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Himachal Pradesh s.s.b. Dharmashala .conduct the tet exam in September month. tet is the teacher eligibility test. whoes students passed this exam which able to appoint a teacher in the sch00l.

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  1. Which metal was first used by the humans among the Following         Ans:- Copper
  2. Which God was worshipped by the people of Indus Valley ?

Ans:- pashupati

  1. Who established the “Four Math” (religions centre) in four cornor of India :

Ans:- Sankrachrya

  1. Which religious Sikh Guru established the city of Amritsar :

Ans:-Guru Ram Dass

  1. Who was the first leader to declare Mahatma Gandhi as “Father of Nation” ?

Ans:-Subash Chandra Bose

  1. In which session “Tri Colour’ was accepted as Indian National Flag:

Ans:- In Lahor Congress

  1. Where is the capital of Assam State ?

Ans:- Dispur

  1. Where is the longest railway platform is situated in India ?

Ans:- Khargpur

  1. The newsprint paper is obtained from which state in India ?

Ans:- Nepanagar M.P.

  1. Garbha and Dandia are the main Folk Dances of which state ;

Ans:- Gujrat

  1. Which planet is nearer to Earth in solar system ?

Ans:- Venus

  1. Which country is maximum producer of banana in the world ?


  1. Which is the longest river in India ?

Ans:- Ganga

  1. “Kanha National Park” is situated in which state ?

Ans:-Madhya Pradesh

  1. Which city is having maximum population in India ?

Ans:- Mumbai

  1. Which among the following was the great centre of trade and commerce in India in the Gupta period :

Ans:- Tamralipti

  1. Which state is having maximum population of schedule tribe (S.T) In India?

Ans:-Madhya Pradesh

  1. In which articales the directive principles of state policies are mentioned in Constitution :

Ans:- 36-51

  1. In which list the “Education subject”mentioned in Indian constitution:

Ans:- Concurrent list

  1. Which Prime Minister of India did not face the Parliament ?

Ans:- Chaudhary Charan Singh

  1. Which veda is known as “Veda of Melogies” in india ;

Ans:- Samved

  1. Dada Sahib Phaleka award is given for outstanding contribution in the field of ———

Ans:- Cinema

  1. In India who adopted English as Medium of education ?

Ans:-  Lord willian Bentic

  1. In Slave Dynasty which Ruler adopted “Blood Versus Blood” (Iron& unity) policy ro finish their opponent ?

Ans:- Balban

  1. In Buddhist Religion after the enlightment where the Mahatma Budha delivered his first sermon

Ans:- Sarnath

  1. In Mugal period which Empror established “Din-e-Ellahi” ?

Ans:- Akbar

  1. Where is the birth place of last Guru of Sikha Sh. Guru Govind Singh?

Ans:-Patna Sahib

  1. Who was the first Governer General of Independent India ?

Ans:-Chakravarti Raj Gopalachari

  1. Who established “Arya Samaj” at Bombay in 1875 of the—-

Ans:-Swami Dayanand Sarswati

  1. The founder of Muslim league Mohammad Ali Jinnah when damanded Pakistan as separate Muslim country:

Ans:- 1940

  1. In personality id,Ego,and Super –Ego related to ;


  1. Thorndike propagated ;

Ans:- Trial and error theory

  1. Delinquent children are classified as :

Ans:-Socially exceptional

  1. Development of language in children,according to B.F. Skinner, is the result of :

Ans:-Imitation and reinforcement

  1. Nikhal fail in the examination and attributes his failure to the framing of the faulty question paper. Which defence mechanism does he use ?


  1. Which is a measure of location ?

Ans:- Percentile

  1. Which theories is not most quantitatively measurable ?

Ans:-Skinner’s theory

  1. Which is the most effective reinforcement schedule according to operant conditioning theory of learning for stable learning ?

