- Which lodi sultan has been charged of bigotry in religious affairs ?

Ans:- Sikandar Lodi

Ques:- W3hich was the Chief Administrative Seat of the Portuguese ?

Ans:- Goa

Ques;- Which of the following provinces was created in the reign of Jahangir ?

Ans:- Orissa

Ques:- Who laid the foundation of reform of Indian society ?

Ans:- Raja Rammohan Roy

Ques:- Who presided over the Surat Session of the Indian National Coingress ?

Ans:- Rasbehari Ghosh

Ques;- Fjord coasts are common in

Ans:- Norway

Ques;- Which of the following is the youngest fold mountain range of India ?

Ans:- Himalayas

Ques:- The horizontal movement ofair is called

Ans:- Wind

Ques:- Cyclones are centres of

Ans;- Low pressure

Ques;- The largest canyon in the world occurs in the

Ans:- Bering sea

Ques:- The plants which prepare their own food are called

Ans:- Autotrophs

Ques;- ‘Wet-point’ settlements occurnear the

Ans;- Source of water

Ques:- ‘Elephant grass’ is found in

Ans:- Savanna

Ques:- Which of the following rivers does not emerge out from the terai region /

Ans:- Yamuna

Ques:- Which state is associated with the Mayurakshi Canal project ?

Ans:- West  Bengal

Ques;- Fuel  used in atomic pile (nuclear reactor) is

Ans:- Uranium

Ques;- Tea will cool most easily in a

Ans:- Metal cup

Ques:- A fertilizer which naturally occurs in some rocks is

Ans:- Super phosphate

Ques:- Cotton seeds are dispersed by

Ans:- Wind

Ques:- Butter is a good source of

Ans:- Vitamin A

Ques:- Which article of Indian Constitution enumerates fundamental duties of Indian citizens ?

Ans:- Article 50 A

Ques:- The upper house of Indian Parliament is known as the

Ans:- Rajya Sabha

Ques:- The 73rd Constitutional Amendment deals with

Ans:- Panchayati Raj

Ques:- Which is the only state of India to have the Common Civil Code ?

Ans:- Goa

Ques:- If saving exceeds investment, the national income will

Ans:- Fall

Ques:- Consolidation of holdings as a land reform measure failed to take-off in

Ans:- Tamil Nadu

Ques:- Gift – edged means

Ans:-Market of government securities

Ques:- Increase in net RBI credit for Central Government represents

Ans:- Monetized deficit

Ques:- Estimates of poverty in India are given by the

Ans:- NITI Aayog

Ques:- If ‘GLOSSORY’ is coded as ‘97533562’ and ‘GEOGRAPHY’ is coded as ‘915968402’ then ‘GEOLOGY’ CAN BE CODED AS

Ans:- 9157592

Ques;- If Neena says, “Anita’s father Raman is the only son of my father-in –law, Mahipal’’, then now is Bindu, who is the sister of Anita, related to Mahipal  ?

Ans:- Grand-daughter

Ques:- Who among the following ruler of Bushahr made Rampur his capital ?

Ans:- Ram Singh

Ques:- The Gujjars in H.P. are the descendants of

Ans:- Huns

Ques:- In which year forest settlement was executed in H.P.  ?

Ans:- 1879

Ques:- Where is the Headquarters of Himachal Gramin Bank ?

Ans:-  Mandi

Ques:- In Kinnaur local grape wine ‘Angoori’ is called as

Ans;- Dakhangu

Ques:-Which of the following was not honoured with Padamshri ?

Ans:- Y.S. Parmar

Ques:- Who will lead Indian Women’s team for the 2018 Women’s Hockey World cup tournament in London ?

Ans:- Rani Rampal

Ques:- Who has been sworn-in recently as the first-ever visually impaired judge of Pakistan ?

Ans:- Yousay Saleem

Ques;- Who has been crowned as the India’s first Tribal Queen ?

Ans:- Pallavi  Durua

Ques:-The World’s first International centre for Humanitarian Forensics has recently launched in which country ?

Ans:- India

Ques;- I am greatful …………my grandfather for teaching me Mathematics.

Ans:- to

Ques;- Antonym of the word ‘facilitate’ is

Ans:- to hinder

Ques:- Meaning of the idiom ‘To be on the Carpet’ is

Ans:- under consideration

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