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Solved Question Paper With Each Correct Answer

In this paper all questions are very important .This paper cover all subjects Hindi,history. geography, political-science.All questions are very simple .


  1. Whicd river divides Sirmaur District of H.P. into two almost equal parts ?

Ans:- Giri

  1. Which region of H.P. gets minimum rain annually ?


  1. In which District of H.P. is Lama Dal Lake ?


  1. Which one of the following rivers is a tributary of Spiti river ?


5.Which river of H.P.called by the local people as river of sorrow ?


  1. With which deity is Manikaran (in kullu valley) associated ?


  1. Which of the following waterfalls is not in Chamba District of H.P. ?


  1. Which is the largest glacier in H.P. ?

Ans:-Bara Shigri

  1. Which pass joins Kangra and Chamba ?


  1. Which of the following is not in Kullu valley of H.P.


  1. Which village of Shimla District was swept away by the Andhar river in 1997 ?


  1. In which locality of chamba is Harirai temple ?


  1. At which place in Una District of H.P. is Pir Nigaha fair celebrated ?

Ans:- Basholi

  1. Which festival is celebrated mainly by the Gaddis in H.P ?


  1. In which month is Nalwari fair celebrated in Bilaspur (H.P) ?


  1. In which region of H.P. is Baghati dialect spoken ?


  1. Where is fruit Demonstration Farm in Una District of H.P ?


  1. When did H.P. Abolition of Big LandedEstates Act receive Presidential assent ?


  1. With which region of H.P. is devil dance mainly associated ?

Ans:-       Lahaul Spiti

  1. Which ancient sage is worshipped in Bilaspur District of H.P /


  1. What has been the main source of information about Ranas and Thakurs of H.P.?

Ans:-Rajatarangini, Baijnath Eulogies, Inscriptions found in Chamba State

  1. When did the Rana of Keonthal receive the title of Raja from the British Government ?


  1. Who is the author of Antiquities of Chamba state ?

Ans:- J.Ph. Vogal

  1. Which head of illustrious house of Trigarta married his daughter to the Rana Kiragram, Who was one of his vassals ?

Ans:- Hirdaya Chandra

  1. Which Raja of Kullu subdued the Thakurs,around the middle of 16th century, who frequently challenged his autorities ?

Ans:- Bahadur Singh

  1. Rana of which region of Kangra is said to have offered his own daughter-in-law as a sacrifice for opening of water course ?


  1. According to cunningham which princely states constitute Kangra Group of states ?

Ans:-Those between Ravi and Satluj

  1. Which one of the following is considered a Mohammedan state by Hutchison and Vogel ?


  1. Which of the following princely states were off-shoots of Guler ?

Ans:-.Shiba and Datarpur

  1. Who was the first European to visit Kangra around 1615 A,D ?

Ans;-Thomas Coryat

  1. Which Raja of Kumarsain occupied the fort of Shangri and defeated the Raja of Kullu at Kraangla and Nagi ?

Ans:-Ajmer Singh

  1. Which Raja of Bilaspur princely state made the revenue demand payable party in cash and party in kind ?

Ans;-Hira Chand

  1. With which region of H.P. IS bURSH and Sih ballets associated ?


34.Which Raja of Banghal by Sidhsen, the Raja of Mandi ?

