Himachal Pradesh Sub-Inspector’s Exam 2008

By | July 13, 2017

Download 2008 Held Exam Paper Himachal Pradesh Sub-Inspector’s 

This screening test  held on 28-12-2008.For appearing this test a candidates must posses a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in science or Engineering from a university recognised by the H.P. /Central Government.The candidate must have attained of 21 years and must not have attained the age of 26 years.The preliminary objective examination of qualifying nature consisting of General knowledge, Everyday science, General English, General Hindi and current affairs. 200marks.

Download Himachal Pradesh Police Sub-Inspector,s Exam 2008

Ques:- Which is the most important and oldest source of Indian Philosophy ?

Ans:- Vedas

Ques:- In which state are the Gir Forests (well known for Asiatic Lions) located ?

Ans:- Gujarat

Ques:- Which is the most urbanized state in India ?

Ans:- Tamilnadu (43.9% Urban Population)

Ques:- Who was the President of Indian National Congress at the time of Indiann’s Independence ?

Ans:- J.B.Kriplani

Ques:- In which year Swadeshi movement Lauinched in India ?

Ans:- 1905

Ques:- Who was the first Finance Minister of Independent India ?

Ans:- R.K.Shanmukham Chetty

Ques:- Who was the founder of Khalsa ?

Ans:- Guru Govingd Singh

Ques:- 42 Km. Pong lake over Beas river in distt. Kangra is also known as

Ans:- Maharana Pratap Sagar Reservoir

Ques:- Kamaksha Devi Temple is located at

Ans:- Harsog (Distt. Mandi)

Ques:- Vyas Gufa is located at

Ans:- Bilaspur

Quies:- Which is the largest Airport in Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans:- Gaggal (Kangra)

Ques:- Which is the only broad guage railway line in H.P. ?

Ans:- Una-Nangal  (14KM.)

Ques:- When did H.P. Agriculture University Palampur establish ?

Ans:- 1978

Ques:- Which districts were founded in 1972 ?

Ans:- Solan, Una, Hamirpur

Ques:- Nuclear bomb (named Lite Boy) drop-ped on Hiroshima ,Japan) on

Ans:- Aug. 6 (Monday), 1945

Ques:- Dronacharya Award is given to

Ans:- Sports Coaches

Ques:- Who was the 1st chief justice of H.P. High Court ?

Ans:- Mr. Justice M.H. Begh

Ques:- Dada Sahib Phalke Award is given in the field of

Ans:- Cinema

Ques:- Ranji Trophy is related to which game ?

Ans:- Cricket

Ques:-Kosi project is situated in which state

Ans;- Bihar

Ques:- Tons is the tributary of river /

Ans:- Yamuna

Ques;- Which country won the first Twenty-20 cricket World Cup 2008 held in South Africa ?

Ans:- India 9by defeating Pakistan)

Ques;- Name of the first Indian Governor-General of India after Independence ?

Ans;- C.Rajgopalachari

Ques:- Sunlight provides

Ans;- Vitamin D (Calciferol)

Ques;- National Commission for women was established in the year

Ans:- 1992

Ques;- When India Launched its first moon mission Chandrayan-1 /

Ans:- Oct. 22, 2008

Ques;- Mrikula Devi Temple is situated in which distt. Of Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans:- Lahaul-Spiti

Who is known as Pahari Gandhi from Dehra Gopipur (Kangra) ?

Ans:- Baba Kanshi Ram

Ques:- When Himachal Day is celebrated  ?

Ans:- 15th April

Ques:- Which district in Himachal Pradesh has highest population density ?

Ans:- Hamirpur (369 persons per Sqkm.)

Ques:- Tea is grown in which valley of H.P. ?

Ans:- Kangra valley

Ques:- Agriculture University Palampur is named after which personality ?

Ans:- Chaudhary Sarwan Kumar

Ques:- Which distt. In H.P. has highest number of small scale industries ?

Ans:- Distt. Kangra

Ques;- AT which place of Himachal Pradesh the first radio station established /

Ans:- Shimla

Ques;- Which districts of Himachal Pradesh marks boundary with Haryana ?

Ans:- Sirmour & Solan

Ques:- Rewalsar lake is situated in which distt. /

Ans:- Mandi

Ques:- Which place of H.P. called mini Switzerland ?

Ans:- Khajjiar

Ques:- Which is the longest dam in the world ?

Ans;- Hirakud dam (4.8 km.) over Mahanadi river in Orissa

Ques;- Haridwar is famous religious place of India is situated in which state ?

Ans:- Uttarakhand

Ques;- Which was the first state to implement Panchayati Raj system in India ?

Ans:- Rajsthan (at Nagaur on 2 october 1959)

Ques:- Who is the supreme commander of defence force in India ?

Ans:- President of India

Ques:- How many national Highways are there in H.P. ?

Ans:- Eight

Ques:- Who gave the name Pahari Gandhi to Kanshi Ram ?

Ans:- Jawahar Lal Nehru

Ques:- State flower is H.P. is

Ans:- Pink Rodhodendron

Ques;- In which year the construction of Pathankot-Jogindernagar narrowgauge railways

Line was started /

Ans:- 1926 A.D.

Ques:- Which place of India is called Varanasi of south ?

