Download Solved Tet Exam. Paper UTET

By | February 6, 2019

Download Uttarakhand Teacher’s Eligibility Test 2013

This exam. paper are held on 12 Sep. 2013.In this exam. paper total 150 questions are asked which are 150 marks.This is paper II (Maths & Science).This tet exam. paper all questions are very important.

Download Solved Exam. Paper Uttarakhand Teacher’s Eligibility Test 2013

Ques:- How should be the sitting arrangement in the class room?

Ans:- It should be according to the activities being conducted in the classroom

Ques:- Inter-personal intelligence means

Ans:- skill to understand different people

Ques:- In the present time the role of a teacher is as

Ans:- facilitator

Ques:- In your class, you feel that some students are learning very fast and some are learning very slow. What would you do in this situation?

Ans:-Take help of fast learner to teach slow learners

Ques:- In view of teaching-learning process a good teacher is one who

Ans:- thinks that talking can be used as learning resources

Ques:- Children of 6 to 14 yr who have never gone to school or have not completed their school education the Right to Education Act, 2009 has done provision to mainstream them with education by

Ans:- emphasized on implementing special training

Ques:- If a child of your class remains quiet often, than what will you do

Ans:- Try to find out the reasons of his quietness

Ques:- Continuous and comprhensive evaluation means

Ans:- to assess scholastic and co-scholastic areas regularly during the process of learning

Ques:- What is not included in child centered education?

Ans:-Assigning homework

Ques:-“Project Method”  is founded by

Ans:- Kilpatrick

Ques:- Three important points of evaluatiorprocess are

Ans:- objectives, learning experinces and tools of evaluation

Ques:- The classroom environment should be


Ques:- Hardware approach is based on which principle?

Ans:- Engineering

Ques:-  What type of probelm are faced by children in adolescent stage?

Ans:-Adjustment with physical and mental changes

Ques:-What type of questions should be asked to student be asked to students in the examination?

Ans:-Understanding and application based

Ques:- There are multilingual  students in a class; this situation creates

Ans:- probelm of co-ordination among the students

Ques:- While teaching in a class you feel that suddenly students have started taking disinterest,then what will you do?

Ans:- Try to find out the reason

Ques:- Formula of Achievement  Quotient is

Ans:- A.Q. = E.A./C.A. x100

Ques:- At the upper primary level, a teacher should have a knowledge of action research because

Ans:- they will develop an ability to identify the probelms  children and skill of improvement

Ques:- ‘Hunger’ and ‘Thirst are

Ans:- innate motive

Ques:- Classroom communication between teacher and student should be

Ans:- objective centered

Ques:-If a child reaches school always late, then what will you do

Ans:- Talk to the child and try to find out the reasons

Ques:- Which apporach is most appropiratein education in the present context?

Ans:- Constructivistic approach

Ques:- In schools what is found most lacking in many teachers towards their students?

Ans:- Affection

Ques:- “The gifted chiold is one, who is specific in the quantity of his production, rate and quality”.

 This statement is given by

Ans:- RW Taylor

Ques:-During the teaching-learning process of children, the information , regarding how they are performing, should be given to them

Ans:- Continuously during the phase of work

 Ques:-If there is learning disabled child in your class, then what will you do?

Ans:- Try to find out his/her type disability and make  efforts teach them

Ques:- Which statement is not true regard recommendation of NCF-2005?

Ans:- Kepping universities free from politics



Ans:- Interior



Ques:-Language is a tool for

Ans:- communicating and thinking

Ques:- Correct form of the word to complete the sentences.

I……………….. a lot of work today.

Ans:- have done

Ques:- He………………out five minutes ago.


Ques:- “Laughter holding both her sides”.

 The figure of speech used here is


Ques:-The one which best expresses the meaning of the given word.








Ques:- Abundant


Ques:-The relationship between three measures of central tendency is

Ans:- 3 Median = Mode + 2 Mean

Ques:- For three integers a, b and c, the law (axb)x c = a x (bxc) is called

Ans:- distributive

Ques:- The methods of mathematics teaching which is not suitable to teach lower classes is

Ans:-analytic method

Ques:- If P: Q =  5 : 8, Q:R = 12: 7 and R : S = 14 : 15, then the value of  P: S will be

Ans:- 1:1

Ques:- The main aim of drill work in mathematics is

Ans:- To utilize the knowledge in new circumstance

Ques:-In a polyhedrone, if the number of faces, edges and vertices are donoted by F,E and V respetively, then according to Euler’s formula

Ans:- F-V-E=2

Ques:- Which type of triangle will obtained from sides 2cm, 3cm and 6cm?

