H.P. T.E.T.(ARTS) Exam. 2013

By | December 27, 2017

Download Solved Exam. Paper Himachal Pradesh T.E.T.(Arts) Exam. 2013

This exam. is held on 29 September, 2013.

Download Solved Exam. Paper H.P. T.E.T.(Arts) Exam. 2013

Ques:- What is the normal range of I.Q.?

Ans:- 90 – 110

Ques:- If a 16 years old child gets 75 marks in I.Q.Test, his mental age is

Ans:- 12

Ques:- NCERT was established in

Ans:- 1961

Ques:- Which organization of UNO is related with the Eduction ?


Ques:- Principal carrier of heredity is

Ans:- Genes

Ques:- How many pairs of chromosomes are present in human fertilized egg ?

Ans:- 23 pairs

Ques:- According to Piaget Egocentric is

Ans:- Child is the centre of world and everything revolves around him

Ques:- To acquire pre-primary education the appropriate age limit is

Ans:- 2-6 years

Ques:- Cognitive development means

Ans:- Development of intelligence

Ques;- Which section of RTE deals with duties of teachers ?

Ans:- Section 24

Ques:- Mind mapping refers to

Ans:- Researching the functioning of the mind

Ques:- Mohan learns every lesson very quickly, but Sohan takes longer time to learn them.It denotes the development principle of

Ans:- Individual differences

Ques:- Adolescence is derived froma a Greek word ‘adolescere’, the most appropriate meaning is

Ans:- To grow to maturity

Ques:- The first of the six development stages if Ethical behaviour according to Kohlberg is

Ans:- Obedience and punishment orientation

Ques:- The most effective method to teach the ‘Parts of a olant’ is

Ans:- To give demonstration of a real plant in the class and make students observe its parts

Ques:- Three Broad categories of intelligence suggested by Thorndike are

Ans:- Abstract, mechanical and social

Ques:- Four basic elements of Basic Model of teaching developed by Robert Glaser in correct sequence are

Ans;- Instructional objectives, Entering behaviour, Instructional procedure, Performance assessment

Ques:- Ravi cannot distinguish between ‘saw’ and ‘was’ ‘nuclear’ and ‘unclear’. He is suffering from

Ans:- Dyslexia

Ques:- Two types of assessments referred under Continuous and comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) are

Ans:- Scholastic and co-scholastic

Ques:- According to Piaget’s stages of cognitive development, the sensori-motor stage is associated with

Ans:- Imitation memory and mental representation

Ques:- According to Vygotsky which is the most important factor in the development of any child

Ans:- Society

Ques:- Smallest unit of meaning in a language is

Ans;- Phoneme

Ques:- The feeling of Shame and pride develops in this stage

Ans:- Childhood

Ques:- Vocabulary of an infant at the end of the 2nd year becomes

Ans:- 150 words

Ques:- ………………….is not considered a sign of ‘Seing gifted’.

Ans:- Fighting with others

Ques:- ‘Children actively construct their understanding of the world’ is a statement attributed to

Ans:- Piaget

Ques:- Which Section of RTE deals with prohibition of physical punishment and harassment to child ?

Ans:- Section 17

Ques:- The deficiency of Vitamin ‘A’ causes

Ans:- Night blindness

Ques:- Ants are social animal, because

Ans:- They live in colonies

Ques:- What is the general direction of cyclones formed in the Bay of Bengal ?

Ans:- East to West

Ques:- Name the continents that form a mirror image of each other

Ans:- North America and South America

Ques:- Which animal has closest resemblance with man ?

Ans:- Chimpanzee

Ques:- Black soil is productive because of abundant

Ans:- Humus and clay

Ques:- The blood group which is universal recipient ?

Ans:- AB

Ques:- ‘IC’ Chips of Computers are usually made of

Ans:- Silicon

Ques:- Who wrote ‘Origin of Species’ ?

Ans:- Charles Darwin

Ques;- Which animal can look two ways at the same time ?

Ans:- Chameleon

Ques:- Excretory product is used in

Ans:- Urea

Ques:- Cryogenic Engine is used in

Ans:- Rocket launching

Ques:- Cooking gas supplied in cylinders by gas agencies is

Ans;- Liquid

Ques:- The study of population trends is called

Ans:- Demography

Ques:- For the production of Biogas, the Biogas plant requires

Ans;- Cattle dung

Ques:- Name the person, who received the first Victoria Cross in Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans:- Jamadar Lala Ram

Ques:- Who is awarded with ‘Jhansi Ki Rani Lakshmi Bai Stri Shakti Puraskar’ in Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans:- Kinkri Devi

Ques:- Name the Woman from village Paragpur who donated her 300 years old house to the Heritage village of Paragpur of Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans:- Durga Devi

Ques:- The Bala Sundari temple of Sirmour is situated at

Ans:- Trilokpur

Ques:- The world famous painting Monalisa was painted by

Ans:- Leonardo-da-Vincy

Ques;- When the ‘World Earth Day’ celebrated ?

