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By | February 18, 2017

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In this previous year paper all types of general knowledge questions are asked. In these questions h.p. general knowledge,world general knowledge,related to religion ,history,economically, general science and political science all types questions are asked. These questions are very helpful to you for all type of screening test and other exam. These question gave to idea how to achieve success in life.


Ques:- During recently held ‘Jai Utsav’ in New Delhi, Himachali Dance “Thoda’ was highly applauded by the audience. This dance happens to be a :

Ans:- War Dance

Ques:- In which region of Himachal Pradesh do we come across the temples of Pandava Bheem’s consort Hidimba and their son Ghatotach ?

Ans:- Kullu Valley

Ques:- How much distance will be curtailed between Manali and Leh after the completion of Rohtang Tunnel Project ?

Ans:- 48 Kilometers

Ques:- These days ‘ Judi Underhill’ has become a household name in Himachal Pradesh, because :

Ans:- She is working on warfooting with her cohorts to keep the environs of Macleod Ganj Valley clean.

Ques:- Apparently Himachal Pradesh cannot be equated with Rajasthan and Gujarat because of its unique topography but politically they share a common phenomenon and that is :

Ans:- They do not have regional political parties

Ques:- Name that place in Himachal Pradesh where a great revolutionary passed his last days after underdoing great hardships of exile for forty years, and passed away five hours after the declaration of India’s Independence :

Ans;- Dalhousie

Ques;- One of the hydro – electricity projects of Himachal Pradesh is unique in this sense that although physically it is part of H.P. but its area is administered according to the laws of Punjab. That project happens to be :

Ans:- Shannan Project

Ques:- Which part of Himachal Pradesh gets adequate rainfall for growing various crops ?

Ans:- Chamba and Kangra

Ques::- Captivated by the natural beauty of Nal – Dehra one British Viceroy named his daughter after it. He was :

Ans:- Lard Curzon

Ques:- The oldest art and architecture style of Himachal Pradesh is known as KHASA Its basic material is :

Ans:- Wood

Ques:- In Himachal Pradesh natural gas has been traced by ONGC and IBP at :

Ans:- Jwalamukhee

Ques:- Jararphuki marriage is prevalent among the tribal people of :

Ans:- Kangra and Chamba

Ques:- The upper niches of Himachal Pradesh are dominated by the Communities following :

Ans:- Mahayan Tradition of Buddhism

Ques:- The Mawi, a traditional segment of Kanet Community are noted for ‘Dheeng’ It means :

Ans:- War strategy

Ques:- As many as 32 dialects are spoken in Himachal Pradesh. How many of them belong to Indo – Aryan family ?

Ans:- 21

Ques:- Among the abundant water resources in Himachal Pradesh which one tops the list ?

Ans:- Springs

Ques:- In physiographical context of Himachal Pradesh Shivalik range is part of sub – Himalaya, Shivlik means :

Ans:- Harilock of Shiva

Ques:- Which major river forms the Kangra and Kullu valleys ?

Ans:- The Beas

Ques:- At which altitude trees and shrubs disappear and the mountains assume a rugged, wind swept and frost bitten character in Himachal ?

Ans:- Beyond 4200 meters

Ques:- King Susharma who sided with Kauravas in the battle of Mahabharat is considered the founder of an important ruling dynasty of Himachal Pradesh.That dynasty is known as :

Ans:- Katoch

Ques:- An interesting cuatom is prevalent in Himachal Pradesh according to which the bridegroom is prevented on his way by the friends of the girl who block the road by stones and sing question songs. Which community observes this custom ?

Ans:- Khampa

Ques:- Which group of Khampas take part in Goetar and Ladarcha fairs which are held in spiti and Kinnaur ?

Ans:- Khunu and Piti

Ques:- Raja Sansarchand had to seek outside help to drive out Gurkhas from Kangra. This crucial help was provided by :

Ans:- Maharaja Ranjeet Singh

Ques:- The system of ‘jethong’ and ‘Kanishong’ prevalent among Khasas are indicative of :

Ans:- Division of property

Ques:- Christain missionaries could not make inroads in Lahul, because :

Ans:- Lahulis are followers of Buddhism which is imbued with missionary zeal

Ques:- Panini mentioned Trigartas as ‘Aayudhjivi Sangh’. What does Aayudhjivi mean ?

Ans:- Martial Race

Ques:- Where is that fair held in which only women and children are allowed to participate ?

Ans:- Chamba

Ques:- Among the works of Nirmal Varma which one is a travelogue ?

Ans:- Chiron par Chandanee

Ques:- What do Maudaj, Unes and Luchi signify in Pangi valley household ?

Ans:- Dishes prepared on ceremonial occasions

Ques:- In which community the social custom of breaking a dry stick in two pieces over wife’s head for giving consent to divorce is practised ?

Ans:- Pangwal Brahmans

Ques:- The magnificent Egyptian uprising after a brief introspective but impatient pause has flared up again. At the heart of rekindled uprising is :

Ans:- Supercharged working class movement and its aversion to plutocratic elite

Ques:- How did Mahatma Gandhi view secrecy in politics ?

