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By | November 4, 2017

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Himachal Pradesh introduced as “Dev Bhoomi” on the tourism map has numerous temples which are usually of four types : the rectangular stone & wood temples, with a pent roof and varndah ; the rectangular stone & wood temples with Pagoda style successive wooden roofs, one on the top of the other ; the tower like stone & wood temples with square size base & slopping roof ; and a fusion of slopping roof & Pagoda style roof.

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Distt. Chamba’s Temples

  1. Shakti Devi / Chhatrari Temple :- It is situated in Chatrarri in the distt. Chamba. It constructed by the famous architecture “Gugga” during the reign of Meru Varman in the 7th century A.D.mAIN idol in the temple is of goddess Shakti.
  2. Lakshna Devi Temple :- It is situated in Bharmour. It devoted to Mahishamardhini Durga. It constructed by “Gugga” during the regin of Meru Varman.
  3. Mani Mahesh Temple :- It is situated in Bharmour. It devoted to Lord Shiva. It built by Meru Varman.
  4. Ganesh Temple :- It is situated in Bharmour.It is built by Meru Varman.
  5. Narashingha Temple :- It built in 940 A.D. by Tribhuvan Rekha Devi, the queen of Yogakara Varman.
  6. Hari Rai Temple :- It Built Lakshman Varman in the 11th century.
  7. Lakshmi Narayan Temple :- It built by Sahil Varman (920 – 940 A.D.) iT is a group of six temples.
  8. Chaurasi Temple :- It is a group of 84 temples built in the 9th century.

Distt. Kangra’s Temples

  1. Masrur Rock Cut Temple :- It is situated in Nagrota Surian.It is dedicated to Lord Shiva. built by the king Lalitaditya of Kashmir in the 8th century. Known as ‘Ellora of Himachal Pradesh.
  2. Vajreshwari Temple ;- Present structure was built by Desa Singh Majitha in the Sikh style. Plundered by Mehmood Ghazani in 1009 A.D. & by Khawas Khan in 1540 A.D.
  3. Jawala Mukhi Temple :- It is built by Raja Bhumi Chand of Katoch Dynasty of Kangra. In 1365 A.D. Firoz Shah Tuglaq took possession of 300 volumes of sanskrit books from the temple and translated into Persian under the title Dalai-e-Firozshahi by the court poet Aazz-ud-din Khalid Khani.In 1813 A.D. Maharaja Ranjeet Singh built the golden dome of the temple.
  4. Baijnath Temple :- It is dedicated to Vaidyanath (Shiva). Earlier Known as “Kirgram” oldest Shiva temple in India, built in the 13th century and renovated by Raja Sansar Chand in the 19th
  5. Chamunda Devi Temple :- It is built in the 19th

Distt. Mandi’s Temples

  1. Bhootnath Temple :- It is situated in the distt. Mandi.Built by Raja Ajbar Sen in 1527 A.D. Devoted to Ardhnarishvara.
  2. Panchvakta Temple :- Built in the 15th Has a Five-faced image of Shiva.
  3. Trilokinath Temple :- It is built by Sultan Devi – the queen of Raja Ajbar Sen in 1520 A.D.
  4. Shyama Kali or Tarna Devi Temple :- It is situated in Tarna Hill. Built by Raja Shyam Sen (1641-1679) A.D.
  5. Madho Rai Temple :- Built in 1705 A.D. Devoted to Madho Rai (Krishna), the presiding diety of Mandi.
  6. Kamaksha Devi Temple :- It is situated in Karsog. It is a Pagoda style temple built in the 10th – 11th century A.D.
  7. Prasher Temple :- It is situated in Pandoh. Built by Raja Ban Sen in 1346 A.D.
  8. Shikari Devi Temple ;- It is situated in Sundernagar. It devoted to Goddess Shikari Devi.

Distt. Shimla’s Temples

  1. Sankat Mochan Temple ;- It is situated in Tara Devi. Devoted to Hanuman ji.
  2. Jakhoo Temple :- It is situated Jakhoo Hill in Shimla. It devoted to Lord Hanuman Ji is situated at the height of about 8500 Ft.
  3. Hatkoti Temple :- It is situated in Rohru. It devoted to Goddess Hatkoti & Built in the 7thHas an ASHTADHATU image of Mahishamardini.
  4. Kalibarri Temple :- It built in 1845 A.D. this temple devoted to Goddess Shayamla Devi (Shimla is names after this Goddess).
  5. Tara Devi Temple :- It devoted to Goddess Tara Devi.
  6. Bhima Kali Temple ;- It is situated in Sarahan. Earlier Sarahan was known as Shonnitpur.
  7. Sun Temple :- It is situated Nirath (Rampur). It devoted to the ‘Lord Sun’. Also known as the ‘Sun Temple of Himachal Pradesh”.