Ans:- April 22

Ques:- When was the ‘Gaiety Theatre’ of Shimla dedicated to general public ?

Ans:- 1887

Ques:- The famous Firing episode of province Dhami took place in

Ans:- 1939

Ques:- ‘Budapest’ is the capital of

Ans:- Hungary

Ques:- Name the viceroy, in whose time Indian Penal Code, Civil Procedure code and criminal procedure codes etc. were passed

Ans:- Lord Canning

Ques:- The full form of EMI is

Ans:- Equated Monthly Installment

Ques:- Indira point is situated in

Ans:- Andeman Nicobar

Ques:- Who was the Prime Minister of England, when India got freedom ?

Ans:- Clement Attley

Ques:- Food chain refers to

Ans:- Transfer of energy from producers to consumers

Ques:- What protects the earth from harmful effects of sun’s ultraviolet radiations ?

Ans:- Ozone layer

Give the correct change of number

Ques:- Radius

Ans:- Radii

Ques:- Child

Ans:- Children

Ques:- Curriculum

Ans:- Curricula

Give the correct change of voice.

Ques:- Quinine tastes bitter.

Ans:- Quinine is bitter when tasted

Ques:- His behaviour shocked me.

Ans:- I was shocked at his behaviour

Ques:- Manners reveal character.

Ans:- Manners

Give the correct phrase to be filled in the blanks.

Ques:- Bombay Flim studios………………..hundreds of films each year.

Ans:- Turn out

Ques:- The doctor advised the obese person to……………………….on fats in his meals.

Ans:- Cut down

Ques:- She………………..peacefully in her sleep.

Ans:- Passed away

Ques:- ‘Pride and Prejudice,’ Emma,’ ‘Mansfield Park’ etc are the creations of

Ans:- Jane Austen

Ques:- In whose novels would you find the imaginary town of ‘Malgudi’ ?

Ans:- R.K.Narayan

Ques:- ‘Macbeth, King Lear’ Measure for Measure’ are some of the plays by

Ans:-William Shakespeare

Give the correct sentence so as to get rid of the Adverb ‘too’

Ques:- It is never too late to mend.

Ans:- Bettter to mend than never

Ques:- He is too honest to accept a bribe.

Ans:- Extremely honest to accept a bribe

Give the word that is the correct substitute for the given group of words.

Ques:- A complete list of items (usually in book form), especially of things one can buy or look at.

Ans:- Catalogue

Ques:- A holy book/sacred writings of a religion.

Ans:- Scripture

Ques:- One who takes part in a sport or other activity for pleasure ?

Ans:- Amateur

Ques:- The flowers and vegetation of a certain region.

Ans:- Flora

Ques:- A person with bad habits or faults which cannot be changed or corrected.

Ans:- Incorrigible

Ques:- ‘Blue Whale is the biggest mammal.’ Biggest is a …………………degree of comparison.

Ans:- Superlative

Give the alternatives which correctly fit into the blanks :


Ques;- I was playing football when my father…………………

Ans:- Arrived

Ques:- The patient……………before the doctor came.

Ans:- Had died

Ques:- I……………….so tired that I……………………..hardly stand on my feet.

Ans:- Was, could

Ques:- Many people………………….before the help………………

Ans;- Had died, reached

Ques;- This matter………………….in the meeting tomorrow.

Ans:- Will be discussed

Ques:- Todar Mal was associated with

Ans:- Land Revenue Reform

Ques:- Two of the Great Mughals who wrote their memories ?

Ans:- Badur  and Jahangir

Ques:- Title given by the British Government to Mahatma Gandhi which was surrendered

Ans:- Kaiser-e-Hind

Ques:- ‘Upanishad’ is

Ans:- Source of Hindu Philosophy

Ques:- The Indus Valley civilization city of ‘Lothal’ is located in

Ans:- Gujarat

Ques:- Which of the Tapti, Mahanadi, Godavari rivers does not meet Bay of Bengal ?

Ans:- Tapti

Ques:- Largest Mangrove forest in India and the world is

Ans:- Sunderban

Ques:- Sal trees are concentrated in

Ans:- Madhya Pradesh

Ques:- In India, the concept of Single citizenship is adopted from

Ans:- England

Ques:- What was the period of second World War ?

