Screening Exam. Paper Himachal Pradesh T.G.T.(Medical) Exam. 2009

By | October 13, 2017

Download Solved Screening Exam. Paper 2009 H.P. T.G.T.(Medical)

This screening exam. paper held on 03 October, 2009.In this exam paper have contain 200 questions which in 200 marks attemped in 2 hrs.

Download Himachal Pradesh T.G.T.(Medical ) Exam. 2009

Ques:- Most important characterstic of philosophical method is

Ans:- Analysis & Synthisis

Ques:- Impairment refers to

Ans;- Any form of organic disorder or dysfunction

Ques:- Who raised the slogan “Back to Nature”?

Ans:- Naturalism

Ques:- Who said, “Reverse the usual practice and you will almost always do right.”

Ans:- J.J.Rousseau

Ques:- Which school calls the classroom unnecessary ?

Ans:- Naturalism

Ques:- The evaluation of personalit is best made through the use of a/an

Ans:- Power test

Ques:- Learning disability refers to specific problem in

Ans:- Reading writing & arithmetic

Ques:- Pramana in Indian Philosophy means

Ans:- Meaning of valid knowledge

Ques:- The arguments presented in favour of the Vedas include

Ans:- Authenticity, Character & Purpose of the author

Ques:- The theory of Nyaya is based upon

Ans:- Anekantvada & Ekantvada

Ques:- Teacher tenure laws can best be justified because they

Ans:- Protect teachers whose poltical views differ sharply from those of the community

Ques:-What type of children would you like to each ?

Ans:- Intelligent, Hard-working & disciplined

Ques:- Buddha’s theory of Self is known as

Ans;- Eternal-Self

Ques:- Self according to Buddha is

Ans:- Eteneral

Ques:- What a teacher should do if students do not take interest in lesson learning ?

Ans:- Should himself try to know the reason and remove that

Ques:- Whi9ch is the best teaching method ?

Ans:- Project method

Ques:- Value is accompanied with

Ans:- Beliefs, convictions & sacrifices

Ques:- In a thinker the value judgement is based upon

Ans:- reasoning

Ques:- What quality of a teacher have lasting impact on student ?

Ans:- His behaviour

Ques:- Among Integral Education, basic education, education for man making and education for international understanding which type represent M.K. Gandhi’s contribution to education ?

Ans:- Basic education

Ques:- Characterstics of Vivekananda’s philosophy of education includes

Ans:- Naturalism, Idealism & Pragmatism

Ques:- What should be kept in mind while forming the curriculum ?

Ans:- Objective of education

Ques:- Immediate feedback is an essential characterstic of

Ans:- teaching machines

Ques:- How a teacher should behave with his pupils ?

Ans:- Like a friend

Ques;- The least important challenge to Indian education today is presented by the

Ans;- Poverty of the masses

Ques:- Sociology of education is based on the faith in

Ans:- Democracy

Ques:- Among school,Factory, Family and Political party which is a primary group ?

Ans:- Family

Ques:- Overlearning tends to strengthen an individual’s

Ans:- Power of Retension

Ques:- Community means a group of individuals, who are

Ans:- Informally organised

Ques:- Among U.S.Open,French Open, Australian Open and Wimbledon which Tennis Tournaments is played on grass courts ?

Ans:- Wimbledon

Ques:- The Satluj is a part of which major river system ?

Ans:- Indus

Ques:- The country smallest in area is

Ans:- Vatical city

Ques:- How many main PURANAS are there ?

Ans:- 18

Ques;- AIDS day is celebrated on

Ans:- 1st December

Ques:- Leukaemia is a disease also called

Ans:- Blood cancer

Ques:- The chief constituent of Gobar Gas is

Ans:- Methane

Ques:- RedCliffe Line demarcates the boundary between


Ques:-Which mountains are said to be the World’s oldest in India ?


Ques:-“Cholas” ruled their kingdom with the help of

Ans:- Council of Ministers

Ques:- The highest institution of Panchayati Raj in India is

Ans:- Zila Parishad

Ques:- Which is the smallest planet in solar system ?

