Download Previous Year Paper CTET Paper II 2011

By | April 13, 2018

Download Solved Paper Central Teacher’s Eligibility Test Paper II 2011

This paper held on 26 June 2011. In this paper 150 questions are asked which are 150 marks.

Download Solved Exam. Paper CTET (Class VI-VIII) 2011

Ques:- Understanding the principles of development of a child helps a teacher in

Ans:-Effectively catering to the different learning styles of learners.

Ques:-The statement ‘Men are generally more intelligent than women’

Ans:-Shows gender bias

Ques:-Irfan breaks toys and dismantles them to explore their components.What would you do ?

Ans:-Encourage his inquisitive nature and channelize his energy

Ques:-Christina took her class for a field trip and after coming back, she discussed the trip with her students.It may be connotated as with her students.It may be connotated as with her students.It may be connotated as

Ans:-Assessment for learning

Ques:-Every learner is unique means that

Ans:-No two learners are alike in their abilities, interests and talents

Ques:-Creative answers require

Ans:-Open-ended questions

Ques:-Learners shoulde not be encouraged to

Ans:-Memorize all the answers to questions which the teacher may ask

Ques:- Which of the following is not an appropriate tool for Formative Assessment ?

Ans:-Term test

Ques:-Multilingual character of Indian society should be seen as

Ans:- A resource for enrichment of school life

Ques:- Diagnosis of the gaps in the learning of students should be followed by

Ans:- Appropriate remedial measures

Ques:- The most intense and crucial socialization takes place

Ans:- During adolescence

Ques:- Heredity is considered as a…… structure.

Ans:- Static

Ques:- According to Piaget, during the first stage of development (birth to about 2 years age), a child learns best

Ans:- By using the senses

Ques:- Which of the following does not reflect ‘teaching for understanding’ ?

Ans:- Enable students to memorize isolated facts and procedures

Ques:- Theory of learning which totally and only depends on ‘observable behaviour’ is associated with………………..theory of learning.

Ans:- Behaviourist

Ques:- A teacher wants that gifted children for her class to achieve their potential .Which of the following should she not do to achieve her objective ?

Ans:- Segregate them from their peers for special attention.

Ques:- Which of the following is not a sign of reading difficulty among young learners ? Difficulty in

Ans:-  Reading speed and fluency

Ques:- Which of the following is not a characterstic feature of intrinsically motivated children ?

Ans:- They always succeed

Ques:- ‘Self-regulation’ of learners refers to

Ans:- Their ability to monitor their own learning.

Ques:- Which of the following statements cannot be considered as a feature of ‘learning’ ?

Ans:- Study of behaviour is learning

Ques:- Constructivism as a theory

Ans:- Emphasises the role of the learner in constructing his own view of the world

Ques:- A creative learner refers to one who is

Ans:- Good at lateral thi9nking and problem solving

Ques:- Development of concepts is primarily a part of

Ans:- Intellectual development

Ques:- Individual learners differ from each other in

Ans:- Rate of development

Ques:- The statement : ‘An important precondition for the proper development of a child is ensuring her/his healthy physical development’

Ans;- Is true because physical development is interrelated with other domains of development

Ques:- Human development is based on certain principles.Which of the following is not a principle of human development ?

Ans:- Reversible

Ques:- Centrally sponsored scheme of integrated education for disabled children aims at providing educational opportunities to children with disabilities in

Ans:- Regular schools

Ques:- Which of the following statements is true sbout ‘learning’ ?

Ans:- Learning is effective in an environment that is emotionally positive and satisfying for the learners.

Ques:- The main purpose of assessment should be

Ans:- To diagnose and remedy gaps in learning.

Ques:- Helping learners recapitulate or recall what they have already learnt is important because

Ans:- Relating new information to prior knowledge enhances learning

Ques:- A teacher in grade-VI provided each child with a centimetre grid paper and a pair of scissors.She wanted them to explore how two-dimensional shapes can be folded into three-dimensional objects. Which of the following concepts are the students exploring ?

