Solved Exam. Paper H.A.S. General Studies 2005

By | November 14, 2017

Download H.A.S. Exam. Paper General Studies 2005

This paper held on 2005.This paper shall be of 200 marks and there shall be 100 objective type (Multiple choice questions from the syllabus of history, geography, political art 7 culture and socio economic development of Himachal Pradesh. Current events of national and international importance.History of India and Indian national movement Indian and World Geography social, economic geography of India and world.

Download H.A.S. Solved Paper General Study 2005

Ques:-Nobel laureats Saul Vello, who died recently was the native of

Ans:- USA

Ques:- Who is the author of controversial book “Dwikhnandita” ?

Ans:-Taslima Nasreen

Ques:-Which is the longest Dam in the world ?

Ans:- Hirakud Dam

Ques:-Which country is well known for the diamond cutting industry ?

Ans:- Belgium

Ques:-What is the present stage of the Vesuvious volcano (in Italy) ?

Ans:- Active volcano (Last 3 Erruptions 1872, 1906, 1944)

Ques;- Which is the most important raw material for power generation in India ?

Ans:- Coal (Thermal Energy )

Ques:- What is the major source of irrigation in India ?

Ans:- Wells and tubewells

Ques:- Mustard is the crop of

Ans:- Rabi Season

Ques:-  Brazil comes under the category of

Ans:- Developing countries

Ques:- Which atomic power station in India is completely Indigenously built ?

Ans:- Indira Gandhi Nuclear Power Station, Kalpakkam (Tamilnadu)

Ques:- Which river will provide the largest quantity of its surplus water for the Telgu – Ganga Project ?

Ans:- Krishana

Ques:- Where is located the headquarter of European Union ?

Ans:- Brussels (Belgium)

Ques:- Crescograph is a device for measuring growth in plants.Who invented it ?

Ans:- Jagdish Chandra Bose, A Bengali Indian Scientist

Ques:- Which is the most densely populated area in the world ?

Ans:- South East Asia

Ques:- Which country is building the Beglihar Dam on Chenab river ?

Ans:- India

Ques:- What is chandrayan-1 ?

Ans:- India’s first space craft to be ent to the Moon

Ques:- Who is the author of the famous drama St. Joan ?

Ans:-George Bernard Shaw

Ques:-What was the ‘Phukan Commission’ inquiring into ?

Ans:-Some shedy defense purchase deals

Ques:-Who is Silvio Berlusconi ?

Ans:-Italian Prime Minister

Ques:-Who is Zacarias Moussaoui ?

Ans:- A terrorist involved in the attack on the world trade centre in the USA

Ques:- On whom is the book ‘Journey of a Legend’ published by the Indian council of cultural affairs (ICCR) written ?

Ans:- Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad

Ques:-In which state of India is the Tadobha Andhari Tiger Reserve Located ?

Ans:- Maharashtra

Ques:- With which style of dance is Sonal Man Singh, the Chairperson of the Sangeet Natak Akademi, associated ?

Ans;- Odissi

Ques:- Why is John wright in news ?

Ans:- For quitting as coach of Indian cricket Team

Ques:- What is John wright in news ?

Ans:- For quitting as coach of Indian Cricket Team

Ques:- What is the M.K. Mukerjee Commission inquiring into ?

Ans:- Death of Ntta Ji Subhash Chandra Bose

Ques:- To which country does Elton John the famous pop singer belong ?

Ans:- Britain

Ques:- Who has been elected Vice-President of the Interim Government in Iraq ?

Ans:- Adil Abdul Mehendi

Ques:- With which sport is Ronaldinho associated ?

Ans;- Football

Ques:- Which of the Russian celebrations many former constituents of the Soviet Union have refused to attend ?

Ans:- Victory of the Soviet Union over Nazi Germany

Ques:- In which country is the terrorist organization ‘Jamaah Islamia’ carrying on its violent activities ?

Ans:- Philippines

Ques:- With which sport is Bula Choudhary associated ?

Ans:- Swimming

Ques:- For what is the Himachal Pradesh Government seeking the help of the USA based Robbins company ?

Ans:- Tunnel Building

Ques:- Which business house is Vivek Paul ranked among 30 most respected chief executive offers, serving now ?


Ques:- Which film has been partly shot inside the jim corbett National Park ?

