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By | November 29, 2018

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This is the paper of J.E.Mechanical.This exam. paper held on october 2018.In this exam. paper total 170 questions asked which are in 85 marks.

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Ques:- The co-efficient of friction is the

Ans:- Ratio of limiting friction and normal reaction

Ques:- If the arm of couple is doubled, them moment of that couple would

Ans:- Be doubled

Ques:- When trying to turn a key into the lock, which of the following is applied ?

Ans:- Couple

Ques:- A body weighing 200 N is placed on a rough horizontal plane. If the value of co-efficient of friction is 0.6 then the normal reaction will be

Ans:- 200 N

Ques;- Thermoplastic materials are those materials which

Ans:- Do not become hard with the application of heat and pressure and result in permanently hard product

Ques:- The maximum stress induced due to suddenly applied is………………the stress induced when the same load is applied gradually.

Ans:- Twice

Ques:- The factor of safety depends Upon

Ans;- Nature of loading, frequency of variation of load, Degree of reliability required.

Ques:- The force is completely defined when we specify its

Ans:- Magnitude, Direction, Point of application

Ques;- Dynamic friction as compared to static friction is

Ans;- Less

Ques:- The setting of tools in advance at a far from the machine tool or off-line in special holders is known as

Ans:- Pre-set tools

Ques:- CAPP in CNC Machines Automation stand for

Ans:- Computer Aided Part programming

Ques:- A Nozzle is said to divergent nozzle

Ans:- When the cross-section of the nozzle increases continuously from entrance to exit

Ques:- The objective of caulking in a riveted joint is to make the joint

Ans:- Leak proof

Ques:- The centre to centre distance between two consecutive rivets in a row is called

Ans:- Margin

Ques:- The transverse fillet weld is design for

Ans:- Tensile strength

Ques:- A cotter is used to transmit

Ans:- Axial tensile and compressive loads

Ques:- The bending moment at the free end of a cantilever beam is

Ans:- Zero

Ques:- When the shear force diagram is parabolic curve between two points it indicates that there is a

Ans:- uniformly varying load between the two points.

Ques:- The maximum production of small and slender parts is done by

Ans:- Multispindle automatic lathe

Ques:- Buckling load for a given column depends upon

Ans:- Area of cross-section of the column, Length and radius of gyration of the column, modulus of elasticity for the material of the coilumn

Ques:- A column that failure due to direct stress is called

Ans:- short column

Ques:- The Rankine’s constant fpr mild steel column with both ends hinged is

Ans:- 1/7500

Ques:- Which of the following is case hardening process ?

Ans:- Nitriding

Ques;- The main task of battery in automobile is to

Ans:- Supply a large amount of power to turn the starter motor when the engine is being started

Ques:- In the psychometric chart specific humidity (moisture content) lines are

Ans:- Horizontal and uniformly spaced

Ques:- Mechanical efficiency of a centrifugal pump is the ratio of

Ans:- Energy available at the impeller to the energy supplied to the pump by the prime mover

Ques:- The flow in a pipe or channel is said to be uniform when

Ans:- The liquid particles at all sections have the same velocities

Ques:-Head developed by the centrifugal pump is

Ans:- Proportional to speed of impeller

Ques:- The shell of Cochran boiler is made hemispherical

Ans:- To give maximum space and strength, To withstand the pressure of steam inside the boiler

Ques:- Lancashire boiler is

Ans:- Stationary fire tube boiler, Internally fire tube boiler, horizontal boiler.

Ques:- Locomotive boiler is

Ans:- multi tubular, horizontal, internally fired mobile boiler.

