Himachal Pradesh Supervisor’s Exam. 2006

By | December 21, 2017

Download Solved Exam. Paper General Studies Himachal Pradesh Supervisor’s Exam 2006

This exam. paper of general studies held on 3 October, 2006. In this exam. paper very general questions are asked which are belongs to general knowledge, social science, political and general awareness. In this exam. paper total 200 questions are asked which are 200 in numbers.

Download Himachal Pradesh Supervisor’s Exam. 2006

Ques:- When was “Khalsa Panth” founded by Guru Govind Singh ?

Ans:- 13 April 1699 A.D.

Ques:- When was Muslim League Founded ?

Ans;- 1906 A.D.

Ques:- Who introduced the Bill for Widow Re-marriage in 1856 A.D. ?

Ans:- Ishwar Chana Vidyasagar

Ques:- Who is responsible for the Partition of Bengal in 1905 A.D.

Ans:- Lord Curzon

Ques:- In which year Columbus discovered America ?

Ans:- 1492 A.D.

Ques:- Who implemented the “Doctrine of Lapse” ?

Ans:- Lord Dalhousie

Ques:- The Sanskrit word “Veda” means

Ans:- Knowledge

Ques:- When was “Quit India Movement” Standered ?

Ans:- 8th Aug. 1942 at Bombay

Ques:- When was the resolution for Complete independence passed by INC ?

Ans:- 31st Dec. 1929 (Lahore Session)

Ques:- Who was the first Woman Chief Minister of Indian state ?

Ans:- Sucheta Kriplani

Ques:- Guru Nanak Dev was born in

Ans:- 1469 A.D. at Nankana Sahib (now in Pakistan)

Ques:- Who was the mother of Shivaji ?

Ans:- Jijabai

Ques:- Who was the first Indian to won Nobal Prize ?

Ans:- Sh. Rabindernath Tagore (in 1913 for Gitanjali)

Ques:- In which year first five year plan commenced ?

Ans:- 1951

Ques:- In which year Shimla agreement between India 7 Pakistan signed ?

Ans:- 1972

Ques:- Who gave the Salogan of “Do or Die “ ?

Ans:- Mahatma Ghandi

Ques:- In which year “Mandal Commission” was appointed ?

Ans:- 1978

Ques:- In which year National Literacy Mission commenced /

Ans:- 1988

Ques:- Who was the first Sikh President of India ?

Ans:- Giani Zail Singh (25th July 1982  – 25th July 1987)

Ques:- Which planet is known as “Red planet” ?

Ans:- Mars

Ques:- Which is the largest Planet ?

Ans:- Jupiter

Ques:- Which is highest mountain peak in the World ?

Ans:- Mt. Everest (8848m) in Nepal

Ques:- From where does Ganga river originate ?

Ans:- Gangotri (in Uttrakhand)

Ques:- Lucknow is located on the bank of

Ans:- Ganga river

Ques:- What is known as the “Roof of the World” ?

Ans:- The Pamirs

Ques:- Which Indian state is the largest producer of Jute /

Ans:- West Bengal

Ques:- Which country is famous for the manufacturing of costliest watches in the World ?

Ans:- Switzerland

Ques:- Abrahim Lincon was the

Ans:- 16th President of U.S.A.

Ques:- How many members are there in the United nATIONS Organisation (UNO) ?

Ans:- 192

Ques:- Which is the largest Delta in the world ?

Ans:- Sunderbans (in West Bengal)

Ques:- In which country located the Niagra waterfall ?

Ans:- U.S.A.

Ques:- What is the currency of Japan ?

Ans:- Yen

Ques:- Which country won the Football World Cup for maximum number of times ?

Ans:- 1958, 1962, 70, 94, 2002)

Ques:- Who won the football World cup 2006 ?

Ans:- Italy

Ques:- Who was awarded “Golden Boot” in 2006 Football World cup ?

Ans:- Miroslav Klose (Germany)

Ques:- In 200 A.D. who was the Education Minister of H.P. ?

Ans:- Sh. Ishwar Das Dhiman

Ques:- Where is located the Waterloo ?

Ans:- Belgium

Ques:- Where is Gandhi Ashram ?

Ans:- Sabarmati (in Gujarat)

Ques:-“Mustard crop is sown in” .

Ans:- Rabi season

Ques:- Which Indian city is known as “Sllicon Valley” ?

Ans:- Bangalore

Ques:- Film industry of Pakistan is known as

Ans:- Lollywood

Ques:- Which is the highest waterfall in India?

Ans:- Jog Gersopa (in Karnatka)

Ques:- Which Indian city is famous for “Locks” ?

Ans:- Aligarh

Ques:- Which is the highest statue in India ?

Ans:- Gomteshwar (in Karnatka)

Ques:- Which is the most populated city in India ?

Ans:- Mumbai

Ques:- In terms of Population which is the smallest state in India ?