Ans:- Kaal

Ques:- Which leader has refused to join the interim government of Iraq ?

Ans:- Lyad Allawi

Ques:- Who was Terry Schiavo ?

Ans:- A brain damaged American girl wishing to die voluntarily

Ques:- What is G-20 ?

Ans:- A group of poor developing countries

Ques:- Who is elected as the Prime Minister of Britain for the third term of office ?

Ans:- Tonny Blair

Ques:- How were the members of the constituent assembly chosen ?

Ans:- Mainly elected by provincial Assemblies

Ques:- Who was the Prime Minister of Britain When India became Independent ?

Ans:- Clement Attlee

Ques:- Which princely state joined the Indian Union as a result of plediscite after India was granted Independence ?

Ans:- Junagarth

Ques:- What is India’sa National Bird ?

Ans:- Peacock

Ques:- Against which action of the British government did Gandhi Ji organize the Dandi March as a protest ?

Ans:- Imposition of salt tax

Ques:- To which country does the new pope Benedict XVI belongs ?

Ans:- Germany

Ques:- Who is the chairman of the committee of State Finance Ministers on VAT ?

Ans:- Asim Das Gupta

Ques:- How many Judges are there in the Internatiional Court of Justice ?

Ans:- 15

Ques:- Who is Danish Kaneria ?

Ans:- The only Hindu Cricketer in the Pakistan Cricket Team

Ques:- Who is the lifetime chairman of the institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA) ?

Ans:- Dr. Vergese Kurien

Ques:- Who was elected speaker of the Central Legislative Assembly in 1925 ?

Ans:- Vitthal Bhai Patel

Ques:- Who committed the first political murder in 1897 as part of the terrorist movement in India ?

Ans:- Chapekar brothers

Ques:- At which place did the revolutionary leader Lala Har Dyal form the ‘Ghaddar Party’ in 1914 ?

Ans:- San Francisco (USA)

Ques:- Who were the ‘Khudai Khidmatgars’ ?

Ans:- A band of non-violent freedom fighters led by khan Abdul Gaffar Khan

Ques:- In which year were Congress Ministers formed in seven provinces of India before Independence ?

Ans:- 1937 A.D.

Ques:- Who was the first general secretary of the Congress Socialist Party ?

Ans:- Jaya Prakash Naryan

Ques:- What was the slogan of the ‘Quit India Movement’ started under Mahatma Gandhi’s leadership ?

Ans:- Do or Die

Ques:- Who was the Finance minister in the Interim cabinet formed by Jawahar Lal Nehru in 1946 ?

Ans:- Liyaqat Ali Khan

Ques:- Which two leaders voted againest Mahatma Gandhi’s resolution proposing mlitant action against the British Government at the Nagpur Sesion of the Congress ?

Ans:- Madan Mohan Malvia & Mohammad Ali Jinnah

Ques:- What was the end result of the Champaran Agitation ?

Ans:- End of forcible cultivation of Indigo for the British

Ques:- In which year was the Capital of India shifted from Calcutta to Delhi ?

Ans:- 1911

Ques:- Which African Nation defeated the Italian army in 1896 ?

Ans:- Ethiopia (Abssynia)

Ques:- Where is located the Salarguni Museum ?

Ans:- Hydrabad

Ques:- Who was the main inspiration behind the anactment of the ‘Widow remarriage Act of 1856 ?

Ans:- Mahadev Gobind Ranade

Ques:- Which Governor – General tried to pass the llbert bill (1883)’ which sought to empower Indian judges to try criminal cases involving Englishmen ?

Ans:- Lord Ripon

Ques:- Who presided cover the first session of the Indian National Congress at Bombay in 1885 ?

Ans:- W.C. Banerjee

Ques:- The Pong Dam is the joint  venture of the states governments of ?

Ans:- Haryana –Punjab –Rajesthan

Ques:- Where is located the Sun Temple in India ?

Ans:- Konark (Orissa)

Ques:- Gautamiputra Satkarni was an ancient ruler of ?

Ans:- Satvahans

Ques:- Which European country presented Bombay as a dowry to Charles II of England on his marriage to princess ?

Ans:- Portugal

Ques:- Dr. Norman Borlaug, the famous agricultural scientist, received the Nobel Prize for

Ans:- Peace (in 1970 A.D.)

Ques:- In which Continent lies Uganda ?

