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By | January 25, 2017

Download solved questions of computer general knowledge

Computer is very useful device in this world . we are now living in a word which is technology- driven. Day by day the life style and every thing is change. so computer knowledge is every one need without computer knowledge man  is blind. Everywhere computer is used like offices, school, hospitals, banks etc. For a number of candidates preparing for competitive examinations like Po, Junior-Office Assistant, Clerk and other exams.Given below solved basic computer  questions which is important in way of exam

.Important Questions Of Competitive Examination

  1. Length of the string “Correct” is

Ans:- 7

  1. UNIX was developed by –

Ans:- Bell labs

  1. Which of the following codes need 7 bits to represent a character –


  1. When you the deleye foles in windows operating system, they are.

Ans:- Put in Recycle bin

  1. Compiler in computer system in a –

Ans:-System softwere

  1. VIRUS stand for –

Ans:- Vital Information Resources Under Siege

  1. Worm stand for

Ans:- Write Once Read Many

  1. Usually, in MS DOS, the primary hard disk drives has the drive letter –

Ans:- C

  1. The first UNIX operating system was written in the

Ans:- Assembly Language

  1. A Pixel is –

Ans:- The smallest resolvable part of a picture

  1. Primary purpose of software is to turn data into…………..

Ans:- Information

  1. The ability to find an individual item in a file immediatly………………is used.

Ans:- Sequential Access

  1. A collection related files is called a ……………….

Ans:- Record

  1. …………….contain specific rules and word that express the logical steps of an algorithm.

Ans:- Syntax

  1. …………….. is yhe process of finding errors in software code.

Ans:- Debugging

  1. Changing an existing document is called…………….the document.

Ans:- Editing

  1. …………..key will launch the start button.

Ans:- Window

  1. To move the beginning of a line of text, press the ……………key.

Ans:- Home

  1. ……….tells the computer how to use its components.

Ans:-Operating System

  1. All of the following are media player EXCEPT :-

Ans:- Indie Podder

  1. Word processing, spreadsheet and photo editing are example of :-

Ans:- Application Software

  1. …………….is a set of computer programs used on a computer to held perform tasks.

Ans:- Software

  1. What is a c ?

Ans:- High level Language with some Low Level feature

  1. What is window 7 ?

Ans:-Operating system

  1. Who hae been developed by c language?

Ans:- Dennis Ritchie

  1. What is Fortan.

Ans:- Formula Translation

  1. Verification of a login name and password is known as :

Ans:- Authentication

  1. What list of commands that are appear on the screen ?

Ans:- Menus

  1. What is a Linux in operating system?

Ans:- Open Source

  1. Which type of broad categories software are :-

Ans:- Two type System and Application

  1. Who is the father of ‘C’ programming language ?

Ans:- Dennis Ritchie

  1. Who is Known as the brain of computer?

Ans:- Central Processing

  1. What is ISO9363 related to in context to banking Technology.

Ans:-SWIFT Transfers

  1. In which year Microsoft first introduced an operating environment name window –


  1. Who was developed the basic architecture of a computer ?

Ans:- Johan von Neumann

  1. Which computer were bult before the first Generation :-

Ans:-Electro mechanical

  1. Who was built the first mechanical calculator ?

Ans:- Blais Pascal

  1. Who is the first generation of computer ?


  1. Which size of computer was very large :-

Ans:- First Generation

  1. What was the component of first generation computer ?

Ans:- Vacuum Tubes and Valves

  1. Which device is a example of Auxillary storage device /

Ans:- HDD

  1. What is the example of Laser Printer ?

Ans:- Page Printer

  1. Approximately I million Byte is equal to ……………….

Ans:- 1 MB

  1. From where is the Virtual memory take space:-

Ans:- HDD

  1. WHAT is a stylus ?

Ans:- Input Device

  1. ALU,CU is a part of ……………..

Ans:- CPU

  1. A Printed circuit Board used to connect devices on it, in a computer known as –

Ans:- Mother board

  1. VGA stands for –

Ans:- Video graphic Array

  1. What is the role of stylus in Digitizer ?

Ans:- Writting

  1. Which are the Auxillary storage device :-

Ans:- HDD, CD., DVD

  1. To select a particular line in a paragraph……………. is used.

Ans:- Shift+Arrow key

  1. Example of input devices….

Ans:- Keyboards, scanners and microphones.

  1. What is the brain of computer ?

Ans:- CPU

  1. Which hardware is used to read disks :-

Ans:- Disk drive

  1. Akeyboard is this kind of divice

Ans:- Input

  1. What is Arithmetic operations ?

Ans:- Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

  1. What is the process of dividing the disk into tracks and sectors.

Ans:- Formatting

  1. What is the means of computer abbreviation KB usually:-

Ans:- Kilo Byte

  1. What is Terminal ?

Ans:- Any input and output device

  1. What is computer equipment itself called ?

Ans:- Hardware

  1. What is the called the Removable Disk ?

Ans:- Floppies

  1. What part of the computer stroge programs and files for later use ?

Ans:- Hard drive

  1. The most frequently used piece of hardware for inputting date is the ………………


  1. What is the parmanent storage device ?

Ans:- Hard disk

  1. …………may also be called the screen or monitor.