Ans:- A sin

Ques:- According to Gandhiji the true role of journalism in the society is :

Ans:- To educate the people

Ques:- The Gandhian meaning of Swarajya is :

Ans:- Freedom to our compatriats to lead life with dignity

Ques:- What did Gandhiji mean by calamitous machines ?

Ans:- Those machines which render the labourers unnecessary

Ques:- According to Mahatma Gandhi principal stumbling block in the path of social change in India is :

Ans:- Lack of interest or indifference of masses towards it

Ques:- How did Mahatma Gandhi differentiate between passive resistance and Ahimsa ?

Ans:- Weak people take recourse to passive resistance because they are not capable to wage armed resistance, whereas Ahimsa is embraced by strong people for they are not desirous of armed resistance

Ques:- By which Muslim Leader partition of India was dubbed as “Treacherous Act” on the part of Indian National Congress ?

Ans:- Frontier Gandhi

Ques:- The oldest mountain range of India is situated in :

Ans;- Rajasthan

Ques:- Nathula pass connects :

Ans:- Sikkim and Tibet

Ques:- Mahatma Gandhi presided over the annual session of Indian National Congress only once. In which year and where this session was held /

Ans:- Year 1924 Belgaum Session

Ques:- In India The Maiden Homeopathy University has been established in :

Ans:- Rajasthan

Ques:- Who has hailed Swami Vivekananda as “the greatest gift of to mankind “?

Ans:- Sister Nivedita

Ques:- To whom Romain Rolland gave the epithet of “Voice of Vivekananda raised from the pyre “?

Ans:- Sri Aurobinde

Ques:- Who happens to be the Chairman of Island Development Authority of India ?

Ans:- Prime Minister

Ques:- For which reason 26th October, 1947 is considered an important data in Indian History ?

Ans:- Signing the instrument of accession by Maharaja Harisingh of Kashmir mering the state in Indian Union

Ques;- Long forgotten Ajanta Caves were discovered accidently :

Ans:- A bRITISH Military Officar

Ques:- The ‘Lambadi’ from of dance is associated with :

Ans:- Andhra Pradesh

Ques:- The plan for population stabilisation initiated by Government of India isknown as :


Ques:- Which newspaper remarked editorially about the “Dandi March” that “Where as British had lost America on tea, it was losting India on salt “?

Ans:- The New York Times

Ques:- Assignment of residual to the union by the Indian Constitution is indicative of :

Ans:- Indian Polity is inclined towards unitary system

Ques:- The dynasty which accomplished the awe – inspiring feat of construction of Kailash Temple in Ellora Caves conglomerate, was :

Ans:- Rashtrakoot

Ques:- Famous flower ‘Brahma kamal’ naturally grows in :

Ans:- Himalayan Mountains

Ques:- Sir Creek is :

Ans:- Boundary line between Gujarat and Pakistan’s Sindh Province

Ques:- ‘Bhut Jalokia’ grown near the river Brahmaputra holds the world record for being :

Ans:- Hottest Chilli

Ques:- The ‘Abhang’ form of devotional songs are associated with :

Ans:- Sant Tukaram

Ques:- Who is considered Mother of Golds in Indian Mythology ?

Ans:- Aditi

Ques:- In Mahabharat for whom the adjective ‘Patvardhan’ has been used ?

Ans:- Shri Krishna

Ques:- Among the following who dubbed Non – cooperation Movement as “Gate Way to Anarchy “?

Ans:- Mrs. Niwas Shastri

Ques:- Lord Krishna declares himself which Veda among the Vedas in Bhagvad Geeta ?

Ans:- Samveda

Ques:- Mahatma Gandhi opined it was a “privilege” to be charged by the British Government under Section 124-A of the Indian Penal Code for :

Ans:- Some of the most venerated Indian patriots had been convicted under it

Ques:- Who were the Razakars of Hyderabad State ?

Ans:- Private Militia

Ques:- Who among ‘Yesteryears’ Bollywood stars hails from the village of legendary Warisshah, composer of immortal love saga of Heer – Ranjha ?

Ans:- Manoj Kumar

Ques:- Who is referred as Sindusuta among the following ?

Ans:- Lakshmi

Ques:- Throught which incarnation God redemped the water immersed earth according to Indian Mythology ?

Ans:- Varah

Ques:- Which reigning Queen was referred as Devi by her grateful subjects on account of her pious and saintly living shorn of regalia ?

Ans:- Ahilya Bai

Ques:- At which place Lord Mahaveer left for his heavenly abode ?

Ans:- Pavapuri

Ques:- Who were sent to Simhala Dweep in order to disseminate Saddarma by Mauryan Emperor Askoka ?

Ans:- Mahendra Sanghmitra

Ques:- Water drops are seen on the end of blades of grass and garden plants in the morning. What is the source of this water accumulation ?

