Himachal Pradesh Allied Services Exam Solved Paper 2010

By | September 28, 2017

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This exam. Paper Held on 21 November, 2010.The Preliminary objective examination of qualifying nature consisting of General Knowledge, Everyday Science, General English, General Hindi and current affairs 200 Marks.

Download Solved Exam. Paper Himachal Pradesh Allied Services Exam. 2010

Ques:- In july 1999, Pakistani infiltrators were flushed out of the Kargil sector of Kashmir in an operation flood called

Ans:- Vijay

Ques;- The first Chief Election commissioner of India was

Ans:- Sukumar Sen

Ques:- Who composed the famous song ‘Sare Jahan Se Achha’ ?

Ans:- Mohammad Iqbal

Ques:- The author of the book titled ‘The Future of India’ is

Ans:- Bimal Jalan

Ques:- The Taj Mahal is affected due to

Ans:- Acid rain

Ques:- The operation which was launched on Nov. 26, 2008 by security forces of India to flush out terrorists holed up in Mumbai’s various hotels was

Ans:- Operation black tornado

Ques:- The World’s first Woman Prime Minister was

Ans:- Sirimao Bandarnaike

Ques:- The state animal of H.P. is

Ans:- Snow Leopard

Ques:- Which place receives the lowest annual rainfall in H.P. ?

Ans:- Spiti

Ques:- Where is Bander Ghati (Monkey Valley) ?

Ans:- District Chamba

Ques:- Which district shares the boundaries with maximum number of districts in H.P. ?

Ans:- Shimla & Mandi, each touches six other districts

Ques:- What is the green field project of government of H.P. ?

Ans:- To spread Health education

Ques:-Dhauladhar range falls in……………..districts

Ans:- Kangra, Chamba & Kullu

Ques:- Kangra school of Pahari paintings reached its zenith during the reign of

Ans:- Raja Sansar Chand

Ques:- Which was the first bank in Shimla ?

Ans:- Alliance Bank of Shimla

Ques:- Kangra fort is known as

Ans:- Nagarkot & Bheemkot

Ques:- Bhunda ceremony is held after every

Ans:- 12 years

Ques:- Which is the largest river in H.P. ?

Ans:- Sutlej

Ques:- Binwa Hydro-electric project is situated in District…………..of H.P.

Ans:- Kangra

Ques:- Which was the oldest Princely state of H.P.

Ans:- Trigarta

Ques:- The state tree of H.P. IS

Ans:- Deodar

Ques:- Malana in Kullu is known for

Ans:- One of the oldest democracies of the world consisting of about 500 families, Independent political and judicial system & Devta Jamlu is revered here.

Ques:- Dalai Lama came to Dharamsala in

Ans:- 1959

Ques:- Which airport is being developed by airport authority of India (AAI) in collaboration with Government of H.P.?

Ans:- Kangra (Gaggal)

Ques;- The first speaker of H.P.Legislative Assembly was

Ans:- Jaiwant ram

Ques:- How many Municipal corporations (Nagar Nigam) are functioning in H.P. ?

Ans:- 1 (Shimla)

Ques;- Which is the India’s first 3-D digital animation film ?

Ans:- Bal Hanuman-2

Ques:- India’s first international Buddhist University, an Indo-Sri Lanka joint project is coming up at

Ans:- Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh

Ques;- Bhut jolokia, the chilli generally recognized as the hottest in the world is mainly grown in which state of India ?

Ans:- Assam

Ques:- India’s second integrated check post (ICP) after Attari will come up at

Ans:- Raxaul, Bihar

Ques:- The Government’s ambitious Unique identity project aiming to give a 12-digit number to all citizens of the country, has been renamed

Ans:- Aadhaar

Ques:- The first Indian to win any Golden Globe Award is

Ans:- A.R.Rahman

Ques:- Who was named the best actor in 57th National Film Awards, 2010 ?

Ans:- Amitabh Bachchan

Ques:- Julia Gilard is the first woman Prime Minister of

Ans:- Australia

Ques;- In which city of U.S.A. did Swami Vivekananda participate in the World Parliament of Religion in 1893 A.D. ?

Ans:- Chicago

Ques;- Which Malayalam movie was adjudged Best Film in the 57th National Film awards, 2010 ?

Ans:- KuttySrank

Ques:- International youth day is observed on

Ans:- August 12

Ques:- Scurity printing Press is situated at

Ans:- Hyderabad

Ques;- The new chief election commissioner of India is

Ans:- S.Y.Qureshi

Ques;- The Indian women who have been named among the forbes most inspiring women list are

Ans;- Arundhati Roy & Indira Nooyi

Ques;- Miss universe 2010 is

Ans:- Jimena Navarrete

Ques;- Among Russia,Italy, Germany & Brazil which one is not the member of G-8 grouping ?

