Himachal Pradesh T.E.T. (Non-Medical) Exam. 2012

By | September 1, 2017

Solved Question Paper Paper 2012 H.P.T.E.T.(Non-Medical) Exam. 2012

This paper has been held on 08, February, 2012.In this paper total 150 questions are asked which are 150 marks.This paper is very helpfull in for the all students for prepration of tet exam.In this paper all questions are very important.

Download Himachal Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test (Non-Medical) Exam. 2012

Ques:- “Braile” system is the most popular resource for

Ans:- Visually challenged persons

Ques;- The unit of time in MKS system is

Ans:- Second

Ques:- Great bear, Orion, Leo-major are the names of

Ans:- Constellations

Ques:-Which lense would you preper to use while reading small letters found in dictionary ?

Ans:- A convex lens of focal length 5 cm

Ques;- The change in focal length of an eye lens is caused by the action of

Ans:- Ciulliary muscles

Ques:- A current of 0.5 A is drawn by a filament of an electric bulb for 10 minutes. The amount of electric charge that flows through the circuit is

Ans:- 300C

Ques:- The work done to move a charge 2C across two points having a potential difference 2V is

Ans:- 4J

Ques:- Which is an alloy of copper and nickel ?

Ans:- Constantan

Ques:- The coil of an electric toaster is made up of

Ans:- Alloys

Ques:- 100J heats are produced each second in a 4 ohm resistance.The potential difference across the resistor is

Ans:- 20V

Ques:-An electric bulb is connected to a 220 V generator. The current is 0.50A. The power of bulb is

Ans;- 110 W

Ques;- The device used for producing electric current is called

Ans;- Generator

Ques;- If a trolley starts from rest with an acceleration of 2m/s2, the velocity of trolley after 4s would be

Ans;- 8 m/s

Ques;- The force acting on mass of 1g due to the gravitational pull on the earth is called 1gwt. equals

Ans:- 980 dyne

Ques;- The weight of a body would not be zero

Ans:- on a frictionless surface

Ques:- Frictional force can be measured in

Ans;- Dyne, Kgwt, Newton

Ques:- If the density of a block is 981kg/m3 in water it shall

Ans:- Float

Ques:- If momentum of a body of mass 100g having a K.E. of 20 J is

Ans:- 2kgm/s

Ques:- Among Iron, Water, Copper and Mercuy which substances has greatest specific heat ?

Ans:- Water

Ques:- The frequency of sound waves can be expressed in

Ans:- Hz, cycles/sec, 1/s

Ques:- An echo will be heard if minimum distance between the source of sound and the obstacle is

Ans;- 17 m

Ques;- Shaving mirrors are

Ans:- Concave

Ques:- If the speed of a car becomes 3 times, then the kinetic energy becomes

Ans;- 9 times

Ques:- Cellulose is a polymer of

Ans:- Glucose

Ques:- The non stick articles are coated with

Ans:- Teflone

Ques;- Plaster of Paris is

Ans:- Ca SO4, 1/2H2O

Ques:- King of chemicals is

Ans:- H2 SO4

Ques:- Among phosphoric acid, Carbonic acid, Hydrochloricb acid and Nitric acid which one is not a strong acid ?

Ans:- Carbonic acid

Ques:- Antacids contain

Ans:- Mild bases

Ques:- Metals are said to be sonorous because they are

Ans:- Produce ringing tones

Ques:- The metals which is liquid at room temperature is

Ans:- Hg

Ques:- Acid turn

Ans:- Blue litmus red

Ques:-  Sodium metal is stored in

Ans:- Kerosene oil

Ques:- The products of neutralization reactions are

Ans:- Salt and water

Ques:- CNG is

Ans:- Compressed Natural Gas

Ques;- A lustrous non-metal is

Ans:- Iodine

Ques:- Petroleum product used for repelling moths and insects is

Ans:- Naphthalene

Ques:- The cental metal atom present in chlorophyll is

Ans:- Mg

Ques:- Among carbon Dioxide, chlorofluoro-carbons, Sulphur dioxide and nitrogen which one is not a green house gas ?

Ans:- Nitrogen

Ques:- When bitten by an ant sting causes irritation due to the presence of

Ans:- Formic acid

Ques:- The atomic number of an element is determined by

Ans;- The number of protons in an atom

Ques:- Isotopes differ in

Ans:- Number of neutrons

Ques:- The elements of group sixteen are also called

Ans:- Chalcogens

Ques:- The elements with highest electron affinity in Periodic Table is

Ans:- Chlorine

Ques:- The elements of group sixteen are also called

Ans:- Chalcogens

Ques:- An ionic bond is formed when

Ans:- A metallic atom reacts with non-metallic elements

Ques:- The valence of phosphate ion is

Ans:- -3

Ques:- The main constituent of LPG is

Ans:- Butane

Ques:- An amalgam of metal has which other element ?

