Himachal Pradesh T.G.T.(Medical) Exam. 2016

By | May 24, 2017

Download Solved Question Paper of Himachal Pradesh T.G.T(Medical) Exam 2016

This exam is conduct hpssb Hamirpur held on 17, July 2016.In this paper has 200 question which are attemp on 2 hours.This is  objective type screening test (MCQ) Consisting of General Knowledge including Himachal Pradesh general knowledge , Everday science Logic, General English and Hindi of Matric standard and syllabus of T.G.T(Medical).

Download Last Year  Question Paper T.G.T (Medical) Exam. 2016

Ques:- Which country has won the Asia Kabaddi Championship Cup 2016 ?

Ans:- Pakistan

Ques:- The minimum age to contest Lok Sabha Election is ………….years.

Ans:- 25

Ques:- Under Article………….the President of India can proclaim emergency.

Ans:- 352

Ques:- The Rajya Sabha can have maximum strength of…………..Members.

Ans:- 250

Ques:- There are………….non-permanent members of the security council of united Nations.

Ans:- 10

Ques:- Name the Hindi films actor whose actual name is Yousuf Khan ?

Ans:- Dilip Kumar

Ques:- In whose control, Income Tax Department works.

Ans:- Central Board of Direct Taxes.

Ques:- Fiscal policy means, governments.

Ans:- Revenue and expenditure policy.

Ques:- The strength of Lok Sabha member of Himachal Pradesh is……………………

Ans:- 4

Ques:- Mohan Micin Bruary is located in which district.

Ans:- Solan

Ques:- The name Baba Bhalku is associated with…………..

Ans:- Survey of Shimla Railway.

Ques:- What is the meaning of losar festival.

Ans:- Arrival of the new year festival.

Ques:- Give the name of that powerful Kirat’s king who fought the battle against the Arya’s king who fought the battle the battle against the Arya’s king Divodas.

Ans:- Shambar

Ques:- Between whom did the famous Sangoli ki Sandhi of year 1815, happened ?

Ans:- Between Britishers and Gorakha  leader Amar Singh Thapa

Ques:- Malana named place which is famous as The World’s oldest Democracy is situated in which district.

Ans:- Kullu

Ques:- Famous Bhimkali temple is located in……………

Ans:- Sarahan, district Shimala

Ques:- Who wrote the famous book Himalayan Districts of Kullu/Lahaul Singh

Ans:- A.F.P. Harcort

Ques:- In 1960, Chinni named acquisition Tahasil was perplexed in the form of…………..district of Himachal Pradeh.

Ans:- Kinnaur

Ques:- Among Sunni, Thiyog, Karsog, Kumarsen which acquisition is not located in Shimla district.

Ans:- Karsog.

Ques:- Gumma and drang are famous mines associated with…………..

Ans:- Rock Salt

Ques:- In which district, the famous Mahakali and Lama lakes are situated.

Ans:- Chamba

Ques:- The river Yamuna passes through which district of Himachal Pradesh.

Ans:- Sirmaur

Ques:- Among Martian, Manhunt, Train, Miniature Select the word which cannot be formed using the letters of the given word-HUMANITARIAN .


Ques:- Select the odd one out-joy Fear, Honest, Anger

Ans:- Honest

Ques:- Complete the series:- ZY1,AB3,XW5,CD7,……………..?

Ans:- VU9

Ques:- The first nATIONAL Policy on Education 1968, called for fulfilling compulsory education for all the children upto the age of………

Ans:- 14

Ques:- Indra Gandhi National Open University was established in the year.

Ans:- 1985

Ques:- Human Consciousness according to Charvaka Philosophy is………….

Ans:- Combination of five elements

Ques;- The educator who advanced the idea of the five formal steps in learning was………….

Ans:- Herbart

Ques:- The individual develops through the head, the heart and the hand. This was the educational philosophy of………………

Ans:- Pestalozzi

Ques:- When the majority of pupils in science class are poor in readind the teacher should.

Ans:- Plan many hands-on activities.

Ques:- The study of Philosophy is concerned with

Ans:- Values and ideals

Ques:- To study pupil inter relationship, most useful method is

Ans:- Sociogram

Ques:- Disability refers to

Ans:- Loss or reduction of functional activity resulting from impairment

Ques:- The most significant approach of evaluation is

Ans:- Continuous and comprehensive evaluation.