Ans:- Brazil

Ques:- The novel white tiger’ which won the Man booker prize 2008, is authorted by

Ans:- Arvind Adiga

Ques:- Dr. Manmohan Singh has recently declared an Indian river as “NATIONAL RIVER” The name of the river is

Ans:- Ganga

Ques;- Bank Rate, Repo Rate, Reverse Repo Rate & Cash Reserve Ratio are decided by

Ans:- Reserve bank of India

Ques:-Who certifies a bill to be a money bill in Indian states ?

Ans:-State assembly speaker

Ques:-Zero-based budgeting (ZBB) means

Ans:- Each year, budgeting starts from a scratch

Ques:- The headquarters of organization of petroleum exporting countries (OPEC) is located in


Ques:- Agmark is

Ans:- Test of purity in the production of vegietable oil etc.

Ques:-As per the findings of the expert group headed by Dr. Suresh Tendulkar, a substantial number of people in India still live below poverty line.What is that number in terms of percentage ?

Ans:- 37%

Ques:- Indian rupee has got its symbol as Rs. This symbol has been designed by

Ans:- D. Udai Kumar

Ques:- UNDP has introduced a new poverty index known as

Ans:- Multi-dimentional Poverty index

Ques:- If the nominal interest rate on a checking account is 2% and the inflation rate is 3% this year, the real interest rate is

Ans:- 1%

Ques;- From which source comes the money which Government of India spends on the development of infrastructure in country ?

Ans:- Loan from World Bank, Taxes collected from the people & loan from the RBI

Ques:- Income Tax, Wealth Tax, Gift Tax and Corporation Tax are

Ans:- Direct Taxes

Ques:- At which place, the Indian electronics system design and manufacturing industry has organised a national summit named as ‘Vision Summit’ ?

Ans:- Bangaluru

Ques:- Which were the first proteins that marked the beginning of life ?

Ans:- Nucleoproteins

Ques:- Which is the edible part of mango ?

Ans:- Mesocarp

Ques:- Which structure prevents the entry of food into the wind pipe ?

Ans:- Epiglottis

Ques:- Which respiratory disease is associated with excess of histamine ?

Ans:- Bronchitis

Ques:- Which mosquito transmits malaria ?

Ans:- Female anopheles

Ques:- Which parasite causes sleeping sickness ?

Ans:- Trypanosoma

Ques:- Which instrument is utilized to measure blood pressure ?

Ans:- Sphygmomanometer

Ques:- What converts glycogen to glucose

Ans:- Insulin

Ques:- The main atmospheric gases responsible for greenhouse effect are

Ans:- Carbon dioxide & chlorofloro Carbons

Ques:- When a piece of ice floating in a beaker of water melts, the level of water will

Ans;- Remain the same

Ques:- Universal receive,s (group ‘AB’) can receive blood from

Ans:- Group ‘O’, ‘AB’,’A’, ‘B’

Ques:- Which scientist developed a cloned-sheep, the ‘Dolly’ ?

Ans:- Ian Wilmut

Ques;- How many set of valves does a human heart have ?

Ans:- Two (Bicaspid & Tricaspid Valves)

Ques:- The cells which are responsible for the production of antibodies are ?

Ans:- Lymphocvtes

Ques;- The device used for locating submerged objects under sea is

Ans:- Sonar

Ques:- Who invented Petrol-Car ?

Ans:- Kari Benz

Ques:- Why is it easier to swim in sea water than in river ?

Ans:- Density of sea water is higher

Ques:- Cloudy nights are warmer than clear nights, because of

Ans;- Terrestrial Radiation

Ques:- As we proceed from equator to poles, the daily range of temperature tends to ?

Ans:- Increase

Ques;- Which planet in the solar system is the hottest, brightest & nearest to earth ?

Ans:- Venus

Ques;- Which is the longest river in the world ?

Ans:- Nile

Ques:- Which country hasd the largest area of forest ?

Ans:- Russia

Ques:- The maximum distance between the longitudes is at the

Ans:- Equator

Ques:- The cause of earthquake is mainly due to

Ans:- Tectonic forces

Ques:- The direction of the earth’s rotation is from

Ans;- West to East

Ques:- The rising of the Sun in the East and setting in the West is due to

Ans:- Rotation of the Earth on its axis

Ques:- Himalayas have been formed by the……………..process

Ans:- Folding

Ques:- Which is the largest lake in the world ?

