Entrance Paper Post Patwari 2016

By | January 15, 2017

Solved Questions of General knowledge of patwari test

This test held in month of October in 2016 . There are eight hundred of vacancies in this post. In this post eighty thousand peoples are appea

red.This test is 85 marks and complete in 1;30 Hours.

Some solved Questions of General K

  1. When were the Punjab Hill areas transferred to Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans:- 1st November 1966

  1. ‘Bhunda’ festiival is associated with (celebrated in Shimla, kullu and Mandi);

Ans:- Parshuram

  1. Which mountain range is seprate Himachal Pradesh from Tibet ?

Ans:- Zaskar

  1. Who was the commander of the gorkha army who attacked Himachal Pradesh in the first decade of 19th century ?

Ans:- Amar Singh Thapa

  1. In 1809 the Jawalamukhi Treaty was signed between :

Ans:- Snnsar Chand and Ranjeet Singh

  1. Which is the oldest hydro –electric project in Himachal Pradesh?

Ans. Shasan Joginder Nagar

  1. ‘Jhanjar’ is famous dance of Which district ?

Ans:- Chamba

  1. In Himachal Pradesh number of members elected for Rajya Sabha are :

Ans:- 3

  1. Under the Govt of India scheme which town of Himachal Pradesh is recently selected to be development as “Smart City “

Ans;- Dharmsala

  1. Who led the Suket Satyagraha on 18th February 1948 ?

Ans:- Pt. Padam Dev

  1. Which group of rivers flow into the bay of Bengal ?

Ans:- Brahmaputra, Ganga, Godavari

  1. Arrange the following layears of atmosphere vertically from the surface of the earth :

Ans:- Trophosphere-Stratosphere-Mesosphere-Thermosphere

  1. In Human digestive system the process of digestion staets in :

Ans:- Oral (Buccal) Cavity

  1. Which metals is mainly used in mobile phone batteries ?

Ans:- Lithium

  1. Which is not a computer language ?

Ans:- Paint Brush


  1. In Indus valley civilization which among the following was port city /

Ans;- Lothal

  1. “Puran Swaraj” was announced in the Indian National Congress session of


  1. Which of the following awards is given for excellence in sports coaching ?

Ans:- Dronacharya Award

  1. Which team won the IPL-9 Tournament on 29th may, 2016 ?

Ans:- Sunrisers Hyderabad

  1. Which among the following is the programme launched in 2015 by the Governament keeping the female foeticide in mind ?

Ans:- Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao

  1. Who addresses the joint-session of Parliament ?

Ans:- The President

  1. Which of the following periodical winds blowing from the sea to land cause summer monsoon in India:

Ans:- South- West

  1. “Maitri- Express” Railway service is associated with :

Ans:- India-Bangla Desh

  1. The density of water is greater than the density of kerosene oil. If the two are mixed :

Ans:- Kerosene floats on water

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In this paper all the questions are very important and interesting in the exam point of view.







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