Ans:- Mercury

Ques:- How many elected members are there in the Rajya Sabha ?

Ans:- 238

Ques:- How many times Indian President has been impeached by the Parliament ?

Ans:- Never

Ques:- Which is highest Civilian Award of India ?

Ans:- Bharat Ratna

Ques:- The British Prime Minister during whose period India achieved independence was

Ans:- Clement Attlee

Ques:- ‘Penguins’ are found

Ans;- In Antarctica

Ques:- Which is the most important raw material used predominantly in the production of cement ?

Ans:- Limestone

Ques:- Ornithology deals with

Ans:- Birds

Ques:- Galvanised iron is made by coating iron with

Ans:- Zinc

Ques:- In which game is Ranji Trophy won ?

Ans:- Cricket

Ques:- The erstwhile State of Bilaspur was merged with Himachal in the year

Ans;- 1954

Ques:- Full form of CNG is

Ans:- Compressed Natural Gas

Ques:- All the ministers are collectively responsible to the legislature. It is in the

Ans:- Parliamentary system

Ques:- Fascism believed in

Ans;- Force

Ques;- When were the first general election held in India ?

Ans:- 1952

Ques:- The Planning Commission in India is headed by

Ans:- The Prime Minister

Ques;- Who is the author of famous novel “War and Peace”?

Ans:- Leo Tolstoy

Ques:- In which century did the famous Chinese pilgrim ‘Fahien’ visit India ?

Ans:- 5th Century A.D.

Ques;- When was the capital of India shifted from Calcutta to Delhi ?

Ans:- 1911

Ques:- Apoptosis is

Ans:- Programmed death of a cell

Ques:- The fluid mosaic of cell membrane postulates that a lipid bilayer

Ans:- Has some embedded proteins and some proteins on the surface

Ques;- During meiosis, crossing over occurs at

Ans:- Pachytene

Ques:-Inheritance of’ABO’ group shows

Ans:-Multiple Allelism

Ques:-Induction of mutations by radiations was first experimentally demonstrated by


Ques:-Among AUG,UAA,GGU and UUU which one is terminator codon ?


Ques:-In which cell oreganelle the post-translational processing of secretory proteins occurs ?

Ans:- Golgi Bodies

Ques:- Name an enzyme carrier protein associated with cell membrane ?

Ans:- Permease

Ques:- The genes that keep on changing their location on chromosomes are called

Ans;- Transposons

Ques:- The process of DNA fingerprinting was developed by

Ans:- Alec Jeffreys

Ques:- Who put forward the “Cell” theory ?

Ans:- M.J.Schleiden & T.Schwann

Ques:- Generally the genes which confer antibiotic resistance to bacteria are located on

Ans:- Plasmid

Ques:- Which group of organisms contain peplidoglycon or mucopeptides in their cell wall ?

Ans:- Bacteria

Ques:- Which organelles are involved in photorespiration ?

Ans:- Chloroplast, Peroxisome & Mitochondrion

Ques:- RR (red) is crossed with rr (white), All the Rr offsprings are pink.The type of genetic intraction involved is

Ans:- Incomplete dominence

Ques:- Lysosomes are also known as

Ans:- Suicidal bags

Ques:- Several chemical compounds occur as non-living inclusions in the cytoplasm and cell sap.These compounds are known as

Ans:- Ergastic substances

Ques:- The genetic code is said to be universal because

Ans:- Same code is applicable to all living systems

Ques:- Cephaleuros virescens, a parasite on tea plants belongs to

Ans:- Algae

Ques:- The fossil pteriodophyte, Rhynia was discovered by

Ans:- Kidston & Lang

Ques:- Name two water ferns

Ans:- Marsilea & Azolla

Ques:- In Anthoceros, the sporogenous tissue is derived from

Ans:- Amphithecium

Ques:- Among Club moss,Reinder moss, Irish moss and Bogg moss or peat moss which one is a true moss ?

