Himachal Pradesh Naib Tehsildar’s Examination 2008

By | December 9, 2017

Download Solved Exam. Paper General Studies H.P. Naib Tehsildar’s Examination 2008

This exam. paper of general studies held on 03.08.2008.This paper all questions related to general knowledge, basic history, political science.

Himachal Pradesh Naib Tehsildar’s Examination 2008

Ques:- Which gas is used to ripen the fruits ?

Ans:- Ethylene

Ques:- Which is the biggest part of earth’s atmosphare ?

Ans:- Nitrogen

Ques:- While climbing a mountain a person bends forward to

Ans:- Increase stability

Ques:- The acid commonly present in Lemon and Grapes is

Ans:- Citric acid

Ques:-Which part of human body is affected first of all by nuclear radiation ?

Ans:- Lungs

Ques:- Optical fibres are mainly used for

Ans:- Communication

Ques:- Which metal is mixed with iron to prepare steel ?

Ans:- Chromium (18%) & Nickel (8%)

Ques:- Which industry requires heavy water ?

Ans:- Atomic energy

Ques:- Which factor is considered responsible for the phenomenon of global warming ?

Ans:- Greenhouse gas effect

Ques:- Name the vitamin which is conducive for the clotting of blood ?

Ans:- Vitamin ‘K’

Ques:- What is the purpose of mixing baking soda in kneaded flour ?

Ans:- Generation of carbondioxide

Ques:- What was the basic aim of Akali movement ?

Ans:- Redemption of gurudwaras from the clutches of Mahantas

Ques:- Who was termed ‘Father of Indian Unreast’ by British journalist Valentine Chirol ?

Ans:- Lokmanya Tilak

Ques:- Who ensured Swami Vivekananda’s participation in the World parliament of Religions held in September 1893 A.D. at Chicago (USA) by unstinted support and all-round help ?

Ans:- Raja Ajit Singh Khetari

Ques:- Hurling of a bomb on viceroy Lord Hardinge on the eve of Delhi Durbar in 1911 A.D. was a challenge to British imperlialism.The revolutionary who performed this act of outstanding boldness was

Ans:- Ras Bihari Bose

Ques:-Where did Swami Dayananda Saraswati complete his magnun opus ‘Satyartha Prakash’ ?

Ans:- Udaipur

Ques:-Who was known as ‘Frontier Gandhi’ during freedom movement ?

Ans:- Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan

Ques:-Who was eulogized as ‘Prophet of Nationalism’ by Deshbandhu Chitranjan Das ?

Ans:- Sri Aurobindo

Ques:- The title of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’s autobiography is

Ans:- An Indian Pilgrim

Ques:-Our national song ‘Vande Mataram’ was composed by

Ans:- Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyaya

Ques:-Who carried out the feat of extra-ordinary philanthropy of donating at a time rupee 32 lacs way back in 1916 to Madan Mohan Malviyaji to enable him to establish Banaras Hindu University ?

Ans:- Raja Baldev Das Birla

Ques:- M.A. Jinnah as Governor-General of Pakistan, issued a stern warning to rioters of Karachi not to touch the statue of a great Indian leader, installed at a prominent place in the city. Name that towering Indian leader whom even Jinnah respected so profoundly ?

Ans:- Lokmanya Tilak

Ques:- Who has underline the melancholy of Taj (Mahal) in the following soul stirring words : “Taj is a teardrop on the cheeks of time”.

Ans:- Rabindra Nath Thakur

Ques:- Who was W.C.Rand, who was assassinated by Chapekar brothers (Damodar & Balkrishna) in 1897 A.D. ?

Ans:- Chairman of Pune Plague Commission

Ques:- Who cast sarcastic aspersion on the member of Swarajya Dal for their practice of entering the Council chamber and then walking out of it on one pretext or by the other, by terming it as ‘Patriotism in Locomotion’ ?

Ans:- Sir Tej Bahadur Sapru

Ques:- What was the basic factor that prompted reorganization of atates on linguistic basis after independence ?

Ans:- Death of P.Shri Ramulu

Ques:-Who propounded the concept of “Total Revolution” in 1974 A.D. ?

Ans:- Jaiprakash Naryan

Ques:- Why did Prime minister Lal Bahadur Shastri call upom the people to observe ‘Vijay Vrata’ on every Monday ?

Ans:- To accept the challenge of Canada in the matter of foodgrains

Ques:- Kam Raj Plan aimed at

Ans:- Removal of thorns in flesh in Congress organization and goernment that troubled Pandit Nehru

Ques:- Who dubbed Emergency (declared on 26th June, 1975) as ‘Anushasan Parva’ ?

Ans:- Vinoba Bhave

Ques:- Who was the moving force behind the reconstruction of vandalised Somanth Temple after independence ?