Ans:- Acute angled triangle, and Scalene triangle

Ques:- In Roman system, 98 is written as

Ans:- XlVIII

Ques:- A shpokeepr uses a weight of 800 gm for 1kg and professes to sell his goods at cost price. His profit is

Ans:- 20%

Ques:- Which of the following is Hardy Ramanujan  number?

Ans:- 1234

Ques:- Throwing two dice at the same time, the probability of getting larger number at one dice, than another will be

Ans:- 1/6

Ques:- The number of diagonels in a regular hexagon will be


Ques:- An amount becomes rupees2400 in 3yr and rupees 2520 in 4yr. the rate of annual compount interest is

Ans:- 5%

Ques:- The height of a room is x and the area of two adjacent walls of room are y and z respectively. the area of the roof of room will be

Ans:- yz/x2

Ques:-In following the correct order is

Ans:- Obtuse angle < straight angle < reflex angle

Ques:- In a farm, there are some hens and goats. The sum of their heads are 77 and sum of their legs are 248. The number of hens in the farm are


Ques:- The value of 1.3 is equal to

Ans:- 13/10

Ques:- Which of the following is not an Indian Mathematician


Ques:-Pie chart  is

Ans:- a method of representation of data

Ques:- How many numbers exist between 225 and 550 which are completely by all of 4, 5 and 6?

Ans:- 5

Ques:- The largest perfect square number o 4 digits is

Ans:- 9801

Ques:- In 30 L mixture of milk and water the ratio of milk and water is 7:3. How much more water is added in mixture , so that the ratio become 3:7?

Ans:- 40 L

Ques:- If the difference of the square of two consecutive even numbers is 84, then the sum of those number will be

Ans:- 38

Ques:- The sum of first 35 odd natural numbers is

Ans: 1225

Ques:- One-thirs of 603 is what per cent of 67?

Ans:- 300

Ques:- Chemical formula of Plaster of Paris is

Ans:- {CaSO4 . H2O}2

Ques:- Which of the following is more beneficial for enhancing abilities of gifted student of science?

Ans:- To help him in framing new projects

Ques:- In food chain, herbivores are

Ans:- primary consumers

Ques:- Which one of the following is right methods to dispose of non- degradable waste products?

Ans:- It should be sent to recycling centres

Ques:- The audible range for human ear is

Ans:- from 20 HZ to 20000 HZ

Ques:- When a computer works, what will three steps to complete it?

Ans:- Input — Processing—Output

Ques:- Clotting of bloods occurs due to the presence of———-in bloods

Ans:- platelets

Ques:- Soluble vitamins pair in the water is

Ans:- B and C

QUes:- Clear sky is observed blue because of

Ans:-Scattering of light

Ques:- Edible part of Pomegranate  is

Ans:-Succulent seed coat

Ques:-Urotropin is obtained from ammonia and …., which is used in urinary diseases

Ans:- Formaldehyde

Ques:- Photoelectric cell is a device, which converts

Ans:- electrical energy into light energy

Ques:-What will be correct sequence of atmospheric layers while going upwards from Earth’s surface?

Ans:- Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere, Exosphere.

Ques:- The refractive indices of keroserne oil, turpentine oik and water are 1.44,1.47 and 1.33 respectively. In which of these materials light , travels fastest?

Ans:- Water

Ques:- ‘Tsunammi’ is produced

Ans:- becuase of higher water waves developed due to earthquake in sea

Ques;- The number of electrons in 1 coulomb charge is

Ans:- 1

Ques:- You can log on to distant computer by internet facility. The name of that facility is

Ans:- Teinet

Ques:- Collection of data which is stored as a unit in a place systematically is called

Ans:- Database

Ques:- The correct order of step in scientific methods is

Ans:- Probelm,  Hypothesis,  Experiment, Conclusion

Ques:- “By Education I mean an all-round drawing out the best in child and man… his body, mind and spirit.” Above statment is of

Ans:- Mahatma Ghandhi

Ques:- Electronic cinfiguration of Al+++ is

Ans:- 2, 8

Ques:-When copper turnings are heated with conc. H2SO4, it envolves…gas

Ans:- SO2

Ques:-When a salt is treated with dil. hydrochloric acid, a gas evolves with brisk effervescenc. When this gas is passed through lime water, it turns milky. The metal salt will be Ans:- metal carbonate                        E�Ph��

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