Ans:- Nets

Ques:- If two adjacent sides of a square paper are decreased by 20% and 40% respectively, by what percentage does the new area decrease ?

Ans:- 52

Ques:- Find the value of 547527/82 if 547.527/0.0082 = x.

Ans:- x/10

Ques:- The fractional equivalent of 57.12% (approx.) is

Ans:- 357/625

Ques:- 2x-13, 2x-11, 2x-9, 2x-7 are consecutive

Ans:- Odd numbers

Ques:- To be good in Mathematics, one needs to

Ans:- Create and formulate problems through abstract thinking and logical reasoning

Ques:- When introducing mensuration, a teacher writes all the formulae on the board before proceeding further.This reflects that she is following the

Ans:- Deductive approach

Ques:- When recast, the radius of an iron rod is made one-fourth.If its volume remains constant, then the new length will become

Ans:- 16 times of the original

Ques;- 4/16 – 1/8 = 3/8 6/7 – 2/9 = 4/2

The above represents the work of a student. If this error pattern continues, the student’s answer to 5/11 – 2/7 will be

Ans:- ¾

Ques:- The area of a triangle with base x units is equal to the area of a square with side x units.Then, the altitude of the triangle is

Ans:- 2x units

Ques:- Which is greatest among 33 ½ %, 4/15 and 0-35 %

Ans:- 0.35

Ques:- Teachers, while discussing problem-solving as an approach to teaching of Mathematics, articulated four viewa.Which of the following views does not justify the real meaning of this approach ?

Ans:- I think there is no correlation between problem-solving and mathematical reasoning

Ques;- The ratio between the length and the perimeter of a reactangular plot is 1:3. What is the ratio between the length and breadth of  the plot ?

Ans:- 2 :1

Ques:- The smallest number by which 68600 must be multiplied to get a perfect cube is

Ans;- 5

Ques:- ‘Buy three, get one free.’ What is the percentage of discount being offered here ?

Ans:- 25

Ques:- Adding salt and sugar to food substances helps in preserving them for a longer duration.It is because excess salt and sugar

Ans:- Plasmolyse the microbial cells

Ques:- Ms. Patel, Principal of a school XYZ, is keen about integrated approach to teaching of Science rather than teaching different disciplines separately.The basis of this is

Ans:- All the disciplines are interlinked and a teacher can draw on cross-curricular linkages

Ques:- A man goes door to door posing as a goldsmith.He oromises to bring back the glitter on dull gold ornaments.An unsuspecting woman gives a set of gold bangles to him which he dips in a particular solution.The bangles sparkle but their weight has considerably reduced .The solution used by the impostor probably is

Ans:- A mixture of conc, HCL and conc. HNO3

Ques:- A teacher plans to teach “Components of Food” in Class- VI.Which of the following can be used as an essential question ?

Ans:- Why does your mother serve you a meal with a variety of food items /

Ques:- When an iron nail is dipped in copper sulphate solution, the colour of copper sulphate solution fades and a brownish layer is deposited over the iron nail.This is an example of

Ans;- Displacement and redox reactions.

Ques:- Bleeding is stopped by the application of alum to a wound because

Ans;- Alum coagulates the blood and forms a clot

Ques:- Which of the following can be assessed when Geeta is using only MCQ as a tool to assess “Nutrition in Humans” ?

Ans:- Misconceptions related to food habits

Ques:- In which of the following cases of motion, are the distance moved and the magnitude of displacement equal ?

Ans:- A car moving on a straight road

Ques:- Bakelite is used in making electrical appliances because it is a

Ans:- Good insulator of electricity

Ques:- LED and CFL are very commonly used as sources of light in homes.Which of the following statements is true ?

Ans:- LED is better because CFL contain toxic materials

Ques:- While investigating ‘how water affects the germination of seeds’, a teacher asked the students to soak bean seeds on a bed of cotton wool for a few days and observe the changes.What is the guideline that she forgot to mention ?