Ques:- ………………….was the first Union Education Minister of India.

Ans:- Abul Kalam Azad

Ques:- Which is more relevant for developing teaching skills.

Ans:- Training technology.

Ques:- Which is not essential for connecting to the internet ?

Ans:- A television.

Ques:- Which is not a phase of microteaching ?

Ans:- Teaching phase

Ques:- FIACS is also known as

Ans:- Category system

Ques:- Extrinsic programming was introduced by

Ans:- N.A. Crowder

Ques:- Scrambled programmes refers to

Ans:- Extrinsic programme

Ques:- ………………..Education Commission Report as Magna Carta of Indian Education ?

Ans:- Wood’s dispatch

Ques:- Teacher’s role in project Method is of

Ans:- Guiding students

Ques:- During British rule in India, who played the most significant role in making English language as medium of instruction ?

Ans:- Lord Macaulay

Ques:- Who introduced three-language formula /

Ans:- Radhakrishnan commission

Ques:- The theory of Heredity as –Heredity does not go to immediate parents but to remote ancestors was given by –

Ans:- Galton

Ques:- When was group factor theory by thurstone at the university of Chicago developed ?

Ans:- 1936

Ques:- Primary law of learning are………….in number

Ans:- Three

Ques:- Which is the master emotion ?

Ans:- Fear

Ques:- The national review committee has given the recommendations for.

Ans:- Making vocationalization of education successful

Ques:- In which year-A pilot project correspondence Education was started by Delhi university ?

Ans:- 1962-1963

Ques:- From which language does the term curriculum orginate.

Ans:- Latin

Ques:- The pramana of veda and other ancient scriptures according to vedanta is known as

Ans:- Sruti

Ques:- Who was pioneer in establishing the university at Pondicherry /

Ans:- Sri Aurobindo

Ques:- Petiole crack is due to deficiency of element

Ans:- Boron, Zinc

Ques:- Photorespiration in C3 Plants start from

Ans:- Phosphoglycolate

Ques:-For its activity, carboxypeptidase requires,

Ans:- Zinc

Ques:- Which plant part can respire even in the absence of oxygen

Ans:- Seeds

Ques:- Coconut milk factor is

Ans:- Cytokinin

Ques:- Vernalization stimulates flowering in

Ans:- Carrot

Ques:- Acid concentration in CAM plant is more at

Ans;- Night

Ques;- Which light range is most effective in photosynthesis

Ans:- Red

Ques:- Water rearchs the top of the plant due to

Ans:- Transpiration

Ques:- CAM help the plant in

Ans;- Conserving water

Ques:- A bicollateral vascular bundle has the following arrangement of tissues.

Ans:- Outer phloem-Inner Cambium – Inner Phloem.

Ques:- Which one is primary consumer

Ans:- Herbivore

Ques:- Plant species having a wide range of genetical distribution evolve into a local population known as

Ans:- Ecotype

Ques:- When dominant and recessive allete express alleles itself togather it is known as

Ans:- Co-dominance

Ques:- A dihybrid ratio is

Ans:- 9:3;3:1

Ques:- Which one is a gaseous harmone

Ans:- Ethylene

Ques:- Pollinia are present in family

Ans;- Asclepediaceae

Ques:- Lycopersicum esculentum is the botanical name of

Ans:- Tomato

Ques:- Rhizophores are found in

Ans:- Selaginella

Ques;- A parasitic alga is

Ans;- Chephaleuros

Ques:- Ascospores are

Ans:- Endogenous

Ques:- Strobili in Selaginella are

Ans:- Terminal

Ques:- Pyrenoid core consists of

Ans:- Protein

Ques:- Rhizome of fern has

Ans:- Dictyosteie

Ques:- Myrmecophily is pollination by

Ans:- Ants

Ques:- The synergids are connected to

Ans:- Egg Cell

Ques:- The generic name of mango is

Ans:- Mangifera

Ques:- The element needed for evaluation of oxygen in photosynthesis is

Ans:- Manganese

Ques:- Name of the hormone which control the production of sperms is

Ans:- Testosterone

Ques;- The anther contains

Ans:- Pollen grains

Ques:- What term is used if the pollen is transferred to the stigma of same flower ?