Ans:- Sardar Bhave

Ques:- Why did Dr. Ambedkar turn down the offer of rupees nine crores made by Nizam Hyderabad in case he embraced Islam along with his followers ?

Ans:- Dissociation from his moorings was totally unacceptable to him

Ques:- To whom Mahatma Gandhi called his ‘Conscience Keeper’ ?

Ans:- Chakraverti Raj Gopalchari

Ques:- “Posterity shall scarerly believe that such a mortal of flesh and bone ever trod this earth. “Who has made this observation about Mahatma Gandhi ?

Ans:- Albert Einstein

Ques:- Where did Lord Buddha deliver his first sermon ?

Ans:- Sarnath (Mrig dav)

Ques:- The first ‘Tirthankar’ of Jainism was

Ans:- Rishabha Dev

Ques:- Which Ramayan contains the following couplet highlighting the glory of mother land ?

Ans:- Anand Ramayan

Ques:- For which temple ‘Rathyatra’ happens to be principal celebration ?

Ans:- Puri (Jagannath Temple in Orissa)

Ques:- In which scripture do we find the division of human life in four Ashramas ?

Ans:- Shatpath Brahman

Ques:- The marrige of King Dushyanta and Shakuntala falls in whicch category of marriage ?

Ans:- Gandharva Vivah

Ques:- Which work of antiquity is known as Pancham Veda (Fifth Veda) ?

Ans:- Srimad Bhagwat Gita

Ques:- Gindar, Gidda, Terah Talee and Bihoo happen to be

Ans:- Folk dances

Ques:- The Ajanta mural paintings (belong to Mahayan sect of Buddhism) depict episodes from

Ans:- Jataka Stories

Ques:- Which fundamental right has been termed as ‘the soul and heart of Indian Constitution’ by Dr. Ambedkar ?

Ans:- Right to Constitutional remedies (Article 32)

Ques:- Which Chief Justice of India acted as President of India ?


Ques:-When does the general debate on any bill take place in the Lok Sabha ?

Ans:-At the time of introduction of the Bill

Ques:-Which schedule of Indian constituent Assembly were elected ?

Ans:- Indirect Election by Provincial Assemblies

Ques:- What is the offical language of Sikkim ?

Ans:- Lepcha & Bhutiya

Ques:- How much amount does an M.P. get annually including pay and various allowances ?

Ans:- Rs. 25 Lakh

Ques:- Which ministry has got jurisdiction in the matters of National Flag, National Emblem and National Bird ?

Ans:- Home Ministry

Ques:- Who has termed Indian federal system as Quasi Federal ?

Ans:- Professor K.C. Wheare

Ques:- Which directive principal is in consonance with Gandhian philosophy ?

Ans:- Empowerment of Gram Panchayats

Ques:- Who administers oath of office to the speaker of Lok Sabha ?

Ans:- Oath not required

Ques:- Tata group has taken over GCIL, a large company in the field of chemicals. After this takeover in which field Tata group shall became second largest company ?

Ans:- Production of soda ash

Ques:- Who endores finally the five year plan of India ?

Ans:- National Development Council

Ques;- The major factor conducive for rapid growth of Indian exports is

Ans:- Diversification of exports

Ques:- Planning commission of India is

Ans:- A advisory body

Ques:- Which is the largest trade union, so far as membership is concerned ?

Ans:- Bhartiya Majdoor Sangh

Ques:- For which purpose World Bank provided a loan of 600 million (dollars) to Indian in the year 2007 ?

Ans:- To strengthen rural co-operative structure

Ques:- With which industrial company Venu Gopal Dhoot is associated ?

Ans:- Videocon

Ques:- What are Nav Ratna companies (since 1997 A.D.) ?

Ans:- The public sector Enterprises with enhanced financial & operational autonomy & empowered to invest upto Rs. 1000 crore or 15% of their net worth on a single project without seeking Govt. approval.

Ques:- Who determines the share of states in the central taxes ?

Ans:- Finance Commision

Ques:- The principal aim of ‘Vision statement’ adopted recently for North Eastern states is

Ans:- To enable the North-Eastern states to attain National Economic eminence

Ques:- The oldest mountain range of India is

Ans:- Adawala (Aravalli)

Ques;- Where is the famous Sinhgarh fort ?

Ans:- Maharashtra

Ques:- Where is the forest area known as Silent valley ?

Ans:- Kerala

Ques:- ‘Kiang’a variety of Asiatic wild ass is found in

Ans:- Laddakh

Ques:- Plateau refers to

Ans:- A broad stretch of high land

Ques:- Which city of India is known as ‘Sun city’ ?

Ans:- Jodhpur

Ques:- At which place river Ganga is formed as a result of confluence of A laknanda and Bhagirathi ?

