H.A.S. Solved Exam. Paper 2010

By | October 30, 2017

Download 2010 Year Solved Exam. Paper H.A.S. General Study

This paper held on 4, July 2010.In this paper total 120 questions asked which are attempted in 2 hrs.

Download  H.A.S. Exam. 2010

Ques:- In India’s Balance of payments account, out of worker’s remittances from abroad.IT services receipts, inward Foreign Direct Investment & It enabled service receipts which item would not fall under the category “Invisibles” ?

Ans:- Inward Foreign Direct Investment

Ques:- An appreciation of the rupee against the currencies of India’s major trading partners.

Ans:- Hurts exporters but helps producers of goods that compete with imports.

Ques:- If Indian Government has a balanced budget in a given year in which it shows a current account deficit in the balance of payments, it indicates that in that year

Ans:- Private savings are less than private investment

Ques:- According to the constitution of India, which taxes are imposed by the union Government but are sharable with the states ?

Ans:- Income tax, union excise duties,  customs duties.

Ques:- Which state had the highest poverty rate in 2004-05 ?

Ans:- Orissa

Ques:- In the UNDP calculation of the country’s human development index which variables are included ?

Ans:- Per capital GDP, Adult literacy rate, life expectancy, cross Enrolment Ratio

Ques;- Out of sugarcane, wheat, cotton and Bajra which one requires irrigation the most ?

Ans:- Sugarcane

Ques:- In India, consumer price indexes are calculated for which category/categories of workers ?

Ans:- Agricultural labour, Industrial workers and urban nonmanual employees

Ques:- The largest source of funding of the National Highways development project is

Ans:- The fuel cess

Ques:- The sources of India’s gross domestic savings, in order of largest to smallest source, are

Ans:- Household sector,private corporate sector, public sector

Ques:- Rohtang pass is located in …………..district.

Ans:- Kullu

Ques:- Which of the five major rivers, passing through Himachal pradesh originates in district Kullu ?

Ans:- Beas

Ques:-‘Kufri’ is located near

Ans:- Shimla

Ques:-EI Nino originates from

Ans:- Shilla (7026 m)

Ques:-Hirakud Dam-longest in the world, located in Orissa is built on the river

Ans:- Mahanadi

Ques:- Which state of India was earlier called ‘NEFA’ ?

Ans:- Arunachal Pradesh

Ques:- Shifting cultivation’ is associated with

Ans:- North-Eastern India

Ques:- In India, which coast receives rainfall from North-East Monsoon ?

Ans:- Coromandal Coast

Ques:- Which soil is the most suitable for the cultivation of cotton in India ?

Ans:- Regur soil (Black soil)

Ques:- Cauvery water dispute involves which states /

Ans:- Tamil Nadu-Karnataka – Kerala

Ques:- Which is the highest tea producing state of India ?

Ans:- Assam

Ques:- Gir forest is associated with

Ans:- Asiatic Lions

Ques:- In which state is Tungabhadra project of irrigation located ?

Ans:- Andhra Pradesh

Ques:- Which state of India has the largest concentration of jute Industry ?

Ans:- West Bangal

Ques:- Which is the dominant form of Intra-district migration in India ?

Ans:- Rural to Rural

Ques:- Rift valley is the landform formed by

Ans:- Faulted structure

Ques:- The ancient inscriptions from Himachal Pradesh are not inscribed in one of these soripts Sharda, Brahmi, Indo-Greek and Nagri

Ans:- Indo-Greek

Ques:- Who among the princely chiefs from Himachal Pradesh sided with the British in 1857 ?

Ans:- Ram Singh

Ques:- The history of coins goes back to

Ans:- Early historical period

Ques:- Who invaded Nagarkot in AD 1008-09 ?

Ans:- Mahmud Ghazani

Ques:- Who is known as the ‘Pahari Gandhi’?

Ans:- Baba Kanshi Ram

Ques:- Which Indus valley civilization settlements has produced a three tier town planning ?

Ans:- Dholavira

Ques:- Hiuen Tsang came to India during the reign of

Ans:- Harshvardhna (606-647 AD)

Ques:- Firoz Shah Tughlaq out canals from which river in India ?

Ans:- Ghaggar

Ques:- Which foreign traveller helped to open Indian trade with the West ?

Ans;- Vasco De Gama

Ques:- Which muslim dominated state rejected the Muslim League during elections of 1937 ?

Ans:- North-West Frontier Province

Ques:- Which geographical region produced the first Urbanization ?

Ans:- Semi-arid zones

Ques:- Who authored ‘Kathasaritsagar’ ?