Ans:- Self-pollination

Ques:- In the stem of Asteroxylon the xylem is

Ans:- Starlike in structure

Ques:- Equisetum is commonly called as

Ans:- Hhorsetail

Ques:- The carinal canal in Equisetum are formed by the disintegration of

Ans:- protoxylem

Quers:- Sori bearing leaves are known as

Ans:- Sporophylls

Ques:- Dryopteris resembles Cycas in having

Ans:- Circinate vernations of leaves

Ques:- In Selaginella glosspodium is found in

Ans:- Ligule

Q     ues:- The presence of a fungus is essential for the development of prothallus in

Ans:- Psilotum

Ques;- Stelar theory was proposed by

Ans:- Van Tieghem and Douliot

Ques:- Sporocarp of Marsilea is

Ans:- Bisporangiate

Ques:- Tapeworm lacks

Ans:- Digestive system

Ques:- Secondary host of taenia sodium is

Ans:- Pig

Ques:- Devil fish is common name of

Ans:- Octopus

Ques:- The major site ofprotein Digestion is

Ans:- Stomach

Ques:- Pouched mammals are


Ques:- Preen gland

Ans:- Secretes oil secretion for lubricating feathers

Ques:- The yellow colour of urine is due to

Ans:- Urochrome

Ques:- Healthy human does not excreate out in its urine


Ques:- Lattisimus dorsal muscle is the

Ans:- Leg muscle

Ques:- In Nissle’s granules of nerve cells are made of

Ans:- Protein

Ques:- Non essential amino acid are synthesized in human body during.

Ans:- Protein anabolism

Ques:- Pentose and hexose are the most common

Ans:- Monosaccharides

Ques:- Which acid is secreted by the stomach wall to active digestive enzymes ?

Ans:- Tartaric acid

Ques:- Among Amoeba, Earthworm, Hydra, Betle which one has a nervous system but no brain ?

Ans:- Hydra

Ques:- Virus which cause Hepatitis are transmitted through

Ans:- Water

Ques:- Which set of animals share a four chambered heart.

Ans:- Crocodiles, Birds, Mammals

Ques:- A harmone responsible for normal sleep-wake cycle is

Ans:- Melatonin

Ques:- Intervertebral disc is found in the vertebral column of

Ans:- Mammals

Ques:- Among Earthworm, Snail, Cockroach,Fish which one is not an intertebrate

Ans:- Fish

Ques:- Among Protozoa, Bacteria,Archaea,Ant which one is not an example of Unicellular organism ?

Ans:- Ant

Ques:- The defining characterstic of living organism is

Ans:- Response to external stimuli

Ans:- Amphibians do not have

Ans:- Scalaes

Ques:- An area in brain associated with strong emotions is

Ans:- Limbic system

Ques:- ……………..organism exhibits Regeneration.

Ans;- Planaria

Ques:- What is the term coined by Charles Drawin to explain the process of evolution ?

Ans:- Natural selection

Ques:- Red ants have

Ans;- Formic Acid

Ques;- Leech belongs to phylum…………………..

Ans:- Annelida

Ques:- Among lungs, liver,kidney,Adrenal gland which one is not an excretory organ ?

Ans;- Adrenal gland

Ques:- Embryonic membranes present in repties are

Ans:- Amnion, chorion, yolk sac and allantois

Ques;- Absorption of digested food in cockroach takes place in…………..

Ans:- Mesenteron

Ques:- Haemophilia is more common in males because it is a

Ans:- Recessive trait carried by X-chromosome

Ques:- Pupa can be seen in the life cycle of

Ans:- Housefly

Ques:- The defect in the gene responsible to the transport of chloride ions across the cell membrane causes

Ans:- Cancer

Ques:- Kidneys of birds are composed of

Ans:- Two lobes

Ques:- Physalia the portugese man of war belongs to

Ans:- Class Hydrozoa

Ques:- Peripatus is a connecting link between

Ans:- Annelida and Arthropoda

Ques:- Dragon files and damsel flies belongs to

Ans:- Order odonata

Ques:- Pisces and Amphibia are togather called

Ans;- Ichthyopsida or Anamniota

Ques:- Theory of Recapitulation or Biogenetic law was proposed by

Ans:- Haeckel

Ques:- An electron designated by quantum number n=4, 1=2,m=0 occupies.

