Previous Year Exam. Paper H.P.T.E.T.(Non-Medical) 2013

By | August 24, 2017

Download T.G.T. (Non-Medical) T.E.T. Exam. 2013

TET is the teacher eligibility test,It is make a low in 2010 without qualify tet exam no body eligible for teaching.

This exam of tet held on 29 september, 2013.In this paper asked very important questions of general knowledge and other teaching subjects.

Download Himachal Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test (Non-Medical) Exam. 2013

Ques;- Right to educaqtion (RTE) Act, 2009, guarantees free and compulsory education for all children in the age group of

Ans;- 6 – 14 years

Ques;- ‘Reasoning’ and ‘Analyzing’ are related to which domain of learning ?

Ans:- Cognitive domain

Ques;- Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA) has been designed to transform

Ans;- Higher Education

Ques:- Suppose a student is giving answer to the question asked by the teacher. How should the teacher behave ?

Ans:- Maintain eye contact with the student, who is giving the answer

Ques;- According to theories of Motivation, ateacher can enhance learning by

Ans:- Setting realistic expectations from students

Ques:- The most appropriate logical predicate for the ‘Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation’ should be

Ans:- Promoting holistic nature of human personality

Ques:- What can damage a low achieving students psychologically

Ans:- Discussing the marks of individual student in this class

Ques;- At lower classes play-way method of teaching is based on

Ans;- Psychological principles of development and growth

Ques;- In late childhood period children understand the conversion of which physical entity class ?

Ans:- Mass, Number and Area

Ques;- The main purpose of parent teacher association (PTA) in any school is to

Ans:- Involve parents for improvement of school functioning

Ques;- A young child responds to a new situation on the basis of the response made by him/her in a similar situation as in the past. This is related to

Ans:- Law of Effect of learning process

Ques:- Among Pre-gang age, play age, Imitative age, Questioning age which one is not a characterstic of early childhood ?

Ans:- Play age

Ques:- Among Delinquency, Bullying nature, Truancy, Autism which behaviour is not a manifestation of emotional disturbance ?

Ans:- Autism

Ques;- The bright to education Act, 2009 specifies that if the number of children admitted for first class to fifth class is above two hundred, then pupil-teacher ratio required is

Ans;- Forty

Ques:- A principle of development is

Ans:- It does not take place at the same pace for all

Ques:- Social behaviour not observed in a child during childhood

Ans:- Attraction towards opposite sex

Ques;- ‘A dolescence is a period of great stress and strain, storm and strife ‘ is said by

Ans:- Stanley Hall

Ques;- The theory of intelligence advocates the presence of general intelligence ‘G’ and specific intelligence ‘S’

Ans;- Spearman’s two factor theory

Ques;- The feeling aspect to behaviour falls in the ……………………domain of learning.

Ans:- Affective

Ques;- The fourth of the six development stages of Ethical behaviour according to Kohlberg is

Ans;- Authority and social order maintaining orientation

Ques:- Out of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, which need is fulfilled by providing mid-day meals to school children ?

Ans:- Basic or physiological need

Ques:- The effective way teaching pronunciation of new worlds in the classroom is

Ans:- Oral-drills

Ques:- Three dimensions of the ‘Structure of intellect’ according to Guilford are

Ans;- Operations, content, product

Ques;- School-based assessment is primarily based on the principle that

Ans;- Teacher know their learners better than external examiners

Ques;- For summative evaluation, the best tool/tools to be used is/are

Ans:- Multiple choice questions, short answer type questions, long answer type questions.

Ques;- Emotional catharsis means

Ans:- Bringing out emotional repression

Ques:- Among quality of education, quality of nutrition, physique, culture which factor is not included in the environmental factors of development ?

Ans:- Physique

Ques:- According to Piaget’s stages of cognitive development, the sensory-motor stage is associated with

Ans:- Lmitation memory and mental representation

Ques:- The concept of rewards and punishment in the process of teaching-learning is based upon the low of effect in learning by

Ans:- Thorndike

Ques:- Logical mathematical intelligence’ is associated with

Ans:- Multiple intelligence theory

Ques:- What is the meaning of SIM in mobile SIM Card ?

Ans:- Subscriber Identity Module

Ques:- What is the total population of Himachal Pradesh as per 2011 Population census ?

