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By | April 9, 2017

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This paper of staff nurse held on March 2012. In this test many important question asked which are very important in other competition exam.

All the questions are related to medical field. All questions are related to general medical science which are very important which students who are face many kind of screening test like staff nurse, pharmacist, Ayurvedic Pharmacist, Female health workers.

Important Questions Of General  Medical Science

Ques:- At which point pain occur in appendicitis ?

Ans:- Mc Burney’s point

Ques:- Which drug should be avoided in peptic ulcer ?

Ans:- Ibuorofen

Ques:- In which condition paradoxical respiration occurs ?

Ans:- Flail Chest

Ques:- Which is the antidote for heparin ?

Ans:- Protamine sulfate

Ques:- “Hospice” is the treatment concept for :-

Ans:- Terminally ill cancer patients, Cardiac patients, Potassium chloride

Ques:- “Powerhouse” of the human cell is ;

Ans:- Mitochondria

Ques:- Transformation of one type of cell into another type is called

Ans:- Metaplasia

Ques:- “Sinoatrial node” is located in which part of the heart ?

Ans:- Right atrium

Ques:- The number of thoracic vertebrae in human being is :

Ans:- 12

Ques:-  Blood groups were first discovered by

Ans:- Karl Landsteiner

Ques:- Normal platelet count in human being is :

Ans:- 100000 – 400000

Ques:- Tissue reaction is highest with which of the following suturing materials ?

Ans:- Chromic catgut

Ques:- Patient is at risk to develop the vitamin deficiency in chronic gastritis :

Ans:- Vitamin B12

Ques:- Which is the symptom of the duodenal ulcer ?

Ans:- Pain is relieved by food intake

Ques:- PAP Test should be advised for –

Ans:- Cervical cancer

Ques:- Gastric lavage tube is used for

Ans;- Removal of toxic substances from the stomach

Ques:- In which procedure lithotomy position can be provided ?

Ans:- Perineal and vaginal surgery

Ques:- Which disorder is treated by the platelets ?

Ans:- Thrombocytopenia

Ques:- High residue or high fibre diet should be given except one

Ans:- Hypertension

Ques:- Which food item should be avoided in gout ?

Ans:- Liver

Ques:- Maximum duration of suctioning at one time is

Ans:- 10 seconds

Ques:- Insensible fluid loss commonly occur through

Ans:- Skin

Ques:- In order to lower the melting point of ice what should be added ?

Ans:- Salt

Ques:- Foe collection of a specimen of urine it should be :

Ans:- Early morning specimen

Ques:- If a wrong medicine is given

Ans:- Inform physician

Ques:- Oral iron preparations should be given

Ans:- In between the meal

Ques:- If a nurse observes signs and symptoms of blood transfusion reaction, she should

Ans:- Stop the blood transfusion and inform to physician

Ques:- The method of taking temperature of an unconscious patient is by :

Ans:- Axilla

Ques:- Soap and water enema is a form of :

Ans:- Cleansing enema

Ques:- The method of applying medication to the skin is known as

Ans:- Inunction

Ques:- Difference between apical and radial pulse is called

Ans:- Pulse deficit

Ques:- Blood stain should be removed by

Ans:- Boric solution

Ques:- All are comfort devices except

Ans:- Makintosh

Ques:- Mercury is used in a thermometer because

Ans:- It does not stick to the sides of thermometer

Ques:- Cholera patient will pass

Ans:- Rice water stools

Ques:- The scientific principle used in bowel wash is

Ans:- Diffusion

Ques:- What type of bandage should be used to hold perineal dressing in position ?

Ans:- “T” bandage

Ques:- Coughing up of the blood is known as

Ans:- Malaena

Ques:- Foot drop can prevented in the bed to patient by the use of

Ans:- Splint

Ques:- The rhythm of the pulse is

Ans:- Spacing of the beats

Ques;- Blood in sputum is called

Ans:- Haemoptysis

Ques:- Examination of the ear is done with the help of

Ans;- Otoscope

Ques:- The enamel of the tooth is destroyed by

Ans:- Acid media

Ques:- Dark and tarry stool are known as

Ans:- Melaena

Ques:- For collecting sterile specimen of urine it should be collected from

Ans:- First stream

Ques:- Artificial feeding is also known as

Ans:- Gavage

Ques:- Which of the following is not a parameter for “Glasgow Coma Scale “ ?

Ans:- Papillary response

Ques:- ‘Bleeding gums’is a feature of deficiency of which of the following vitamins ?

