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By | March 26, 2018

Download Central Teacher Eligibility Test Paper 2015

This exam paper are held on 20 Sep. 2015. This is the CTET Paper  II for the class VI- VII.

Download CTET Solved Paper 2015

Ques:- A teacher’s most important role in an inclusive classroom is

Ans:- To ensure that every child gets an opportunity to realize her potential

Ques:- How would you help children in your class to make changes in their concepts ?

Ans:- By giving children an opportunity to express their own understanding of the concepts

Ques:- A certificate is given to children when they read a specific number of books.In the long run this strategy might not work since

Ans:- This mught lead to children reading only for getting the certificates.

Ques:- Role of a teacher in a class is to

Ans:- Provide authentic learning situations and facilitate independent thinking in students

Ques:- Which of the following statements is most appropriate about childrens making errors ?

Ans:- Children’s errors are a window into how they think

Ques:- Assessment is an integral part of teaching learning process because

Ans:- Assessment helps the teacher to u8nderstand children’s learning and serves as a feedback for her own teaching

Ques:- “The curriculum must enable children to find their voices, nurture their curiosity-to do things, to ask questions and to pursue investigations, sharing and integrating their experiences with school knowledge – rather than their ability to reproduce textual knowledge.” National Curriculum Framework 2005, p-13

Ans:- to give plenty of opportunities to children to share their own understanding and knowledge

Ques:- To encourage children to put in efforts in their studies teachers need to

Ans:- Motivate the child

Ques:- Which one of these statements in the context of emotions, learning and motivation is most appropriate ?

Ans:- Emotions are inextricable intertwined with motivation and learning.

Ques:- Multiple choice questions assess the child’s ability to

Ans:- Recognize the correct answer

Ques:- Process of socialization does not include

Ans:- Genetic transmission

Ques:- What term/phrase does piaget use for ‘mental structures which are the building blocks of thinking ?

Ans:- Schemas

Ques:- According to Vygotsky why do children speak to themselves ?

Ans:- Children use speech to guide their actions

Ques:- Children with learning disabilities

Ans:- Have confusion between letters and alphabets that look alike

Ques:- What is Creativity ?

Ans:- Ability to identify or prepare original and divergent solutions to problems

Ques:- A lot of children in India, especially girls do household chores before coming to school and after going back from school.What do you think a teacher should do regarding homework in this context.?

Ans:- The teacher should give homework that connects the learning at school to the children’s lives at home

Ques:- In an effective classroom

Ans:- The children look up to the teacher for guidance and supports to facilitate their learning

Ques:- Presenting disconnected chunks of knowledge would

Ans:- Make it difficult for the learners to gain conceptual understanding

Ques:- Do children acquire language because they are genetically predisposed to do so or because parents intensively teach them from an early age ?This question essentially highlights

Ans:- The nature-nurture debate

Ques:- Development of the capacity for abstract scientific thinking is a characteristic of

Ans;- Formal operational stage

Ques:- A child reasons ‘You do this for me and I will do that for you.,In which stage of Kohlberg’s moral reasoning would this child fall ?

Ans:- The good boy-good girl’ orientation

Ques:- Progressive education

Ans:- Lays strong emphasis on problem solving and critical thinking

Ques:- bQuestions encouraging students to voice their individual opinions on issues and reflections while giving reasons for the same, promote

Ans:- Analytical and critical thinking

Ques:- Which one of the following statements best sums up the relationship between development and learning ?

Ans:- Learning and development are inter-related in a complex manner

Ques:- Which one of these is not a principle of development ?

Ans:- Development is governed and determined by culture alone

Ques:- A key feature of a child-centred classroom is that in which

Ans:- The students with the teachers guidance are made responsible for constructing  their own understanding

Ques:- Which one of the following statements is most appropriate about intelligence ?

Ans:- Intelligence is multi-dimensional having several aspects to it

Ques:- Gender bias refers to

Ans:- Differential treatment of boys and girls based on expectations due to cultural attitudes

Ques:- As an upper primary school teacher you have quite a few children who are ‘first generation school goers’ in your classroom.Which one of the following are you most likely to do ?

Ans:- Provide scaffolding and other kinds of support during classroom activities and for homework

Ques:- Even children of the same age very greatly in appearance, abilities, temperament, interests, aptitude amongst other things. What is the role of the school in this regard ?

