Download CTET Exam. Paper 16-02-2014

By | February 11, 2019

Download Solved Exam. Paper CTET 16 Feb 2014

This exam. paper held on 16-02-2014.In this exam. paper total 150 questions are asked which are 150 in marks.This is the CTET paper II, for the class VI-VIII.This CTET exam. paper are very important those students which are want to qualifying the CTET exam.In this Exam paper all questions are very important.


Download Important Questions CTET Exam.16 Feb. 2014

Ques:-  Following statements is  true about ability and ability grouping?

Ans:- Teachers may use multi- level teaching  to cater to different ability group

Ques:- Which one of the following  statements is true?

Ans:- The formattive  assessment can sometimes be summative assessment and vice versa

Ques:- A teacher asks his/her students  to  draw a concept map to reflect their comprehension of a topic. He/she is

Ans:-conduting formative assessment

Ques:- Which one of the following represents the domain ‘evaluating’ in the Bloom’s revised taxonomy?

Ans:- Judging the logical consistency of a solution

Ques:-Teachers must belive in which of the following values in the context of dealing with disadvantaged learners?

Ans:- Personal accountability for students success

Ques:-Stutering probelms in students can be dealt by applying which of the following methods?

Ans:- Prolonged speech

Ques:- In the context of learning-disabled children, providing immediate connections, stressing collabration and leveraging non-learning tecnologies such as instant management are associated with which of the following designs?

Ans:- Embedded learning

Ques:- An inclusive classroom is that where

Ans:- teachers create diverse and meaningful learning experinces for every learner

Ques:- Which one of the following is an appropirate assignment for a gifted student?

Ans:- Create a prototype of a new Science book based on different themes

Ques:- Many measures have been taken at institutional level to check the dropout cases in the

Schools run by government agencies. Which of the following is an institutional reasons for children dropping out of these schhols?

Ans:-  There is no alternative cirriculam for children who reject the compulsory curriculam offered

Ques:- Learning disabilities are

Ans:- also present in children with average or above average IQ

Ans:-  Also present in children with average or above average IQ

Ques:- Probelm solving is more likely tosucceed in schools where

Ans:- a flexible curriculam is in place

Ques:- Cognitive apprenticeships and instructional conersations

Ans:- conceive learningas a social activity

Ques:-Which of tje following should be a right way for a teacher who intends to corrects errors of his/her students ?

Ans:-He/She should correct  errors that interfere with the general meaning and understanding ability

Ques:- The following skills are involved in emotional intelligence, except

Ans criticism of emotions

Ques:- While appearing in an assessment, Devika finds her arousal as energizing, whereas Raesh finds his arousal as discouraging. Their emotional experiences are most likely to differ with respect to

Ans- The level of adaptation

Ques:- The Government of India gas started Mid-day Meal Scheme for the elementary schools. Which of the following theories of motivation supports this scheme?

Ans:- Humanistic

Ques:- Attaching importance to the home setting of students for understanding children’s behaviour and using this  information for building effective pedagogy is related to which of the following theories of learning?

Ans:- Ecological

Ques:-Which of the following may be the best way to deal with an inattentive child in the  classroom?

Ans:- Make the child sit in the most distraction reduced area

Ques:-A teacher found that  a student is facing difficulity in drawing  a square. He/She assumes that this student would also find it difficult to draw a diamond. He /She applies which of the following principal to arrive at her his/her assumption?

Ans:- The relative effects of heredity and enviornment  vary in different areas of development.

Ques:- In the context of socialization, schools often have a hidden curiculam which consists of

Ans:- the informal cues about social roles presented in schools through intraction and materials

Ques:- Which of the following implications cannot be derived from Piaget’s theory of cognitive development?

Ans:-Needs of verbal teaching

Ques:- Which of the following is a characteristic of Kohlberg’s stages of moral development?

Ans:- Universal sequences of stages across all cultures.  

Ques:-Teachers and students draw on one another’s expertise while working on complex projects related to real world probelms in …. classroom.

Ans:- social-constructivist

Ques:- In the context of progressive education, the term ‘equal education oppportunity’ implies that all students should

Ans:- be provided an education which is most appropirate to them and their future life at work

Ques:-In the context of language development which of the following area was underestimated by Piaget?