Ans:- Prithi Pal

  1. In which region of H.P. is Quila Lohgarh ?


  1. Near which of the following places in Kangra District is Chinmaya Sandeepani Himalaya Ashram ?


  1. Who composed the inspirational song of Azad Hind Fauz-Kadam Kadam Barhaye Ja ————–?

Ans:-Ram Singh Thakur

  1. Who is the author of Himalayas :The Abode of Light ?

Ans:- Nicholas Roerich

  1. Whose autobiography is titled looking back ?

Ans:-Mehar chand Mahajan

  1. In which district of H.P. is Triund ?


  1. In which river is sissu hydel project ?


  1. When was Special Employment Exchange for physically handicapped set up in H.P ?


  1. Which district of H.P. got maximum rain in 2014 during the post-monsoon session (October to December)?


  1. Where is Aero Sports Hostel in H.P ?

Ans:-Bir Billing

  1. Where is Sapni Fort in Kinnaur district of H.P. ?


  1. Which Raja of Sirmaur built Nahan Kothi in Panchkula ?

Ans:-Fateh Prakesh

  1. Which subdivision of H.P. witnessed high incidence of Hepatitis B and c during 2014-15 ?

Ans:-Spiti in Lahaul-Spiti

  1. On which of the following grounds will the 2015 All india Hot Weather Football Tournament be played ?

Ans:-Paddal in Mandi

  1. Who is the President of H.P. state Youth Congress ?

Ans:-Vikramaditya Singh

  1. How many turbines are there in the 800 MW Kol Dam project ?


  1. In which year was the Shimla Municipal Committee replaced by Shimla Municipal Corporation ?

Ans:- 1978

  1. When was the Town-Hall building the nerve centre of Shimla constructed with stone and timber ?


  1. In which building was Shimla Agreement signed by Mrs. Indira Gandhi and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in August, 1972 ?

Ans:-Barnes Court

  1. Which of the following is second heritage site in Himachal Pradesh /

Ans;-Great Himalayan National Park

  1. When was Shimla officially declared the summer capital of british empire in india ?


  1. For which block in H.P. has NABARD sanctioned funds under Tribal Development Programme ?

Ans:-Amb in Una

  1. At which bus-stand has HRTC opened APNA store/Mall ?


  1. What was the annual growth rate in the primary sector in H.P. during 2013-2014 ?

Ans:-15.3 Percent

  1. Which category of Banks has issued the highest number of Kisan Credit in H.P. upto September 2014 ?

Ans:-Commercial Banks

  1. `According to Gandhiji which of the following has made India bankrupt /

Ans;-Railways, Lawyers,Doctors

  1. Which event did Gandhiji regard as advent of Satyagraha in India ?

Ans:-Viramgram Customs

  1. What name did Gandhiji give to his Ashram at Ahmedabad ?

Ans:-Satyagraha Ashram

  1. Which three things Ganghiji vowed not to touch in England ?

Ans:-Wine, women and Meat

  1. Where did Gandhiji meet a lady who helped him get rid of untruth ?


  1. Japan’s highest civilian award order of Rising Sun-Gold and Silver Star has been conferred recently on which of the following persons of India ?

Ans;-Prof.C.N.R. rAO

  1. ‘MISSION Indradanush’ Launched by Government of India aims at :

Ans:-Immunisation of all by 2020

  1. Which Tennis player has won the maximum number of single’s title at Grand Slam Tournaments ?

Ans.:-Steffi Graf

  1. Which of the following years has been designated as the charlie chaplin year to commemorate the legend of satire and filmdom ?


  1. The deadly ‘ Ebola’ became epidermic in which part of Africa ?


  1. Identify the Asian country as member of an international group of countries involved in negotiations with Iran concerning its Nuclear energy programme ;


  1. The next international summit to discuss a new climate change treaty is going to be held in december, 2015 in which city ?


  1. Which year has been declared as Inclareda as International year of Soils ?


73:-In television broadcasting, the term DTH refers to ?

Ans:-Direct to home

74.Which monument in India is completely Wi-Fi ?

Ans;- Taj Mahal

75;- GSLV is an aconym for ?

Ans;-Geostationary Satelite Launch Vehicle

76 ;-In a message on International Yoga Day, who said the famous lines –“Yoga does not discriminate, brings satisfaction” ?