Ans;- 68, 56,509

Ques:- In 8th Century, who started Buddhism in Lahaul and Spiti ?

Ans:- Padam Sambhav

Ques;- Which book is written by Jawahar Lal Nehru ?

Ans:- Discovery of India

Ques;- Where ‘Boodhi Diiwali’ fair is celebrated in the State ?

Ans:- Nirmand

Ques;- World’s first country which completely banned smoking is

Ans:- Bhutan

Ques;- The founder of ‘Brahmo Samaj’ was

Ans:- Raja Ram Mohan Roy

Ques;- Who raised the slogan, No Taxation without representation’?

Ans:- American colonies

Ques;- Union list contains

Ans:- 97 subjects

Ques;- Indian Militry Academy is located at

Ans:- Dehradun

Ques;- Which is oldest Veda ?

Ans;- Rigveda

Ques:- ‘The Grand Trunk Road’ was built by

Ans:- Sher Shah Suri

Ques;- Which is modern name of Suket State ?

Ans;- Sunder Nagar

Ques:- Roerich Art Gallery is at

Ans:- Naggar

Ques:- Tenure of Rajya Sabha members is

Ans;- 6 years

Ques;- Currency of Iran is

Ans;- Riyal

Ques;- Which is largest Island ?

Ans:- Greenland

Ques:- Where is the Headquarters of the Amnesty International ?

Ans:- London

Ques;- Which is the highest pass in Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans:- Parang

Ques:- Hathi Dhar is the boundary line of districts

Ans:- Chamba-Kangra

Ques:- Guru Ghantal Gompa is located in

Ans;- Lahaul

Ques;- Which festival in district Kinnaur is covered only by the young males /

Ans;- Toshim

Ques:- The people of which province in Himachal Pradesh demanded the irradiation of ‘Forced Labour’ as aresult of which agitators were fired upon by police ?

Ans:- Dhami

Ques:- Who is the Chairman of Indian Planning Commission ?

Ans:- Dr. Monmohan Singh

Ques:- The first Nuclear Reactor of India, is called as

Ans:- Apsara

Ques:- When is the ‘World Water Conservation Day’ celebrated ?

Ans:- March, 22

Ques;- The ‘Indian Instituate of Space Science and Technology’ established in 2009, is situated at

Ans:- Tiruvanantpuram

Ques:- Who painted the world famous painting ‘The Last Supper’?

Ans:- Leonardo da Vinci

Ques:- Who  was the chief Guest of the Republic Day of Indian on January 26, 2013 ?

Ans:- Jigme Khesar Namgyai Wang Chuck (Bhutan King)

Ques:- If every side of a triangle is doubled , then increase in the area of the triangle is

Ans:- 300%

Ques:- If median+3 and mean=2, than mode =

Ans:- 5

Ques:- The number of non-empty subsets of (1,2,3,4,5) is

Ans:- 16

Ques:- A number when divided by 627 leaves a remainder 43, by divided by 627 leaves a remainder 43, by dividing the same number by 19, the remainder will be

Ans:- 5

Ques;- Among 16/19, 16/21, 11/17, 11/14 which fraction is the greatest ?

Ans:- 16/19

Ques:- The number 0.05 is what percentage of 20 ?

Ans:- 0.25

Ques:- The ratio of two numbers is 3:8 and their difference is 115.The greater number is

Ans:- 184

Ques:- At what rate percentage per annum a sum of Rs. 1,800 will become Rs. 2, 700 in 10 years ?

Ans:- 5%

Ques:- The ratio of the area of a square to that of the square drawn on its diagonal is

Ans:- 1 :2

Ques;- A copper sphere of radius 3 cm is beaten and drawn into a wire of diameter 0.2 cm.The length

Ans:- 36 m

Ques;- If all exterior angles of a triangle are equal, then triangle is


Ques:- The difference between the interior and exterior angles of a polygon is 60 degree. The number of sides is the polygon is

Ans:- 6

Ques:- The middle most observation of statistical data have value is called

Ans:- Median

Ques;- In how many ways can 5 difference beads be arranged to form a necklace ?

Ans:- 12

Ques:- Among 11 ,21, 31, 41 which number is not a prime number ?