Distt. Kullu ‘s Temples

  1. Bijali Mahadev Temple :- It devoted to Lord Shiva.A 60 feet staff above the temple attracts divine blessing in the form of lightening and breaks the “Stone Linga” in the Sanctum.
  2. Manu Temple ;- It is situated In Manali.It devoted to the great ancient Law giver ‘Manu’.
  3. Hidimba (Dhungri0 Devi. Temple :- It is also situated Manali.It built by Raja Bahadur Singh in 1553 A.D. Annual Dhungri fair is celebrated here in the month of May.
  4. Jamlu Temple :- It is situated in Malana.It devoted to the SAGE Jamadagni Known as the Jamlu Devta. He was the husband of Renuka ji & father of Parshuram.
  5. Raghu Nath Temple :- It built by Raja Jagat Singh in 1651 A.D. It devoted to Raghu Nath Ji – the chief diety of Kullu.The temple has an image of Raghu Nath ji that was brought from Ayodhya.
  6. Kartikeya Temple :- It is situated in Kankhal. Devoted to the Kartikeya, the son of Lord Shiva.
  7. Manikaran Temple :- It is situated in Manikaran. It is well known for hot water springs. Guru Nanak Dev visited here for meditation.
  8. Gauri Shankar Temple :- It is situated in Jagatsukh. It is built in the 8th
  9. Arjun Guffa :- It is situated in Prini. Arjuna practised austerities to get the powerful Pashupati Astra from Indra Devta.
  10. Vishweshwar Mahadev Temple :- It is situated in Bajaura. It devoted to Lord Shiva. It built in 10th
  11. Vaishno Devi Temple :- It is situate in kullu. Devoted to goddess Vaishno Devi.
  12. Tripura Sundri Temple :- It is in Naggar of Kullu distict. It built in the 16th century A.D. by Raja Yashodhapal.Located on the left bank of the river Beas.

Distt. Bilaspur’s Temples

  1. Naina Devi Temple :- It built by Bir Chand

Distt. Hamirpur’s Temples

  1. Baba Balak Nath Temple :- It located in the Deotsidh place.A cave temple located in the Dhaulagiri hills of Hamirpur.
  2. Gauri Shankar Temple ;- It located in Sujanpur Tira in distt. Hamirpur. It built by Raja Sansar Chand.
  3. Murli Manohar Temple :- Its also located in Sujanpur Tira. Constructed during the reign of Raja Sansar Chand.
  4. Narvdeshwar Temple :- It located in Sujanpur Tira .Built by the chief Queen of Raja Sansar Chand.
  5. Shani Dev Temple :- It located in lambloo in distt. Hamirpur. Panchmukhi Hanuman murti is situated here which is more than 60 feet in height.
  6. Gasota Temple :- It located Gasota in distt. Hamirpur. Every year the famous Gasota fair is held here.

Distt. Una’s Temples

  1. Chintpurni Temple :- Pandit Mai Das, a Saraswat Brahman, is generally believed to have established this shrine of Mata Chintpurni Devi in Chhaproh village in the ancient times. Over the time this place became known as Chintpurni after the eponymous deity.
  2. Baba Bharbhag Singh :- Baba Bharbhag Singh has a famous Gurudwara which was earlier known as Dera. A famous fair “Baba Bharbhag Singh Meta” is held here in the month of February.
  3. Shiv Bari :- It located in Gagret. Believed to have been the practising range for archery pupils of Guru Dronacharya.
  4. Baba Rudra Nand Ashram :- It located in Nari. Built by Raja Sahil Vermen in the memory of his daughter Champavati.

Distt. Sirmour’s Temple

  1. Shirgul Devta Temple :- It located in Chrdhar. In the 11th century temple of Shirgul Devta, the main deity of residents of Shimla and Sirmaur.
  2. Trilokpur Temple or Bala Sundri :- It built by Raja Deep Prakesh in 1573 A.D. Devoted to Goddess “Mahamaya Bala Sundari “ & also known as ‘Chaurasi Ghanto Wali Devi’.
  3. Jagan Nath Temple :- It located in Nahan. It built by Raja Budh Prakesh in 1681 A.D.
  4. Gayatri Temple :- It located in Renuka. It built Mahatma Paraya Nand Brahmchari.

Distt. Solan’s Temple

  1. Shalooni Temple :- It devoted to Shoolini Mata. (Solan was named after this Goddess).

Distt. Lahaul Spiti Temples

  1. Trilok Nath Temple ;- It located in Udaipur. It built by Raja Lalitaditya in the 8th Adorned with one metre Lamaistic Marble image of Avalokiteshvara. Every year in the month of August a festival named Pauri is held here.
  2. Marikula Devi Temple :- It located in Udaipur. Built by Ajay Varman. It is a nationally protected monument under Archaeological survey of India (ASI).
  3. Tabo Menastery :- It located in Kaza. It known as “Ajanta of the Himalayas”. Oldest Monastery in the world. It was founded in 996 A.D. in the Tibetan year of the Fire Ape by the Tibetan Buddhist lotswa (translator), Rinchen Zangpo (Mahauru Ramabhadra), the king of western Himalayan Kingdom of Guge.
  4. Kee Monastery :- It located in Spiti. It largest monastery in Spiti, built in the 11th
  5. Guru Ghantal Monastery ;- It located in Tupchiling.It is the oldest Gompa of Lahaul. Located on right bank of Chandra river at 3020 mtrs. Above the sea level.
  6. Kardang Monastery:- It located in Keylong. Built in the 12th century and renovated by Lama Nobru in 1912. Has a large library of Kangyur & Tangyur volumes of Budhist Scriptures in Bhoti language.
  7. Shashur Monastery :- It located in Keylong. It built in the 17th century by Lama Deva Gyatsho of Zanskar. Who was a missionary of Nawang Namgyal, the king of Bhutan.
  8. Dhankar Monastery :- It located in Kaza. It is the Principal figure is a statue of Vairochana (Dhyan Budha)

Distt. Kinnaur’s Temples

  1. Mindal Devi Temple :- It located in Devi Kothi.It built by Raja Umed Singh in 1754 A.D.
  2. Jangi Monastery :- It located in Recongpeo. Constructed in the 10 – 11th century A.D.
  3. Lippa Monastery :- It located in Taiti. Founded by Lama Devarama. Has three temples.
  4. Mathi Temple :- It locate in Chhitkul. Mathi is the local goddess of the people of chhitkul having three temples the main one said to have been constructed about five hundred years ago by a resident of Garhwal.

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