Ans:- Hg

Ques;- The process of protecting iron by coating with Zinc is called

Ans:- Galvanisation

Ques:- ………………..aew responsible for the development of the traits in the individuals.

Ans:- Genes

Ques:- Rainbow is a natural phenomenon showing

Ans:- Dispersion

Ques:- The distinctive color of eye is due to

Ans:- Iris

Ques;- Among Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Taiwan which is not the member of UNO ?

Ans:- Taiwan

Ques:- The earliest paper money was the invention of

Ans:-  Chinese

Ques:- Bantus, Finns and Lapps are the names of

Ans:- Tribes

Ques:- Real name of “Santa Clause” is

Ans:- St. Nicholas

Ques:- Which constitutional amendment provides the constitutional status to Panchayati Raj Institutions in India ?

Ans:- 73rd

Ques:- The constitutional of India was adopted by

Ans:- People of India

Ques:- The number of members in Lok Sabha should not exceed

Ans;- 552

Ques:- A joint sitting of the two houses of parliament is called by

Ans:- The President

Ques:- President rule is imposed in a state under :

Ans:- Article 356

Ques:- The right to property is

Ans:- Legal Right

Ques:- The Election Commission is an

Ans:- Appointed Independent body

Ques;- The Bhartiya Janta Party came into being on

Ans:- April6, 1980

Ques:- Where is the headquarters of WTO ?

Ans:- Geneva

Ques:- When did terrorists attack the Indian Parliament ?

Ans:- Dec. 13, 2001

Ques:- The Security Council of the UNO has

Ans:- 15 members

Ques;- The smallest district of Himachal Pradesh in terms of area is

Ans;- Hamirpur

Ques:- Which one is known as the “Mushroom” city of Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans:- Solan

Ques:- Himachal Pradesh was made part-C State on

Ans:- September 1951

Ques;- First Himachali to lead Olympic Hockey team is

Ans;- Charanjeet Singh

Ques:- The author of Himachal Past, Present and Future is

Ans:- Dev Raj  Sharma

Ques:- “Sugar beet” and “Saffron” are produced in the district of

Ans:- Kinnaur

Ques:- Surajtal & Chandertal are

Ans:- Natural Lakes

Ques:- Kufrijeevan & Kufrijyoti are the varieties of

Ans:- Potatoes

Ques:-Deotsidth temple is in the district of :

Ans:- Hamirpur

Ques:-Minjar fair is held in the district

Ans:- Chamba

Ques:-Study of population trends is called

Ans:- Demography

Ques:-Chipko – Andolan was started in

Ans:- 1973

Ques:- “Bara Shgri” is


Ques;- “Sissu” fair is celebrated by

Ans:- Buddhists

Ques:- “Ujagjama” is a traditional folk dance of

Ans;- Kullu district

Ques:- Which number is neither a prime number nor a composite number ?

Ans:- 1

Ques:- The prime numbers between 1 to 100 are

Ans:- 25

Ques;- Between two given rational numbers ¼, ¾ there exists

Ans;- Infinite rational numbers

Ques:- By selling an article for Rs 425 Rahul lost 15%.The cost price of article is

Ans;- 500

Ques;- The maximum number of common tangents drawn to two intersecting circles is

Ans:- 2

Ques:- Simple interest on a sum of money at the end of 5 years is 4/5 of the sum itself. The rate per annum is

Ans:- 16%

Ques:- The radius of a sphere is 14cm. It is melted and drawn into acylindrical wire of 7 cm in radius. Find the length of the wire.

Ans:- 56 cm

Ques:- Among 18, 10,6;6,2,8;8,10,15;&8,12,20 which one can be the possible lengths in cm. of a triangle ?

Ans:- 8, 10 , 15

Ques;- The centroid of triangles, divides each median in the ratio

Ans:- 2:1

Ques:- Two poles of heights 6 m and 11 m stand on a plane ground. If the distance between their feet is 12m, then the distance between their tops is

Ans:- 13m

Ques:- The altitudes drawn on equal sides of an equilateral triangle are in the ratio

Ans:- 1:1:1

Ques:- The sum of two numbers is 100 and their difference is 50. Then the ratio of two numbers is

Ans:- 3:1

Ques:- The sum goes 5 m in east and then 12m in north direction. The magnitude of distance covered from starting point is

Ans:- 13m

Ques;- Among 4096, -27000 & 108 which is not perfect cube ?

