U.P.S.C.Civil Services Preliminary Examination 2008

By | March 28, 2019

Download Solved Exam Paper General Studies Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination 2008

This Exam, Held on 2008.This Exam. paper total 200 in marks which are completed in two Hours.The questions will be of multiple choice, objective type.The preliminary examination shall now comprise of two compulsory papers of 200 marks each and of two hours each.

Download Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination


Ques:- With which one of the following is BRIT (Government of India) engaged?

Ans:- Isotope Technology

Ques:-  Wherre was the first  desalination plants in India toproduce one lakh  litres fresh water per day based on low temperature thermal desalination principle commissioned?

Ans:- Kavartti

Ques:- How is the United National Monetary and Finacial Conference where in the agreement were signed to set up IBRD, GATT and IMF, commenly known ?

Ans:- Bretton Woods Conference

Ques:- Under which one of the following Constitution Amendment Acts, four language were added to the languages under the Eighth Schudule of the Consititution of India, Thereby raising their number to 22?

Ans:- Constitution (Ninety-second Amendment) Act

Ques:- Where was the World Summit on Sustainable Development (Rio+10) held?

Ans:- Johannesburg

Ques:- Amongst the following States, which one has the highest  percentage of rural population to its total population(on the basis of the census, 2001)?

Ans:- Himachal Pradesh 

Ques:- Which two countries follow China and India in the decreasing order of their population?

Ans:- USA and Indonesia

Ques:- Among the Indian language, which one is spoken maximum in the world after Hindi?

Ans:- Bengali

Ques:- Who among the following discovered heavy water?

Ans:- H.C. Urey

Ques:- Kim Dae-jung won the Nobel Prize for Peace. He is form which one of the following countries?

Ans:- South Korea

Ques:- Ogaden region has been a source of conflic between which countries?

Ans:- Ethiopia And Somalia

Ques:- Near which of the cities are Palitana Temples located?

Ans:- Bhavnagar

Ques:- Which one of the countries following won the Euro Football Tournament,2004 held in Portugal?

Ans:- Greece

Ques:- In order of their distance fron the sun, which of the following planets  lie between Mars and Uranus?

Ans:- Jupiter  and Saturn

Ques:- Cristina Kirchner  succeedes her husband to become Prisident of a South American country. Which is that country?

Ans:- Argentina

Ques:- Who was the viceroy of India when the Rowlatt Act was passed?

Ans:-Lord Chelmsford

Ques:- In the year 2007, an earthquake led to massive radioactive water leakage in the largest nuclear plant in the world. In whuch country did itoccur?


Ques:-What is the approximate percentage of persons above 65 years of age in India’s current population?

Ans:- 5-6%

Ques:- which one of the following is a spacecraft?

Ans:- Cassini

Ques:- In which one of the following locations is the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) projecrt to be built?

Ans:- Southern France

Ques:- What is the purpose of US Space Agency’s Themis Mission, which wa recently in the news?

Ans:- To study the colourful display of high latitude skies

Ques:- Out of all the Biosphere Reserves in India, four have been recognized on the World Network by UNESCO. Which one of the following is not of them?

Ans:- Kanchenjunga

Ques:- What is Agent Orange?

Ans:- A weed-killing chemical used by the US Military in the Vietnam War

Ques:- Which one of the following suggestedte reconsititution of the Viceroy’s Executive Concil in which all the portfolios including that of War Members were to be held by the Indian leaders?

Ans:- Cabinet Mission

Ques:- During the Indian Freedom Struggle, who of the following raised an army called Free Indian Legion?

Ans:- Subhas Chandra Bose

Ques:- The term  Prisoner’s Dilemma” is associated with which one of the following?

Ans:- A situation under the Game  Theory

Ques:- During the time of which Mughal Emperor did the English East India Compan establish its first factory in India?

Ans:- Jahangir

Ques:- Who among the following rejeted the title of Knighthood and refused to accept a position in the Council of the seretary of State for India?