Ans:- A few seeds on wet cotton

Ques:- The green house effect which is causing an increase in the atmospheric temperature is mainly due to

Ans:- Helps the body to adjust stress level when one is very angry or worried

Ques:- If the pressure over a liquid increases, its boiling point

Ans:- Increases

Ques:- The thumb of humans moves more freely than other fingers due to the presence of

Ans:- Saddle joint

Ques:- Four applicants for a post of TGT (Science) were asked to plan a lesson on ‘Consequences of Deforestation’.Which one of the following lesson plans reflects the scientific approach ?

Ans:- Includes activities that children can perform in groups and draw conclusions through a powerPoint presentation.

Ques:- The main aim of conducting Mathematics and Science Olympiads is to

Ans:- Promote excellence in the subject by nurturing creativity and experimentation

Ques:- Non-metallic oxides

Ans:- Are acidic in nature

Ques:- A feather weighing 5 g and a nail weighing 10 g have the same kinetic energy.Which of the following statements is true about the momentum of the two bodies ?

Ans:- The heavier body will have higher momentum

Ques:- The inner surface of food cans are coated with tin and not with zinc because

Ans:- Zinc is more reactive than tin

Ques:- While selecting a performance task to help students develop research oriented skills in a Science class, a teacher may pick up a topic

Ans:- Related to a problem faced by students in their day-to- day functioning and which is a part of the concepts to be covered for this class.

Ques:- A Science teacher plans group activities to teach ‘Properties of Air’ to her students of Class-VI.Which one set of attributes would she like to have in the students she selects as group leaders ?

Ans:- Assigning roles as per capability, motivating and coordinating among the group members

Ques:- An air bubble inside water behaves like a

Ans:- Concave lens

Ques:- Most Boards of Education have banned the dissection of animals because

Ans:- There is a need to sensitise students to prevention of cruelty to animals

Ques:- A common characterstic feature of plant sieve-tube cells and mammalian erythrocytes is

Ans:- Absence of nucleus

Ques:- While diluting sulphuric acid, it is recommended that the acid should be added to water because

Ans:- Dilution of acid is highly exothermic

Ques:- Using a word bank and brainstorming helps to build

Ans:- Vocabulary

Ques:- A teacher Amrita, uses various tasks such as creating charts, graphs, drawing, gathering information and presenting them through pair or group work.This differentiated instruction

Ans:- Helps learners with multiple intelligences to perform well and learn better

Ques:- An inclusive class is that in which

Ans:- Differently abled learners study with normal students

Ques:- The term ‘Comprehensive’ in continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation means

Ans:- Scholastic and co-scholastic development

Ques:- ‘Concrete Operational Stage’ refers to those learners who are

Ans:- At middle level

Ques:- Essays or long writing tasks especially on a discursive issue should

Ans;- Help them discuss the different points of view and justify them with illustrative points

Ques:- A teacher designs a test to find out the cause of the poor grades of her learners through a /an

Ans:- Diagnostic test

Ques:- When learners are engaged in a pair activity, taking on roles of a doctor and a patient, the activity is called

Ans:- Simulation

Ques:- Gender stereotypes and bias among learners can be discouraged by

Ans:- Enabling all learners to cook and sew irrespective of gender

Ques:- Communicative Language Teaching is concerned with

Ans:- Teaching of vocabulary and grammar through rules of spelling and language

Ques:- What is the skill among the ones given below that cannot be tested in a formal written examination ?

Ans:- Reading for information

Ques:- Formative Assessment is assessment

Ans:- For teaching

Ques:- Ania, while teaching paragraph construction, should draw attention to

Ans:- Topic sentence, supporting details and connectors

Ques:- Which of the following is suitable for making students responsible for their own learning ?

Ans:- Encouraging students to ask more and more questions

Ques:- The Constructivist Approach to learning means

Ans:- Involving the students in a variety of activities to encourage them to learn new words and structures by accommodating them with those that they have already learnt through a process of discovery.

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