Ans;- Display

  1. A binary choice offer how many options :-

Ans:- Two

  1. The memory in our computer is known as:-

Ans:- RAM,

  1. How many values can be represented by a single byte?

Ans:- 256

  1. Data going into the computer is called-

Ans:- Input

  1. What is Microsoft office ?

Ans:- An application suite.

  1. How are data organized in a spreadsheet ?

Ans:-Rows & Columns

  1. The blinking symbol on the computer screen is called the :

Ans:- Cursor

  1. DOS Stands for-

Ans:- Disk Operating System

  1. …………………..translates and executes program at run time line by line.

Ans:- Interpreter

  1. ……………….is an OOP principle

Ans:- Inheritance

  1. COBOL is widely used in……………applications.

Ans:- Commercial

  1. BIOS stands for –

Ans:- Basic Input Output system

  1. Primary purpose of software is toi turn data into……………

Ans:- Information

  1. The ability to find an individual item in a file immediately………is used.

Ans:- Sequential Access

  1. The …………….. key will lauch the start button.

Ans:- Windows

  1. In what time the REN command is used in Dos :-

Ans:- Change the name of a file

  1. Which of the following is first generation of computer-


  1. Mega is 2 to the power of-

Ans:- 20

  1. The storage that supplements the primary internal storage of a computer is known as –

Ans:-Secondary storage

  1. The storage device used to compensate for the difference in rates of flow of data from one device to another is termed as-


  1. What are Laptops ?

Ans:-Lightweigh Computers,small enough to fit in a shall suitcase.

  1. Which device can store Large amount of data ?

Ans:- Hard disk

  1. Which is a temporary primary memort ?

Ans:- Ram

  1. What is the Formatting capacity of floppy disk(3.5) is-

Ans:- 1.44KB

  1. The storage that supplement the primary internal storage of a computer is known as-

Ans:- Secondary storage

  1. What are Periphera ?

Ans:- Input, output and secondary storage devices

  1. What is reading speed of MICR is About.

Ans:- 2400

  1. What is Analog computer ?

Ans:- Adevice that operates on data in the form of continuously varying physical quantities

  1. Who was built the first mechanical calculator ?

Ans:- Blaisa Pascal

  1. Microprocessor can be used in making-

Ans:- Digital system

  1. What is the technique that extends storage capacities of memory beyond the actual size of memory ?

Ans:- Virtual Storage

  1. What is ALU ?

Ans:- Arithmetic logic unit

  1. The CRT is…………… in shape.

Ans:- Rectangular

  1. A byte can hold one…………………of data.

Ans:- Character

  • 100……………….bite equal une byte

Ans;- 8

  • 101 Which technology is used in compact disk

Ans:- Laser

  • 102 Which storage devices can store maximum amount of data ?

Ans:- Hard Disk

  • 103 Which is the largest manufacture of Hard Disk Drives ?

Ans:- Segate

  • 104 What is the full form of USB as used in computer related activities ?

Ans:- Universal Serial Block

  • 105 Which is not a hardware of a computer ?

Ans:- Window

  • 106 How many bits is equal to 1 Nibble ?

Ans:- 4 bits

  • 107 Which is not the part of the Auxiliary storage ?

Ans:- Cache

  • 108 Number of function keys on the keyboard ?

Ans:- 12

  • 109 Which amount is a divice, that is used in computer to add external component ?

Ans:- Port/ System Boards

  • 110 How many options does a BINART choice offer-

Ans:- Two

  • 111 Which is produced the best quality graphics-

Ans:- Plotter

  1. CAD stands for-

Ans:- Computer aided design

  • 113 Which memory is volatile memory-

Ans:- RAM

  • 114 What is the most common source of virus to the hard disk of computer ?

Ans:- Incoming Email

  • 115 …………….is a bi-stable electronic circuit that has two stable states.

Ans:- Latter

  • 116 IBM stands for-

Ans:- International Business Machines

  • 117 RAM stands for-

Ans:- Random access memory

  • 118 SMPS Stands for-

Ans:- Switched mode power Supply

  • 119 The lowest form of computer language is called-

Ans:- Machine Language

  • 120 A program written in a machine language is called ?

Ans:- Assembler

  • 121  ……………..contain specific rules and words that express the logical steps of an algorithm.

Ans:- Syntax

  • 122 ……………… is the process of carrying out command.

Ans:- Executing

  • 123  What is the main purpose of Defragment-

Ans:-Creates free space

  • 124  What is office open XML

Ans:- A file format.

  • 125  An error is also known as-

Ans:- Bug

  • 126  What are device drivers?

Ans:-System software for hardware devices

  • 127  Who developed FORTRAN language ?

Ans:- John Backus

  • 128  Which key can be used to view slide show-

Ans:- F5

  • 129  References to each file on a disk are stored in a-

Ans:- Root directory

  • 130  ……………….. is an invalid type of database key –

Ans:- Structured Primary key

Suggestion;-                                                                                                                                                                                                     These questions will be able to guide the people to get his final selection in the competitive examination. By reading  these question, the students will acquire a lot of success in exam.

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