Himachal Pradesh Forest Services Examination 2007 S.S.C.B Hamirpur (H.P)

By | May 6, 2017

Download Solved Question Paper 2007 H.P. Forest Services Examination

This test is held on November 3, 2007.For this a candidate must be a citizen of India. A candidate must possess a Bachelor’s Degree or its equivalent in Science or Engineering from a recognised University with atleast having one of the following subjects ;-

Agriculture, Botany, Chemistry, Computer science, Engineering (Agriculture/Chemical/Civil/ Computer/Electrical/Electronic/Mechanical), Environmental Science, Forestry, Geology, Horticulture, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, Veterinary Science, Zoology.

Download Himachal Pradesh Forest Services Examination 2007

Ques:- What does the local Himachli term ‘Shigri’ mean ?

Ans:- Glaxier

Ques;- Which are the two major rivers of the Indian sub continent, flowing in different directions, which draw water from Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans:- Indus & Ganga

Ques:- At which place do the tributaries, chandra and Bhagha, meet to form the chenab river ?

Ans:- Taandi in Lahaul – Spiti

Ques:- Who was responsible for spresding Buddhism in Himachal Pradesh in the 8th century A.D. ?

Ans:- Padmasambhava

Ques:- Who led the Aryan conquest of Himachal Pradesh between 3000 to 2500 B.C ?

Ans:- Divodas

Ques:- What was the confederacy of six republic, mentioned in the Mahabharta and other books, known as ?

Ans:- Trigarta Shashtha

Ques:- What is the name given to the battle of ten Aryan kings in the ancient history Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans:- Dashragh

Ques:- On the banks of which river did Alexander erect twelve huge altars to mark the farthest point of his advance into India ?

Ans:- Beas (Hyphiasis)

Ques:- Who was the Hindu king to confront Mehmood Ghaznavi when he invaded India in 1001 A.D. ?

Ans;- Jaipal of Hindu Shahiya dynasty

Ques:- Who commanded the Gorkha army which attacked Kangra in 1805 A.D ?

Ans:- Amar Singh Thapa

Ques:- In which year was the Treaty of Sagauli, between the Gorkhas and the British, signed ?

Ans:- 1815 A.D.

Ques:- In which princely state of Himachal Pradesh did the Praja mandal demand abolition of ‘Begar; in 1939 ?

Ans:- Dhami

Ques:- In which year did Dr. Y.S Parmar became Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh part ‘C’ state /

Ans:- 24th March 1952

Ques:- In which year did the Government of Himachal Pradesh abolish big landed estates ?

Ans:- 1954

Ques:- At which place in Himachal Pradesh does the Sutlej jal vidyut nigam Ltd. Propose to start its 412 MW power generation project with the help of loan from the world bank ?

Ans:- Rampur (Shimla)

Ques:- At which place in Himachal Pradesh has a vegetable ghee plant in the private sector been set up ?

Ans:- Nalagarh (50 tonns daily production)

Ques:- What got top priority in the first five year plan of Himachal Pradesh in which 50% of the entire expenditure was incurred ?

Ans:- Road Construction

Ques:- In which district of Himachal Pradesh is the Bhuntar airport located ?

Ans:- Kullu

Ques:- At which place in Himachal Pradesh is the world’s highest cricket ground located ?

Ans:- Chail (Distt. Solan)

Ques:- What percentage of the area of Himachal Pradesh is culitivable ?

Ans:- 11%

Ques:- In which country is Darfur located ?

Ans:- Sudan

Ques:- Who is the president of France at present ?

Ans:- Nicolas Sarkozy

Ques:- Our National Anthom was composed by

Ans:- Rabindranath Tagore

Ques:- Who won the Dada Sahib Phalke Award for 2005 ?

Ans:- Shyam Benegal

Ques:- Who has been awarded the Gandhi Khan Ratna Award for 2006 ?

Ans:- Manavjeet Singh Sandu (A Shooter)

Ques:- Who was first Indian celebrity whose wax figure was installed at Madam Tussad’s Museum in England ?