Ans:- Variable ratio reinforcement

  1. A child who has unusual difficulty in oral instruction may have the impairment;

Ans:- Hearing impairment

  1. Perception, retention, recall and recognition related to :

Ans:- Memory level Learning

  1. Reasoning is —————–thinking in which previous experiences are organized or combined in new ways to solve a problem:


  1. Which of the following is not characteristic of childhood period ?

Ans:-Exuberance of Aspirations, ambition and imaginations

  1. Thematic Apperception Test related to :



  1. Which of following is not the projective technique of personality ?

Ans:-The stanford Binet Test

  1. The role of unconscious increative thinking is known as the process of;


  1. Which is the correct order of ‘product’ given by guilford ?

Ans:-Units, classes, Relations.Systems,Transformations, Implications

  1. A positive or negative environmental atimulus that motivates behaviour :

Ans:- Albert Bandura

  1. Which of the following assumptions regarding congnive development did piaget suggest :

Ans:- Empiricist

  1. Truancy is ——————

Ans:- Backwardness

  1. Learning is a process of progressive ——————–

Ans:- Behaviour

  1. Who said, “Heredity is a sum total of inborn individual traits” ?

Ans:- B.N. Jha

  1. Law of continuity of Germ Plasm, law of Resemblance, law of Variation and law of Regression related to ;

Ans:- Law of Heredity

  1. Who is the father of Project method in teaching ?

Ans:- Kilpatrick

  1. Who said, “Adolescence is period of storm and strain”?

Ans:- Stanley Hall

  1. Arousal, expectancy,incentive and punishment are related to :

Ans:-Factors accounting for motivation

  1. Intelligence Group factor theory is propoundedf by :

Ans:- Thurston

  1. Binet- Simon Intelligence test is related to :

Ans:- Individual Verbal Test

  1. Endomorphic, Mesomorphic and Ectomorphic are related to :

Ans:- Sheldon’s classification of personality

  1. AMPHOTERIC OXIDE Rect with ————–

Ans;-Acid and Base

  1. In amulgumalloy one of the metal is ———————-

Ans ;-Hg

  1. ‘SOLDER’ is the alloy of ———————

Ans:-Pb +Sn

  1. —————-is used for the welding of railway tracks;

Ans:- Fe2O3 +AL

  1. Heating up of sulphide ore in the presence of air at high temperature is called ———–


  1. Cinnabar is the ore of —————

Ans:- Hg

  1. For making ornaments of gold, it is mixed with —————-

Ans:- Copper or Silver

  1. Earthy impurities of sand and clay associated with ore called ———————-

Ans ;-Gangue

  1. Aqua regia is the fresh mixture of concentrated hydrochloric acid and concentrated nitric acid in the ratio- ——————————-

Ans ;-3:1

  1. ———————–is a non metal which is liquid :


  1. Main component of CNG is ————————:

Ans ;- Methane

  1. In electrolytic refining impure metal is made :


  1. Vinegar is —————-% aqueous solution of acetic acid :

Ans:- 3-4%

  1. Molecules of soaps are the —————and ———–salts of long chain carboxylic acids:

Ans :-Na,K

73 . Respiration is an/a ——– process :

Ans:- Exothermic

  1. Chemical formula of slaked lime is ———————


  1. Isobars are the atoms which have ————-mass number but ———–atomic number :

Ans:- Different, same

  1. Electron and proton were discovered by_____________and ————————-repectively:

Ans:- J.J Thomson, E Goldstein

  1. Isotope of which element is used for the treatment of cancer ?

Ans:- Cobalt

  1. Solution of which compound is used for white wash ?

Ans:- CaO

  1. Which gas is filled in filled in the packed of chips?

Ans:- N2

  1. Litmus is obtained from which plant ?


  1. Atmosphere of which planet is made up of clouds of SULPURIC ACID ;


  1. Which acid is present in ant bite ?


  1. BAKING POWDER is the mixture of :

Ans:- Baking Soda+Tartatic Acid

  1. The pH value of acid rain is ————–

Ans:-Less than 5.6

  1. Which metal melts in human hand ?


  1. Which of the following compound can be used to prevent souring of milk ?


  1. Which of the following is the 1 st5 nuclear reactor set up in India in 1956 ?

Ans:- Apsra

  1. ‘Twinkling of stars’ is based on which phenomenon :

Ans:-Refraction of light

  1. When gas in a vessel expand, its internl energy decreases. Thebprocess involved is:

Ans:- Adiabatic

  1. Dolphines, bats and porposes produce which type of vwaves (sound);


  1. In the inner ear the pressure variations are turned into electrical signals by :

Ans:- Cochlea

  1. Which type of energy is stored in capacitor :

Ans:- Electrical energy

  1. The phenomenon of polarisation of light indicates that :

Ans:-Light is transverse wave

  1. For whichof following the stopping potential is minimum?

Ans:-Red light

  1. Which of following spectral series in hydrogen atom give spectral line of 4860 degree A ?


  1. Number of circles that can be drawn through three non-collinear points is ;

Ans:- 1

  1. Sum of two irrational numbers :

Ans:- Is an irrational number

  1. The next term of sequence 1,9,36,100,225 is ——————


  1. The average of first nine multiples of 3 is :


  • 100   The first Prime number is:


  1. How many three digit numbers are divisible by 7=?


  • 102  Median of first prime number is ;



In this paper cover all important things likes general awareness,current affairs & environmental studies,child psychology and development, pedagogy, teaching learning processes,chemistry & physics mathematics.All questions are very general and logical.

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