Download H.P.Patwari Exam.Solved Paper 2019

By | November 25, 2019

Download Solved Exam.Paper Patwari Himachal Pradesh 2019

This exam. paper held on 17 november 2019.In this Exam paper total 100 questions asked which are 100 in marks.This exam. paper are divided into four parts.Comprising Multiple Choice Questions on General Knowledge, Arthmetic, English & Hindi Language.There will be 100 objective types multiple choice questions to be attempted in 90 minutes.

Download Mohal/Settlement Examination – 2019


Ques:-Shongtong Karcham Hydro Power Project   is locates on which river ?

Ans:- Sutlej

Ques:- Which is the longest tunnel of India ?

Ans:- Chenani-Nashri

Ques:- THe colour of leaves is green due to :

Ans:- Chlorophyll

Ques:- What is called the Brain of computer ?

Ans:- CPU

Ques:- When was the first train started in India ?

Ans:- 16 April,1853

Ques:- Where is Great Himalayan National Park situated ?

Ans:- Himachal Pradesh

Ques:- Which place of India is known as’Little lhasa’ ?

Ans:- Dharanshala

Ques:- Who composed the grammar of Sanskrit Language ?

Ans:- Panini

Ques:- What is dry ice?

Ans:- Solid Carbon dioxide

Ques:- Name the creature which is not a bird , but can Fly :

Ans:- Bat

Ques:-Which planet is the hottest planet of the solar system ?

Ans:- Venus

Ques:- What was the Shivalik moutain known as in ancient texts?

Ans:- Mainak Parvat

Ques:- When is the world water day celebrated ?

Ans:- 22 March

Ques:-Which district of Himachal Pradesh has the largest natural lake located in ?

Ans:- Sirmour

Ques:- What  is the source of Sun Energy?

Ans:- Nuclear fission

Ques:- National Academy of Agricultural Research Management (NAARM) is located at:

Ans:- Hyderabad

Ques:- Wh was the leader of dhami Movement in 1939 ?

Ans:- Bhagmal Sautha

Ques:- When was the hight Court of Himachal Pradesh estabalished ?

Ans:- 25 january,1971

Ques:-  Where Bhootnath temple is situated ?

Ans:- Mandi

What is the longest part of Human digstive system ?

Ans:- Small intestine

Ques:- ‘Kufri Jeevan’ and ‘Kufri Jyoti’are two famous varities of :

Ans:- Potato

Ques:- What is the outermost layer of the teeth called?

Ans:- Enamel

Ques:- Which feature of food is identified by the red and brown mark made on the food packets?

Ans:- Non – Vegetarian

Ques:- The main cause of Earthquake is :

 Ans:-Tectonic forces

Ques:- ‘KALINDI’ is the vedic name of which river :

Ans:- Yamuna

Ques:- If 567567567 is divided by 567, then the quotient will be :


Ques:- Find the smallest square number which is exactly divisible by 4,9 and 10 :


Ques:- (-7)divided by 21/13=?

Ans:- -13/3

Ques:-; The value of (-1)1000  is

Ans:- 1

Ques:- Circumference of the base of a right circular cylinder is 44 cm and its height is 15 cm . The volume  (in cm3) of the cylinder is :


Ques:- If a train 240 m long passes a pole in 16 seconds, then the speed of the train is :

Ans:- 54km/h

Ques:- A train cover a distance of 3750 km in 25 hours, how much average distance the same train will cover in one hours ?

Ans:- 150 km

Ques:- The population of a village is 5000 and it increase at the rate 2% every year . After 2 years the population will be :

Ans:- 5202

Ques:- The cube root of 1 127/216 is:

Ans:- 1 1/6

Ques:- 0.42 + 0.042 +0.0042 -0.00042 is :

Ans:- 0.46578

Ques:- Write 2 3/2 in percent :

Ans:- 350%

Ques:- (3/4)7 x (4/3)7 = ?

Ans:- 1

Ques:- The value of 5 + 1/100 +5/1000 +51/10000 is :

Ans:- 5.0201

Ques:-Mohan purchased a car for Rs. 8000 and sold it after one year at a loss of a 25% . Find the selling price of car:

Ans:- 6000

Ques:- Find the missing number in the series 2,5,11,20,32,47,…..,86 :

Ans:- 65

Ques:- A man got 10% increase in his salary. If his new salary is Rs.1,54,000, then original salary is :

Ans:- 1,40,000

Ques:- L.C.Mof 4,6,12,15 =?

Ans:- 60

Ques:- If the circunference of a circle is 132 cm, the area of  circle is :

Ans:- 1386

Ques:- The compound interest on Rs. 1000 at 10% per annum for 2years is :

Ans:- 210

Ques:- If the sum of two  consecutive even numbers is 66, then the smaller one is :

Ans:- 32

Ques:- Correct  synonyms is :

Ans:- Ban


Ans:- Repent


Ans:- Amusing

Ques:- Intermittent :

Ans:- Indifferent


Ans:- Stubborn


Ans:- Chief

Ques:- Fill in the blanks:

He deals ……. stationery.

Ans:- in

Ques:-The tiger was killed……….. the hunter.

 Ans:- by

Ques:- He is weak………….. chemistry.


Ques:- ‘We reached safe and sound .’ Which part of speech ‘sound’ is ?

Ans:- Adjective

Ques:- Choose the correct gender of Fox (Feminine) :

Ans:- Vixen

 Ques:- Young one of ‘sheep’ :


Ques:- Best expresses meaning of the given word :


Ans:- Occupation

Ques:- Imperious

Ans:- Proud

Ques:- Correct determiner from the given  :

 ‘She will have been served food’ is in

Ans:- Future perfect tense

Ques:- This lesson is ……… difficult.

Ans:- very

Ques:- ‘A word or law no longer in use’ is called :

Ans:- obsolete

Ques:- I love my books so much  so that i cannot part ……. them.

Ans:- with

Ques :- Correct spelt from the given alternatives :

Ans:- Deceive

Quees:- Choose the correct article from the given alternatives :

He is …………… one-eyed persons.

Ans:- a

Ques:- Choose the correct synonym of ‘ Audacity’.

Ans:- Boldness

Ques:- Choose the correct antonym of ‘Malice’.

Ans:- Goodwill

Ques :-  Choose the correct indirect from speech :

  “ The  teacher  said to the students, ‘Let us start a new lsson.”

Ans:- The teacher suggested to the students that they should start a new lesson.

Ques:- He said to his teacher, “Good night, sir .“ Ans:- He respectfully bade his teacher good night.     @@

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