Ans:- Mahatma Gandhi

Ques:- What is Beg ben ?

Ans:- A Clock Tower in London

Ques:- Which is known as the ‘lung of the world’ ?

Ans:- Equitorial Rain Forests

Ques:- Who according to the Forbes Magazine is the most powerful woman in the world for 2007 ?

Ans:- Angela Merkel (Chancellor of Germany)

Ques:- In which state of India is the famous Tripati Balaji temple located ?

Ans:- Andhra Pradesh

Ques:- Which U.S President was elected four times ?

Ans:- Franklin Delano Rouzvelt

Ques:- Who was the first Secretary-General of the UNO ?

Ans;- Trygve Havlidine Lie

Ques:- Who is the author of the Nobel Prize winning play ‘St. Joan’ ?

Ans:- G.B. Shaw

Ques:- Which country secured independence from indonesia ?

Ans:- East Timor

Ques:- Which Nobel Prize winner for peace is known as the father of the Green Revolution ?

Ans:- Dr. Norman  Barlaug (USA)

Ques:- Who was the first Indian to be elected as a member of the British Parliament ?

Ans:- Dada Bhai Naoroji

Ques:- In which state of India is Hem Kund Saheb, a famous centre of Sikh pilgrime, located ?

Ans:- Uttrakhand

Ques:- Which river passing into India is known as Yarlung Tsangpo in China ?

Ans:- Brahamputra

Ques:- Who is the first Indian Woman member of Parliament to receive the outstanding Parliamentarian Award /

Ans:- Mrs. Sushma Swaraj

Ques:- Which city in the world is known as the ‘city of the Golden Gate’ ?

Ans:- San Franscisco

Give full forms of FIVE of the following abbreviations :

Indian Space Research Organisation                            – ISRO

National Bank for Agricultural & Rural Development               – NABARD

Non-Governmental Organisation                                  – NGO

Bharat Heavy Electrical Ltd.                                      – BHEL

World Trade Organisation                                       -WMD

Fedration of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry          – FICCI

Oil & Natural Gas Corporation                                  – ONGC

Value Added Tax                                               – VAT

National Aeronautics& Space Administration                       – NASA

Write a brief note in a about 100 words on any four of the following topics :

  • The manace of terrorism in the word.
  • IINDO-US nuclear agreement.
  • Abolition of monarchy in Nepal.
  • Freeing the CBI from government control.
  • Granting S.T status to Gujjars.
  • Recognition of ‘Gita’ as a national scripture of India.

Ques:- Answer the following questions ;

  • The contribution of forest wealth to the economy of Himachal Pradesh.
  • Utilization of water resources in Himachal Pradesh.
  • Events and personalities that shaped Mahatma Gandhi’s personality and thinking before he returned to India from South Africa.
  • ‘Purity of means is as important as purity of ends,’Comment and elaborates.

Ques:- Who or what are the following to deserve mention in the Newspapers recently ?

  • Malabar-07
  • Taslima Nasreen
  • Jasraj Chopra Committee
  • Wal-mart
  • Jhulan Goswami
  • Roger Federer
  • Indian Cricket League
  • Blue Lady
  • Twenty-20 word cup
  • Setusamudram project.

Ques:- Define any Five of the following terms briefly :

  • Monoculture
  • Son of the soil
  • Photosynthesis
  • Caveat
  • Ecological Balance
  • Global Warming
  • Ozone layer
  • Invertibrates
  • Coniferous trees
  • Endangered species.

Express your views on any FOUR of the following topics in about 100 words each :

  • Reservation on the basis of religion.
  • Ban on sting operations.
  • Revival of POTA to curb terrorism.
  • Banning pol/thene bags.
  • Lingdoh Commission on Regulating Students Unions.
  • Banning Sex determination tests before birth.

Compulsory Papers:- 

  1. General Knowledge 100 Marks.

  2. General English       100 Marks.

  3. Hindi                         100 Marks.

Optional Subjects
4. Optional Paper-1             200 Marks.

5. Optional Paper-11           200 Marks

Viva – Voce

6. Interview                        100 Marks.

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