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By | February 9, 2017

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There are very important selected questions which are asked in the various exam. These questions are selected in the previous year paper. These type of question are asked in the H.A.S, Allied tests, clerical exam and other screening test. In these questions study gives you a guide line how you to prepare in exams and how to achieve a success.

        Important  General Knowledge  Questions

  1. Which of the following is not a fresh- water ecosytem ?

Ans: Open Ocean

  1. Which of these is not an ecosystem srevice ?

Ans:- Winds

  1. Desert ecosystems are characterized by annual rainfall of less than :

Ans:- 25 cm

  1. Which of these places is reputed to be world’s most biologically diverse ?

Ans:- Yasuni tripical rain forest

  1. India is home to how many (approximately) mammalian species ?

Ans:- 350

  1. Identify the correct sequence of countries with the highest biodiversity :

Ans:- Brazil > Colombia > China > Indonesia

  1. Which of these is not a factor threatening extinction of several species in india ?

Ans:- Socio- cultural practices

  1. According to Paris agreement on climate change, the rise in average temperature of earth,s surface above pre- industrial levels should be limited to :

Ans;- 2 degree centigrate

  1. The acronym ‘UNFCC’ represents :

Ans:- United National Fund for Climate Control

  1. In the context of climate change, measure undertaken by Government of india have a target of electric power generation by renewable energy (by year 2030) of :

Ans-:350 GW

  1. When a body is taken from the earth to moon :

Ans:- Weight changes but mass remains the same

  1. Decible is used to measure the intensity of :

Ans:- Sound

  1. Which of the following vegetable oils does not contain essential fatty acids ?

Ans;- Coconut oil

  1. Usually fuels on burning causes pollution. Which one of the following fuel causes minimum environmental pollution ?

Ans:- Hydrogen

  1. Vegetablesare easily perishable because of their high content of :

Ans:- Water

  1. Sweat mainly serves to eliminate :

Ans:- Water, NaCL

  1. In a poultry unit the factor most influencing the cost is the cost of :

Ans:- Feed

  1. Bombyx mori is a :

Ans:- Silkworm

  1. A pressure cooker works on the principle of :

Ans:- Elevation of boiling points of water by application of pressure

  1. Which of the following is not the feature of caste system ?

Ans:- Untouchability

  1. Ashish Bose is well known for his concept :

Ans:- BIMARU States

  1. Which state of India was the first to pass Jamindari Abolition Act ?

Ans:- Utter Pradesh

  1. In which year was the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act Passed ?

Ans:- 2005

  1. Which is not an indicator of Human Development Index ?

Ans;- Life expectancy

  1. Of which river’s tributaries are Phojal, Sarvari and Hansa streams ?

Ans:- Beas

  1. What is the architectural style of Adi Brahma temple of Khokhan ?

Ans:- Pagoda

  1. With which region of H.P. IS bONANGCHYU dance associated ?

Ans:- Kinnaur

  1. According to 2011 census which district of H.P. has the highest number of urban households ?

Ans:- Shimla

  1. Who was the court poet of Raja Dharam Chand of Kangra who wrote Dharam Chand Natak around 1562 AD.

Ans:- Manik Chand

  1. To which princely state did Zorawar Singh, General of Raja Gulab Singh Who invaded Ladakh and Baltistan during 1834-41, belong ?

Ans:- Kehlur

  1. When did the Chandrabhaga valley which was held as Jagir by the families of Tibetan origin come under the sway of Kullu ?

Ans:- Seventeenth century

  1. The territory of which of the following princely state was divided between two cousins/scions Vijay Singh and Ram Singh during the nineteenth century ?

Ans:- Siba

  1. Around which year did captain R.C. Lee set up an apple orchard in Kullu ares ?

Ans:- 1870 AD

  1. Which raja of Sirmaur princely state shifted the capital of his state from Rajban to Kalsi in the beginning of the thirteenth century ?

Ans:- Udit Parkash

  1. Which raja of Bushahr princely stste received Hang – Rang valley from Tibet as Jagir ?

Ans:- Kehri Singh

  1. Around which year did Russian painter Nicholas Roerichj visit Naggar in Kullu district for the first time ?

Ans:- 1923

  1. Which raja of Bangahal princely state was treacherously killed by Raja Siddha Sen of Mandi ?

Ans:- Prithi Pal

  1. In which river basin is Upper Joiner hydro-power project ?

Ans:- Ravi

  1. Which school did Amrita Shergill join in Shimla around 1924 – 25 ?

Ans:- Jesus and Mary

  1. At which place in kullu districtttttttt of H.P is fish farm ?

Ans:- Patli Kuhl, Moheli, Nagini

  1. Which bank is collaborating with the H.P. Government in implementing Doodh Ganga Yojana ?


  1. wHICH agency is managing Himachal Pradesh Stare Wide Area Network (Himswan) services ?