Ans:- Vitamin C

Ques:- Alfred Binet is associated with

Ans;- Personality Testing

Ques:- Which of the following medicines is useful in the treatment of organophosphorus poisoning ?

Ans:- Atropine

Ques:- Which of the following medicines is useful for reducing raised intracranial pressure ?

Ans:- I.V. Mannitol

Ques;- In case of hyperthyroidism, which of the following is increased ?

Ans:- T3, T4, TSH

Ques:- Which of the following is not an essential amino acid ?

Ans:- Arginine

Ques:- Of the following type of insulin, which is the most rapid acting ?

Ans:- Regular

Ques:- Deficiency of Vitamin D in body may lead to

Ans:- Rickets

Ques:- Total loss of speech is termed as

Ans:- Aphonia

Ques:- Deficiency of calcium in blood may lead to

Ans:- Tetany

Ques:- Biological Death occure after how much time of cardiac arrest ?

Ans:- 10 minutes

Ques:- Blood clot contains………………………

Ans:- Blood cells and fibrin

Ques:- Contraction of blood vessels is called

Ans;- Serotonin

Ques:- Skin is waterproof due to

Ans:- Keratin

Ques:- Exact meaning of Anaemia is

Ans:- Deficiency of blood

Ques:- Function of pancreas is

Ans:- To help in digestion , to secrete insulin hormone

Ques:- Colour of single Red Blood Cell is

Ans:- Yellow

Ques:- Vomiting centre of body is………………

Ans:- Medulla oblongata

Ques:- Which organ is called heat regulating centre of body ?

Ans:- Hypothalamus

Ques:- Psychoanalysis includes all of these except………………

Ans:- De-association, Analysis of transference, Exploring expressed thoughts

Ques:- Out of total body weight, the amount of blood is

Ans:- 1/12th

Ques:- Time taken by the digested food to reach small intestine is……………

Ans:- 4 hours

Ques:- Normal amount of saliva secreted per day is …………….

Ans:- 3 litres

Ques:- Quantity of food stored in stomach is……………..

Ans:- 1.5 litres

Ques:- The bone in the body that is not in connection with another bone is ………………

Ans:- Hyoid bone

Ques:- Stomach produces how much amount of gastric juice per day ?

Ans:- 1.5 litres

Ques:- Which is thew largest organ of the digestive system ?

Ans:- Small intestine

Ques:- Hair grows at a rate of ………………

Ans:- 0.5 mm/day

Ques:- Cenophobia is a type of phobia due to………………..

Ans:- Open space

Ques:- Which vein should be used for administering PN (Parenteral nutritia) ?

Ans:- Subclavian vein

Ques:- ‘Tetany’ can be produced by which of the following electrolyte

disturbance ?

Ans:- Hypocalcemia

Ques:- “Klebs Loeffler bacillus” is the name of which of the following bacteria ?

Ans:- Corynebacterium diphtheria

Ques:- Which of the following is not a species of Plasmodium parasite ?

Ans:- Plasmodium mexicana

Ques:- Life cycle of malarial parasite was first described by

Ans:- Ronald Ross

Ques:- Which of the following is recommended along with intravenous administration of Quinine Sulphate for treatment of melaria ?

Ans:- Glucose

Ques:- “MMR vaccine” provides protection against all of the following diseases except

Ans:- Meningococcal meningitis

Ques:- HIV virus belongs to which of the following groups ?

Ans:- Retro virus

Ques:- Which of the following diseases is not transmitted by airborne droplets ?

Ans:- Polio myelitis

Ques:- Which infecting serotype of dengue virus is most dangerous ?

Ans:- Type – 2

Ques:- According to national immunization schedule, immunization for how many disease is done in infants ?

Ans:- 7

Ques:- The diagnosis investigation for typhoid fever is

Ans:- Widal Test

Ques:- Muscle wasting disease is

Ans:- TB

Ques:- The vaccine of Rabies comes under

Ans:- Inactivated or killed vaccines

Ques:- The vaccine DPT stands for

Ans:- Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus

Ques:- The administration of Measles of Measles vaccine at the time of

Ans:- 9 months

Ques:- National Tuberculosis Programme launched in the year

Ans:- 1985

Ques:- How many tablets are recommended by WHO for presumptive treatment of the malaria ?

Ans:- 4 Tablets

Ques:- In the following diseases, the longest incubation period is for

Ans:- Mumps

Ques:- Vaccines in PHC are preserved in

Ans:- Cold Box

Ques:- Iron deficiency anaemia is caused by

Ans:- Hook worm

Ques:- Which vaccine is not included in National Immunization Schedule ?