Ans:- Bogg Moss or Peat Moss

Ques:- Traneculae in Selaginella are modified

Ans:- Endodermal cells

Ques:- A fern in which the in which the entire sporangium develops from a single superficial cell of the sporophyte is known as

Ans:- Leptosporangiate

Ques:- Which structures are haploid in gymnosperms ?

Ans:- Megaspore, endosperm and pollen-Grains

Ques:- In cycas the first formed cambial ring is short lived and a fresh cambial ring is firmed every year in pericycle or cortex, the would formed by this method is

Ans:- Polyxylic

Ques:- Placement of Gymnosperms between Dicotyledons and Monocotyledons is one of the drawbacks in the system of classification of

Ans;- Bentham and Hooker

Ques:- Which plant is called ‘resurrectionin plant’?

Ans:- Selaginella

Ques:- Floral characters are more widely used than vegetative characters in taxonomy of angiosperms, because

Ans:- Reproductive parts are more stable and conservative than vegetative parts

Ques;- Pneumatophores are characteristics of family

Ans:- Rhizophoracease

Ques:- Early blight of patato is caused by

Ans:- Alternaria solani

Ques;- Which term is used there is abnormal increase in the size of an organ due to increase in size of cells ?

Ans:- Hypertrophy

Ques:- In which year, the infamous Great patato Irish Famine occurred ?

Ans:- 1845

Ques:- Heterothallism was discovered by

Ans:- A.F.Blakeslee

Ques:- In which group of fungi the phenomenon of clamp formation is observed ?

Ans:- Basidiomycetes

Ques:- Amphiphloic siphonostele is found in the rhizome of

Ans;- Marsilea

Ques:- Pollination by snails is called

Ans:- Malacophily

Ques:- Gestation period refers to duration

Ans:- Between fertilization and Parturition

Ques:- The science that deals with effects of low temperature on biological systems is known as

Ans:- Cryobiology

Ques:- The chief function of contractile vacuole in Amoeba is

Ans:- Osmoregulation

Ques:- The material parasite is introduced into human blood as

Ans:- Sporozoite

Ques:- Among water vascular system, Trochophore larva, Tube feet and Interior skeleton with projecting spines which traits is not associated with echinoderms ?

Ans:- Trochophore larva

Ques:- The adult Taenia solium is usually

Ans:- Two- four metres long and has 800 – 1000 proglottids

Ques;- Give the correct sequence of various larval stages in liver fluke ?

Ans:- Miracidium-Sporocyst-Redia-Cercari-Matacercaria

Ques:- Male and female Ascaris respectively have

Ans:- One testis and two ovaries

Ques:- Clitellum of earthworm is primarily concerned with

Ans:- Production of cocoons

Ques:-An amphibian prossesses characterstics

Ans:- Poikllotherms, absence of exoskeleton and skin used as supplementary respiratory organ

Ques:- Mature larva of housefly is known as

Ans:- Maggot

Ques:- Which type of metamorphosis occurs in cockroach ?

Ans;- Paurometabola

Ques;- The members of class Holothuroidea of Echinoderms are commonly called

Ans:- Sea cucumbers

Ques:- Which  is the excretory product of frog ?

Ans:- Urea

Ques;- Archaeopteryx is considered to be a connecting link between

Ans:- Reptiles and birds

Ques:-Mammary glands are modification of

Ans:- Sweat glands

Ques:- Which type of Coelom is present in star fish ?

Ans:- Starfish

Ques:- Filariasis is caused by a type of

Ans;- Round worm*

Ques:- Gemmules in sponges are helpful in

Ans;- A sexual reproduction

Ques;- Palpigers are the structures present on insect’s

Ans;- Labium

Ques:- Messenger molecules, released by virus-infected cells, that bind to the surfaces of healthy cells and stimulate them to synthesize proteins prevent viral reproduction are called

Ans;- interferons

Ques:- The fluid responsible for reducing friction of two bones in ball and socket joint is called

Ans:- Synovial fluid

Ques:- Which is the neurotransmitter between a motor neuron and a muscle cell ?