Ans:- Africa

Ques:- In which year did Queen Elizabeth-I of England garnt the East India company a Royal Charter to carry on trade in the East ?

Ans:- 1600 A.D.

Ques:- The battle in which the British defeated the combined forces of the Nawab of Bengal, nawab of Awadh and the Moughal Emperor was fought at –

Ans:- Battle of Buxar (in 1764 A.D.)

Ques:- Which Governor General of Bengal formulated the policy of ‘Subsidiary Alliance’ ?

Ans:- Lord Welleselly

Ques:- Who was the author of the book “The Indian War of Independence” ?

Ans:- V.D.Savarkar

Ques:- In which year did Alexander land at the bank of the Vyas river ?

Ans:- 326 B.C.

Ques:- Which foreign traveller has written in detail about the glory of the Kullu state in ancient days ?

Ans:- Hiuen Tsang

Ques:- Which foreign ruler invaded Kangra in 1009 A.D. ?

Ans:- Mehmood Ghaznavi

Ques:- Which Muslim ruler constructed a mosque inside the fort of Nagarkot ?

Ans:- Jehangir

Ques:- Which ruler expanded the territory of his state after the disintegration of the Moughal empire ?

Ans:- Raja Ghamand Chand

Ques:- The treaty of Saigauli signed in 1815 resulted in

Ans:- Emergence of the British as the dominant power

Ques;- Which Governor General formulated the ‘Doctrine of Lapse’ in India ?

Ans:- Lord Daldousi

Ques:- Which princely state in Himachal Pradesh adopted a neutral attitude during the War of Independence in 1857 ?

Ans;- Rampur Bushahr

Ques:- Who was S.N. Stokes ?

Ans:- An American misslonary in Himachal Pradesh

Ques:- Who was the president of the “All India State Peoples Conference” in 1939 when the Police fired on a mob in Dhami ?

Ans:- Jawahar Lal Nehru

Ques:- In which state of Himachal Pradesh did the kissan Sabha set up an independent government in 1942 ?

Ans:- Sirmour

Ques:- In which year was the Himalayan Hill states regional council formed ?

Ans:- 1946 A.D.

Ques:- Which states were under the direct rule of the British before 1947 ?

Ans:- Kangra, Kullu, Lahaul-Spiti, Chamba, Mandi

Ques:- Which princely state initially refused to join the Indian Union when the British rule ended in India ?

Ans:- Bilaspur

Ques:- When did the Chief Commissioner’s province of Himachal Pradesh come into existence ?

Ans:- 15 April 1948

Ques;- Which princely state was merged into the part ‘c’ State of Himachal Pradesh in 1954 ?

Ans:- Bilaspur

Ques:- What was the effect of the report of the states reorganization commission on the position of the Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans:- It became a Union Territory

Ques:- What change in the shape of different states occurred when the question of the reorganization of Punjab was reopened in 1966 ?

Ans:- Punjab Hill areas merged into Himachal Pradesh

Ques:- Who was Rin Chan Sang Po ?

Ans:- A Tibetan Scholar sent to India for Buddhist Studies

Ques:- Which Ruler renovated the famous 13th century Baijnath temple in the 19th century ?

Ans:- Raja Sansar Chand

Ques:- In which year did Himachal Pradesh attain full statehood ?

Ans:- 1971

Ques:- What is Guru Ghantal ?

Ans:- A famous Buddhist Monastery in Lahaul-Spiti

Ques:- At which place is the famous Bhuri Singh museum located ?

Ans:- Chamba

Ques:- What part of the total area of Himachal Pradesh is cultivable ?

Ans:- 11%

Ques:- What is the share of Himachal Pradesh in the total National Hydro-Electric potential ?

Ans:- 25 %

Ques:-With whose collaboration is the Kol Dam being constructed ?

Ans:- India & Russia

Ques:- Which country is providing assistance to Himachal Pradesh Govt. for commercial trcut farming in Kullu Valley ?

Ans:- Norway

Ques:- In which district of Himachal Pradesh is Tea growth traditionally ?

Ans:- Kangra & Mandi

Ques:- Among Kinnaur, Pangi, Bharmourand Solan which one is not a tribal area in Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans:- Solan

Ques:- What is the percentage of schedule castes population in Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans:- 24.7%

Ques:- Who was the first to discover Shimla as a fine hill station ?