Ans:- GK Gokhale

Ques:- Which  one of the following straits is nearest to International Date Line?

Ans:- Bering strait

Ques:- Which  one of the cities is nearest tothe equator?

Ans:- Singapore

Ques:- On which one of the following rivers is the Tehri Hydropower Complex located?

Ans:- Bhagirathi

Ques:- What does Baudhayan theorem (Baudhayan Sulva Sutra) related to?

Ans: Lengths of sides of a right-angled triangle

Ques:- Which one of the following is the largest (areawise) Lok Shabha constituency?

Ans:- Ladakh

Ques:- For India, China, the UK and the USA, which one of the following  is the correct sequence of the median age of their populations?

Ans:- India<China<UK<USA

Ques:-Ebraham Alkazi is an eminent personality in which one of the following areas?

Ans:- Theatre training

Ques:- Bimbavati Devi is a well-known dancer of which type of dance?

Ans:- Manipuri

Ques:- How is Sarosh Zaiwalla well-known as?

Ans:- A leading international legal expert

Ques:- Where are Topovan andVishnugarh Hydroelectric Projects located?

Ans:- Uttarakhand

Ques:- Who among the following gave a systematic critique of the moderate politics of the Indian National Congress ia a series of articles entitled New Lamps for Old?

Ans:- Aurobindo Ghose

Ques:- Who among the following used the phrase ‘Un-British’ to criticize the English colonial control of India?

Ans:- Dadabhai Naoroji

Ques:- Among the following, which one lays eggs and does not produce young ones directly?

Ans:- Echidna

Ques:- The release of which one of the following into ponds and wells helps in controlling the mosquitoes?

Ans:- Gambusia fish

Ques:- Which Schedule of the Constitution of India contains special provisions for the administrationand control of Scheduled Areas is several States?

Ans:- Fifth

Ques:- Department of Border Management is a

Department of which one of the following Union Minister?

 Ans:- Ministry of Home Affairs

Ques:- For which one of the following reforms was a commission set up under the Chairmanship of Veerappa Moily by the Governmentof India?

Ans:- Administrative Reforms

Ques:- Elizabeth Hawley is well-known for her writting relating to which one of the following?

Ans:- Himalayan expenditions

Ques:- In India, how many States share the coasline?


Ques:- Nobel Prize winning scientist James D. Watson is Known for his work in which are ?

Ans:- Genetics

Which one among the folloing has the maximum numberof NationalParks?

Ans:- Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Ques:- Among the following, which one is not an ape?

Ans:- Langur

Ques:- There are 6 different letters and 6 correspondingly addressed envelopes.If the letters are randomly put in the envelopes, what is the probability that exactly 5 letters go into the correctly addressed envelops?

Ans :- Zero

Ques:- What does S & P 500 relate to?

Ans:- An index of stocks of large companies

Ques:- Who among  the following has been the Captain of the Indian team in Cricket Test  Matches for the maximum number of times?

Ans:- Saurav Ganguly

Ques:- Who among the following wrote the poem, Subh-eAzadi?

Ans:- Faiz, Ahmed Faiz

Ques:- How can the height of a persons who is six feet be expressed (approximately) in nanometres?

Ans:-183 x 107  nanometres

Ques:- A persons is sitting in a car which is at rest. The reaction from the road at each of the four wheels of the car is R. When the car runs on a straight level road, how will the reaction at either of the front wheels vary?

Ans:- It will be equal to R.

Ques:- With which one of the following rivers is the omkareshwar Project associated?

Ans:- Narmada

Ques:- In the context of the Indian defence, what is “Dhruv”?

Ans:- Advanced light helicopter

Ques:- ‘Hand -in- Hand 2007’ a joint anti-terrorism military training was held by the officers of the Indian Army and officers of Army  of which one of the following countries?

Ans:- China

Ques:- In which one of the following is Malta located?

Ans:- Mediterranean Sea

Ques:- ISRO successfully conducted a rocket test using cryogenic engines in the year 2007. Where is the test-stand used for the purpose, located?