Ans:- Hydathodes

Ques:- If an iron ball is heated then the highest increase shall occur in its :

Ans:- Volume

Ques:- Elastic tissues which bind together the bones are called :

Ans:- Ligament

Ques:- Among the following which one is a compound ?

Ans:- Sugar

Ques:- Which state government confers the following Prestigious Awards in different field of creative and fine arts ?

Lata Mangeskar Award; Tansen Award; Iqbal Award.

Ans:- Madhya Pradesh

Ques:- Among the following which plant is normally planted along the roads to absorb the pollutants emitted by vehicles ?

Ans:- Bogenvallia

Ques:- The chemical used commonly for cloud seeding or artificial rain is :

Ans:- Silver iodide

Ques:- From which part of the commonly used spice the clove is obtained ?

Ans:- Bud

Ques:- People with brontophobia would avoid venturing out during wet weather because :

Ans:- They have a fear of thunder and lightning

Ques:- Hypnophobia is an abnormal fear of :

Ans:- Sleep

Ques:- In which part of human body the scaphoid bone is located ?

Ans:- Wrist

Ques:- In medical parlance who is called a “Patient zero” ?

Ans:- The first case in an outbreak of a disease/epidemic

Ques:- Radioactive materials are measured in the time it takes for radiation to fall by 50% throught natural decay.Among the following which isotope stays radioactive almost indefinitely ?

Ans:- Uranium 238

Ques:- Which University has remained at the top for last eight years in a row in academic ranking of World Universities ?

Ans:- Harvard

Ques:- Which state did not have its own prison so far, on account of which it had to spend about Rs. 50,000 annually per prisoner who were kept in the Jails of a neighbouring state ?

Ans:- Arunachal Pradesh

Ques:- Fiji could not participate in the 19th Commonwealth Games held in New Delhi because :

Ans:- It stood suspended from Commonwealth for adventurism of men in uniform

Ques:- NPHC’s lower Subansiri hydropower is slated to be the biggest hydroelectricity power project of India. It is situated in :

Ans:- Arunachal Pradesh

Ques:- During 19th Commonwealth Games, in which event Indian Women players won all the three medals viz, – Gold, Silver and Bronze ?

Ans:- Discus Throw

Ques:- Recently which State Governor has returned the bill passed by the State Assembly making voting compulsory in the elections of local bodies ?

Ans:- Gujarat

Ques:- It is a common refrain of hindi heartland to call HINDI as National Language but according to Union Minister of State for Home :

Ans:- There is no Constitutional provision for National Language

Ques:- Which Indian city’s astronomical marvel known as Jantar Mantar has been included in world heritage list ?

Ans:- Jaipur

Ques:- In order to facilitate establishment of private universities the state which has passed Umbrella Act happens to be :

Ans:- Uttar Pradesh

Ques:- Through 12th Constitutional Amendment :

Ans:- Goa, Daman and Deev were made part of India

Ques:- Which state is renowned for Sandal Wood ?

Ans:- Karnataka

Ques:- Which Indian State has declared Chinkara and Rohida as ‘state animal’ and ‘state flower’ respectively ?

Ans:- Rajasthan

Ques:- In the frantic rush for oil, the High North (the area above the Articles) has become oil industry’s new frontier. Which company holds 11 licences to drill deep wells offshore in the Baffin bay of Arctic ?

Ans:- Cairn

Ques:- The name of multilingual web based encyclopaedia Wikipedia is derived from the word combination of Wiki and encyclopaedia; The Hawaian term Wiki means :

Ans:- Quick

Ques:- In 1977, on 26th of April India entered the space age by launching its first satellite. It was named after a distinguished astronomer of distant past. He was :

Ans:- Arya Bhat

Ques:- Name the only country apart from the U.S.A. and Russia to have independent human space flight capability at the moment :

Ans;- China

Ques:- In a referendum held recently in United Kingdom people were asked to decide whether to abandon the current voting system in favour of alternative vote. At present it is practised only in three countries of :

Ans:- Pacific Region

Ques:- In which Asian Country screening of visuals of victims of natural disasters such as deluge, earthquakes etc. is prohibited ?

Ans:- Japan

Ques:- Tersami, Mabire and Tehuelche are on the verge of extinction . They are :

Ans:- Languages

Ques;- Which country’s parliament is known as ‘Diet’ ?

Ans:- Japan

Ques:- India as a gesture to its defence personnel observes December 7, as :

Ans:- Flag Day

Ques:- If a ship is flying a yellow flag, what does it mean ?

Ans:- It is in quarantine

Ques:- UNESCO observes February 21st, as :

Ans:- Mothertongue Day

Ques:- Which automobile company makes the Prius ?

Ans:- Nissan

Ques:- The specific reason for which Eiffel Tower was built :

Ans:- As entrance arch of World Industrial Fair in Paris

Ques:- “The Golden Lion” is the highest prize given to a film at a prestigious film festival. It happens to be :

Ans:- Venice

Importance Of These Questions

These questions are very important. In every exam, and screening test general knowledge is compulsory part. so these questions are very important in the way of examination.These questions gave you a good idea for how achieve a success in the exam and get job.

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