Ques:- A Nozzle is said to convergent nozzle

Ans:- when the cross-section of the nozzle decreases continuously from entrance to exit

Ques:- The purpose of governing in the steam turbine is to

Ans:- Maintain the speed of the turbine

Ques:- The effect of bleeding is that

Ans:- it increases the thermodynamic efficiency of the turbine, boiler is supplied with hot water, it decreases the power development by the turbine

Ques:- The brown smoke during the operation of a Bessemer converter indicates that the

Ans:- Air is burning out silicon and manganese

Ques:- A leaf spring in automobile is used

Ans:- To absorb shock

Ques:- Deep groove ball bearings are used for

Ans:- combined thrust and radial loads at high speeds

Ques:-In basic Bessemer, the furnace is lined with

Ans:- a mixture of tar and burnt dolomite bricks

Ques:- The chart which gives an estimate about the amount of material handling between various work station is known as

Ans:- travel chart

Ques:- Which of the following is the principles of material handling ?

Ans:- Keep all handling minimum, Select only efficient handling equipment, move the heaviest weight to the least distance

Ques:- Scheduling

Ans:- Determines the programme for the operations.

Ques:- In manufacturing management the term “dispatching” is used to describe

Ans:- Dispatch of the work orders through shop floor

Ques:- Value analysis is particular of interest when

Ans:- Production is large.

Ques:- Which of the following chart gives simultaneously information about the progress of the work and machine loading ?

Ans:- Man-Machine chart

Ques:- Hydraulic ram is device used to

Ans:- to lift small quantity of water to a greater height when a large quantity of water is available at smaller height.

Ques:- According to the law of moments, if a number of coplanar  forces acting on a particle are in equilibrium then

Ans:- The alegebraic sum of their moments about any point in their plane is zero

Ques:- Blow-off cock in boiler is used to

Ans:- Empty the boiler when required and discharge the mud, scale or sediments which are accumulated at the bottom of the boiler

Ques:- A bolt of size M24 MULTIPLY 2 means that

Ans:- The nominal diameter of the bolt is 24 mm and pitch is 2 mm

Ques:- The principle of transmissibility of the forces states that, when a force acts upon a body, its effects is

Ans:- Minimum, if acts at the center of grtavity of the body

Ques:- In an inward reaction flow turbine

Ans:- The water enters the wheel at the outer periphery and then flows towards the center of the wheel

Ques:- For the same maximum pressure and temperature,

Ans:- Diesel cycle is more efficient than Otto Cycle

Ques:- The compression ratio is the ratio of

Ans:- Total volume to clearance volume

Ques:- The resultant of two forces P and Q such as P >Q acting along the same straight line, but in opposite direction is given by

Ans:- P-Q

Ques:- Hard steering may be due to

Ans:- Tyre pressure too low, Steering gear adjusted too tightly, Incorrect wheel alignment

Ques:- Co-efficient of friction depends upon

Ques:- Nature of surface only

Ques:- The acetylene cylinder is usually painted with

Ans:- Maroon colour

Ques:- Which of the following property is desirable for material used in tools and machines ?

Ans:- Elasticity

Ques:- The process in which hydrocarbons are decomposed into smaller hydrocarbons is called

Ans:- Cracking

Ques:- The gas used in modern shock absorbers is

Ans:- Nitrogen

Ques:- Coolant pumps are of

Ans:- Centrifugal type

Ques:- The radiator tubes are manufactured by using

Ans:- Brass tubes

Ques:- Engine torque is highest at

Ans:- Intermediate speed

Ques:- The most commonly used material for tyre tubes is

Ans:- Butyl

Ques:- Which of the following can be done to reduce the cold corrosion of main Engine cylinder liners using high sulphur fuel oil ?

Ans:- Using high TBN cylinder oil

Ques:- Copper tubing is used in refrigerant system because

Ans:- It has less internal resistance

Ques:- The machinery which is usually tested first once the ship reaches a dry dock is

Ans:- Engine room crane

Ques:- Which of the following instruments is used to measure rudder carrier bearing wear down ?

Ans:- Trammel

Ques:- During flooding of a dry dock which of the following items must be verified ?

Ans:- All sea valves are operational., All overboard discharge valves are operational., Stern tube seal are operational.

Ques:- Cladding is the process used for

Ans:- Protection of metal surfaces against corrosion.

Ques:- Weather radar operates in which bands of radar frequencies ?

