Download Chhattisgarh Teacher’s Eligibility Test (Class VI – VIII) 2011

By | August 3, 2018

Download Teacher’s Eligibility Test (Class VI – VIII) 2011

This exam paper held on 2011.This exam. paper divided into four parts Child Development and Pedagogy, English, Hindi, Mathematics.

Download Solved TET Exam. Paper Chhattisgarh

Ques:- Raja, a student of your class, is very tense due to the acne on his face.What will you do ?

Ans:- Ignore him

Ques:- A student wants to share his personal problems and asks for permission to call on you at your residence. What should be your response ?

Ans:- Give an appointment readily.

Ques:- If you come to know that a child of your class, is facing problems related to parents separation at home, what would you do ?

Ans:- Talk to the parents

Ques:- If you come to know that the father of a student has been tested HIV positive, what will you do ?

Ans:- Let him continue with the studies like others

Ques:- Kavya a student of your class is visually challenged and you have a function coming up. What will you do ?

Ans:- Give her a less important duty

Ques:- Manjusha is very interested in sports and wants to pursue her career in sports. What will you suggest to her ?

Ans:- She should put in hard work to achieve her ambition

Ques:- Twelve yea`r old Radhika has begun to imitate the style of talking of her teacher. This form of behaviour is known as

Ans:- Transference

Ques:- For conducting a Social Science class in an interesting way, teachers should

Ans:- Use role-plays effectively

Ques:- A 11- 12 yr old child generally faces more problems related to

Ans:- Anxiety about studies

Ques:- Which of the following is most essential for learning ?

Ans:- Desire to learn

Ques:- Which of the following is not good for quality learning ?

Ans:- Using guide books

Ques:- Which of the following may damage a low achieving student psychologically ?

Ans:- Discussing the marks of individual students in the class

Ques:- When most of the students in a class do not understand a concept clearly, the teacher should

Ans:- Conduct hands on activities on that concept

Ques:- To correct the stammering problem of a class VIII student, a teacher should

Ans:- Provide more opportunities for speaking

Ques:- Which of the following statements about the role of a teacher is correct ?

Ans:- Teacher should have a friendly attitude towards students

Ques:- For ensuring and improving class discipline, the teacher should

Ans:- Evaluate the methods and approaches used is the class

Ques:- To address the diversity in academic achievement an effective teching method can be

Ans:- Co-operative teaching.

Ques:- In which stage of cognitive development is a child, when she/he is able to work out problems logica`lly and can do multiple classification ?

Ans:- Concrete operation stage

Ques:- Gaurav of  class VII gave a letter to his classmate Seema saying that he loves her. What should the teacher do ?

Ans:- Counsel Gaurav appropriately

Ques:- Children from the under privileged sections of the society can benefit more if they are

Ans:- Provided with richer learning environment in school

Ques:- Students in classes VII- VIII face problems mostly related to

Ans:- Identity crisis

Ques:- The term comprehensive evaluation implies

Ans:- evaluation of scholastic and co-scholastic aspects of pupil growth.

Ques:- Talking to children of classes VI to VIII about ‘Growing up’ is

Ans:- Detrimental

Ques:- Which of the following statements about teaching is true ?

Ans:- Teaching facilitates learning

Ques:- Sandhya and Mamta of class VII are bright students, but are extremely jealous of each other.How will you, as a teacher, handle them ?

Ans:- Talk to them discreetly about healthy competition

Ques:- In a class, a student asks the teacher a question and the answer is not know to the teacher. As a teacher you should

Ans:- Tell the child that you will look fir the answer

Ques:- A student who had misbehaved with the teacher in class VI, comes to the same teacher in class VIII. She/he avoids interacting with the teacher due to his/her past behaviour.The teacher should

Ans:- Reassure her/him in a personal discussion

Ques:- Child-centrd education was advocated by which of the following thinkers ?

Ans:- John Dewey

Ques:- Salim is very good in music, but is not able to do well in Mathematics. As a teacher of Mathematics, how will you handle Salim ?

Ans:- Tell him that he can do well and explain the concepts to him.

Ques:- While teaching if you realise that what you have taught is not correct, you should

Ans:- Tell the students that it was a mistake and correct .

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