Ans:- Major Kennedy

Ques:- Which place in Himachal Pradesh is held sacred by Buddhists, Hindu & Sikhs alike ?

Ans:- Rewalsar in distt. Mandi

Ques:- Which party gained a majority in the Himachal Pradesh assembly in the general election of 1977 ?

Ans:- Janata Party

Ques;- Where is the University for Horticulture and Forestry located in Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans:- Nauni (Distt. Solan)

Ques:- Among Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Kerala which state has the largest area ?

Ans:- Himachal Pradesh

Ques:- Which river do the glacier fed streams, Bhadal & Tantagiri form ?

Ans:- Ravi

Ques:- At which place does the Beas river enter the plains ?

Ans:- Mirthal

Ques:- In which state does the Yamuna river originate ?


Ques:- Which larger river does the tributary ‘Tons’ join ?

Ans:- Yamuna

Ques:- The second permanent station setup by India in the Antarctica is named as

Ans:- Maitri

Ques:- On which longitude is the Indian standard Time based –

Ans:- 82.5 degree East

Ques:- Who discovered the Cholera bacillus ?

Ans:- Robert Koch

Ques:- At which place in India did Vasco-de-Gama land first on May20, 1498 A.D. ?

Ans:- Calicut (now called Kazikode in Kerala)

Ques:- Which planet is known as the Red Planet ?

Ans:- Mars

Ques:- Who regarded as the father of modern medicine ?

Ans:- Hippocrates

Ques:- Who was the author of the ‘Charter of American declaration of independence’ ?

Ans:- Thomas Jefferson

Ques:- In ancient India with which field was related Bhaskaracharya ?

Ans:- Mathematics

Ques:- In which country is Mohenjodaro located now ?

Ans:- Pakistan

Ques;- Who was the first person to set foot on the Moon ?

Ans:- Neil Armstrong

Ques:- The term ‘Creanly layer’ is related to

Ans:- Reservation for other Backward classes (OBC)

Ques:- With which event is the ‘Tianamen Square’ associated

Ans:- Massacre of demonstrators demanding civil liberties in China

Ques:- Which state in India’s is known for its Sandal Wood ?

Ans:- Karnatka

Ques:- Which is the main Ruling party in Bangladesh at present ?

Ans:- Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP)

Ques:- The equitorial low pressure region 5 degree North & 5 degree South of the equator is known as

Ans:- Doldrums

Ques:- With which discovery is Marie Curie associated ?

Ans:- Radium

Ques:- Diabities is caused by the malfunctioning of

Ans:- Pancreatic Gland

Ques:- Which musical instrument does Pt. Shiv Prashad Sharma play ?

Ans:- Santoor

Ques:- Among Lithunia, Kazaksthan, Armenia and Bulgaria which country was not a constituent of the erstwhile Soviet Union ?

Ans:- Bulgaria

Ques:- Which is the border town between Amritsar & Lahore ?

Ans:- Attari

Ques:- Which country is known as the ‘Land of white Elephants’ ?

Ans:- Thailand

Ques:- Which country was the worst sufferer of the onslaught of ‘Tsunami’ recently ?

Ans:- Indonesia

Ques:- Who was the founder of the Braham Samaj in 1828 AD ?

Ans:- Raja Ram Mohan Roy

Ques;- Who is the President of Afghanistan ?

Ans:- Hamid Karzai

Ques:- In which Scripture is the 40 year war between Kirat King Sambar and Aryan king Divodas described ?

Ans:- Rigveda

Ques;- Among Zanskar, Pirpanjal, Hindukush and Dhauladhar which mountain range lies outside Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans:- Hindukush

Ques:- What is Gaddi ?

Ans:- A pastoral Tribe

Ques;- Which is the rainiest place in Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans:- Dharamshala

Ques:- When was ‘Territorial Council’ formed in Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans:- 1957 A.D.

Ques:- What percent of total geographical area of Himachal Pradesh comes under forests ?

Ans:- 66.5% (37033 Sqkm)

Ques:- On which river is situated the town of Chamba ?

Ans:- Ravi

Ques:- Among Yamuna, Chenab, Beas and Jhelum which river does not flow through Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans:- Jhelum

Ques:- In which century Padam Sambhava preached Buddhism in Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans:- 8th Century

Ques:- Where is located the Tsong Po Lake in India ?

Ans:- Sikkim

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