Ans;-Ban Ki Moon

  1. In one of the biggest acquisitions, Facebook bought which of these ?

Ans:- WhatsApp

  1. The ‘BRICS Bank’ promoted by BRICS countries has been renamed as :

Ans:- New Development Bank

  1. The landmark ‘ Affordable Care Act ‘ has been introduced for the first time in which country ?


  1. Which Australian Cricketer died recently while playing a first class cricket match ?

Ans:-Phil Huges

  1. Which country is the winner of the iast Football World Cup ?

Ans:- Germany

  1. India has set a target of generating 100 GW power from Solar energy by the year :

Ans:- 2022

  1. Which of the following has been identified as the most environment friendly fuel of the future ?

Ans:- Hydrogen

  1. tHE facilities for research on the so-called ‘GOD’S particle” are located in which country ?

Ans:- France

  1. The migratory birds fly in V-formation because :

Ans:- They make best use of air turbulence

  1. Which is the First country in the world to have reached Mars in its first attempt ?

Ans:- India

  1. Which of the following cities is ?


  1. The virus MERS is :

Ans:- Middle East Respiratory Syndrome

  1. ‘IoT’ refers to :

Ans:- Internet of Things

  1. The nationwide ‘Jal Kranti Abhiyan’ by Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation was formally Launched from which city ?

Ans:- Jaipur

  1. A material called ‘Jahn- Teller’ having a combination of insulator, magnetic; metallic and super-conductor properties, was discovered by scientist from which country ?

Ans:- Japan

  1. Recently two blue whales were spotted in nearly 100 years off the coast of which state ?

Ans:- Maharashtra

  1. In the list of Environment Democravy Indix released in the year 2015, which country is at the top ?

Ans:- Lithuania

  1. Which is the largest wind power generating company in India ?

Ans:- Suzlon

  1. Which country in Europe has been facing serious financial crisis these days ?

Ans:- Greece

  1. Charlie Hebdo Shooting incident happened in which city ?

Ans:- Paris

  1. To help Nepal tackle the crisis in the aftermath of massive earthquake, india launched :

Ans:- Operation Maitri

  1. The 100th Constitutional Amendment Act, 2015 pertains to Land Boundary Agreement between :

Ans:- India and Bangladesh

  1. Which famous sportsperson has been named as Band Ambassador by Kerala State to promote Tourism and Ayurveda for ‘Visit Kerala Scheme?

Ans:-Steffi Graf

  1. National Mission on Mental Health was launched in the year :


  1. Who is called Father of SMS ?

Ans:- Matti Makkonen

  1. Who is the author of the novel-‘Fire on the Mountain’ ?

Ans:- Anita Desai

  1. The atomosphere on Mars mainly consists of :

Ans:-Carbon dioxide

  1. Earth Day is an annual event celebrated around the world on :

Ans:- 22nd April

  1. Which is the India’s national ‘aquatic’ animal ?

Ans:- River dolphin

  1. Who was the first women Ph. D. IN sCIENCE in India ?

Ans:-Kamala Sohonie

  1. Vishaka guidelines are concerned with :

Ans:-Sexual Harassment

  1. Who founded the Ramakrishna Mission ?

Ans:-Swami Vivekananda

  1. In which language did Munshi Prem Chand start writing first ?

Ans:- Urdu

  1. When was the Indian Universities Act passed ?


  1. The Science of ‘ Theosophy is :

Ans;- Occultism

  1. Who is Known as the Father of White Revolution in India ?

Ans:- V. Kurien

  1. Who estimates the National Income in India ?

Ans:- Reserve Bank of India

  1. Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana was launched on :

Ans:- 28th August, 2014

  1. As per census 2011 date which of the following Indian States has Sex Ratio Higher than the National average ?

Ans:- Himachal Pradesh

  1. Planning commission was replaced by ;

Ans:-NITI Aayog

  1. The provision for ‘free legal aid’ is provided in :

Ans:-Artical 39(A)

  1. Who presides over the joint sitting of the Parliament ?

Ans:- The Speaker

  1. As per 2011 Census, Million plus cities in India are ;

Ans:- 53

  1. India has world’s geographical area of :


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