Ans:- 21

Ques;- How many numbers are there between 1 and 100 such that each of which is not only divisible by 4, but also has one digit as 4 in the number

Ans:- 7

Ques:- If a,b,c are three natural numbers such that c is a factor of ab and c is coprime to a, then

Ans;- c is a factor of b

Ques;- The H.C.F. OF 2.4, 0, 0.36 AND 7.2 IS

Ans:- 0.12

Ques:- The average weight of 35 students in a class is 35 kg. If the teacher is also included, the average weight increases to 36 kg. The weight of teacher is

Ans:- 71 kg

Ques;- Two numbers are in the ratio 3:5 . If 9 be subtracted from each, they are in the ratio 12:23.The first number is

Ans;- 33

Ques:- Among Iodine, Bromine, Cesium, Phosphorus which one is liquid at room temperature /

Ans;- Bromine

Ques:- An aqueous solution of CuSO4 is

Ans:- Acidic

Ques:- Among Molality, Molarity, Mole fraction and ppm which one depends upon temperature ?

Ans:- Molarity

Ques:- When sodium metal is dropped into water, which is not true ?

Ans:- H2 gas catches fire

Ques:- ATP molecule does not contain

Ans:- Guanine

Ques:- Ascorbic acid is

Ans:- Vitamin C

Ques:- If mass of the bob of the pendulum is doubled, then its time period becomes

Ans:- No change

Ques;- The power of a lens is +4D. Its focal length will be

Ans:- 25 cm

Ques;- A fuse wire is always connected with

Ans;- Live wire

Ques:-In Hilly region the water boils at 95 degree centre grate.This temperature in Fahrenheit scale will be

Ans:- 203 degree F

Ques:-The percentage error in the measurement of radius of a sphere is 2 %.The percentage error in the measurement of its area will be

Ans:- 4 %

Ques:-The Kinetic energy of a body becomes four times of its original value.

Ans:- 2 times

Ques:- The electromagnetic waves do not transport

Ans:- Change

Ques:- The frequency limit generally used for ground wave propagation is

Ans:- 1,000 khz

Ques:- A real gas obeys Boyle’s law at

Ans:- High temperature and low pressure

Ques:- To get three images of a single object one should have two plane mirrors at an anlge of

Ans:- 90 degree

Ques:-An electric dipole is placed in uniform electric field, it experiences

Ans:-Torque but no force

Ques:- The most suitable metal for making electromagnets

Ans:- Iron

Ques:- When angles of refraction is right angle, then angle of incidence corresponds to

Ans:- Critical angle

Ques;-Rainbow is a natural phenomenon showing

Ans:- Dispersion

Ques:- Among Parallectic second, Micro second,Nano second which one is not the unit of time ?

Ans:- Parallectic second

Ques:- What is the number of images formed when a toy is placed between two plane mirrors inclined at an angle of 60 degree

Ans:- 5

Ques:- At a grid substation the voltage is stepped up to which one quantity one quantity ?

Ans:- Electric power

Ques:- Which is the main source of Solar Energy ?

Ans;- Nuclear fusion

Ques;- A Rocket is ejecting out 50 gm of gases per second at a velocity of 400m/s.What will be the accelerating force of the rocket ?

Ans:- 20 N

Ques:- Among X-rays, Microwave, Radiowave which one is a longest wave /

Ans:- Radiowave

Ques:- Which is the normal range of frenquency used for Television transmission ?

Ans:- 30-300 MHz

Ques;- The ratio of speed of the body to the speed of sound is known as

Ans;- Mach number

Ques:- In which substance electric resistance decreases by the increase of temperature /

Ans;- Germanium

Ques:- Mirage is observed in deserts due to phenomenon of

Ans;- Total internal reflection

Ques;- Process of getting Silk fiber from Cocoon is called as

Ans:- Ginning

Ques;- In fire extinguishers we use

Ans:- NaHCO3

Ques:- Chlorophyll contains a metal

Ans;- Magnesium

Ques:- Metal are malleable.It means

Ans:- They can be beaten to sheets

Ques:- Which part of candle flame has highest temperature /

Ans;- Outer part

Ques;- Product of neutralization of acid and base

Ans;- Salt and water

Ques;- During  depression in freezing point, which are in equilibrium ?

Ans:- Liquid solvent –Solid solvent

Ques;- In an electrolytic cell, flow of electrons is from

Ans:- Cathode to anode in solution

Ques;- Among Li, Be, Na, Mg which atom has the smallest size ?

Ans:- Be

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