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By | January 26, 2017

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Staff Nurse is very important post in the hospitals. Staff Nurse is a responsible person. There are lot of vacancies in govt and private hospitals .Staff Nurse play very important role in hospital.To get the job so everywhere to fight a written test or interview. If you want to success the exam read all related syllabus and previous questions papers who help you to know the pattern of exam,

Recruitment Test (Staff Nurse)

Ques- A Guedel airway is a :

Ans:-Oropharyngeal airway.

Ques:-The osmolality of 0.45% Sodium Chloride (NaCl) is:

Ans:- 154 mOsm/L

Ques:- The suture material that is both absorbable and synthetic is :

Ans:-Polyglycolic acid


Ans:-28 Litres

Ques:- the daily insensible water loss from body normally is ( in millilitre, ml ) :

Ans:-400-800 ml

Ques:-On the basis of body Mass Index (BMI),a person with a height of 150 cm and weight of 70 kg is defined to be :


Ques:- In prepration for abdominal surgery, a patient has to be administered a pre- operative enema. The position of the patient for this enema should be :

Ans:-Left Lateral Sim’s position

Ques:-A patient with fracture of left tibia is using crutches for walking, A complication as a result of improper use of crutches for which regular assessment should be done is :

Ans:- Wrist drop

Ques:- While monitoring a patient of Myocardial Infarction in your Coronary Care Unit you observe an isolated ventricular ectopic on the monitor.You will inform the physician and :

Ans:-Prepare to administer intravenous Lignocaine

Ques:-A Hospice facility has the following principles :

Ans:-The focus is on comfort of the dying patient and the family

Ques:- The patient diagonosed with a terminal illness tells the doctor, “Life is not fair. This cannot happen to me”. This is an expression of :


Ques:- The “independent action” performed by a nurse that is administratively acceptable is when she :

Ans:- Gives cold sponging to a febrile patient

Ques:- What is the best example of “subjective data” from the option given below is :

Ans:-The patient is having chest discomfort for 2 hours.

Ques:- In conducting a search on the internet, the use of the words AND, OR, NOT indicate :

Ans:- Boolean Operators

Qoes:- In the web address, which of the following indicate that a website is secure :

Ans:- https://

Ques:- In a Microsoft Word Document, you can change from “Times New Roman “ to “Arial” by going to the :

Ans:- Font section

Ques:- The word URL in computer language means :

Ans:- Universal Resource Locator

Ques:- The use of “touch” to convey your feelings to a patient is called :

Ans:- Haptic communication

Ques:- In communication with patients, the word “rapport” means :

Ans:-To show genuine feeling of goodwill

Ques:- One of the primary functions of a Circulating Nurse in the Operation Theatre is to :

Ans:- Prepare the surgical sterile table and instruments.

Ques:- To have “an albatross around your neck” means :

Ans:- To carry a difficult burden

Ques:- The process of precisely destroying cancer tissue in the brain by using radiation is called :

Ans:- Gamma Knife surgery

Ques:- While performing endotracheal suction in a adult, you will ensure that you :

Ans:- Apply suction for only 10-15 seconds at a time

Ques:- A fire breaks out in your ward. The first action you take is :

Ans:- Evacuate the patients from the ward

Ques:- While checking the blood pressure in the upper limb of a patient with a sphygmanometer, you observe that she has developed carpal spasm. The most likely cause is :

Ans:- Hypocalcemia

Ques:- The initial energy selection for defibrillation in pulseless ventricular tachycardia for a :

Ans:- Biphasic defibrillator is 150 j

Ques:- In a 78 year old smoker with streptococcal pneumonia and difficulty in coughing out secretions, the nursing diagnosis is :

Ans:- Ineffective airway clearance related to effects of pneumonia

Ques:- The bandage that is applied over an amputated knee stump while in preparation for a prosthesis is usually a :

Ans:- Figure of eight bandage

Ques:- The MAST garment is used for treatment of :

Ans:- Hemorrhagic Shock

Ques:- The common abdominal incision for gall bladder surgery is :

Ans:- Left paramedian incision

Ques:- You are assessing a patient of acute pancreatitis for the comolication of paralytic ileus. The key symptom indicating this complication is :

Ans:-Inability to pass flatus

Ques:- In General anaesthesia, the stage of excitement and dreams is :

Ans:- Stage 11

Ques:- The post- operative exercise of “huffing” is used primarily to help the patient :

Ans:- Loosen the chest secretions

Ques:- While dressing the abdominal wound on the 5th post-operative day, you observe that some intestinal loops are protruding outside. This is called :

Ans:- Intestinal hernia

Ques:- A high frequency chest wall oscillation (HFCWO) vest is used for :

Ans:- Loosening thick chest secretions

Ques:- A patient has a pressure ulcer in which subcutaneous fat is visible BUT bone, tendon or muscle is not exposed or visible. This is a :

Ans:- Stage III ulcer

Ques:- An example of an Open Drainage system used in surgical wounds is :

Ans:- Penrose Drain

Ques:- Paradoxical respiration is most commonly seen in :

Ans:- Flail chest

Ques:- A patient with classical heat stroke will have :

Ans:- Dry Skin

Ques:- The logroll turning method is used in :

Ans:- Spinal injury

Ques:- A body temperature of 39 degree centigrade is equivalent to a Fahrenheit temperature of (in nearest degrees) :

Ans:- 100

Ques:- An example of a cervical skeletal traction device is :

Ans:- Halo device

Ques:- A DEXA Scan is used in the diagnosis of :

Ans:- Osteoporosis

Ques:- A patient has burns over the front of the chest and abdomen. The percentage of burns is calculated to be ;

Ans:- 18%

Ques:- The Mallampati Classification deals with :

Ans:- Airway assessment in anesthesiology

Ques:- The ideal angle of insertion of a needle for administering an intradermal injection is ;

Ans:-10 degrees

Ques:-The Z-track technique of intramuscular injection is used to :

Ans:- Reduce backward leakage of drug

Ques:- The last menstrual period of a pregnant lady started on 20th February 2016. Her expected data of delivery is :

Ans:- 27th November 2016


In this paper all questions are belonging staff nurse syllabus and logical, These Questions are very help full in other exams like nursing, pharmacist .

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