Ans:- Caspian Sea

Ques:- The forest in Sunderbans is called

Ans:- Mangrove

Ques:- Seismic sea waves which approach the coats at geater force are known as

Ans:- Tsumani

Ques:- Indian standard time relates to

Ans:- 82.5 degree East Longitude

Ques:-The oldest mountain system of India is

Ans:- Aravllis

Ques:- Which animal has been chosen as a mascot for the ICC cricket World Cup 2011, to be jointly hosted by India, Sri Lanka and Bangldesh ?

Ans:- Elephant (named stumpy)

Ques:- President Pratibha Patil recently conferred the honorary rank of the Indian Air force (IAF) group captain on

Ans:- Sachin Tendulkar

Ques:- At which olympics did Milkha Singh break the world record in the 400 metres events ?

Ans:- Rome olympics, 1960

Ques:- Jhoolan Goswami is associated with ?

Ans:- Cricket

Ques:- Sachin Tendulkar is associated with ?

Ans:- Cricket

Ques:- Sachin Tendulkar recently became the first cicketer to score double century in one day international against

Ans;- South Africa

Ques:- Which country was known as “sick man” of Europe

Ans:- Turkey

Ques:- Chamera-1 project of the NHPC (National Hydroelectric Power Corporation) has the power generation capacity (installed) of

Ans:- 540 MW.

Ques:-Solar eclipse happens when the

Ans:- Moon comes directly between the Sun and the Earth

Ques:- The interval between two high tides is approximately

Ans:- 12 Hrs.

Ques:- The common cold disease is caused by

Ans;- Viral infection

Ques:- When milk is churned, the cream separate from it due to

Ans:- Centrifugal force

Ques:- Who is the first law officer of the Union Government ?

Ans:- Attorney General

Ques:- National Highway-1 connects Delhi with

Ans;- Amritsar

Ques;- Which Indian state has largest scheduled tribe population ?

Ans:- Madhya Pradesh

Ques:- Human Poverty index was developed in the year

Ans:- 1997

Ques:- The first Heavy water plant was set up at

Ans;- Nangal, Punjab

Ques:- The highest number of telephone users are in

Ans:- USA

Ques:- The film actor who has been chosen as brand ambassador of incredible India camoaign is

Ans:- Amir Khan

Ques:- Bharat Ratna Award for the year 2008 has been given to

Ans:- Pt. Bhimsan Joshi

Ques:- The French revolution began in the year

Ans:- 1789 A.D.

Ques:- The first country in the world to grant women the right to vote was

Ans:- New Zealand

Ques:- The U.S.A. entered World War II after a Japanese attack on the US fleet at

Ans:- Pearl Harbour

Ques:- In 1805 A.D. Admiral Lord Nelson defeated the combined French – Spanish fleets in the battle of

Ans:- Trafalgar

Ques:- The first map of the world was made by

Ans:- Anaximander

Ques;- The people’s Republic of Bangladesh came into being in

Ans:- 1971

Ques:- Jehangir conquered this fort in 1620 that Akbar had earlier failed to conquer

Ans:- Kangra

Ques:- The main focus of the Rigvedic culture was

Ans:- The region between Swat & Indus

Ques:- The first European to visit the Caribbean was

Ans:- Christopher Columbus

Ques:- Egypt was also known as Kemi or the

Ans:- Gift of the Nile

Ques:- Who was Gautam Buddha’s father ?

Ans:-  Suddhodhana

Ques:- The most important feature of the Dravida style of temple architecture is

Ans;- Gopuram

Ques:- Who destroyed the Somnath Temple in Gujarat ?

Ans:- Mahmood Ghaznavi

Ques;- Rongal Bihu is the most popular post-harvest festival of which Indian state ?

Ans:- Assam

Ques:- The first systematic Indian political can be found in

Ans:- Arthashastra

Ques:- The epic Shahnama was written by

Ans:- Firdausi

Ques:- Another name for Hinduism is

Ans:- Snatana Dharma

Ques:- The times of India was erlier known as the

Ans:- Bombay Times

Ques:- The supreme court of India began functioning from the year

Ans:- 1950

Ques:- The 61th Amendment Act of the constitution lowered the voting age from 21 to 18 in the year

Ans:- 1989

Ques:- When was National Anthem ‘Jana Gana Mana…………..adopted first by constituent assembly of India ?

Ans:- January 24, 1950

Ques:- Besides H.P.,Hamirpur is also a Lok Sabha constituency in

Ans:- Uttar Pradesh

Ques:- Tiju Airport is to be built in which state ?

Ans:- Arunachal Pradesh

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