Ans:- Sikkim

Ques:- Areawise largest state in India ?

Ans:- Rajsthan

Ques:- Where is the World’s highest battlefield located ?

Ans:- Siachin in Karakoram range

Ques:- When was Goa liberated from Portugese ?

Ans:- Dec. 19, 1961 A.D.

Ques:- Most literate state in India is

Ans:- Kerala (90.9%)

Ques:- Which Indian state has the highest sex ratio ?

Ans:- Kerala (1058)

Ques:- Where is located the Chilka lake ?

Ans:- Orissa

Ques:- Rainiest place in India

Ans:- Mawsynram near Cherrapaunji

Ques:- Which constitutional amendment introduced Panchayati Raj in India ?

Ans:- 73rd (in 1993)

Ques:- What is described under Article 15 of the constitution ?

Ans:- No Discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, sex & religion

Ques:- Under which Article of the constitution are enshrined the rights of minorities in India ?

Ans:- Art 29

Ques:- Who is Supreme Commander of Armed Forces in India ?

Ans:- President of India

Ques:- Who is the chairman of Indian space Research Organization (ISRO) ?

Ans:- G. Madhvan Nair

Ques:- Who was the Author of the famous book “Anand Math” from which Vande Matram taken ?

Ans:- Bankim Chandra Chatterji

Ques:- What is the Tenure of the President of U.S.A. ?

Ans:- 4 year

Ques:- What is the maximum strength of Lok Sabha prescribed in the Constitution of India ?

Ans:- 552

Ques:- What is the minimum age required to be elected as the member of Rajya Sabha ?

Ans:- 30 years

Ques:- Who was the first Chief Justice of India ?

Ans:- Hira Lal J.Kania

Ques:- What should be the qualification f aperson to be appointed as the judge of the supreme Court ?

Ans:- Worked as an advocate for at least 10 years. Or shall have continuously worked as judge in one or more High Court for a period of 5 yrs.

Ques:- Balwant Rai Mehta committee gave its recommendation on

Ans:- Panchayati Raj system in India

Ques:- Which organization is concerned with the estimation of National Income in India ?

Ans:- Organization (CSO)

Ques:- What is the number od spokes in the Ashoka Chakra ?

Ans:- 24

Ques:- Filament of an electric bulb is made of

Ans:- Tungeston

Ques:- Which gas is known as laughing Gas ?

Ans:- Nitrous oxide (N2O)

Ques:- Which Article of the constitution provide for the right to equality ?

Ans:- Article 14 to 18

Ques:- Brass is an alloy of

Ans:- Copper (80%) and zinc (20%)

Ques:- Deficiency of Vit A causes

Ans:- Night Blindness

Ques:- Which Vitamin is responsible for the clotting of blood ?

Ans:- Vit. K

Ques:- Liberhan Commission has been appointed to deal with

Ans:- Demolition of Babri Masjid on Dec. 6, 1992

Ques:- World Population Day os observed on

Ans:- 11th July

Ques:- When was Nuclear Bomb (Little Boy) dropped on the Hiroshima (Japan) ?

Ans:- 6th August, 1945

Ques:- United Nation Day is observed on

Ans:- 24th October

Ques:- Who was the first woman Judge of Supreme Court ?

Ans:- Mira Sahib Fatima Bibi

Ques:- Which waterway separate India from Sri Lanka ?

Ans:- Palk Strait

Ques:- Which is the oldest Newspaper in India ?

Ans:- Bengal Gazzett.

Ques:- Who is known as Gurudev ?

Ans:- Rabinder Nath Tagore

Ques:- Capital of Afghanistan.

Ans:- Kabul

Ques:- Where is located the Head Quarter of UNO ?

Ans:- New York (U.S.A)

Ques:- When did Mumbai Bomb blasts take place ?

Ans:- 11th July 2006

Ques:- From where does Sonia Gandhi won the Lok-Sabha by –election recently ?

Ans:- Raebrali in U.P.

Ques:- Which is the 7th wonder of the world ?

Ans:- Taj Mahal

Ques;- Which is the smallest bird in the World ?

Ans:- Humming Bird

Ques:- What is the Highest rank in the Airforce ?

Ans:- Air Chief Marshal

Ques:- How many players are there in a Kabbadi team ?

Ans:- Seven

Ques:- With which game the term “Deuce” is associated ?

Ans:- Tennis

Ques:- Velocity of light is maximum in

Ans:- Vaccum

Ques:- Which is the world’s highest motorable village in Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans:- Kibber (Kaza Valley)

Ques:- In which year Bhakra Dam was constructed ?

Ans:- 1963

Ques:- Study of birds is known as

Ans:- Ornithology

Ques:- What is the Unit of Energy ?

Ans:- Kilo Watt / Hour

Ques:- What is Popalar ?

Ans:- A tree

Ques:- Which Act was known as “Black Bill” ?

Ans:- Rowlatt Act, 1919

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