Ans:- Somadeva

Ques:- Which Mughal ruler followed the inclusive policy for consolidation of his empire ?

Ans:- Akbar

Ques:- Ryowari settlement, introduced un Bombay & Madras provinces was based on the scientific Rent theory of

Ans:- Ricardo

Ques:- Who were tried in the Meerut conspiracy case ?

Ans:- Labour Leaders

Ques:- Which school of Indian Art repersents an admixture of foreign and Indian styles /

Ans:- Gandhar Art

Ques:- Who is called the Father of modern India ?

Ans:- Raja Ram Mohan Roy

Ques:- Who established ‘Arya Samaj’ in 1875 A.D. ?

Ans:- Swami Dayanand Sarswati

Ques:- The Nalwari Fair on the shore of Gobind Sagar in Bilaspur district was originally designed to arrange supply  of

Ans:- Bullocks from plains

Ques:- All India woman’s conference was established by women them selves in which year ?

Ans;- 1927 A.D.

Ques:- Who founded ‘Satya Shodhak Samaj’ in 1876 AD. ?

Ans:- Mahatma Jyotiba Phule

Ques:- Which wood is used primarily for making sickles in Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans:- Oakwood

Ques:- Drama during Gupta period was mainly confined to

Ans:- Romantic comedies

Ques:- The Akali movement began in 1920 to achieve the objective

Ans:- To eradicate corruption in Gurudwara Administration

Ques:- Who said “extremists of today are moderates of tommorow “ ?

Ans:- Lokmanya Tilak

Ques:- Gandhi used the term ‘Himalayan blunder’ after which movement ?

Ans:- Rowlatt Satyagraha, 1919

Ques:- In what context was the slogan ‘do or die’ raised ?

Ans:- Quit India Movement

Ques:- Who said “Sitaranmayya’s defeat is my defeat” ‘when Pattabhi sitaramayya was defeated by Subhash Chandra Bose in 1938 Haripura Congress session ?

Ans:- Mahatma Gandhi

Ques:- Who described the Indian civil service as the ‘Steel frame of India ‘ ?

Ans:- Lioyd George

Ques:- The Government of India Act, 1935 was based on

Ans:- The principle of federation and Parliamentary system

Ques:- India’s last war of independence has begun………………….father of our nation ; in this holy war of India’s liberation we ask for your blessing and good wishes.Who said this in 1944 ?

Ans:- Subhash Chandra Bose

Ques:- Who said “We want to destroy and get rid of a system which does no good and can do no good” ?

Ans:- Mahatma Gandhi

Ques;- What are the causes of the launch of the quit India movement on August 8, 1942 ?

Ans:- Failure of the cripps mission, British obduracy, the growing feeling of the imminent British collapse and rising prices due to war-time shortage.

Ques:- Who was sister Nivedita ?

Ans:- An Irish revolutionary who later became disciple of Swami Vivekananda

Ques:- When did seven membered Simon commission reach India ?

Ans:- In February 1928.

Ques:-   26th January before Independence was celebrated as

Ans:- Independence day

Ques:- BIMARU states concept includes

Ans:- Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajsthan & Uttar Pradesh.

Ques:- ‘The Right to Information (RTI) Act was promulgated on

Ans:- October 12, 2005

Ques:- Which article of the Indian constitution deals with fundamental duties ?

Ans:- Article 51 A

Ques:- Which is the highest body to approve five year plans in the country ?

Ans:- National development council (NDC)

Ques:- When did the first linguistic state of Andhra Pradesh come into existence ?

Ans:- October 1, 1953

Ques:- Who adopted the constitution of India ?

Ans:- People of India

Ques:- Who is known as father of Genetics ?

Ans:- George Mendel

Ques:- Name an artificial food preservative ?

Ans:- Sodium Benzoate

Ques:- Who discovered ‘DNA’?

Ans:- J.Watson & F.Crick

Ques:- Cellulose is most abundant in

Ans:- Plants

Ques:- Which district in H.P. is the highest producer of Mango ?

Ans:- Kangra

Ques:- H1 H1 flu (Swine flu) is caused by

Ans:- Virus

Ques:- Who invented ‘electron’ ?

Ans:- Joseph John Thomson

Ques:- Which tissue helps in water transport in plants ?

Ans:- Xylem

Ques:- Water has a PH

Ans:- Neutral

Ques:- Sterilization in tissues is done by

Ans:- Heat & chemicals

Ques:- Of Uranium, Iron, Carbon & Calcium which is the source of fuel for a nuclear reactor ?

Ans:- Uranium

Ques:- Which district in Himachal Pradesh has largest area under patato production ?