Ans;- Rameshwaram

Ques:- When wildlife weak observed in India ?

Ans:- October 1-7

Ques;- What is border security force (B.S.F) estd. On  Dec. 1,1965 ?

Ans:- A paramilitary force of India

Ques:- Electronic city of India is

Ans:- Bangalore

Ques:- Headquarter of ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation) is

Ans:- Dehradun

Ques:- Which Sikh Guru started the institution of langer to ward off casteism ?

Ans:- Guru Amar Dass (3rd Sikh Guru)

Ques;- Which place in India receives lowest rainfall ?

Ans:- Leh

Ques:- Who won FIFA football  World cup 2006 ?

Ans;- Italy by defeating France

Ques:- Coconut is the National Tree of

Ans;- Maldives

Ques:- Which fruit is grown in maximum area of H.P. ?

Ans:- Apple

Ques;- Who was the first woman ruler of India ?

Ans;- Razia Sultana

Ques;- Which place in the world has the highest annual temperature ?

Ans:- Al Aziziyah, Libya in Africa

Ques:- Headquarter of Indian space Research organisation (ISRO, Established on Aug 15, 1969) is

Ans:- Bangalore (Karnatka)

Ques;- Who started Van Mahotsava /

Ans:- K.M. Munshi, Union Minister for agriculture & food in 1950

Ques;- When was Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna (PMGSY) started ?

Ans:- Dec. 25, 2000

Ques;- Who was the first Muslim ruler of Delhi ?

Ans;- Qutab-ud-din-Aibak (in 1206 A.D)

Ques:- When Burma (now called Myanmar) was separated from India ?

Ans:- April 1, 1937

Ques:- Who remarked “Nehru is a Patriot while Jinnah is a Politician”?

Ans:- Mohammad lqbal

Ques:- Which country has the longest written constitution in the world ?

Ans;- India

Ques:- Ritcher scale is used to register the intensity of

Ans:- Earthquake

Ques:- Highest Airport in India is

Ans:- Leh (Koshak Bakola) Airport

Ques:- On Apr. 19, 1975 first satellite launched by India was named as

Ans:- Aryabhatta

Ques:- At which place sun temple is located in H.P. /

Ans:- Nirath (Distt. Shimla)

Ques:- Which Hydel project in H.P. is situated totally underground ?

Ans:- Sanjay Vidhyut Priyojana (Kinnaur)

Ques:- State bird of H.P. is

Ans;- Western Tragopan

Ques:- In which year Pujab hill areas were merged with H.P. ?

Ans:- 01-11-1966

Ques:- Which distt. Of H.P. has least population denisity ?

Ans:- Lahaul-spiti (2 persons/ sqkm)

Ques;- Who was the first speaker ofH.P. legislative assembly ?

Ans:- Pandit Jaiwant Ram

Ques:- Lavi fair of Rampur (Distt. Shimla) is a

Ans:- Trade fair

Ques:- Which district of H.P. makes boundary with Tibet ?

Ans:- Lahaul-spiti

Ques:- On which river Bhakhra Nangal Dam constructed ?

Ans:- Sutlej

Ques;- Which is the folk dance of Rajsthan ?

Ans:- Ghoomer

Ques:- Who gave the3 salogan “Jai Hind” ?

Ans:- Netaji S.C.Bose

Ques:- Which state is the 2nd largest producer of ginger after Kerala ?

Ans:- Himachal Pradesh

Ques:- Sania Mirza is a

Ans:- Lawn Tennis Player

Ques;- Which country has largest geographical area in the world ?

Ans:- Russia

Ques;- Blue revolution is associated with

Ans:- Fish production

Ques:- Who invented revolver ?

Ans:- Samuel colt

Ques:- Sarojini Naidu was a

Ans:- Poetess

Ques:- Who’s Birthday is celebrated as teacher’s day ?

Ans:- Dr. S.Radhakrishanan (1st Vice-President of India)

Ques:- Mani Mahesh lake is situated in which distt. Of H.P.?

Ans:- Chamba

Ques:- Which gas is present in highest proportion in the atmosphere ?

Ans:- Nitrogen (78.08%)

Ques:- Which is the most industrialised district of H.P. ?

Ans:- Solan

Ques:- Which crop requires water logging for its cultivation ?

Ans:- Rice

Ques:- Who was the first Vice-chancellor of Horticulture university Nauni, Solan ?

Ans:- Dr. M.R.Thakur

Ques:- The National Highway from Amritsar to Delhi is numbered ?

Ans:- NH-1

Ques:- Whose signature appears on ten rupees currency note ?

Ans:- Governor, Reserve Bank of India

Ques;- Himachal is also called the

Ans:- Apple State of India

Ques:- Who gifited the statue of liberty standing off the New York Port to the USA on its first centenary celebration ?

Ans:- France

Ques:-Name of the building at Shimla where the trial of Mahatma Gandhi murder case was conducted ?

Ans:- Peterhoff

Ques;- To which direction of Haryana, Himachal Pradesh is located ?

Ans:- North

Ques;- Badadurgarh fort was the summer palace of the Raja of Bilaspur named

Ans:- Bijai Chand

Ques:- The famous Jakh Dhar is located in district

Ans:- Hamirpur

Ques:- Strait of Dover connects the United Kingdom with

Ans:- France

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