Ans:- C and X-band

Ques:- The design aspect ratio for a conventional airplane is a compromise between

Ans:- Aerodynamics and structures

Ques:- The wings of an airplane are designed to provide

Ans:- Lift

Ques:- The angle between north and the flight path of the aircraft is the

Ans:- Heading

Ques:- Which one among the following is most widely accepted as the homeland of Indo-Aryans ?

Ans:- Central Asia

Ques:- The whole area of Harappan culture represents a

Ans:- Triangular area

Ques:- Shravasti was the capital of

Ans:- Koshala

Ques:-  Which ruler built the famous rock-cut temple of Shiva at Ellora ?

Ans:- Krishna 1

Ques:- Which of the following Sultans wrote his autobiography ?

Ans:- Firoz Tughlaq.

Ques:- Who is considered the second founder of the Maratha state ?

Ans:- Baji Rao

Ques:- What was the symbol  of the Swedeshi movement ?

Ans:- Charkha

Ques:- Who made the ‘Deepavali Declaration’ and when ?

Ans:- Lord Irwin in 1929

Ques:- Loess is an example of

Ans:- Aeolian rocks

Ques:- Which of the following seismic waves effect only the surface of the earth ?

Ans:- Surface waves

Ques:- Which of the following regions receives maximum rainfall in winters ?

Ans:- Mediterranean regions

Ques:- The period of the farthest distance between the moon and the earth is called

Ans:- Apogee

Ques:- Those animals which derive their food exclusively from plants are called

Ans:- Herbivores

Ques:- The homeland of Kirghiz tribe is

Ans:- Central Asia

Ques:- Which type of crops are mainly grown in shifting cultivation ?

Ans:- Food crops

Ques:- The Nag Tiba is the mountain range of the

Ans:- Lesser Himalaya

Ques:- Which river divides the Deccan Tableland from northern India ?

Ans:- Narmada

Ques:- Which of the following areas is not affected by the monsoon of the Arabian Sea Branch ?

Ans:- The Punjab Plain

Ques:- Which of the following types of soils is most suitable for tea cultivation ?

Ans:- Alluvation soils

Ques:- Which of the following states is a leading producer of woollen textiles ?”

Ans:- Punjab

Ques:- Which provision of the fundamental rights is directly related to the exploitation against children ?

Ans:- Article 32

Ques:- The authority to specify as to which castes shall be deemed to be Scheduled Castes rests with which of the following ?

Ans:- The President

Ques:- Which amendment of the Indian constitution restricts the size of the union Ministry ?

Ans:- 91st Amendment

Ques:- Comptroller and Auditor-General of India is appointed by

Ans:- The President

Ques:- Which one of the following bills must be passed by each House of the Indian Parliament separately by special majority ?

Ans:- Constitutional Amendment Bill

Ques:- The disputes regarding the election of the president and vice president of India are decided by the

Ans:- Supreme Court

Ques:-“NABARD” was established in which five year plan?

Ans:- Sixth.

Ques:- National Renewal Fund was constituted for the purpuse of

Ans:-Restructuring and modernization of industries

Ques:- Who formulates the monetary policy in India ?

Ans:-NITI Aayog

Ques:-Which of the following is not a source of tax revenue collected by the Government of India ?

Ans:- Dividends and Profits

Ques:- The gaseous fuel which does not contain carbon dioxide is

Ans:- Natural gas

Ques:-The glouse level in the blood is controlled by

Ans :- Insulin

Ques:- The organ affected by diptheria is

Ans:- None of these

Ques:-Pain relieving drugs are known as

Ans:- Analgesics

Ques:- Pointing towards a lady in a photograph Vimalsaid,”she is the daughter of my grandfather’s only son.” How is Vimal related to her?


Ques:- Sudha’s number is 11th from downward ina class of 31 students.What willbe her number from upwards

Ans:- 21st

Ques:- The largest natural lake of H.P. is

Ans:- Renuka

Ques:- The famous Mohan Park is located at

Ans:- None of these

Ques:- Who was the Raja of Bilaspur in 1682, when Guru Govind Singh visited the territory ?