Ans:-Social intract

Ques:- An 11yr old child’s score on Stanford Binet  Intelligence Scale is 130. By assuming u=100 and o=15 in a normal probability curve, calculate the percentage of 11yr old children this child has scored better than.

Ans:- 98%

Ques:- Which of the following observations supports Howard Gardner’s theroy of multiple intelligences?

Ans:- Damage to one part of the brain affects only a particular ability sparing others

Ques:- According to Jean Piaget’s theory

Ans:- introduction of linear equation and learning technique of solving it are assimilation, and extending the concept to pair of linear equations may raise probelm of accommdation.

Ques:- ‘Maths lab activities’ can be used for

Ans:- formative assessment

Ques:- As per the NCF, 2005

Ans:-narrow aim of teaching of Mathematics at school is to develop numeracy-related skill  and higher aim is to develop probelm-solving skill

Ques:-According to Bloom’s revised taxonomy, the cognitive objective that can be achieved through the following task

“Prepare a powerpoint presentation on contribution of Indian mathematicians,” is

Ans:- creating

Ques:- Student’s ability to apply the cioncept of square roots in real life situation can be assessed through the following probelm.

Ans:- 2025 plants are to be planted in a garden in such a way that each row contains as  many plants as the number of rows. Find the number of rows and number of plants in each row

Ques:- A students writes 10cm/12cm =5/6cm 15cm/15cm =1000m.

This student

Ans:- has concept of units, conversion of units, fractions but missed the concept that ratio does not have units

Ques:- The value of 0.001 +1.01 +0.11 is

Ans:- 1.121

Ques:-In 1999, the population of a country was 30.3 million. The number which is the same as 30.3 million is

Ans:- 30300000

Ques:- We call a number perfect if it is the sum of all its positive divisors, expect itself eg. 28 is a perfect number because 28 = 1+2+4+7+14 which of thefollowing numbers is a perfect number?

Ans:- 6

Ques:- Which of the following numbers is a perfect square?

Ans:- 548543241

Ques:- The product of two whole numbers is a 24. The smallest possible sum of these numbers is

Ans:- 10

Ques:- The scale of a map is given as 1:10000. On the map , a forest occupies a rectangular region measuring 10cm x 100cm. The actual area of the forest (in km2) is


Ques:- A fraction is equivlent to 5/8/Its denominator and upto 91. What is the difference between the denominator and numerator of this fraction?

Ans:- 21

Ques:- The number is doubled and then y is added to it. The result is, then divided by 2 and the original number n is subtracted from it. The final result is

Ans:- y/2

Ques:- A polyhedron has 6 faces and vertices. How many edges does it have?

Ans:- 12




The sum of the digits a and b is

Ans:- 14

Ques:- 42 cubes each of side 1cm are glued together to form a solid cuboid. If the perimeter of the base of the cuboid is 18cm, then it height (incm) is


Ques:- In tri PQR, PQ = 4cm,  PR =  6cm  and QR = 3cm. Which of the following is correct?

Ans:-<Q > <R

Ques:- In tri ABC and tri LMN, AB=LM, AC = LN  and ,B = <M. Then ,the

Ans:- triangles  will be congruent if ,B a right angle

Ques:- The area of a trapezium-shaped field is 720 m2 the distance  between of two parellel sides is 20m and the length of one of the parellel sided is 35m. The length of the other parellel side is

Ans:- 37m

Ques:- If the cost price of 10 candles is equal to the seling price of 8 candles, the gain/loss per cent is

Ans:- 25%,gain

Ques:-The mean of median and mode of the data 7, 6, 7, 9, 8, 8, 10, 8 is

Ans:- 8

Ques:- A teacher conducted a debate in the class on the following topic

      “Zero is the most significant number.”

      She encouraged  every child to express his/her view on the topic. The teacher is

Ans:- making her classsroom more communicative and reflective

Ques:-A solid rectangular block of iron is kept over the top of a table with its different faces touching the table. In different cases, the solid block exerts

Ans:- same forse but different pressures

Ques:- The odometer reading of a moving car at 8:00 am is 36540 km and at 10:00am 36666 km. If the car is moving  on a zigzag pathy with variable  speeds, its average  speed (in  /s)is


Ques:- A boy has a think paste of turmeric. On adding this paste to hydrochloric acid and aqueous solution of sodium  hydroide seperately, what colour (s) would he observe?