Ans:- 108

Ques;- A train moving at speed of 75km/hr covers a certain distance in 4.8 hrs. To cover the same distance in 3 hrs, the train should have speed

Ans:- 120km/hr

Ques:- A flower pot has three red flowers and six yellow flowers. What is the probability of picking a red flower by closing your eyes ?

Ans:- 1/3

Ques;- Area of a trapezium is

Ans:- ½ (Sum of parallel sides) (distance between them)

Ques;- The difference between maximum and minimum observation in data is

Ans:- Range

Ques:- The mean of ten items is 17 and if each item is increased by 5 them the new mean will be

Ans;- 22

Ques;- If a (a-1)=8, then(a-8/a) is

Ans:- 1

Ques;- The value of X on simplification X-2[X] = -3 is

Ans:- -1 or 3

Ques:- Which of 4/3, 3/2, 5/3 and 7/11 is not an improper fraction ?

Ans:- -7/11

Ques;- Porter carrying a heavy load places around piece of cloth on his head just to

Ans:- Reduce pressure on head

Ques;- The correct decreasing order of forces due to rolling, static and sliding friction is

Ans;- Static-Sliding-Rolling

Ques:- The noice become physically painful when loudness expressed in unit of decibel (db) is

Ans:- above 80 db

Ques:- The ultrasound equipment work at frequency

Ans:- >20000hz

Ques:- A child can think logically about abstract prepositions and test hypothesis systematically.This is the characterstic given by piaget for………………..Stage.

Ans:- Formal Operational

Ques;- Intelligence and creativity are

Ans:- Positively related

Ques:- Child development is marked by interrelated process.Which amongst differentiation, Integration, Motivation and Learning is not one of them ?

Ans:- Motivation

Ques;- Children from the underprivileged sections of the society can benfit more they are

Ans:- Provided with richer learning environment in school

Ques:- To address the diversity in academic achievement an effective teaching method can be

Ans;- Cooperative teaching

Ques:- Which of the following statements about the role of a teacher is correct ?

Ans:- Teacher should have a friendly attitude towards students

Ques:- Which age is called the adolescent age of a child ?

Ans:- From 13 to 19 years

Ques;- Which age is called the adolescent age of a child ?

Ans:- From 13 to 19 years

Ques:- What is meant by sequential development ?

Ans:- Development that follows succession

Ques:- Why do children differ in physique, character, habits, attitudes and family traits ?

Ans:- Due to heredity and environment

Ques:- What is meant by social environment ?

Ans:- Parents and members of the society; Relative, friends and neighbourhood; and Teachers and society

Ques;- What social behaviour is not observed child during childhood ?

Ans:- Attraction towards opposite sex

Ques;- What is meant by Piaget’s idea of assimilation ?

Ans:- The process by which a person takes material into his mind from the environment

Ques:- Who propounded the theory of trial

Ans:- Thorndike

Ques:- A student wants to share his personal problem and asks for permission to cal on you at your residence.What should be your response ?

Ans:- Gives an appointment readily

Ques:- If you know that the father of a student has been tested HIV positive.

Ans;- Let him continue with the studies like others

Ques;- What can be the reason of stammering ?

Ans:- Physiological or psychological

Ques:- What are the two types of assessments which have been referred under CCE ?

Ans:- Formative and summative

Ques:- What is periodicity of formative assessment ?

Ans:- Four times in a year

Ques;- Summative assessment total to…………..weightage.

Ans:- 60%

Ques:- Formative assessment is carried out

Ans:- During a course of onstruction

Ques:- Multiple choice questions, short answer type questions, long answer type questions are the tools used for………………….assessment.

Ans:- Summative

Ques:- What may damage a low achieving student psychologically ?

Ans:- Discussing the marks of individual student in the class

Ques:- How many types of intelligence were suggested by Howard Gardner ?

Ans:- Eight

Ques:- What is the main feature of Montessori Method ?

Ans:- Some apparatus is designed for children to play with

Ques:- What sensori-motor stage of cognitive development according to Piaget ?

Ans:- Birth to 2 years

Ques:- While giving expression to one’s thoughts, what does come first in mind ?

Ans:- Thought

Ques:- What are the fields covered in the co-scholastic evaluation ?

Ans:- Human values; Social and physical development; and Health and cleanliness

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