Ans:- Bhim chand

Ques:- Which district in H.P. is famous for fraternal polyandry ?

Ans:- Kinnaur

Ques:- Which of the following is the India’s first underwater robotic drone ?

Ans:- Eye ROV TUNA

Ques:- Which of the following technology initiatives has recently launched by the Union Government for coffee growers ?

Ans:- Coffee Connect

Ques:- Indian men’s hockey team defeated which country to win bronze at the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games ?

Ans:- Pakistan

Ques:- Which State government has decided to provide free mobile phones to women of BPL families ?

Ans:- Rajasthan

Ques:- You must get rid…………..unnecessary things.

Ans:- of

Ques:- Antonym of the word ‘Robust’ is

Ans:- Weak

Ques:- Meaning of the idiom ‘To draw the long bow’ is

Ans:- To exaggerate

Ques:- The initial tension (in newton) in a bolt used for making a fluid tight joint like steam engine cover joints is calculated by which of the following relation in which ‘d’ is the nominal diameter of bolts in mm

Ans:- 2840 d

Ques:- Welding takes place by

Ans:- Coalescence between the parts to be joined.

Ques:- The core diameter of the thread is equal to which of the following in which ‘d’ is the diameter of the bolt ?

Ans:-0.58 d

Ques:- Square thread is usally found on

Ans:-feed mechanism of a machine tools

Ques:-The units of modulus of elasticity is same as those of

Ans:- stress, pressure and modulus of rigidity

Ques:-The shearforce of a cantilever beam of length ‘/’ carrying a uniformly distributed laoad of wper

Ques:- The hoop stress in a thin cylindrical shell is

Ans:- cirumferential tensile stress

Ques:- The assumption made in Euler’s column theory is that

Ans:- All of these

Ques:- Euler’s column formula holds good for

Ans:-long columns

Ques:- Acolumn is said to be short column ,when

Ans:- the ratio of its length to the least radius of gyration is less than 80.

Ques:- The material in which the atoms are arranged chaotically is called

Ans:-Amorphous material

Ques:- The material in which the atoms are arranged regularly in some directions but not in orders is called

Ans:-mesomorphous material

Ques:-The purpose of heat treatment is to

Ans:-Any one of these

Ques:-Aperfect black body is one which

Ans:-absorbs heat radiations of all wavelengths falling on it


Ques:- Reynold number is the ratio of

Ans:-intertia force to viscous force

Ques:-The specific gravity of water is

Ans:- 1

Ques:-The by- pass factor of a cooling coil decrease with

Ans:-decrease in fin spacing and increase in number of rows

Ques:-During heating and dehunmidification process  dry bulb tempreature


Ques:-The centrifugal compressors are generally used for refrigerants that require

Ans:- large displacements and low condensing pressures

Ques:-The mass per unit volume of a standard temperature and pressure is called

Ans:-mass density

Ques:-The intensity of pressure at any points in a liquid is

Ans:- directly proportional to the depth of the liquid from the surface

Ques:- The Bernoulli, s equation based upon the assumption that

Ans:-There is no loss of energy of the liquid flowing, The velocity of flow is uniform across any cross-section of the pipe, No force except gravity acts on the fluid.

Ques:- Overall efficiciency of  a centrifugal pump is the ratio of

Ans:- actual work done by the pump to the energy supplied to the pump by the prime mover

Ques:- The centrifugal tension in the belts

Ans:- have no effects of power transmitted

Ques:-The maximum fluctuation of energy is the

Ans:- Difference between the maximum and minimum energies.

Ques:- Watts governer can work satisfactorily at speed from

Ans:- 60 to 80 r.p.m

Ques:- In the law of machine P=mw+C

Ans:- C stands for friction

Ques:- According to Lami’s theorem

Ans:- If trhe three forces acting at a point are in equilibrium, then each force is proportional to the sine of the angle between the other two.

Ques:- The centre of gravity of a quadrantof a circle lies along its central radius at a distance of

Ans:- 0.424 R


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