Ans:- Ensure that each child gets opportunities to develop as per her potential

Part II Mathematics and Science

Ques:- The internal base of a rectangular box is 15cm long and 12 ½ cm wide and its height is 7 ½ cm.The box is filled with cubes each of side 2 ½ cm.The number of cubes will be

Ans:- 90

Ques:- The perimeter of a trapezium is 58 cm and sum of its non-parallel sides is 20 cm.If its area is 152 cm sequare, then the distance between the parallel sides (in cm) is

Ans:- 8

Ques:- The measure of each interior angle-of a regular convex polygon is 156.The number of sides of the polygon is

Ans:- 15

Ques:- If the number of sides of a regular polygon is ‘n, then the number of lines of symmetry is equal to

Ans:- n

Ques:- The sides of a triangle are 6.5 cm, 10 cm and x cm, where x is a positive number.What is the smallest possible value of x-among the following ?

Ans:- 4

Ques:- Chhaya simplified the given rational number -25/-30 =-5/6 this error can be considered as

Ans:- Conceptual error

Ques:- Data handling at upper primary stage focuses on

Ans:- Data collection, organization and interpretation

Ques:- Which one of the following is not a Problem solving Strategy in Mathmatics ?

Ans:- Rote learning

Ques:- According to Piaget, when the child is at formal operational stage, it is appropriate to introduce

Ans:- Data handling

Ques:- Which one of the following is not a Mathematical process ?

Ans:- Memorization

Ques:- According to NCF 2005, school Mathematics takes place in a situation where

Ans:- Mathematics is part of children’s life experience

In class VI, teacher gave a topic for debate as Formative Assessment (FA) task.

“Hindu-Arabic numerals are more powerful than Roman Numerals.”

Objective of this FA activity is to assess

Ans:- Analysis

Ques:- In a Mathematics classroom, emphasis is placed on

Ans:- Mathematical content, process and reasoning

Ques:- The difference between the greatest and smallest fraction amongst 6/7, 8/9’ 9/10’ 7/8 is

Ans:- 3/70

Ques:- The value of 4+44/10+404/100+444/1000+4/10000 is

Ans:- 12.8844

Ques:- The smallest value of y in the number 9y8071 so that it is divisible by 11 is

Ans:- 1

Ques:- The sum of mean , mode and median of the data 6,3,9,5,1,2,3,6,5,1,3, is

Ans:- 10

Ques:- Natural numbers 4 to 15 are written on different slips (one number on one slip), kept in a box and mixed well.Renu picks up one slip from the box without looking into it.What is the probability that this slip bears a prime number ?

Ans:- 1/3

Ques:- A sum of money amounts to Rs. 4818 after 3 years and Rs. 7227 after 6 years on compound interest.The sum is

Ans:- Rs. 3212

Ques:- If the weight of 18 sheets of paper is 50 g, How many sheets of the same paper will weigh 3 ¾ kg ?

Ans:- 1350

Ques:- Which one of the following is not a conductor of electricity ?

Ans:- Distilled water

Ques :- Medium A is optically denser than Medium B.Which one of the following statements is true ?

Ans:- Speed of light is more in medium B than in medium A

Ques:- We are not crushed under the weight of atmosphere, because

Ans:- The pressure inside our body is equal to the atmospheric pressure and cancels the pressure from outside

Ques:- A block of iron dropped in a vessel of water, sinks to the bottom.This is beause

Ans:- The weight of the water displaced by the block is less the weight of the block

Ques:- Which one of the following statements is incorrect ?

Ans:- Generally the voice of a man is shriller than that of a woman

Ques:- There are two planets in our solar system which rotate from East to West.These planets are

Ans:- Venus and Uranus

Ques:- The major excretory product in human beings is

Ans:- Urea

Ques:- Which of the following process/processes destroy/destroys the magnetic properties of a bar magnet ?

Ans:- Heating, Beating

Ques:- An VIII th class student makes the statement.

“Heavy objects sink in water and light objects float.” How is the science teacher of the VIII class best advised to react ?

Ans:- Present counter examples and arrange materials of different shapes, sizes and weights for the child to investigate.

Ques:- Which one among the following situations gives the students, the best opportunity of discovery learning ?

Ans:- Encouraging students to investigate factors affecting germination through experimentation

Ques:- A teacher places a lighted candle on the table in the classroom.He later covers it with a jar.

  1. The candle stops burning after sometime.
  2. Air is required for keeping the candle burning.
  • Oxygen is required for keeping the candle burning.

Ans:- Oxygen is required for keeping the candle burning.

Ques:- Which one among the following questions would be an open ended questions ?

Ans:- What would happen if force of friction ceased to exist ?