Ans:-   Mahendragiri

 Ques:- C. Rangarajan  has been actively involved in the Pan-Asian Commission addressing to which one of the following in the issues?

Ans:- Impact of HIV/AIDS in the Asian region

Ques:- What is the pH level of blood of a normal person?

Ans:-  7.35-7.45

Ques:-  Which was the Capital of Andhra state when it was made a separate State in the year 1953?

Ans:- Kurnool

Ques:- Which of the following is correct in respect of India football team’s performance in the Olympic Games?

Ans:- India entered the Semi Final

Ques:-   In which one of the following States are Namchik-Namphuk Coalfields located?

Ans:- Arunachal Pradesh

Ques:-  Norman Ernest Borlaug who is regarded as the father of the Green  Revolution in India is Form which country?

Ans:- United States of America

Ques:-  Yom  Kipper War   was fought between  which sides/countries?

Ans:- Israel, and  Arab countries led  by Egypt and Syria

Ques:- Carpenter A can make a chair in 6 hours, carpenter B in 7 hours and carpenter C in 8 hours. If each carpenter works for 8 hours per day, how many chairs will be made in 21 days?

Ans:- 73

Ques:- A persons purchases 100 pens at a discount of 10%. The net amount of money spent by the persons to purchase the pens  is Rs 600. The selling expenses incurred by the  person are 15% on the net cost price. What should be the selling price for 100 pens in order to earn a profit of 25%?

As:- 862.50

A scholteacher has to select the maximum possible number of different groups of 3 students out of a total of 6 students. In how many groups any particular student will be included?

Ans:- 10

Ques:- In an examination, 70% of the students passed in the paper II.15% of the students failed in both the papers while 270 stdents passed  in  both the papers while 270 students passed in both the papers. What is the total number of 4 students?

 Ans:- 600

Ques:- What is Bisphenol A (BPA)?

Ans:- A chemical used for  the development of food- packaging materials

Ques:- March 1,2006, the goveronment of India notified the Rural Electrification Policy. This policy aims at provision of access to all households by which year?

Ans:- 2009

Ques:- As per Indis’s National Population Policy, 2000, by which one of the following years is it our long-term objective to achieve population stabilization?

Ans:- 2045

Ques:- Which one of te following Union Ministries is implementing the Biodiesel Mission (as Nodal Ministry)?

Ans:- Ministry of rural Development

Ques:-  What is the name of the scheme which provides training and skill to women in traditional and Non-traditional trades?

Ans:- Swayamsiddha

Ques:- Which one of the following is the correct sequence in respect of the Roman numerals-C,D,L and M?

Ans:-L > C > D > M

Ques:- Who among the following scientists shared the Nobel Prize in Physics with his son?

Ans:- William Henry Bragg

Ques:- Who among the following traslated the Autobiography of Madam Curie in Hindi?

Ans:- Lal Bahadur Shastri

Ques:- Among the following, Which one has the minimum population on the basis of Data of Censis of India, 2001?

Ans:- Sikkim

Ques:- Which one of the following laser types is used in a lase printer?

Ans;- Dye laser

Ques:- What are Rubies and Sapphires chemically known as?

Ans:- Aluminium oxide

 Ques:- Which one of the following is also Stranger Gas?

Ans:- Xenon

Ques:- Mixture of which one of the following pairs of gases is the cause of occurrence of most of the explosions in mines?

Ans:- Methane and air

Ques:- Which one of the pairs of metals constitutes the lightest metal and the heaviest metal, respectively?

Ans:- Lithium and osmium

Ques:- How many is one barrel of oil approximetaly equal to?

Ans:- 159 litres

Ques:- Who among the following Gandhian followers was a teacher by profession?


Ques:- Which one of the following was ajournal brought out by Abdul Kalam Azad?

Ans:- Al-Hilal

Ques:- Where was the first Session of the Indian National Congress held in December 1885?

Ans:- Bombay

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