Ques:- The chemical name of Vitamin E is

Ans:- Tocopherol

Ques;- Pepsin acts in

Ans:- Acidic medium

Ques;- Brunner’s glands are found in

Ans:- Duodenum

Ques:- Leydig cells are found in mammalion

Ans:- Testis and produce testosterone

Ques:- The presence of DNA in mitochondria and chloroplast supports the hypothesis that

Ans:- Mitochondria and chloroplast both originated as independent free living organisms.

Ques;- The bond present between two successive nucleotides of long polynucleotide molecule is

Ans:- The bond present between two successive nucleotides of long polynucleotide molecule is

Ans:- Phosphodiester bond

Ques:- Prokaryotic genetic system contains

Ans:- DNA but no histones

Ques:- Polymerase chain reaction was discovered by

Ans:- Karry Mullis

Ques:- Which is a hybridization based market system ?

Ans:- Restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP)

Ques:- Reproductive isolation in sympatric speciation develops without a

Ans:- Geographic barrier

Ques:- The scientist who decoded the language of bees, explained their dances for communication and was awarded the Bobel Prize

Ans:- Karl Von Frisch

Ques:- Hybridoma technology refers to

Ans:- Technique for producing monocional antibodies by fusing antibody producing cells with myelomas.

Ques:- Proteins that are be to be used outside the cell are synthesized.

Ans:- On the rough endoplasmic reticulum.

Ques:- A mutation in which all the amino acids of a polypeptide chain located beyond the site of mutation are substituted, is called

Ans:- Frame shift mutation

Ques:- Joseph is colour blind.What is the chance his son will inherit colour blindness from him ?

Ans:- 0%

Ques:- A woman with blood group O marries a man with blood group AB.The blood group of their son could be

Ans:- A or B

Ques:- 2 g of oxygen contain number of atoms equal that contained by

Ans:- 4 g of Sulphur

Ques:- Considering the elements B,AL,Mg and K, the correct order or their metallic character is

Ans:- K>Mg>Al>B

Ques:- The recently discovered elements Meitnerium (z=109) belongs to

Ans;- d-block

Ques:- Hydrogen gas diffuses six times faster than gas A, the molar mass of gas A is

Ans:- 72

Ques:-For the process to occur under adiabatic conditions, the correct condition is

Ans:- q =0

Ques:- Joule-Thomson’s expansion is

Ans:- isoenthaipic

Ques:- The pH value of 0.01 M NaOH is

Ans:- 12

Ques:-The reagent commonly used to deternine hardness of water is

Ans:- Disodium EDTA

Ques:-Among LiCL,NaCL,KCL, and RbCL which alkali metal chloride is expected to have highest melting point ?

Ans:- Nacl

Ques:- The percentage of lead in lead pencil is


Ques:- The half life of a radioactive element in 5 years.The fraction of the radioactive substance after 20 year is

Ans:- 1/16

Ques;- The time taken for 90% of a first order reaction to complete is approximately

Ans:- 3,3 times that of half life.

Ques:- Alums purify muddy water by

Ans:- Coagulation

Ques:- Among Si, Ge, Sn and Pb the inert pair effect is predominant in

Ans:- Pb

Ques:- The equivalent weight of KmNo4 in alkaline medium is equal to

Ans:- Mol.Wt./3

Ques:- Liquid crystal is a state which can be termed as

Ans:- Mesomorphic

Ques:- Liquid crystal display in digital watches and calculators are composed of several

Ans:- 7-segment cell

Ques;- The number of atoms per unit cell of body centered cubic (BCC) are

Ans:- 2

Ques:- An Einstein is the quantity of energy absorbed

Ans:- Per mole of a substance during photochemical reaction

Ques:- When glycerol is treated with small amount of HL, than the final product is

Ans:- Allyl Iodide

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