Ans:- Dev Prayag

Ques:- Which Indian state is introduced as ‘God’s Own country’ by its tourism department /

Ans:- Kerala

Ques:- The river that flows between Vindhya mountain range and Satpura is

Ans:- Narmada

Ques;- Which state government has given Cabinet Minister’s rank to its eminent singer in order to honour him ?

Ans:- Assam

Ques:- Who was the first ever woman chief minister of any state of Indian Union ?

Ans;- Sucheta Kriplani

Ques:- Which award founded by K.K. Birla foundation is given to a man of letters belonging to a particular state ?

Ans:- Bihari award (Awarded annually to a Rajasthani Author)

Ques:- According to the report of forest ministry the forest area of Himachal Pradesh has increased during the years 2003-2005 A.D. How much increase has been reported ?

Ans:- Ten sq km.

Ques:- “Kkanjan Nayan” a novel written by renowned Hindi novelist Amritlal Nagar depicts the life and creation of a Krishna devotee poet.Who is that eminent poet ?

Ans:- Surdas

Ques:- Birth anniversary (Jan12, 1863 A.D.) of which prominent figure of Indian renaissance was declared to be celebrated as ‘Youth Day’ every year by Government of India in the year 1985 ?

Ans:- Swami Vivekananda

Ques:- Which phase of Mahatma Gandhi’s life is the subject-matter of widely acclaimed novel ‘ pahila girmitya’ ?

Ans:- Champaran Satyagraha

Ques:- From which book Mahatma Gandhi adopted the concept of ‘Sarvodya’ ?

Ans:- Unto This Last

Ques:- Who refuted the existence of Gandhism during the life-time of Mahatma Gandhi ?

Ans:- Mahatma Gandhi himself

Ques:- Which plan of British Government was rejected by Mahatma Gandhi by terming it as a post dated cheque drawn on an insolvent bank ?

Ans:- Cripps Mission Plan (1942)

Ques:- To whom Mahatma Gandhi acknowledged as his political mentor ?

Ans:- Gopal Krishna Gokhale

Ques:- What was sent as wedding gift by Mahatma Gandhi to British Queen Elizabeth II on the eve of her marriage ?

Ans:- Khadi handkerchief

Ques:- In which city of Indian Asian development Bank has opened its residential office ?

Ans:- New Delhi

Ques:- Where was Mahatma Gandhi’s Headquater prior to establishment of Sabarmati Ashram ?

Ans:- Korchab

Ques:- Who is renowned figure in Indian leather industry and Hindi literature as well ?

Ans:- Prabha Khetan

Ques:- By which name Himachal is introduced on the tourism map ?

Ans:- Devbhoomi

Ques:- The shrine of Renuka is associated with

Ans:- Bhargva Parshu Ram

Ques:- Among Mandi, Naina Devi Hills, Dharamshala and Ponta Sahib which place was never visited by Guru Govind Singh ?

Ans:- Dharmshala

Ques:- Who was the chairman of the conference held at Solan in Febuary 1948 to consider the merger of princely hill states now forming Himachal Pradesh /

Ans:- Raja Durga Singh

Ques:- Which Ruler of Bilaspur was forced by people to leave the state because of his tyrannical rule ?

Ans:- Meghchand

Ques:- ‘Tarikh-I-Riyasat Sirmur’ was authored by

Ans:- Kanwar Ranjor Singh

Ques:- Since which year Bilaspur state began to keep its records in Devanagari script ?

Ans:- 1885 A.D.

Ques:- The Headquarter of Chamba state in ancient times was at

Ans:- Brahmapur

Ques:- The love affair of which Raja of Chamba culminated in the elevation of a Barber to the post of Wazir ?

Ans:- Udai Singh

Ques:- Who remained aloof from the confederation formed against Mirza Riaz Begh, Viceroy of Punjab, for his undue interference into the affairs of hill states ?

Ans:- Jagat Singh-Kangra

Ques:- Which temple of Kangra was destroyed by the forces of Mahmood Ghaznavee ?

Ans:- Vajreshwari temple

Ques:- The first Sikh Commander to invade Kangra in the later half of 18th century A.D. was

Ans:- Jai Singh Kanhaiya

Ques;- Name the ruler of Nurpur who was taken as a prisoner to Lahore in 1558 A.D. by Bairam Khan and was put to death there ?

Ans:- Bakhta Pal

Ques:- Who was the first President of Himalaya Riyasate Prajamandal ?

Ans:- Pt. Padma Dev

Ques:- Where did the martyrdom of Pratap Singh took place who inspired the masses to rise against Britishers in 1857 ?

Ans:- Dharamshala

Ques:- Wazir Ram Singh of Nurpur, who gave sleepness nights to British commanders during the second Anglo-Sikh War, was exiled to

Ans:- Singapore

Ques:- Which zone of Himachal Pradesh is also known as Alpine Zone ?

Ans:- The Hreater Himalaya

Ques:- Which lake is dotted with floating islands ?