Ans:- m/s Orange Business Services

  1. Who founded the Himachal Vikas Congress (HVC) ?

Ans:- Pandit Sukh Ram

  1. Which two districts of H.P are covered under Backward Region Grant Fund of Ministry Of Panchayati Raj, Government of India ?

Ans:- Chamba and Sirmaur

  1. Who among the following persons has secured India’s 12th olympic quota berth for shooting for the Rio Games ?

Ans:- Jitu Rai

  1. Who among the following persons has been appointed as UP’S Lokayukta ?

Ans:- Virendra Singh

  1. Which of the following Indian States will get the first ever solar – stellar observatory ?

Ans:- Gujarat

  1. In which of the following states, ‘Hornbill’ festival has been observed to uphold Unity in Diversity ?

Ans:- Nagaland

  1. Who built the Sudarshana lake in the Saurashtra region ?

Ans:- Pushyagupta

  1. Which one of the following festivals was most famous in Vijayanagar Empire ?

Ans:- Mahanavami

  1. Which of the following Bhakti poets of Maharashtra conveyed his teachings through the numerous Abhangas ?

Ans:- Tukaram

  1. Dara Shikoh was the disciple of which Sufi saint ?

Ans:- Mulla Mir

  1. Which of the following states were not annexed to the English East India Company’s dominions under Dalhousie’s Doctrine of Lapse ?

Ans:- Jodhpur

  1. Who established the East India Association in 1866 in London ?

Ans:- Dadabhai Naoroji

  1. Which was the Civil Disobedience Movement finally called off by Mahatma Gandhi ?

Ans:- 1934

  1. How much time did Lord Mountbatten given to Sir C. Radcliffe to delineate the international borders of india in 1947 ?

Ans:- One and half month

  1. Bermuda Triangle is located in :

Ans:- Atlantic Ocean

  1. Which line separates India from Afghanistan ?

Ans:- Durand line

  1. What is the name of shifting cultivation in Mexico ?

Ans:- Milpa

  1. Which soil is best for cotton cultivation ?

Ans:- Black soil

  1. Which is the longest river of the world ?

Ans:- Nile

  1. Varhala beach is located in :

Ans:- Kerala

  1. Who among the following was the constitutional advisor to the Constituent Assembly ?

Ans:- Sir B.N. Rau

  1. The Central Information Commission falls under :

Ans:- The Ministry of Personnel

  1. During the term of office criminal proceedings cannot be instituted against :

Ans:-The President and the Governor

  1. Who among the following decides the question of disqualification of a member of Parliament on grounds of defection ?

Ans:- Presiding officer of the House

  1. Who among the following has the power to declare a caste or a tribe as scheduled caste or scheduled tribe ?

Ans:- President of India

  1. Who among the following determines the area of a Lok Sabha constituency for the purpose of election ?

Ans:-Delimitation Commission

  1. Which of the following statements is correct about NITI Aayog ?

Ans:-It is neither a constitutional body nor a statutory body

  1. Which of the following are All India Services ?

Ans:- Indian Foreign Service (IFS)

  1. Who is the Chief Ecconomic Advisor to the Government of India ?

Ans:- Arvind Subramanian

  1. What has been the growth rate of GDP of India during 2014 – 15 at the current prices and constant prices respectively ?

Ans:- 10.5% and 7.3%

  1. As per HDR, 2014 the Gender Inequality Index of India is :

Ans:- 127

  1. The 14th Finance Commission has enhanced the states share in the central divisible pool of taxes from :

Ans:- 32 percent to 42 percent

  1. First Census was conducted in which year in india ?

Ans:- 1872

  1. What is the population density (per sq. km) of India and Himachal Pradesh respectively as per Census 2011 ?

Ans:- 382 and 123

  1. Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana was approved by Central Government on :

Ans:- 13th January, 2015

  1. As per the Census 2011, the average age is above 30 years for the gollowing states :

Ans;- Kerala, Goa, Tamil Nadu and Himachal Pradesh

  1. Which of the following is not a function of Reserve Babk of India ?

Ans:- Management of Fiscal deficit

  1. Swabhiman is a :

Ans:- Financial inclusion initiative

Important Questions:- 

These questions are covered are syllabus general questions like general history, political science, world general knowledge, himachal general knowledge and current affair. These questions are important all types of exam.

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