Ques:- Which one of the following statements is true about the Laws and theories in science ?

Ans:- Laws are generalized descriptions of the relationships among observable phenomena and theories are explanations for the observable phenomena

Ques:- A science teacher wishes to assess her students on different process skills. Which one among the following tools would be the most appropriate for her purpose ?

Ans:- Observation schedule

Ques:- Which one of the following should not be an aim of science education at upper primary level ?

Ans:- Inculcating values

Ques:- How could learning be made more meaningful for students of class VII by the teacher while teaching the topic ‘Save water’ ?

Ans:- Asking students to interview people in their cplony about water consumption and carry out ‘Water Audit’

Ques:- A teacher before beginning to teach digestion’ to classVI students provides them with the outline diagram of a human body and asks them to draw all parts, through which they think the food would travel from mouth when they eat.

What could be the teacher’s purpose of asking this question ?

Ans:- To investigate students prior ideas related to human body and digestion so that future teaching learning sessions can be accordingly planned

Ques:-For an effective discussion in class VII on the topic, “Why smokw rises up ?”A science teacher should

  1. Discourage questions during discussion.
  2. Provide a common platform to the learners.
  • Acknowledge learners’ responses to sustain their interest.
  1. Summarize and assess the learner’s ideas at the end of discussion.

Ans:- Provide a common platform to the learners., Acknowledge learners’ responses to sustain their interest, summarize and assess the learner’s ideas at the end of discussion.

Ques:- You have two test tubes A and B. Test tube A contains paste of turmeric whereas test, tube B contains aqueous solution of phenolphthalein. On adding a few drops of dilute hydrochloric acid to these test tubes the contents of

Ans:- A would appear red white those of B would remain colourless

Ques:- Anita prepared a fresh solution of sodium hydroxide in a test tube.She dropped a small piece of aluminium foil into it and then brought a burning matchstick near the mouth of the test tube.She hears a pop sound.The pop sound indicates the presence of

Ans:- Hydrogen gas

Ques:- Which one of the following takes place when water transforms from liquid to gaseous phase /

Ans:- Distance between the particles change

Ques:- Which fuel has the highest calorific value from among the following ?

Ans:- Hydrogen

Ques:- Select the correct statement from among the following

Ans:- Irrespective of colour, all leaves carry out photosynthesis

Ques:- Reema tells her friend that Ladyfinger is a fruit.Her friend Shahana disagrees with her.Which one of the following statements is true ?

Ans;- Ladyfinger has seeds thus it is a fruit.

Ques:- Which hormone in our body helps us to adjust to stress when we are angry, embarrassed or worried ?

Ans;- Adrenaline

Ques:- Which one of the following represents a group of human diseases caused by virus ?

Ans:- Measles, Chickenpox, Hepatitis – A

Ques:- Which one of the following represents a group of autotrophs ?

Ans:- Algae, Spinach, Tomato, Banana

Ques:- While learning vocabulary, learners connect one word with its related words and the words which can occur before and after it.What is this technique called ?

Ans:- Collocation

Ques:- In a constructivist classroom while teaching a poem which of the following is not ideal ?

Ans:- Learners should be able to discover the ideas and meaning of the poem.

Ques:- Etymology is

Ans:- Science of knowing the origin of words

Ques:- Teachers in an English medium school use only English to teach Science, Social Science and Mathematics.What approach do they adopt ?

Ans:- Multidisciplinary approach

Ques:- Which one of the following skills is assessed if ‘cloze’ is used as a tool ?

Ans:- Reading for language learning

Ques:- Scanning and Skimming are strategies for

Ans:- Reading

Ques:- Continuous comprehensive evaluation is

Ans:- Continuous assessment

Ques:- The first generation learners are those who are

Ans:- The first from their family to come to school

Ques:- The whole language  perspective is

Ans:- Teaching of language skills in an integrated manner

Ques:- A good paragraph writing in English involves

Ans:- Ideas, presentation and coherence

Ques:- In order to know the correct pronunciation of English words, the learner should

Ans:- Know the spelling, meanings and how they are pronounced

Ques:- A word gets its meaning

Ans:- in relation to its context

Ques:- When we sing a rhyme in an English language classroom , we

Ans:- Familiarize the learner with the English sounds

Ques:- A teacher reads out the text and explains it word-for word in English.What method/approach does she adopt in her class ?

Ans:- Direct method

Ques:- Students are asked to read a short text and make points for discussion.What skills of the learners are assessed ?

Ans:- Speaking skills

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