Ans:- Rewalsar

Ques:- The biggest river of Himachal Pradesh in terms of volume of water is

Ans:- Chenab

Ques:- Tatapani, famous for hot water springs is in the district of

Ans:- Mandi

Ques:- After the confluence of river Chandra and Bhaga river Chenab is formed Where does this confluence take place ?

Ans:- Tandi near Lahaul

Ques:- How many tehsils in Kangra district ?

Ans:- 16

Ques:- Pangi valley is situated at an altitude of

Ans:- 14528 feet

Ques:- Which is the highest peak of Dhaula Dhar mountain range in Mandi district ?

Ans:- Nagru (4400m)

Ques:- Gaddis of Himachal Pradesh can be categorized as

Ans:- Semi-nomadic, Semi-pastoral, Semi-agricultural

Ques:- The first hydro-electric station in Chamba town was commissioned in the year

Ans:- 1910 A.D.

Ques:- Under the Indo-German programme a diary development plant has been set up in Mandi district at

Ans:- Chakkar

Ques:- ‘Solan Gola’ is a famous variety of

Ans:- Tomato

Ques:- Which district of Himachal Pradesh is famous for salt mines ?

Ans:- Mandi

Ques:- The biggest apple growing district of Himachal Pradesh happens to be

Ans:- Shimla

Ques:- Masheer and Mirror carp found in Himachal Pradesh are a famous variety of

Ans:- Fish

Ques:- In which year ‘Himachal Pradesh’ Abolition of big Landed Estates and Land Reform Act was passed ?

Ans:- 1954 A.D.

Ques:- Where does Himachal Pradesh stand in the terms of ginger production on the national level ?

Ans:- Second (1st position – Kerala)

Ques:- The estimated potential of hydro-electric power of Himachal Pradesh is nearly

Ans:- 21,500 MW

Ques:- The longest tunnel on Kalka-Shimla railway track is

Ans:- Barog (1143 Mtrs.)

Ques:- Which district of Himachal Pradesh has earned fme for its ‘Rumals’ ?

Ans:- Chamba

Ques:- The central theme of Kangra School of Painting was

Ans:- Lord Krishna and Radha

Ques:- Smt. Maheshi Devi in 1965 awarded with National Award for Master Craftsman has excelled in

Ans:- Embroidery

Ques:- Manak a great master of Pahari miniatyre adorned the court of

Ans:- Sansar Chand-II of Kangra

Ques:- Sobha Singh Art Gallery is located at

Ans:- Andhretta

Ques:- What is the average rainfall in Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans:- 1600 mm

Ques:- Which district of Himachal Pradesh recorded minus population growth according to 1991 census ?

Ans:- Lahaul-Spiti

Ques:- Spiti literally means

Ans:- Land of Jewels

Ques:- The epithet ‘Lady Keylong’ is related to a

Ans;- Mountain peak

Ques:- Which place is considered cremation ground of Pandava Queen ‘Draupdee’ ?

Ans:- Tandi

Ques:- Kunjoo and Chanchloo whose love story still stimulates young hearts, belonged to

Ans:- Chamba

Ques:- In which valley Kunzum pass is situated ?

Ans:- Spiti valley

Ques:- Which seat of Indian Instituate of Advanced Studies ?

Ans:- Shimla

Ques:- The new year festival in ‘Chandra’ and ‘Bhaga’ valley is called

Ans:- Haldo or Losar

Ques:- When did the Union Territory of Himachal Pradesh become a full fledged state ?

Ans:- 25th January, 1971

Ques:- Which heritage building of India has recently been included in the list of world heritage sites recognized by UNESCO ?

Ans:- Red Fort

Ques:- Which countries have adopted Europe’s unified currency Euro since January, 2008 ?

Ans:- Malta and Cyprus

Ques:- A violent incident that occurred at Chauri-Chaura was responsible for the withdrawal of non-co-operation movement. In which state Chauri- Chaura is situated ?

Ans:- Uttar Pradesh

Ques:- In the recently held (1st January, 2008) elections to elect five non-permanent members to UN Security Council which continent was able to get two members elected from its ranks ?

Ans:- Africa (Libya& Burkino-Faso)

Ques:- In the year 2008, the British government has appointed an Indian economist as its chief economist. He happens to be

Ans:- Parthsarthee Shon

Ques:- Who has been declared ‘Person’ of the year for the year 2007 by the prestigious magazine ‘Time’ ?

Ans:- Vladimir Putin

Ques:- The year long one hundered fiftieth anniversary celebrations of which historically important event in the annals of modern India have concluded recently ?

Ans:- First War of Independence

Ques:- Which company has launched the most economical Laptop ‘Mileap’ in Janauary, 2008 ?

Ans:- HCL

Ques:- The important issue decided by Lisbon Treaty in December 2007, is

Ans:- Reforming of decision making procedure of European union.


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