Ans:- 4d-orbital

Ques:- The value of screening constant for an electron in Is-orbital screening another Is-electron is

Ans:- 0.30

Ques:- The ionization energy of hydrogen is 1312.0 kj/mol. Express the value in eV/atom

Ans:- 13.60 eV/atom

Ques;- The hybridization that can be used to account for the linear geometry of XeF2 molecule is

Ans:- Sp3 d

Ques:- The arrangement of CI Ions in CsCL structure is

Ans:- Simple cubic

Ques:- The boiling point of water is less than that of

Ans:- HF

Ques:- Which noble gas forms maximum number of compunds.

Ans:- Xenon

Ques:- The volume occupied by 0.25 mol of an ideal gas at S.T.P. IS

Ans:- 5.6/

Ques:- For the reaction H2O at 373 K and one atmospheric pressure

Ans:- H=T S

Ques:- The chromatographic technique used for the separation of organic compounds was discovered by

Ans:- Tswett

Ques:- The number of asymmetric carbon atoms in tartaric acid is

Ans;- Two

Ques:- Which of the following is not a nucleophile.

Ans:- BF3

Ques:- Anisole belongs to the class of

Ans:- Ethers

Ques:- Which chemical is used in desiccators in the laboratory ?

Ans:- CaCL2

Ques:- The chlorine atom in CIF3 molecule has…………hybridization.

Ans;- Sp3d

Ques:- The spontaneous change in specific rotation of solution of an optically active compound is called as

Ans:- Mutarotation

Ques:- The chief source of starch is

Ans:- Potato

Ques:- Which monomer i used to produce Nylon-6,6

Ans:- Adipic acid+hexamethylene diamine

Ques:- The molecular formula of camphor is

Ans:- C10H20O

Ques:- The name Seema Punia is associated with

Ans:- Discus throw

Ques:- …………….is popularly known as the Leather city of the world

Ans:- Kanpur

Ques:- Which group is associated with the Cardamom Hills.

Ans:- Tamil Nadu and Kerala

Ques:- Which people and communities, is associated with lgloos

Ans:- Eskimo

Ques:- Who introduced Mansabdari System to improve admins trative system of the Mughal Empire.

Ans:- Akbar

Ques:- Ramakrishna Mission was founded by

Ans:- Swami Vivekananda

Ques:- Buddha delivered his first sermin at…………………

Ans:- Sarnath

Ques:- Whose name is associated with great literary work Kamayani as its author

Ans:- Jai Shankar Prasad

Ques:- …………………..has been recently selected for the president of USA in the 2016 elections belongs to ……………..Party.

Ans:- Padma Sachdeva

Ques:- Donald Trump who is in a race to the post of President of USA in the 2016 elections belongs to……………….Party.

Ans:- Republican

Ques:- Brass is

Ans:- An alloy

Ques:- CaOCL2 is the name of

Ans:- Bleaching powder

Ques:- Which chemical processes represents slow combustion

Ans:- Rusting of Iron, Respiration

Ques:- When CNG or LPG undergoes complete combustion, the products formed are

Ans:- CO2 and H2O

Ques:- The process of converting sugars into alcohols is known as

Ans:- Fermentation

Ques:- Peeling of onions cause tears as onions release

Ans:- Sulfenic acid

Ques:- The most commonly used material for making transistors is

Ans:- Silicoin

Ques:- The common name of the chemical compound Cholecalciferol is

Ans:- Vitamin D

Ques:- The chemical used as a fixer in photography

Ans:- Sodium thisulphate

Ques:- Yellow cake is an item of smuggling across border is

Ans:- Uranium oxide

Ques:- Among Phosphorous trichloride, Mercuric oxide, Graphite, Nitroglycerine which one is used as an explosive

Ans:- Nitroglycerine

Ques:- In Vander Waals equation of state of the gas law, the constant b is a measure of

Ans:- Volume occupied by the molecules

Ques:- A person who walks on foot

Ans:- Pedestrain

Ques:- Her performance in the tournament was disappointing but she tried to put a brave face ………….it.

Ans;- on

Ques:- Despite repeated announcements, the passanger did not turn………………….

Ans:- Up

Note :- 

Study all the questions of this paper .Because all the question are very important and increase our general knowledge. And it teach you how to prepare in the objective type screening test.

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