Ans:- 1939 – 45

Ques;- When was the U.N.O. established ?

Ans:- 1945

Ques:- Where is the headquarter of the U.N.O. ?

Ans:- New York

Ques:- Shah Jahan built in which building was Takhte Taus ?

Ans:- Diwan-e-Aam

Ques;- Who presides over the joint session of parliament in India ?

Ans:- Speaker of Lok Sabha

Ques:- To value and preserve the rich heritage of our composite culture is one of the

Ans:- Fundamental duty in India

Ques:- Which one is not included in the fundamental rights prior to Indian constitution ?

Ans:- Right to information

Ques:- The president of India addresses both houses of Parliament

Ans:- At the beginning of the first session of both houses

Ques:- At the selection of India’s Prime minister the person

Ans:- Not necessarily member of one of the two houses of Parliament, but essentially within the 6 months must be a member of Lok Sabha

Ques:- The President of India is administered oath of office by

Ans:- Chief justice of India

Ques:- The meaning of Secularism in the Indian constitution is

Ans:- The state recognizes all religions, but it has not its own religion

Ques:- Name the Union Territory where French is one of the spoken languages

Ans:- Pudduchery

Ques:- Those that follow Zoroastrianism are

Ans;- Parsis

Ques:- The Eskimos are nomadic hunters of

Ans:- Eurasia

Ques:- What are Homosapiens ?

Ans:- Human beings

Ques:- Which areas in India is the first to get summer monsoon ?

Ans:- Western Ghats

Ques:- The Rajasthan Canal 9Indira Gandhi Canal) draws its water from the river

Ans;- Satluj and Beas

Ques:- Gulf of Mannar is located in the

Ans:- East of Tamil Nadu

Ques;- Among Bajra 7 Rice, Jowar 7 Maize, Jowar & Rice, Mustard & Barley which are not grown in the Kharif season ?

Ans:- Barley and Mustard

Ques:- In the interior of thr earth

Ans:- The temperature rises with increasing depth

Ques;- Among Castor, Diamond, Clove, which one is a mineral ?

Ans:- Diamond

Ques:- The boundary line between India and China is called

Ans:- McMohan Line

Ques:- The ‘Ghadar party’ was organized in U.S.A. by

Ans:- Lala Hardayal

Ques:- When did Partition of Bengal take place ?

Ans:- 1905

Ques:-Emergency powers of President are derived from which constitution ?

Ans:-German Weimer Constitution

Ques:-Which Article of Indian constitution describes about the right to constitutional remedies ?

Ans:-Article 32

Ques:-Which Article of Indian constitution gives special status to Jammu and Kashmir ?

Ans;- 370

Ques:-Chinese pilgrim who visited India during Harsha Vardhan’s period was

Ans:- Hiluen Tsang

Ques:-Which Mughal ruler reimposed ‘Jaziya’ ?


Ques:-Who initiated the Doctrine of Lapse ?


Ques:- Who was known as Bismark of India ?

Ans:- Sardar Patel

Ques:- Ranjit Singh belonged to Sikh Misi of


Ques:-The production of onion is the highest in India in

Ans:- Maharashtra

Ques:- Aravali ranges are an example of

Ans:- Folded Mountains

Ques:-Among Odisha, Andhra Pradesh,  Tamilnadu, Maharashtra which state of India has longest coast line ?

Ans:-Andhra Pradesh

Ques:-Among Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu,West Bengal, Bihar which state of India does not have a Sea opening ?


Ques:- India has the longest Land frontier with

Ans:- Bangladesh

Ques:-Zojila pass is between

Ans:- Kashmir Valley and Ladakh

Ques:-Indian Economy is

Ans:- Mixed Economy

Ques:- Largest revenue in India is obtained from

Ans:- Excise Duties

Ques:- National Instituate of Rural development is situated at

Ans:- Hyderabad

Ques:- Dalal Street is situated at

Ans:- Mumbai

Ques:- Fundamental Duties are in which part of the Constitution of India ?

Ans:- IVA

Ques:- President of India can be removed from office by

Ans:- Parliament

Ques:- Lower house of Parliament is also called

Ans:- Lok Sabh

Ques:- Shimla was declared the summer capital of British India in

Ans:- 1864

Ques:- Monument constructed by Sher Shah

Ans:- Kila-I-Kulna Mosque, Delhi

Ques:- ‘Tripitaka’ are sacred books of

Ans:- Buddhist

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