Ans:- Typhoid

Ques:- To treat anaemia………… given along with iron preparation.

Ans:-Vitamin C

Ques:- Chemical which is used for purification of water is

Ans:- Potassium Nitrate

Ques:- Who is the father of Indian Surgery ?

Ans:- Susruta

Ques:- “MMR” vaccine is given on

Ans:- 20th month]

Ques:- When the multipurpose worker scheme was launched ?

Ans:- 1974

Ques:- When the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) was launched ?

Ans;- 5th March ,2005

Ques:- ‘MMR’ vaccine means

Ans:- Mumps, Measles and Rubella

Ques:- Which of the following programme launched in 1995 in India ?

Ans:- Pulse Polio Immunization Programme

Ques:- Which of the following vaccine prepared to protect from Tuberculosis ?

Ans:- BCG

Ques:- What is ASHA?

Ans:- Accredited Social Health Activist

Ques:- When the Janani Suraksha Yojna was launched ?

Ans:- 12 April, 2005

Ques:- How many population is covered by a Community Health Centre (CHC) ?

Ans:- 50000 to 80000

Ques:- How much population is covered by a subcentra ?

Ans:- 5000

Ques:- In which year the Indian Red Cross Society was established ?

Ans:- 1920

Ques:- When the village Health Guide was introduced ?

Ans:- 2nd October , 1977

Ques:- What is disinfection process ?

Ans:- Destroying micro-organisms excluding spores

Ques:- Mortality rate means

Ans:- Crude death rate

Ques:- Case control study is also known as

Ans:- Retrospective studies

Ques:- When UIP (Universal Immunization Programme) was launched ?

Ans:- November, 1985

Ques:- What is the interval between 1st and 2nd  dose of DPT and OPV ?

Ans:- Not less than one month

Ques:- Vitamin A is given at

Ans:- 9th month, 18th month, 24th month, 30th month and 36th month

Ques:- Eligible couple means

Ans:- Currently married couple wherein the wife is in the reproductive age i.e. 15 to 45 years.

Ques:- What are natural methods of family planning ?

Ans:- Safe period, Breast feeding

Ques:- Secretion from mother’s breast following delivery is called

Ans:- Sequestrum

Ques:- Switching from mother’s breast milk to normal feeding in infants is called

Ans:- Weaning

Ques:- During pregnancy,deficiency of which of the following leads to neural tube defects ?

Ans:- Folic Acid

Ques:- During which stage of labour, placenta is delivered ?

Ans:- 3rd

Ques:- After delivery, which of the following medicines can be used to suppress lactation ?

Ans:- Bromocriptine

Ques:- In premature labour, which of the following medicines is used for the newborn ?

Ans:- Dexamethasone

Ques:- Which abdominal grip is used to assess the descent of head in a pregnant woman ?

Ans:- Pelvic – 2

Ques:- After delivery breastfeeding shou;d be given

Ans:- As early as possible

Ques:- Most widely used contraceptive method is

Ans:- Sterilization

Ques:- Gestational sac can be seen in Sonagraphy during

Ans:- 5 to 6 weeks

Ques:- Total number of chromosomes in ovum is

Ans:- 23

Ques:- In the Labour Episiotomy is done in

Ans:- 2nd stage

Ques:- During pregnancy rate of oxygen consumption increases by

Ans:- 20 – 30 %

Ques:- Pregnant uterus becomes abdominal organ in…………………..weeks.

Ans:- 12

Ques:- Implantation occurs in the uterus on the…………………….

Ans:- 4th day

Ques:- Which of the following Gas is used in Laparoscopy ?

Ans:- CO2

Ques:- The total weight gain in normal pregnancy is

Ans:- 11 kg

Ques:- Contraindication in threatened abortion is

Ans:- Enema

Ques:- Threatened abortion is bleeding before

Ans:- 28th week of pregnancy

Ques:- If mother gets Rubella after 4th month of pregnancy, her baby will be

Ans:- Mentally retarded

Ques:- The blood vessels in the umbilical cord consists of

Ans:- 2 arteries and 1 vein

Ques:- 100 gms of human milk contains

Ans:- 7 gms of sugar

Ques:- The safest method of termination of pregnancy before 12 weeks is

Ans:- Dilatation and curettage

Ques:- The term ‘epicentra’ is associated with

Ans:- Earthquakes


Prepare these all questions carefully because all type of competiton exam or screening test 5 to 10 general medical science questions are asked.

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