Ans:- Shimla

Ques:- Animals cannot photosynthesize because

Ans:- Chloroplast is absent

Ques:- Which pulse is the richest protein source ?

Ans:- Soyabean

Ques:- Which features are possessed by the desert plants ?

Ans:- Thich & Waxy leaves, and Spongy Stem

Ques:- Black soil is good for the growth of

Ans:- Cottton

Ques:- Chlorophyll is green because

Ans:- it reflects Green light

Ques:- Recently which Indian origin American has shared Noble Prize in chemistry ?

Ans:- V.Ramakrishnan

Ques:- ‘Green Revolution’ was possible because of

Ans:- Mexican dwarf wheat

Ques:- Enzymes are

Ans:- Protiens

Ques:- Of Alpha, Beta, Gamma & Delta radiations which one is the most penetrating ?

Ans:- Gamma radiations

Ques:- According to the National sample survey data, the poverty rate in Himachal Pradesh in 2004-05 (using the Uniform recall Period method) was

Ans;- 10%

Ques:- Among Punjab, Haryana, West Bengal & Himachal Pradesh which state had the highest literacy rate in 2001 ?

Ans:- Himachal Pradesh

Ques:- The largest proposed outlay in Himachal Pradesh’s 2009 – 10 annual plan is for

Ans;- Social services

Ques:- Which sector contributed the largest amount to Himachal’s state Domestic product in 2008-09 ?

Ans:- Construction

Ques:- The district with the lowest percentage of electrified village in Himachal is

Ans:- Kinnaur

Ques:- Among China, India, Singapore & Hong Kong which had the lowest estimated investment to GDP ratio in 2009 ?

Ans:- India

Ques:- The WTO Agreement on Trade-Related Intellectual property rights (TRIPS) has required India to modify its laws dealing with

Ans:- Patents

Ques:- At the united Nations climate change conference of December 2009, a leaked document known as “The Danish Text” in the press had the following points

Ans;- Limiting global temperature increase to 2 degree above pre industrial level, not allowing presently developing countries to emit as much carbon per capita as presently developed countries would be allowed to emit, in the emissions targets projected for the year 2050.

Ques:- Directive Principles of State policy are enshrined under the articles

Ans:- 36-51

Ques:- Under which constitution Amendment Act, four languages were added to the languages under the Eighth schedule of the constitution of India, thereby raising their number to 22 ?

Ans:- Constitution (Ninety-Second amendment) Act, 2003

Ques:- Which two countries follow China & India in the decreasing order of population ?

Ans:- USA and Indonesia

Ques:- Who used the Phrase ‘Un – British’ to criticize the English colonial control of India ?

Ans:- Dadabhai Naoroji

Ques:- Department of Border Management is a department of

Ans:- Ministry of home affairs

Ques:- Recently, which manuscripts have been included in the UNESCO’s memory of world register ?

Ans:- Rigveda

Ques:- Which Union ministry is implementing the Biodiesel mission (as Nodal Ministry) ?

Ans:- Ministry of rural development

Ques:- What is the name of the scheme which provides training and skills to women in traditional and non-traditional trades  ?

Ans:- Swayamsidha

Ques:- With reference to stree shakti purskar, for which one is “Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar Award” given ?

Ans:- Administrative skills

Ques:- B.K. Chaturvedi committee dealt with

Ans:- Price reforms in the oil sector

Ques:- Which union ministry has launched the Rajiv Gandhi Shilpi Swasthya Bima Yojana ?

Ans:- Ministry of Textiles

Ques:- Department of atomic energy is under the administration of

Ans:- Prime Minister’s Office

Ques:- How many member states are there in the European Union ?

Ans:- 27

Ques:- In India, who is the chairman of the national water resources council ?

Ans:- Prime Minister

Ques:- The economic and social council (ECOSOC) OF United Nations (UN) elected by a 2/3rd majority of the general assembly for a 3-year term, consists of

Ans:- 54 member states

Ques:- The second five- year plan emphasised on the establishment of

Ans:- Heavy industries

Ques:- The security council of UN consists of 5 permanent members and remaining 10 non- permanent members elected by the assembly for a term of

Ans:- 2 years

Ques:- At present group of nations known as G-8 started first as G-7. Which one was not the original member ?

Ans:- Russia

Ques:- It is anticipated that between 2001 and 2025, the number of senior citizens in the developing countries will be roughly

Ans:- Double

Ques:- Which Bank is not handling the senior citizens saving scheme 2004 in Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans:- HDFC Bank Ltd.

Ques:- The newest state to emerge in the European map is

Ans;- Kosovo

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