Ans:- Yellow in hydrochloric acid and red in sodium hydrixide

Ques:- Which one of the following is not a desired objective of learning of Science at upper primary  stage?

Ans:- To perform bettr in competitive examinations

Ques:- The teqhnique of role-play is considered  to be an effective strategy in teaching  of Science because

Ans:- it ensures active participation of students in the process of learning

Ques:- Science is considered to be questioning, exploring, doing and investigating. Which of the following activities, carried out by Dipika in teaching of Science, is best suited to satisfy these criteria?

Ans:- Project work on nature of sound

Ques:- The NationalCurriculam Framework (NCF), 2005 recommends that teaching of Science at upper primary stage should emphasize maximum on

Ans:- relating classroom learning to life outside the school

Ques:- Geeta is preparing a lesson- Plan for teaching the topic on ‘Human eye’ to class VIII students. Inclusion of which of the following activities in the lesson-plan is likely to be most efective in helping the students understand related concepts better?

Ans:- Using student activities and interactive classroom questioning

Ques:- Which one of the following approaches adopted by a Science teacher reflects scientific tember on her part?

Ans:- Encoraging students to ask questions in the classroom

Ques:-Hands-on activities and projects form an integral part of learning of Science. These learning experiences primarily aim at

Ans:- providing opportunity to students for ectended learning

Ques:- The pseudopodia of amoeba are used for

Ans:- movement and capture of food

Ques:-Select the correct  Statements about biosphere reserves.

Ans:- These are the areas which helps to maintain the bio-diversity and culture of the areas

Ques:-Impression of an image persists on the retina of human eye for about

Ans:-1/15 s

Ques:- The utrasound equipments used for investigating medical probelm work at frequency

Ans:- above 20000 HZ

    Answer the following questions by selecting the most appropriate   option.

Ques:- Providing students….can encourage second  language acquisition.

Ans:-  The opportunity to voice their opinions  and to probelm solve in the target language

Ques:- Generally speaking, the first language is

Ans:- marked by the accent and regional expressions of the area where students grow up

Ques:- Language learning is better acheived if what students learn

Ans:- is funcional in term of their life values and goals

Ques:- An activity asks students to determine form a list of possible answer with a title, what kind of information will appear in an input text before an audio recording is played. Here, students are

Ans:- actively predicting the content of the input

Ques:- A speaking activity can be made more purposeful by

Ans:- motivating students to complete a task at the end

Ques:- In the communicative classroom, learners acquire the grammar of second language to

Ans:- understand how tomake meaning and become more proficient in speaking and writing

Ques:- Structures in second language are better assimilated in a pedagogical practice

Ans:- through meaningful intraction with interesting content

Ques:- Error correction in students written work is most effective when the teacher

Ans:- points out major error using symbols and students self- correct

Ques:- Students always find it difficult ti listen to and understand a second language presentation inside or outside their class. This canbe helped by

Ans:- practice by using the second language more

Ques:- When they encounter unfamiliar words during a reading activity, students should be trained to … while processing the meaning of the whole text

Ans:- use information in its context to correctly guess its rough area of meaning

Ques:- Identify the question that assesses student’s  ability to infer the meaning of the text.

Ans:- Why did Mohan change his mind despite his parent’s advice?

Ques:- While assessing a report for a class journal the following are the main criteria

Ans:- relevance, logical organization of content, a direct style

Ques:- While learning a language, the… instruction provides opportunities for independent study, a wide range of reference material and immediate feedback about achievement.

Ans:- Programmed

Ques :- A dual-language classroom consisting of students speaking a native language and the target language is beneficial because it

Ans:- motivates target language speaking students learn another language and vice-versa

Ques;- A student has difficulty in applying the learned knowledge,eg., in word probelm, the student also fails to translate sentences into equations or identify the variables.A possble solution to this probelm could be

Ans:- giving carefully designed assiggnment —-simpler – simple – complex

Ques:- The antonymof the word unshakable, is

Ans:- valunerable P_^[�4\��

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